As I continued reading the book I saw something unbelievable.
They exist, the elves exist. Yes, the elves I've always dreamed of the meeting exist, this is a dream come true.
But the only place the elves are is in a forest far from the human realms.

They didn't exactly say the place and name of the forest in this book, but I have to find a way to find an elf someday in this world.
I kept reading and also knew that there were half-animal people here.

Yes they also exist, it seems like I'm living a dream totally, this is extremely cool. After that, I also saw that dwarves exist, but I didn't care much about them because they looked like a kid with muscles.

Well, I couldn't say that dwarven women were ugly since they were small and cute. Not all of them were cute, because some women had a lot of muscle, too, which made me a little uncomfortable to see.

After reading this book about the kingdoms and races that exist in this world a little more, I began to read the book about magic.
Well, the magic book was separated into chapters.
Chapter 1 was about basic spells, chapter 2 was about higher spells, and the last chapter talked about spells of an advanced level.

Entry-level spells were normal spells of Japanese history. These are Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind spells, just simple spells that could be seen in any Japanese work.
Higher-level spells are Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth spells but they were more powerful, and there were also Light and Darkness spells.

I was very fond of Dark Magic in anime because the villain was always a gothic Loli, which of course for me, a lolicon, was a divine being.
Leaving that aside, the advanced level spells were space-time magic and body reinforcement magic.

Spacetime magic was another Cliché magic of light novels where the protagonist can store items in a space.
And the body-reinforcing spell was a body-reinforcing spell when activated it would give more strength and speed to close combat.

'How would I fight with my own hands? I already said I don't have motor coordination to make this.'

Well, I had the magic books, but what do I do now? I don't even know if this girl can use magic. But it's a pattern of novels, right?
If I am transported to another world I need to be strong. Not all the works had this cliché, Konosuba was a great example hahaha.

Well, I don't know what magic I could have right now, but I basically can't think of it right now. Why? Well, I'm starving.
After I finish eating, I think I can study a little more about magic, it's not that I wanted to go out using magic and killing people, but if magic is so fun when it seems, I don't know what I can do with it.


On second thought, I didn't know this maid's name, I guess she didn't tell me her name once. Well, I think if I was the girl in this body, she would know.
Well, I have to ask her anyway if I don't ask I don't think I'll find out anytime soon.

"You called me, Ojou-sama."

I'm already getting sick of all these maids calling me Ojou-sama, but I can't help it since this girl lived in a different society from mine.

"Hmm, sorry to ask, but what's your name again?"

When I asked that, the maid looked at me with a full face of disbelief, is this maid so close to this girl?
Well, I guess so since she helped this girl even change clothes.

"My name is Lorane, are you ok Ojou-sama?"

After she asked me that, she pasted her hand to my forehead, her hand was extremely cold. I think she was seeing if I had a fever, but of course, I wasn't.
So her name is Lorane, it's a very beautiful name.

"Lorane, I'm hungry, can I eat something now?"

I told Lorane that she was hungry since she's my maid she should be able to take care of it, right?
Well, I don't think she will prepare my lunch, but she will ask the other maid to take care of it.

"Certainly, I will ask one of the maids to prepare something for Ojou-sama."

She answered my request quickly. She was certainly a maid prepared for these situations. After saying that, Lorane left the room and went to talk to maids to prepare something for me.

Meanwhile, I stayed in the boring room doing nothing.

'I wish I had a video game now.'

Not even a day passed and I was already missing my things. Well, I can't do anything since I died in a totally weird way. Well, it wasn't really weird since I had no fault.

After about 10 minutes I heard Lorane opening the door.

"Ojou-sama, please accompany me to the dinner table, your food is already being prepared and at some point will be served."

Lorane is certainly very polite, but still, I was not used to being called Ojou-sama. One reason was that inside I was a man and I was never treated with much respect either.

Leaving it aside, I followed Lorane into the dining room.
As soon as I arrived in the dining room the plate was already there, but there was no food inside. Will they bring the snack later? Well, I think so.

After about 5 minutes, another maid brought me a tray with a large piece of cake, some juice, and some fruits.

'So this is a rich people's afternoon coffee.'

I didn't know if all the rich girls ate that way, but if they ate that way every day they'd be fat, so how does this little girl have such a perfect body?
Well, I don't care about that anyway.

When I started eating the food, I felt something strange, I started to get extremely dizzy and fell off the chair.
When I fell to the ground, I heard Lorane screaming, but I lost consciousness soon after.


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