When I saw there was no way out now I came back inside. This house was isolated in the middle of nowhere, how is that possible.
Did she live here alone with only the maids? She had a hard life.

Now that I've started thinking, where is this girl's mind? If I'm in her body, does that mean she died and I entered her body? Or did she change bodies with me and enter my body?

'Fuck, if she's inside my body, you'll see everything I hide.'

Although this girl wouldn't know what all that is, then I don't need to worry about that. But if she sees everything in my apartment she will surely be traumatized.

'God, you did something horrible to that child.'

While I had totally strange thoughts I kept walking around the house. As the house was giant, I wanted to see what was in the house since I had seen almost nothing.
That damn maid kept chasing me as I walked around the house, does she need to do that?

I don't know if she had anything better to do, but I wish she had. Feeling her walking behind me all the time bothers me a lot.

"You have nothing to do?"

I decided to ask since I wanted to be alone for a little while and she wouldn't leave me alone. I know it's a selfish thing, but I can't stand people stalking me.

"I'm your personal maid Ojou-sama, so my job is to take care and keep an eye on you."

Is this serious? This girl had no family, so who put this maid to take care of her?
Every time I see more about this girl's life the less I understand about her.
She was a rich girl, but she had nothing interesting in this house and no family.

This is serious, she had nothing interesting in this house. It was a totally old house, just had old things.
There was nothing of the modern world here, and as I had nothing to do I was bored, so all I did was walk around the house looking for something interesting.

'But it's different, the more I walk the more bored I get.'

After I got bored walking around the house, I went to my room. When I arrived in my room I asked the maid to stay outside the room as she would not need to enter the room as I would not need anything.
I said I'd call her if I needed anything, but I just wanted to get rid of her.

When I entered the room I lost my temper.


I shouted, putting a pillow in my mouth so the maid wouldn't listen if she listened she would surely come into the room, and I can't stand being chased anymore.

"What the hell is this place? There's nothing here, no people, no video games, no manga or light novels, it's a boring world."

It was a bland world, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to vent at least a little.
After grumbling hard enough to get tired, I lay on the bed and rested a little. After I was less tired I headed for the mirror.

'The only good thing is this appearance'

Just looking at my body I was drooling is an extremely wonderful body. I didn't know there could be such a beautiful little girl.

When I was almost touching my tiny breasts, I saw something in the mirror, it was 3 books, I didn't know what they were about. I have not seen books in this house, these were the first I have seen since I arrived.


When I came near the books, I saw that one of them was talking about all the kingdoms of this world. Kingdoms? Isn't that a thing from several centuries ago?
You mean that besides changing bodies I also went back in time?

'No, it's another world.'

Wait, wait ... If this is a new world, are there monsters and stuff? Is this serious?
If I go outside I will die quickly, I have no motor coordination to fight monsters. Shit, there is magic too, right? If there is no magic I will be dead as soon as I set foot outside.

When I looked outside there were no monsters, are there no monsters in this place?
I couldn't see any guards kill the monsters if they attack this house we're totally in shit, right?

The other book I picked up was exactly about that 'Monsters and their Rankings' this looks like a fantasy book written by an amateur author, what the hell is that name?
When I looked inside the book, I realized that there were the same monsters I saw in the manga.

I couldn't say for sure, because if there is magic in this world, I don't know if this girl has any aptitude for using magic.
Luckily the other book I had was exactly about magic.

'So there is, now things get interesting.'

I always wanted to test the use of magic. I always watched anime from Mahou Shoujo and kept imitating the heroines.

'Now that I think about it, it's extremely shameful.'

After I got the three books I went to bed and started reading.
First I started reading about the countries of this world, basically, there were 3 human kingdoms.
The kingdoms were called Mabely, Sothyl, and Slovika.
These kingdoms have embarrassing names, this is making me itchy.

Inside the book was a map, inside it I searched for the city of Gerok, as the maid said the closest city I currently live to is this one.

"Here it is."

I ended up talking a little loudly, but as the maid didn't enter the room, I don't think she listened to me and everything is fine for now.
The city of Gerok was in the kingdom of Mabely. So I was a resident of the kingdom of Mabely.

Looking back at the map, I saw that the other two kingdoms were left and right of Mabely. I started reading about the capitals, the capital of Sothyl was Lebelp and the capital of Slovika was Ytripa.

Once again, just had embarrassing names, but I didn't care that much. I kept reading about countries, apparently, the human kingdoms have been living in peace for about 30 years?
It's been a long time since the last war between kingdoms.

After seeing some information about the kingdoms I started reading the rest of the book.


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