When I looked at the woman, I saw that she was wearing a maid's outfit. Somewhere in the world are there still maids wearing this kind of clothing?
The only places I saw women dressed as a maid were in some themed restaurants and cafes.

"Come on you need to get dressed."

The woman came and began to take off my clothes. Was she my maid? I didn't know for sure.
After a while, she finished putting on my clothes. I was wearing a yellow dress with some blue details.

'This dress is ugly.'

Yes, it was an extremely ugly dress, I didn't know who this girl was, but she had a very bad taste for clothes. I was looking at myself in the mirror, I was still admiring my appearance.
I was glad to be in a body of such a beautiful little girl, but that's certainly weird.

The first question is where is my body. Since I'm in this girl's body, where is my body?
The other question is about this room. I didn't know a room in the modern age that way, the room has a lot of historical stuff that I saw in Japanese books and stories.

"Let's go down, it's time for breakfast."

The woman called me and opened the door for me to pass, she opened the door elegantly and beautifully. I left the room and came across a huge hallway with several doors.

'I live in a mansion?'

I was already amazed at the size of the room, but this house is extremely giant. The house is so big that it takes a few minutes to get to the dining room.
In the dining room had only my plate, no one will eat with me.

This girl had no family?
Or had everyone gone to work or something?
Whatever, I sat in the chair that was pulled by the maid and waited for breakfast to arrive. Another maid came bringing the coffee. It was toast, apparently strawberry jam and also a cup of coffee.

'did she bring juice too?'

I looked and realized that the maid also brought a huge piece of cake and a glass of juice, apparently, this was an orange juice.

'How am I going to eat all this?'

"Enjoy breakfast, Ojou-sama."

Ojou-sama? What's this, a fucking manga?
This is very strange, I'm not used to being treated like that, I can't calm down with that.

After that, the maid came back into the kitchen, and the maid who helped me put on clothes stood in the living room while watching me eat.

The food was extremely tasty, it tasted really good.
When I finished eating, another maid came and cleared the table. But ignoring that, I was pretty doubtful, where am I and how did I survive the accident?

I felt my head being smashed, it was terrible pain, but by a miracle, I really survived and now I'm in a child's body? It makes no sense.
I was also a little confused by this girl's life. She was a rich girl, but where's her family? Was there no one in this house?

I don't know if I should ask the maid about this, as she may be suspicious if I don't know what happened to my family.

"I want to go outside."

I wanted to go outside, so I asked the maid to take me there. I could not find a way out of this house, it was extremely giant, how can there be such a big house?

"Ojou-sama, are you ok?"

What kind of question is that? Of course, I'm not fine, I'm lost here, I don't know what's going on and I don't know where in the world I am.
But I couldn't say this, of course, I would have to do my best for now. If they suspect something, they will think that this child is possessed, I don't know what will happen to her if anyone thinks that.

"I'm fine, let's go outside then."

I went straight, just said everything was fine and asked again to go outside. I wanted to know where I was since just inside the house I can't know exactly where in the world I am.

When we left, I saw something unbelievable. There were no people, the mansion was isolated in the middle of nowhere.

'What the fuck is that? How can this girl live in a place like this? '

I don't even know my name, I don't remember anything about this girl's body. But one thing I know, and I'm upset about it.
Was this girl living like this in the middle of nowhere alone?
Why couldn't I see any members of your family? Has she been abandoned?
I could not say for sure. If she were abandoned, I don't think she would have maids to take care of her.

"Where is the nearest town?"

I had to ask that maid, I had no other way of knowing where I am. I don't know if the maid would think I'm weird since I don't know things the owner of this body would know.

"The nearest city is Gerok city, have you forgotten Ojou-sama?"

Gerok? But where in the world is this place, I've never heard of anywhere with a name like that. That's not what I'm thinking, right?
A short time ago I was reading a story very similar to this one. It was the story of a man who died and reincarnated in someone else's body.

Can this be true? I've always had tremendous bad luck in life, this can't be happening right?
I'm sure I died, but is reincarnation possible? I never believed anything about these subjects. For me, all this happened only in Japanese stories and served for young people to develop Chuunibyou.

Well, my body has changed, I am in a mansion, and also a city that does not exist, what indicates more is reincarnation.
If this is happening, I am the luckiest person in the world!


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