I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!

by IgorRSAW

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Mystery Romance Female Lead Gender Bender Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Our protagonist was an otaku and hid that fact from everyone.
After he gave up hiding this fact, he was eventually scorned by his friends and his own family.

After some time being despised, he was expelled from home because he had become a NEET.

After that, he began to live alone and had to find a job to support himself.
He worked a fucking job and was practically a slave.

But one day when he opened the store by himself, he had a stupid accident, and since he had no one to help him
He died right there in a pathetic accident.

He thought it would be the end of his life, but suddenly he opened his eyes and realized it was in the body of a little girl.
A little girl with no family who was under the care of maids.

She was a little girl with many mysteries in her life.

Follow our protagonist's life in this new world, a world where death is normal.

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Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Transported to the body of a little girl? ago
Is Reincarnation Really Possible? ago
Totally boring life. ago
Learning about the world. ago
Poisoned? ago
Totally crazy maid. ago
Saving the Maids ... or Almost. ago
Did I Kill the Maid? ago
Testing Skills. ago
Making a Plan? ago
Simple Plan. ago
Leaving the Mansion. ago
On the way to the city. ago
First Monster. ago
Arriving in the city. ago
Joining the Guild. ago
Getting a Job? ago
Work! ago
Is Work More Than It Seems? ago
Quitting Job? ago
Proposal. ago
Starting my life plan. ago
First Subjugation Mission. ago
New Magic? This is really cool! ago
A Lot of Money? Or a little? ago
Does Lara Become A Target Again? ago
Where is Emily? ago
Going after Emily. ago
What place is this? ago
Lara's Family History. ago
Incriminating Lara. ago
Lara's escape begins. ago
Did Lara manage to escape? ago
Who really is this man? ago
Finding Emily Again? ago
My life has been turned upside down. ago
Is everything going well? ago
Changing Identity. ago
Joining the Guild. ago
Escort mission? ago
Got an escort mission? ago
What is Emily's mother's disease? ago
Curing the disease? ago
Happy Family? ago
Farewell. ago
Traveling? ago
Presentations ago
Beginning of the trip. ago
Calm Travel? ago
Sleeping with an incredible sensation. ago
Second day of travel. ago
Girls' Story. ago
Hunting monsters in the woods? ago
Killing Wolves. ago
Journey progressing. ago
Night Attack? ago
Too much blood. ago
What do they think of me now? ago
Everything is as before? ago
Part of the truth. ago
We're Coming. ago
Arriving in the city. ago
Inside the city. ago
Isn't this city very different, or is it? ago
Inn. ago
A bath after so long. ago
She saw me naked. ago
First mission in the new city. ago
Leaving the city. ago
Improving magic. ago
Killing wolves. ago
The return of the wind bullets. ago
Returning to the guild. ago
Kind girl? ago
Permission? ago
Guild master. ago
Negotiations. ago
Sale of wolves. ago
Delicious food. ago
Buying clothes. ago
Cheap clothes? ago
Cibely again. ago
New mission. ago
Group of rabbits. ago
Who is it? ago
End of persecution? ago
Returning to the city. ago
Rest. ago
Rushed girl. ago
Pleasant mission. ago
Rising Rank. ago
Veteran adventurer. ago
Did something happen? ago
Something is wrong. ago
Disappearance of Cibely. ago
Where are you? ago
Did I find them? ago
Dangerous monster? ago
Toughest battle so far? ago
What the fuck is this. ago
Sorry readers. ago
Did I get to cure she? ago
Chapter 102 - Clothes for Cibely. ago
I told her everything. ago
Chapter 105 - Maybe it's them. ago
Chapter 106 – Another poisoning, but not me? ago
Chapter 107 – Let’s go back. ago
Chapter 108 – A very high reward. ago
Chapter 109 – Meeting the man, I had forgotten. ago
Chapter 110 - Their house is very clean. ago
Chapter 111 - Best bath of my life starts now? ago
Chapter 112 – I embarrassed her ago
Chapter 113 – Another Person’s Panties ago
Chapter 114 – Coffee made by Cibely ago
Chapter 115 – Buying clothes, or is this a date? ago
Chapter 116 – Carrying loads, what the fuck? ago
Chapter 117 – Five Dresses. ago
Chapter 118 – Would you like to go somewhere? ago
Chapter 119 – How will she be now? ago
Chapter 120 – Surprise order. ago
Chapter 121 – Travel with a disgusting nobleman. ago
Chapter 122 – Perverted eyes. ago
Chapter 123 – I’m going to rip your head off. ago
Chapter 124 – Improvised bed. ago
Chapter 125 – Continuing the journey. ago
Chapter 126 – A considerable group. ago
Chapter 127 – Battle. ago
Chapter 128 – An easy battle. ago
Chapter 129 – Arriving in the city. ago
Chapter 130 – We are coming. ago
Chapter 131 – Poor city. ago
Chapter 132 – The past. ago
Chapter 133 – A nice city? ago
Chapter 134 – It gets worse and worse. ago
Chapter 135 – Old Inn? ago
Chapter 136 – He’s hiding something. ago
Chapter 137 – Investigation. ago
Chapter 138 – Plan 1. ago
Chapter 139 - Incredible new magic? ago
Chapter 140 – A ghost, ohh. ago
Chapter 141 – Plan 2. ago
Chapter 142 – Guild master. ago
Chapter 143 – Serious conversation. ago
Chapter 144 – What they are doing. ago
Chapter 145 – With your own daughter? ago
Chapter 146 – Effects. ago
Chapter 147 – Conversation. ago
Chapter 148 – Talking to the girl. ago
Chapter 149 – No pain. ago
Chapter 150 – Best way out. ago
Chapter 151 – Leaving the mansion, I remember something like that. ago
Chapter 152 – Completing the escape. ago
Chapter 153 – Returning to the mansion. ago
Chapter 154 – Stop it. ago

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Reviewed at 'Incriminating Lara'

Reviewed at: Incriminating Lara.

Story line is decent.  The sequence of events is choppy & doesn't flow like a normal novel but this is a light novel.  The biggest glare for me is the characters doing actions that do not fit their personalities or making decisions that don't make much sense.

**Possible Spoilers**

For example, the Queen tries to kill Lara by poisioning her.  When that fails a maid is sent to kill her.  So why did the man in the hood, who also was ordered to kill her, bring her alive to the Queen?  Why did the Queen have to fabricate evidence just to kill her?  She is a nobody.  No one of importance knows who she is at first glance, knows she is in the city.  Why not just slit her throat in the dungeon and be done with it?  There is no valid reason for the Queen to keep her alive in the dungeon other than the author wishes for it to be so.

2nd example.  Why did Lara, who killed someone in cold blood allow herself to be captured?  Someone who seems to be intelligent, somewhat ruthless and overall has self preservation above all else allow herself to be captured?  Lara could have killed the man in the hood as soon as he appeared, before he drew the knife.  Seems a hell of a risk to allow the man trying to kill you to capture you and knock you unconcious and for what?  Hope he keeps you alive?  This just doesn't seem logical from Lara from what we have seen from her so far.

I have seen authors do these things before.  Make a character do something completely polar opposite of what you expect just to advance the story in a certain direction then immediately revert the character back to normal.  I personally think it's an easy cop out to move the story along or in a certain direction where if you get a little creative I think you could do the same without compromising character integrity.

Overall I could only give 2 out of 5 stars but hope you continue to grow as an author.  Best of luck to you!

  • Overall Score

An ok concept, but poorly written. The lolicon aspect kinda grosses me out.

  • Overall Score

I'm not goint to lie. The synopsis is kind of off putting, so when I read it, I was wondering what kind of writing style I should expect. And it wasn't as bad as I expected. It is minimalist for a novel, yes, but this a light novel. Don't expect long descriptions and beautiful metaphores, this story was heavily inspired by japanese light novels (the plot, the storyline, the names), so it follows the light novels writing codes. If you keep that in mind, then the writing style is actually more than decent. 

Now, concerning the story...

It's not bad, but it's not for everyone. The chapters are short, but the pace is pretty fast, and there is little to no world building element. Personally, it's not my cup of tea. As I said before, it was heavily inspired by Japanese LN, so you'll find a lot of elements from the Japanese culture. The goods and the bads (the otaku, the lolis...). So do I recommend the story ? Well, it depends.

If you're into Isekais, yes.

If you're into Japanese LN, yes.

If you're looking for a novel with a real immersion, maybe not.

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The plot.... The very plot of the story is just... Bad. Or maybe it's the style?

I personally believe you had a premise (disturbing as it may be) going with this story somewhere but you fully went down a slippery slope tossing grease behind yourself with how this plot itself was constructed.

Granted you probably aimed for something light but light writing is not the same as poor plot construction. Your plot suffers from 'God Hand' or PIS as most call it. Usually, in most stories, this is used subtlely to help the MC out of a situation not basically shield them from an obvious outcome. Worse than PIS was the CIS or character induced stupidity in which characters are written in a way that helps the plot flow not like in this story how you can basically feel the author's influencing hand.

My recommendation would be for a re-write due to the issue being at the level of the plot rather than grammatical errors (tho those exist, it is legible and understandable so it is not a negative point from me.)

Good of you to keep the dedication of this story up to well over 100 chapters however.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Decent story, disappointing execution.

Reviewed at: Did something happen?

Reviewed after 93 chapters

The story is decent, it's about an otaku that gets reincarnated into a girl's   body in another world and tries to make sense of things around him. The author's style and grammar are sometimes abysmal and unbearable to read (especially in the beginning) but it honestly does get better over time.

For example; the author sometimes refers to objects as he or she which gets annoying really fast, or they just mix them up in general which leads to confusion.

Story-wise, the plot is good but there are a few plot holes, nothing too critical though, just a few weird choices that characters make.

If you like the premise of the story and can bear the bad grammar then I would recommend it, but it's definitely not for everyone

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The story is ok. The premise of it is really good, I always love a good isekai or reincarnation novel. The problem is that this book is very two-dimensional and it moves too fast. The author could definitely put some more description in and slow the story down a little. The grammar is good but could definitely use some work. That's all I have to say, it's an okay book that needs a little grammar work and to slow down.

Spoiler: Spoiler


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The story itself is fine,but the grammar is horrible in most of the chapters I have read. Sentences cut off, words out of order, too many words added that just don't make sense. If you can proof read before hand and fix the grammar issues, I think you would have a solid story going forwards. But at this time, i can't read anymore, it's taking away from the story itself.