Stories of the Apex

by NathanDyer

The series, Stories of the Apex, is a collection of self-contained science fiction short stories with different (but sometimes reoccurring) lead characters all following a central plot.

The story begins shortly after first contact with the peaceful Broda, a non-predator alien species that discovers Earth seeking new worlds for trade. Being a violent predator species among a galaxy of prey, humans soon decide to take up the cause of their new friends by opposing the plague species known as the Krador.

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A Fabulously Awesome collection of tales

Reviewed at: Homeworld

This just what I wrote in the in the title. It is a collections for short stories that telll the tale of a great Humanity! It is what I believe all Humans should aspire to. Nathan Dyer is a masterfull writer, this has it all humor, sacrifice, violence, joy, kindness and so much more. Each of these stories intertwine so very well. Needs a little work on spelling somethings but the grammar and style is well done. There is no MC, all the characters are seen and heard from in multiple tales.

It is just a plain Freekin' Outstanding read!!!




Read this story on the r/hfy subreddit. For those of  you who don't know, HFY is for Humanity, Fuck Yeah! Basically, it is stories about humans being, well, very crazy, very capable, or just very different from everyone out there.


This story is about a universe where most of the sentient species in the galaxy are herbivores. Once humans appear on the scene, they find out that their nature as predators set them apart. Which is good, because they're the only line of defense between a galaxy of herbivores who can't fight their way out of a paper bag, and the ravenous, predatory Krador.

Patrick Munter

first Read this story on the r/hfy subreddit and it quicly became one of my favorite series :)

the series have so many characters that you very quicly fall in love with and you can consider each story as a story in its own but they are all tied together nicely 

Spoiler: Spoiler




Amazing feelings of proud heroism inbound

Reviewed at: We called, and you answered

I've read this story first on the HFY subreddit, and it was so captivating that I plowed through it all in one sitting. Prepare for an adventure if you start this story, because it will take you on a wild ride.


Amazing colection of stories

Reviewed at: Songs

Prepair yourself for a amazing read of what humans are capable when united and become something more... Truly heroic and well written collection of stories which really get your emotions boiling, i wish i could rate this higher.


This is an amazing MUST READ series.

Reviewed at: No more

This series is well done, it doesn't really use action to carry it so much as the human element and emotional attachment this author creates with his charcters. 


Well worth the read and if you don't have moist eyes by the time you've finished some of these stories, you might want to get some help. 


I found this story very enjoyable. Classic Space exploration SciFi was my first venture into the SF&Fantasy genre, long before the litRPG genre existed. This is Sci Fi in the style of EE "Doc" Smith, Heinlein and other Golden Age greats. Don't get me wrong they have more modern science concepts like nanotech and quantum entanglement, but the overall style is the classic optimistic "we can do it" of earlier SF rather than the later dystopian-to-nightmare stuff.

The story concept is one I have seem on a few occasions. Basically a peace loving league of galactics gets attacked by hostile "Squid Snotzis" and their insane slave-soldiers (sort of like insectoid Mamelukes on super-amphetamines I guess).
One of the galactics traders stumbles across humans, who turn out to be the galactic equivalent of tiny weasels. Cute, playful and good to have on your side but terrifying to go up against in any kind of combat, and .....smol......

So from there on - while there is a definite series of struggle and sacrifices - it's the OP but nice humans making friends and helping out by saving aliens all over the place. Golden age feel good factor all around. 

This is not the first old style SF I have seen out this year. I found it interesting that it in the "year of Covid" to see so much SF that replicates Golden Age optimistic approach to "science". So much stuff written since the 1980s has been pessimistic if not downright apocalyptic. Dystopian SF = Good stuff in its way but a bit depressing as a sub-genre. So if you would like your dose of "feel good Golden SF" then read on.


hello writer, I must say that I was hooked by your work in a way that I did not expect, as of now I am depositing great expectations in your writing and I can't wait for the next chapter.

It would be cool if you could post more often. A hug from Brazil.