A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

by AbyssRaven

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

"Survival of the fittest is easier said than done...why couldn't I have been reborn a bit bigger, huh?"

If waking up in a new world wasn't bad enough, an idealistic teen starts her new life as a newborn dragon not by being embraced by a loving family, but having to escape two hungry kobolds wanting some grilled lizard for breakfast. Now, status screens obscure her vision in a hostile forest filled with vicious magical monsters, as two concerning Titles welcome her to her new life.

Equipped with fragmented memories from her past life and the game-like mechanics of her new reality, the young dragon must face trials and tribulation, undeterred by the reaper's scythe inches from her neck. Despite her challenges, she is determined to find civilization. For nothing will stop her from fulfilling her one true desire: to become an Idol.

Author Notes: I'll update the story every 2-3 day, if nothing major in my life happens.

The story is mostly inspired by Japanese Light Novels, specifically "I'm a spider, so what?".

Discord(With many other lizard-related novels): Rawr

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Why am I a lizard? ago
Chapter 2: I wish using Magic would come with a manual. ago
Chapter 3: I’m a strawberry lover now. ago
Chapter 4: An Informative Night ago
Chapter 5: My first real fight. ago
Chapter 6: Evolving rocks! ago
Chapter 7: A feast for my taste buds. ago
Chapter 8: Let’s find some kobolds! ago
Chapter 9: I am Kobold Slayer. ago
Chapter 10: The dragon hunts the kobold, oblivious of the threat from behind. ago
Chapter 11: Kobolds taste like beef? ago
Chapter 12: Memento Mori. ago
Side Story 1: My name is Nagata Tatsuya ago
Chapter 13: I am bonding…with myself. ago
Chapter 14: Do you know the definition of insanity, orc? ago
Chapter 15: Centerstage! ago
Chapter 16: An information session with the parallel minds. ago
Chapter 17: Why am I still a lizard?! ago
Chapter 18: Slimes are terrible, and they shouldn’t exist! ago
Chapter 19: An average day in the sea of trees. ago
Chapter 20: Why do I have to act like a brat sometimes… ago
Chapter 21: Make peace, not war, garms… ago
Chapter 22: Nothing ever works exactly how you want it to. ago
Chapter 23: I am Saori Segawa ago
Chapter 24: The Garm and the Dragon ago
Chapter 25: The Angelic Dragon sings. ago
Chapter 26: Seems like just being a Dragon isn’t fantasy enough. ago
Chapter 27: First party member acquired! ago
Side Story 2: The movements of two factions. ago
Side Story 3: Oh gods, I miss coffee. ago
Chapter 28: This forest really can’t give me a break. ago
Chapter 29: Operation: “Brighten Saori’s Mood”! ago
Chapter 30: Long time no see, [Battle Frenzy]. ago
Chapter 31: My future Job prospects have increased. ago
Side Story 4: Kyouya can be a real bro, in his good moments. ago
Chapter 32: The forest is going wild again. ago
Chapter 33: Fairy rescue and troll subjugation. ago
Chapter 34: What’s with the eldritch horror, dude? ago
Side Story 5: The Bickering of Gods ago
Chapter 35: Tasianna’s Story. ago
Chapter 36: A warm shower and warm meal, what could be better? ago
Chapter 37: Of Magic and Mana. ago
Chapter 38: I have officially become a party leader. ago
Chapter 39: Skydiving is a wonderful hobby. ago
Chapter 40: Who knew the dragon had a phobia? ago
Chapter 41: Can I sweat poison? ago
Side Story 6: The Gathering of the Misfits. ago
Side Story 7: I must become stronger! ago
Chapter 42: A spar among friends. ago
Chapter 43: Cadejo and Fairy vs. Spark Inferno Dragon. ago
Chapter 44: Hunting Strategy: Portable Hestia Rifle. ago
Chapter 45: How many monsters were in the area?! ago
Chapter 46: Why can’t I remember my dream? ago
Chapter 47: Monster kitty adoption! ago
Chapter 48: This must be Revenge! ago
Side Story 8: The church’s magic is amazing! ago
Side Story 9: This party has no future… ago
Chapter 49: Hunting with Rajah. ago
Chapter 50: Reunion. ago
Chapter 51: I found the fiends… ago
Chapter 52: Doctor Hestia is in the house! ago
Chapter 53: Emotional bliss and embarrassment. ago
Chapter 54: The lizardmen’s backstory. ago
Chapter 55: Rescue mission start! ago
Chapter 56: The Thrill of the Chase! ago
Chapter 57: Reptilian Showdown! ago
Chapter 58: Heilige…what the hell is that thing?! ago
Chapter 59: A goodbye to dear friends and a message from above. ago
Character Summary 14.6.2020 ago
Side Story 10: Laveata Town. ago
Side Story 11: Realizing and making up for my mistakes. ago
Chapter 60: Preparations for the March. ago
Chapter 61: The Importance of “Followers”. ago
Chapter 62: The Rhythm of the Wandering Scale-kins. ago
Chapter 63: Thundering Roars! ago
Chapter 64: Take that damn Wyvern down! ago
Chapter 65: The Leviathan. ago
Chapter 66: No, anything but that!!! ago
Chapter 67: A Raging flame growing inside the Cave. ago
Chapter 68: Crying is not so bad. ago
Side Story 12: Three-way duel. ago
Side Story 13: The Start of a Classroom Assembly. ago
Side Story 14: Lethal or non-lethal, that is the question. ago
Chapter 69: Evolution and Skill Predicaments. ago
Chapter 70: This is why you should take traumas seriously. ago
Chapter 71: Tasianna's true reasons. ago
Chapter 72: The Start of a new Request. ago
Chapter 73: Carine Village. ago
Side Story 15: A Proud Dragon, a Worried Goddess, and an Ambitious Inferno. ago
Chapter 74: Meeting with Carine Village’s Chief. ago
Chapter 75: First Quest accepted. ago
Chapter 76: I’m terrible at SP usage. ago
Chapter 77: Lizards playing with Magic. ago
Chapter 78: How to sneak a bomb into a bandit camp. ago
Chapter 79: Agent Hestia ‘007’ Atsuko. ago
Chapter 80: An Idol always seeks the Spotlight! ago
Chapter 81: The Cold Touch of a Fairy. ago
Chapter 82: Leading the Prey. ago
Chapter 83: An Unexpected Boss Battle. ago
Chapter 84: The Aftermath and Spoils of a Quest ago
Side Story 16: A Storm in Heaven. ago
Side Story 17: Bandit Subjugation. ago
Chapter 85: Sermon of the Crimson Dragonewt. ago
Chapter 86: Daily Training and Lessons. ago
Chapter 87: Insecurities issuing a Challenge. ago
Chapter 88: Crimson Storm Challenge ago
Chapter 89: No Tea Party is complete without some Cake! ago
Chapter 90: The Prelude of an Awakening Star. ago
Chapter 91: The Star Blazes forth. ago
Chapter 92: Master and Student. ago
Chapter 93: Preparations for the Dinner. ago
Chapter 94: The Dragoness dresses for the Occasion. ago
Chapter 95: Dinner with House Helvas. ago
Side Story 18: Plotting under the moonlight. ago
Chapter 96: Barracuda Migration Event. ago
Chapter 97: My first Davi. ago
Chapter 98: The Planning of the trip to Firwood. ago
Chapter 99: An Idol's Fire. ago
Chapter 100: Promise. ago
Chapter 101: A Pleasant Trip to Firwood. ago
Chapter 102: Firwood. ago
Chapter 103: The Church of Aurena. ago
Chapter 104: Aurena, the Origin Goddess of Light. ago
Side Story 19: Hestia’s future. ago
Chapter 105: Did I mention I hate Slimes? ago
Chapter 106: Farron, the Guild Master of the Hunters Guild Branch. ago
Chapter 107: We are Adventurers! ago
Chapter 108: Groceries for the Hungry Dragoness. ago
Chapter 109: Guilds. ago
Chapter 110: The Binding Festival. ago
Chapter 111: Training Ellaine. ago
Chapter 112: Discussing Saori’s Business Plans. ago
Chapter 113: Bards and Music. ago
Chapter 114: Temper. ago
Chapter 115: The Dragoon. ago
Chapter 116: The Idol System. ago
Side Story 20: A Maid’s Respect. ago
Side Story 21: A Butler’s Appreciation. ago
Chapter 117: Dwarven Smithy. ago
Chapter 118: Equipment Talk. ago
Chapter 119: On the Road, far from Home. ago
Chapter 120: The Faemancer. ago
Chapter 121: Rashan Village. ago
Chapter 122: Into the Abyss. ago
Chapter 123: Adventurers Vs. Onnikais. ago

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Cotton Candy novel: slow paced and padded out with barely any developm

Reviewed at: Chapter 84: The Aftermath and Spoils of a Quest

Base concept is decent. That said, it takes over 50 chapters to START moving out of the forest towards civilization, and that wouldn't be so bad if the forest Arc was interesting, but it's not, and it's rubbed in your face that the plot is on ice. You get constant hints about what's outside the forest, while never doing anything or going anywhere. THEN, we get some absolutely terrible side story with garbage characters who don't matter, and you won't miss anything by skipping all of that.  We eventually get a plot twist getting out of the forest, of course because moving somewhere can't be simple, and with standardized travel padding,. HOW LONG UNTIL NAMEK? Anyways, the story finally starts moving, and the content stops. Don't bother with this novel until 300 chapters, unless you like reading cotton candy fluff novels with no plot progress and end content the second it starts moving somewhere. Recommendation to author: move faster or write faster, and drop the padding because it's poorly done with a few exceptions. The plot twist padding was somewhat acceptable. The main characters are overall carrying the novel.


Dragon Fear ? no, Dragon Shenanigans

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: I am Saori Segawa

As expected from a story with a Dragon as a main character, the adventure/action side of this LitRPG  is not the main purpose.

The novel has a clear japanese vibe. Cooking take more room than necessary. Cheat abilities from the start for a quickly OverPowered MC.

the novel doesn't waste time on explaining the other possible abilities and only focus on the MC's one.

We don't know much about the world since the MC is stuck in a forest, but worldbuilding doesn't seems very promising so far.

The way the Mc interact with other creatures is not very reallistic. She want to become a idol but slaughter anything that is not human because... well, experience? she doesn't try to find other ways to achieve her goal and show little remorse when killing children. Worse, she admit it all and yet keep talking about becoming a idol that share joy with people.

When she get cornered by a strong ennemy, deus ex machina save the day.

This novel can be enjoyed, no doubt. If you like Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, this novel has the same vibe but with more slaughter and less cuteness so far since the MC is stuck in a hostile forest inhabited with monsters.

Grammar is good enough except sometimes the MC talk in German, usually for swearing, which i found annoying since i don't know German.

i also dislike the casual way abilities are selected, there is no drive nor style in the MC abilities build, she seems to just pick whatever magic is cheap enought to be bought and whatever can strenghten it. She doesn't spend nearly enough time testing things. same for evolution, she don't really care and evolve as soon as she can without ever thinking twice or trying to see if by training a bit more other possibilities of evolution might become available.

Author made sure that the status page of the MC can be open and close with a button which is very nice since the status page is filled to the brim with abilities and skills and, unless you are masochistic, you will want to skip most of it.

Character development is fine but not rich, i'm more concerned with characters' mindset. The MC's obsession for becoming an idol and desciption of her past life make me doubt her mental age ever reached 10 years old.

the story seems aimed for young teenagers. As i am in my forties, i am not buying all the childish talk and idol dream. But, if you like the japanese light comedy's style, this might work for you.

past chapter 20 i had enought and started skipping a lot of useless gibberish. The novel simply is not for me.

Marmoset Threat

I've read up to chapter 26 and at this point, I'm calling it quits. First, this story isn't bad but it rapidly gets too Japanese/boring for my tastes.

My biggest problem is the main character. In the beginning, where they struggle to survive and learn about the world, I was interested. It was cool to see the MC overcome challenges and learn to survive. Sadly, the intelligence and maturity of the MC rapidly decreases as the story progresses which I personally don't enjoy. 

In summary, don't read this if you don't like:

  • Young and naive children as main characters
  • Anime or Japanese inspired writing and storytelling
  • Kill-to-level boring combat LitRPGs

Read if you like Tensei Slime, or I'm a spider so what

Reviewed at: Side Story 9: This party has no future…

Overall, the story does exactly what it tries to.

It's a lighthearted story about a girl turned into a baby dragon, and her experiences as she traipses through the world with her quickly growing isekai troupe. She begins to experience the world while avoiding the gods and goddesses harping on her, continuing her dream of becoming an idol which was her goal in her past life.

The style and grammar leave nothing wanting, and I have only noticed a few small errors here and there. They were too small to really bring up, and I quickly skipped past them.

The story itself is pretty typical, very reminiscent of Kumo Ga Desu Ka, but that has a certain appeal to it in itself. It hasn't offered anything groundbreaking yet, but that is to be expected for a story like this. If you like Kumo, you will probably enjoy this. 

The characters are pretty typical for the genre and tend to follow tropes that already exist, but that also fits the genre and what the author is trying to do. The author likes to take each character and put a bit of a spin on them, making them a bit more interesting and fleshed out.

If the genre is something you like, you will certainly enjoy this. Give it a read if you have the time.


Mighty Moushie

Original review below as of chapter 23:


It started out pretty good, but I started losing interest when the parallel minds showed up. The constant switching and color changes were just too much.

Still, that doesn't make it bad. The writing flows well, and grammar mistakes are few and far between. The battles are well written and dynamic. 


New portion:

The author sent me a message saying they had removed my main criticism (the alternate minds) after much reader criticism, and asked if I would keep reading. I'm glad to say I kept reading, as chapter 23 really seems to be the turning point where the minds mostly disappear. With that gone, a lot of the MCs more irritating commentary disappeared, and its almost like a new book with all the good stuff from the original.

It's nice seeing the character grow, especially seeing her recognize and try to atone for her mistakes. Without the inner voices forcing the MC into a trope, her real personality can shine and I like it a lot better. Throw in some faithful companions and brief glimpses into some characters that will eventually be important, and I am more than glad I stuck it out.

Logistics Officer Laith

The story started off great, around chapter 30ish my interest started to wane, however I persevered and oh boy am I glad that I did.

I've just finished reading chapter 100, I won't give any spoilers as it's too good to ruin like that but I definitely advise anyone who's interest has started to lapse to stick with it.

I personally judge the quality of an authors work by how emotional the story makes me. Like the title of my review says, I teared up a little.


The story was well thought out and flows well. But overtime the author breaks away from the main stream to explore different avenues. This can cause confusion to readers and while interesting should be cut down a little bit. Also while the story is good it could be improved upon with some more editing.

Lord Turtle

Short Review: There are several tonal shifts that take our expectations for a ride, sometimes better, sometimes more ehh. Personally I recommend this.

Long(er): This story starts off with a very solid survival premise before evolving into more of a Journey to the West style action romp as our MC and supporting cast aim for new objectives. This transition, as mentioned by other reviewers stand as one of the more jarring tonal shifts and might make you lose your interest if you feel disappointed by the shift. Personally however, I find this story to overall be very fun and enjoyable. Defintely worth a read!

Yimkumer Jamz

Basically, as the title says its a light novel. If you like light novels or anime then this story is pretty great. It has good grammar, a coherent story so far (I'm in chapter 60) and there is a very driven effort by the author to build the world and several characters, with different perspectives.


A nice story.

The writing is clear, grammar is great, and the characters are very well written, with good interactions.

The plot is smooth, but a bit slow. But, it lays a very thick foundation for future plot progression, where the plot will hopefully be richer.

Final verdict: 9/10