A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

by AbyssRaven

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world filled with magic and monsters, a girl was born into it.

Just, it seems she possess memories from her past life as a human from another world. Still, that isn't much a problem...but it looks like she was reborn as a dragon...and her birthplace is in a forest filled with monsters...and she's all alone.

With only her memories to soothe her, she has decided to live her second life to the fullest. Adapt and survive in this world, as she has a firm goal that she must achieve; to become an Idol.

Author Notes: I'll update the story every 2-3 day, if nothing major in my life happens.

The story is also inspired by Japanese Light Novels, specifically "I'm a spider, so what?".

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Why am I a lizard? ago
Chapter 2: I wish using Magic would come with a manual. ago
Chapter 3: I’m a strawberry lover now. ago
Chapter 4: An Informative Night ago
Chapter 5: My first real fight. ago
Chapter 6: Evolving rocks! ago
Chapter 7: A feast for my taste buds. ago
Chapter 8: Let’s find some kobolds! ago
Chapter 9: I am Kobold Slayer. ago
Chapter 10: The dragon hunts the kobold, oblivious of the threat from behind. ago
Chapter 11: Kobolds taste like beef? ago
Chapter 12: Memento Mori. ago
Side Story 1: My name is Nagata Tatsuya ago
Chapter 13: I am bonding…with myself. ago
Chapter 14: Do you know the definition of insanity, orc? ago
Chapter 15: Centerstage! ago
Chapter 16: An information session with the parallel minds. ago
Chapter 17: Why am I still a lizard?! ago
Chapter 18: Slimes are terrible, and they shouldn’t exist! ago
Chapter 19: An average day in the sea of trees. ago
Chapter 20: Why do I have to act like a brat sometimes… ago
Chapter 21: Make peace, not war, garms… ago
Chapter 22: Nothing ever works exactly how you want it to. ago
Chapter 23: I am Saori Segawa ago
Chapter 24: The Garm and the Dragon ago
Chapter 25: The Angelic Dragon sings. ago
Chapter 26: Seems like just being a Dragon isn’t fantasy enough. ago
Chapter 27: First party member acquired! ago
Side Story 2: The movements of two factions. ago
Side Story 3: Oh gods, I miss coffee. ago
Chapter 28: This forest really can’t give me a break. ago
Chapter 29: Operation: “Brighten Saori’s Mood”! ago
Chapter 30: Long time no see, [Battle Frenzy]. ago
Chapter 31: My future Job prospects have increased. ago

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Dragon Fear ? no, Dragon Shenanigans

Reviewed at: Chapter 23: I am Saori Segawa

As expected from a story with a Dragon as a main character, the adventure/action side of this LitRPG  is not the main purpose.

The novel has a clear japanese vibe. Cooking take more room than necessary. Cheat abilities from the start for a quickly OverPowered MC.

the novel doesn't waste time on explaining the other possible abilities and only focus on the MC's one.

We don't know much about the world since the MC is stuck in a forest, but worldbuilding doesn't seems very promising so far.

The way the Mc interact with other creatures is not very reallistic. She want to become a idol but slaughter anything that is not human because... well, experience? she doesn't try to find other ways to achieve her goal and show little remorse when killing children. Worse, she admit it all and yet keep talking about becoming a idol that share joy with people.

When she get cornered by a strong ennemy, deus ex machina save the day.

This novel can be enjoyed, no doubt. If you like Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, this novel has the same vibe but with more slaughter and less cuteness so far since the MC is stuck in a hostile forest inhabited with monsters.

Grammar is good enough except sometimes the MC talk in German, usually for swearing, which i found annoying since i don't know German.

i also dislike the casual way abilities are selected, there is no drive nor style in the MC abilities build, she seems to just pick whatever magic is cheap enought to be bought and whatever can strenghten it. She doesn't spend nearly enough time testing things. same for evolution, she don't really care and evolve as soon as she can without ever thinking twice or trying to see if by training a bit more other possibilities of evolution might become available.

Author made sure that the status page of the MC can be open and close with a button which is very nice since the status page is filled to the brim with abilities and skills and, unless you are masochistic, you will want to skip most of it.

Character development is fine but not rich, i'm more concerned with characters' mindset. The MC's obsession for becoming an idol and desciption of her past life make me doubt her mental age ever reached 10 years old.

the story seems aimed for young teenagers. As i am in my forties, i am not buying all the childish talk and idol dream. But, if you like the japanese light comedy's style, this might work for you.

past chapter 20 i had enought and started skipping a lot of useless gibberish. The novel simply is not for me.

Marmoset Threat
  • Overall Score

I've read up to chapter 26 and at this point, I'm calling it quits. First, this story isn't bad but it rapidly gets too Japanese/boring for my tastes.

My biggest problem is the main character. In the beginning, where they struggle to survive and learn about the world, I was interested. It was cool to see the MC overcome challenges and learn to survive. Sadly, the intelligence and maturity of the MC rapidly decreases as the story progresses which I personally don't enjoy. 

In summary, don't read this if you don't like:

  • Young and naive children as main characters
  • Anime or Japanese inspired writing and storytelling
  • Kill-to-level boring combat LitRPGs
Riki Rakun
  • Overall Score

A great story.

Reincarnation into a dragon the protagonist must survive the forest while struggling with her emotions as well as working towards her dream which seems far away.

World development is included in the form of side chapters that show snippets of a wider story.

A must read.

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Cant say much other than I like it.

It isn't the best but I guess it does scratch an itch I have for a simple adventure lighthearted litrpg without all the hassle of japanese webnovels translations.

Gotta say I mostly skip the skill sections, they're just wee bit too bloated to be enjoyable to read.

It does help that this story is rather similar to "I reincarnated as a Spider, So what?" But without the edgelord transformation, nor the MC being a sociopath just cause. Something I do appreciate.

If you like Monster Evolution, LitRPG, Cutesy Female MC, and mostly if you like Light Novels, give this one a try.

Overall its an enjoyable story, the Author is getting better at writting it as it goes on, and even if it's not among my top favorites, I do enjoy my time whenever it uploads, and hope the Author continues to write it.

OP nerd
  • Overall Score

I like this particular fiction because the MC, instead of coming to a new world and imediatly being all gung ho to be an adventuer or whatever, has a dream, and sticks to it. She wants to be an idol, and that is a large part of her personality. Just because the MC is minorly OP, it doesn't mean that they don't have dreams of their own.

Rhetorical question: If you suddenly had power in a strange world, what would you really use it for. Classic is good, but so is different. I like new twists on old(er) plots.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
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So far the fiction is interesting and to a certain degree unique but also generic in some ways for an Isekai but thats something you can't prevent if you write a reincarnation story. Atleast I've never read about a dragon who wants to be an Idol ;)

The beginning is the usual grind to level up but fortunately it's also used to flesh out the MC. Her backstory, her goals and her emotional state. Two important segments neatly packed together and a joy to read. Even the necessary info-dumbs are pleasant and later on hilarous.

Style and Grammar get 5/5. PoV is consistent and I didnt notice any grammar mistakes but Im also not a native english speaker so dont take it as the absolute truth.

Story Score gets only 4/5 because at the moment there is no actual 'plot' aside her goals or leveling phase but thats probably because we are still at the beginning of the journey. I might change that later.

Character Score gets 5/5, lets just say that she is different from most female MC's

Blest froest
  • Overall Score

In my opinion this story is great.

Its very fun to read and see what the Protagonist gets up to along with good fight scenes.

I cant wait to see what happens next!

(This is My opinion)

  • Overall Score

The story begins interesting enough, but then the author seems to struggle with his story telling. The MC starts talking with his additional minds gained through a skill, constantly. No actual story telling takes place and it turns into a disjointed Slide of Life kind of mess. I suggest a rewrite to flesh out the story and fix the nie glaring issues.

Bill Ngo
  • Overall Score

I can't describe how good this novel is in words so i'll make this short. I love the novel so far and hope you dont put this on hiatus like a bunch of other novels on this site, keep up the good work my man! (or girl).