Atk 0 Crit All ~My attack stat is negligible, so I can't help but rely on critical hits to succeed!~

by kazesenken

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy GameLit Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai

Volume 1 - Having been summoned to another world, Claude Evers is devastated to find out that he has no attack or magic proficiency. In a world of swords and magic, Claude endeavors to become his master's...chef? Despite this turn of events, he soon finds himself relying on his wit and strange abilities to stand by his master's side. With such fearsome enemies in this world, what solutions can Claude hope to cook up?

Volume 2 - Defeating a terrifying monster endangering the kingdom, Claude's fame grows. With this in mind, his next goal is over his master's heart? However, he soon learns that the nobility are not one to be trifled with. What can a lone chef do against the schemes of the powerful threatening his livelihood?

Volume 3 - Welcome to the 'Certain Slice', where we are sure to serve you something that perfectly hits your tastes. This is a restaurant where you can sample our line of otherworldly food and drink, created by the one and only Demon Cleaver. Please wait here while we call a maid over to attend to your orders. The owner? I'm very sorry. He's not available at the moment. The reason? I'm afraid that he is now a wanted man, for defying kings and kidnapping princesses.

~3 chapters/week

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Word Count (11)
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol.1, Ch.1 - An Unfortunate Starting Roll ago
Vol.1, Ch.2 - Taking the (Trophy) Home ago
Vol.1, Ch.3 - A Day in the House of Faulkner ago
Vol.1, Ch.4 - Training and the Test ago
Vol.1, Ch.5 - The Start of Something New ago
Vol.1, Ch.6 - The First Request and a Discovery ago
Vol.1, Ch.7 - A New Tool for Claude ago
Vol.1, Ch.8 - Boars with a Dash of Garlic ago
Vol.1, Ch.9 - Boars with a Dash of Garlic (2) ago
Vol.1, Ch.10 - A Board to Solve Boredom ago
Vol.1, Ch.11 - A Pact Sealed with Ice ago
Vol.1, Ch.12 - A Smashing Result ago
Vol.1, Ch.13 - Trouble in the Mines ago
Vol.1, Ch.14 - Trouble in the Mines (2) ago
Vol.1, Ch.15 - Those Who Seek Power and Those Summoned with it ago
Vol.1, Ch.16 - Rumble with the Destroyer ago
Vol.1, Ch.17 - Caving Under Pressure Points ago
Vol.1, Ch. 18 - Friends Don’t Let Friends Poke ago
Vol.1, Ch. 19 - Bandits and GateDown ago
Vol.1, Ch.20 - Pursue the Clue ago
Vol.1, Ch.21 - The Poisoned District ago
Vol.1, Ch.22 - The Gate is Down! ago
Vol.1, Ch.23 - All According to Keikaku ago
Vol.1, Ch.24 - The Essential Spice ago
Vol.1, Ch.25 - What Goes Around, Comes Around ago
Vol.1, Ch.26 - Prelude to Calamity ago
Vol.1, Ch.27 - The Destruction of Madiswil ago
Vol.1, Ch.28 - The Raging Battle ago
Vol.1, Ch.29 - The Will to Press On ago
Vol.1, Ch.30 - My Story ago
Vol.2, Ch.31 - What the Other Side Saw ago
Vol.2, Ch.32 - One Wintry Day (1) ago
Vol.2, Ch.33 - One Wintry Day (2) ago
Vol.2, Ch.34 - The Royal Summon (1) ago
Vol.2, Ch.35 - The Royal Summon (2) ago
Vol.2, Ch.36 - Ambition is a Dish Served Spicy ago
Vol.2, Ch.37 - The Year’s End ago
Vol.2, Ch.38 - Ice Festival ago
Vol.2, Ch.39 - Fire and Ice ago
Vol.2, Ch.40 - Food, the Solution to Tense Situations ago
Vol.2, Ch.41 - Do You Want to Slay a Dragon? ago
Vol.2, Ch.42 - The Dragon Enraged ago
Vol.2, Ch.43 - Green Tea and Konpeito ago
Vol.2, Ch.44 - The Fiend in Duke’s Clothing ago
Vol.2, Ch.45 - The End of a Bond? ago
Vol.2, Ch.46 - The Chef, Conflicted ago
Vol.2, Ch.47 - Seeing What Couldn’t be Seen Before ago
Vol.2, Ch.48 - Wish Upon a Sugary Star ago
Vol.2, Ch.49 - The Duke’s Secret ago
Vol.2, Ch.50 - Armed and Dangerously Sweet ago
Vol.2, Ch.51 - Cake! ago
Vol.2, Ch.52 - Like a Bird in a Cage ago
Vol.2, Ch.53 - An Unexpected Ally ago
Vol.2, Ch.54 - The Wardrobe/The Watchdog ago
Vol.2, Ch.55 - Passing Out ‘Just Desserts’ ago
Vol.2, Ch.56 - The Viscount’s Bad Day ago
Vol.2, Ch.57 - Going Against the Duke ago
Vol.2, Ch.58 - To Each Their Own Battle (1) ago
Vol.2, Ch.59 - To Each Their Own Battle (2) ago
Vol.2, Ch.60 - Judge, Jury, Executioner ago
Vol.2, Ch.61 - What We Hold Dear ago
Vol.2, Ch.62 - The Path the Two Tread Going Forward ago
Vol.3, Ch.63 - There Once Was a Town… ago
Vol.3, Ch.64 - The Noble Blues ago
Vol.3, Ch.65 - Adventuring, We Will Go~ ago
Vol.3, Ch.66 - Contemplation on the Seas ago
Vol.3, Ch.67 - Lightning Koujiro (1) ago
Vol.3, Ch.68 - Lightning Koujiro (2) ago
Vol.3, Ch.69 - The Champion King ago
Vol.3, Ch.70 - 0 vs 1000 ago
Vol.3, Ch.71 - Truck-kun Strikes Again ago
Vol.3, Ch.72 - Umami Soup for the Soul ago
Vol.3, Ch.73 - So the King Danced ago

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Tana Nari
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A charming read, the title says everything you need to know.

Reviewed at: Vol.3, Ch.63 - There Once Was a Town…

Yadda yadda, Isekai, yadda, yadda, "but wait, a silly twist that looks weak but is really super OP!"

It's a road you've no doubt grown quite familiar with if you're at all familiar with the genre, so there's precious little reason to go into great detail.

The story itself doesn't go into great detail, either, choosing to mostly skip all the "getting familiar with a new world" aspects of the genre and simply have the MC thinking and talking system mechanics from within minutes of finding himself in a summoning circle and assuming the audience knows what it all means.

Points given for not wasting time. Points lost for being derivative.

Writing is solid, though unexciting, with few typos and only a small handful of truncated sentences. Much like the plot, it doesn't waste time with pomp and circumstance, but also doesn't take the time to immerse one in the setting.

The story telling is smooth and comfortable- there's little by way of tension, but I didn't find myself bored, either, making it (in terms of reading experience) feel more like 'slice of life' than anything adventure oriented. 

The characters aren't anything special. A bungling self-depracating MC, a bland female lead whose main motivation seems to be little more than to prove she deserves to be taken seriously, stereotypical incompetent bully asshole rival, numerous random RPG monsters to stab, badass action butler, random princess for no reason? This story has all the tropes. Not bad, but treading no ground that hasn't already been packed into brick by prior footsteps.

And then they do random adventuring quests, because why have an overaching plot, right? Though admittedly, the nutmeg "episode" had me laughing more than I thought it would, nonsensical though it was. 

Overall, it's a charming little light reading story which has nothing terrible or great about it. It is comfortably entrenched in the role of 'average to slightly above average' in all respects. An excellent story for someone who just wants to sit back and chill, skip it if you're the sort who wants a story with originality or challenging ideas.

  • Overall Score

This story is using stereotypes, not for shock but rather as they should be used. As a basis to build the actual story.

The story is not for you if you hate clichè and vanilla isekai stories, and I believe that this story is like high quality vanilla ice-cream.

As such it is Great in small amounts.

(Such as one volume)

This review is eligible up to the end of the first volume.