The First Time I Thought I Was Going To be Abandoned!


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I sat down in the bath, the steam was so thick I couldn’t really see much. Not like there was much to see though, the sauna was empty, not a single soul other than Chop and I. The sound sounds came from the drips of the faucet. The dim moonlight shined from the top of a window. I could see the full moon, it was really pretty. Chop looked relaxed as he laid on the bench in nothing but a bathrobe covering his lower half. My HP was slowly rising back up to full after my death.

“See isn’t this amazing? The heat on your back after a nice long adventure…” Chop said.

“I can’t feel anything though. It’s not really on my skin or anything in reality.” I said.

“Use your imagination man! I thought you’d understand that, really look and try to feel it and you will!”

Mmmm… I closed my eyes for a moment I could feel the heat on my own skin. Like the barrier between me and the game was gone.

It felt nice.

“I can feel it. It’s really nice!” I said with a smile.

Chop smiled back. “See? I told you! This is why this sauna is the best. No, scratch that, it’s why this game is the best. It feels like you’re really in another world doesn’t it? Even though it’s just pixels on a screen, it doesn’t feel like it.” Chop said.

I didn’t really know what to say back so I just didn’t. It did feel like another world really. I’ve been having so much fun playing this game so far. It’s so much better than real life. I wanna have even more fun for a really long time.


“You back up to full yet?” Chop asked.

Just as he said so my HP dinged to let me know it was fully restored. “Yep.”

“Great. Let’s go finish what we started and get you some magic!”

Chop handed me another scroll back to Elrena. I unrolled it in my hands.

Teleport to Elrena?

I hit yes and we were whisked off again.

Back in the town square of Elrena. I saw a very familiar face.

“Selling Demonic Fangs! Buy one get one FREE! Only two hundred thousand!” Said a certain red headed idiot. His outfit had changed, no longer in the starting gear and now wearing leather outfit. It looked like something a biker could wear. Not only that but he had a lot of fancy accesories that made him look cool. I mean not cool! He doesn’t look cool!

“It’s that jerk!” I growled.

“What?” Chop said looking around. “You mean that guy decked in BX clothes?”

“He paid for those? Of course he did, stupid rich kid!” I want money too!

Chop narrowed his eyes at him. “Eh, he seems weak though. Looks don’t mean everything. Stats matter more.”

“Yeah… I know.” I grumbled.

The jerk noticed me and smiled. He walked right over.

“Well if it isn’t the moron himself.” The jerk said.

“Shut up! I’m not a moron!”

“You’re right, you’re an ignoramus imbecile.”

“Stop using big words to sound smarter, nobody knows what you mean when you!” I said.

The jerk just shruged. “Aw can’t handle a few big words? Do you even know what it means?”

“Probably stupid if it’s coming from you.” I said.

“It does mean stupid, kid. He’s mocking you.” Chop sagely nodded.

The jerk turned to Chop for the first time. He had a look of surprise on his face.

“Is that? The legendary Chop!” The jerk said.

“Well I wouldn’t say legendary…” Chop said, scratching his head.

“It is! The Ruler of Pride himself!” The jerk said, beaming with excitement. “I’m your biggest fan!”

“Fan? Are you famous or something Chop?” I asked

“Something like that…” Chop said.

“Famous? Do you not know who this is?” The jerk said pointing at Chop. “That’s the legendary Chop, The infamous player who defeated the Rose Being, the strongest boss in the game, all by himself. The one who got to level two hundred first and is still the highest level player in the game! The guy who the Devs turned into an NPC as apart of the main storyline! How do you not know who this is?”


“I didn’t realize Sensei was so cool!”

“It’s not that impressive. I just played a lot is all.” Chop said, waving a hand in front of his face.

“Sensei? You can’t tell me that you became this moron’s Sensei? He’s not worth it! I’ll be your new Gakusei! I’m way better than him!”

“Is everyone who plays this game a weeb?” Chop asked. Just then two people with the names ‘SSJNaruto’ and ‘xXBleachedLuffyXx’ walked passed, sporting spiky yellow hair and a straw hat respectively.

“Nevermind that was a stupid question. I’m playing a western MMO next time instead of this Korean free to play stuff.” Chop said.

“Make me your student! Be my teacher instead!” The jerk demanded.

“Well…” Chop trailed.

“He won’t take you as a disciple! I’m the best student around!” I injected.

“Oh please, I’ve spoken to you twice and you’re annoying as hell. I’m sure you’re just bothering the great Chop to no end.” The jerk said.

“I’m not bothering him! Right?” I turned to Chop.

“Well he’s not wrong at times you can be a bit annoying.” Chop said.


... I guess thats it then. Chop doesn’t like me. I’m not good enough. The screen gets a little blurry as my eyes well up with tears.

“But you’re a fun guy to be around. I don’t like you insulting my protégé by the way, he’s not a bother to me at all.”

“Really?” I asked. Chop nodded.

“Seriously? Well if you won't drop the idiot then at least take me on as a student too!”

“Nah, don’t wanna.” Chop said. He turned towards the castle and started to walk. “Let’s go, Skier. Also by the way, Razor you shouldn’t scam people like that. You’re overselling those Demonic Fangs for waaaaaay too much.”

“B-but!” The jerk said. Chop waved bye as he left. I stuck my tongue out at the jerk.

“Skier! You don’t deserve hanging out with him! I’ll make you pay, trust me! I’ll take something from you again and you’ll be sorry!”

“Okay! Good luck with that!” I waved as well and left towards the castle.


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