The First Time I Met my Sensei!


“Reversal!” I shouted. Several slimes bit the dust all at once.


5 EXP obtained. Reversal Proficiency reached, Rank increased to B.


Level up! Skier Level 10!


Another wave of light blew apart the forest I was in. Trees and bushes shook and several hidden monsters were evaporated.

Neat! It never gets old, I wanna level up some more! Not only that but my Reversal reached rank B. I try it out again. My whirlwind has doubled in size since I got it originally. At this rate when I spin, the entire world will be sucked into my blade!

I check my stats to see what grew.


Name: Skier Level 10, Exp 0/3000 Title: The One Who Hates Slimes


Head: Empty

Chest: Chosen’s Cloth Shirt

Legs: Chosen’s Pants,

Shoes: Chosen’s Boots.

Weapon: Longsword.

Off hand: Empty.



120/120 MP

STR 45,

INT 30

DEX 40

LUK 25




Reversal, Rank B

Power Strike, Rank C

Defense: Rank F

Stone Toss: Rank N/A

Mighty Blows: Rank C

Sword Mastery: Rank D


As usual, my STR and DEX went up. Not so much the other stats though. Why won’t my INT go up? I’m a freakin smart kid and the game is basically saying otherwise! I dumped my statpoints I’ve been saving into INT bringing up to 35. There we go. I gotta keep raising it until it’s the same as my IQ, which is like a billion!


Well, stats aside I guess I’ll go back to killing things. It’s getting a little boring though, I’ve been hanging around the outskirts of the town after I finished the quest for the old man. Nobody else had any quests so I guess the game only had one. He said something about talking to some king but I accidently skipped the dialogue. Probably wasn’t important.

What is important is I kill everything I fight in one hit now. It’s super lame! I blame Sword Mastery and that title I got. Sword Mastery increases my damage I deal with swords, pretty simple stuff, meanwhile 'The One Who Hates Slimes' title increased my damage towards slimes by two hundred percent. Overkill much?

Maybe I should go back to the cave? It’s so crowded in there though... and I didn’t like that spider boss. Plus would it even show up again? It was the final boss of the game.

Seriously, why was it so short of a game? At least it’s fun killing stuff!

Another pack of slimes came. Sweet! Before I could unleash another Reversal, something unexpected happened. A bolt of lightning surged pass, it shocked the one slime and bounced to the next, each one dying as it did so.

What the heckle! Who stole my kill? I looked towards the source. It was some dude with a robe. Not a cool magicky looking one but it looked more like a bathrobe those kung-fu guys like to wear. It was black with a gold outline. I wasn’t jealous of it… probably. He also had an equally cool looking black bandana on his head that tied back his brown hair. ...I didn’t want one I swear.

His sword in his hand was blue. Blue! From the hilt to the blade, with a smooth edge and it was curved ever so slightly. The bottom of it had a red tassle and an orb right in the middle of the hilt.

I wanted it so bad.

That aside, this cool looking guy stole my freaking kill! I marched right up to the fellow.

“Hey jerkface! Those were my monsters, go somewhere else!” I pointed back towards the town.

“What? Your monsters?” The guy said, putting away his sword. I want it!

“Yes, my monsters. I’ve been hunting them forever now so go somewhere else okay? Okay.”

The man looked confused. “What level are you? Ten? Why are you still at the beginning area at level ten?”

“Because the cave is boring and dumb. There’s nowhere else to go anyway! How did you know what level I was? Are you hacking? I should have known only a hacker could shoot lightning like that! I’ll report you for killing my monsters you jerk!”

“I’m not hacking! I just clicked you and saw your info. Didn’t you know you could do that?” The guy asked.

“No…” I admitted. I examined him and sure enough a menu with an option to view appeared. I selected it.


Chop. Level 200. Title: Ruler of Pride. Etc Info blocked by user.


“Level 200!? How many slimes did you have to kill to get that strong?” I asked. I can’t believe someone was this powerful! And to think I thought I was the strongest, silly me.

“I didn’t kill slimes. I left the beginning area like any sane person and went to other hunting spots.”

“There’s other hunting spots?” I gave him a look of surprise.

“How do you not know that? What are you twelve?”

“No, I just turned eleven last month.”

Chop smacked his face. “You gotta be joking! That explains a lot.”

Chop went silent for a moment. Did he go somewhere?

“Listen kid, I don’t normally do stuff like this but I’m feeling pretty nice and you’re obviously clueless. I’m gonna teach you how live!”


Chop would like to become your Mentor! Accept?


A mentor? Oh! Like a master in the shows I like! If I train with him I’ll be able to do cool stuff like clone myself or unleash twenty times my power temporarily!

I hit accept.

You are now Chop’s Disciple. EXP bonus applied when in a party with Chop.


“Awesome! You’re my Sensei now! What does actually mean? What can you teach me huh? Can we do anything cool?”

“Of course you’re a weeb.” Chop sighed. “Well, first of all it gives me full access to your status. Lets see here…”

Chop paused for a moment.

“Kid, what in the world did you do to your stats? Why is your INT so high with no magic skills? You only have the basics from the tutorial, you’re gonna screw up your build at this rate.”

“I raised my INT so I can be smarter, duh! What’s a build?” Was there building in this game? I’m not good at that, it’s why I don’t like that mining game my brothers play.

“Smarter right... A build is basically what you can do. Okay, before I go on, how much do you know about this game?”

“Everything the old man taught me! I forgot and didn’t pay attention to some of though.”

“So nothing I assume. Remember this well because I’ll only teach it to you once! Sit down, pull up your stats and listen up!” Chop said.

I sat in my sky-blue chair and pulled up my stats.

“You see your two highest stats? Your STR is pretty decent for your level. So is your DEX. That’s because you’ve been religiously training up your Reversal. It frightens me knowing that you raise it all the way to B on slimes. How long did that even take?” Chop said.

“I’ve been killing them non-stop for days! Is it that weird?” I asked

“Extremely. Didn’t you noticed it was harder to raise skills and even get EXP on them? Weaker enemies just give less over time.” Chop said. Oh, that did make sense, I took down a ton of slimes and they’re EXP kept on dropping. Even when I wiped a group of them out I only got five EXP.

“Anyway,” Chop continued. “You technically can learn everything in the game and get infinitely stronger since there is no level cap… The problem with that is the game starts limiting you past level one hundred. Diminishing returns start happening.”

“What’s a Dimensional return? Is that like a teleporting attack?” I wanna learn a teleporting attack...

“A diminishing return means after level 100, your stats stop going up as much, on top that you don’t get stat points anymore. Your STR and DEX would be higher if you applied your stat points properly but that’s okay, we can work with this. I’ll just turn your build into one like mine.”

“Like yours?”

Chop nodded. “Yep, you’ll be able to do stuff like this!”

Chop took out his sword, that blue awesome weapon, and turned around. He pulled something out of his pocket and dropped it on the ground.

It was a small orb, that began to flash rapidly.

“Stand back if you don’t wanna die.” Chop said. I did as told and made a bit of distance between me and the orb thing.

The flashing seemed to reach a critical point when it exploded in a blinding light, smoke appeared and where the orb was were several monsters!

One looked like a gargoyle creature, tall and dark, really nasty looking if you ask me. Another was a Slime bigger than any slime I fought so far. It could eat me in a second I think!

And the last one… was a tiny snail? It had a name plate of Bob. Weird.

“Bob got summoned! That’s a rare.” Chop said. “Watch this kid.”

Chop raised his sword high. What was he do-

Bang! I jumped. A lightning bolt hit his sword. The blue weapon sparked and sizzled with energy.

With that, Chop swung his sword down. A massive bolt of lighting poured from his weapon, which then promptly torn each of those monsters apart in an instant. The blast continued far past the area we were in and flew into the distance.

Chop put his sword back away on his back. “Well? Did you like that?”

My eyes glowed with excitement. “I loved it! I can do that too one day? Really? Really?”

Chop nodded and smiled. “Heck you can do a lot more than that if you listen to me.”

I jumped in place. “I’ll do whatever you want, Sensei!”

“Can you not with the sensei stuff?”

“Sensei is my sensei I can’t disrespect him!”

Chop sighed. “Whatever. Let’s go my little protégé, I’ll show you a good spot for your level.”

Chop went off down the path and I followed right behind him.

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