The First Time I Faced a Boss!


I exploded in a flash of light. The cave lit up completely, golden waves washing everything away. A bat I didn't even see on the ceiling was blown away.


20 EXP obtained! Proficiency reached, skill Mighty Blows obtained.


W-what just happened? Did I unlock a power up form? If I start screaming can I do it again?

"AHHHHHHH." I screamed.

Nope didn't work. I guess it was a one time thing. Maybe it was because I leveled up? That's weird. Shouldn't it just be a normal thing? Well it was cool and that's all that matters.

Oh, I wonder what my stats are now?


Name: Skier Level 2, Exp 0/200 Title: The Goddess’s Learner.


Head: Empty

Chest: Chosen’s Cloth Shirt

Legs: Chosen’s Pants,

Shoes: Chosen’s Boots.

Weapon: Small Shortsword.

Off hand: Empty.


120/120 HP

60/60 MP

STR 16,

INT 13

DEX 16

LUK 15




Reversal, Rank D

Power Strike, Rank E

Defense: Rank F

Stone Toss: Rank N/A

Mighty Blows: Rank F


It looks like my STR and DEX increased the most. Probably because I leveled up Reversal and Power Strike. Luck went up a decent bit too. What about my INT though? I'm a smart kid!

Oh, I do have a free stat point apparently. I dump it into INT. I'm feeling smarter already!

I looked at my new skills. Mighty blows seems to increase my knockback to enemies. Useful? I don't know! I have it now though.

Then I also don't know about Stone Toss. I wonder why Stone Toss's rank is that weird symbol. I think it means I can't rank it up. Isn't it useless then? Or maybe it's already super duper strong? I'm gonna go with it being strong. I am the strongest, after all!

With that settled, I continued my adventure.

Eventually, after vanquishing a few foes (How do you spell vanquish?) I came across a massive set of double doors. Weird designs were on them and a massive chain surrounded them.

I put my hand on the door.

Level 2+ Area. Requirements achieved. Opening area…


The chains fells, was a massive boom. Some dust collected as the doors opened up seemingly on their own.

I felt tense. This didn't seem good. I took my sword and held it ready for any oncoming threats.

I entered the room, it was large, much larger than the rest of the cave. Oddly evenly square and flat, the complete opposite of the rough terrain I was on before.

Terraaainnn. Fun word!

I approach the middle of the room. There's nothing here! Wheres the dumb pedant so I can complete thi-

A massive spider fell from the ceiling. I fell over. Yikes!

It approached me, I quickly got up and ready myself.

The spider rushed me, fang bearing. Aha! I got you now!


Spinning in place, my whirlwind struck the spider… but that was it. It wasn't knocked back like every other for I've faced so far. It's attack wasn't stopped and bit me straight in the arm.

My hp lowered by quite a bit, a fourth of it is gone in one strike!

I took my sword and struck again, freeing me.

Alright you wanna play like that? Watch this!

"Power Strike!" My sword glowed and sliced it's leg, the spider crumbled on my blow. Ha! Take that.

"Power Strike! Power Strike!" I ran around the beast, slicing each leg off. It tried to attack back but I was too quick for it to reach me, It's HP dropped as I did so until it reached half!

I hopped back. It was dead in the water now, half the amount of legs, half the amount of HP. I just need to take it down with another good blow!

As I ready another Power Strike, the spider stood on it's remaining legs and shot a web out towards the ceiling. It attached itself and quickly rose.

What? That's not fair! Cheating! Cheeeattting!

The spider shot web out its mouth, balls of web hitting me, entrapping my legs that slowed me down.

Grrr… How am I gonna get it now? It's so high up!

I racked my brain for a moment before the solution came to me.

I picked up a stone on the ground,

"Stone Toss!" I tossed it with all my might! The stone glowed blue as it launched from my hand and hit the spider square in the face!

The spider lost its grip from the ceiling and fell back down, it lost another chunk of its HP, leaving it with just a sliver of health. This is my chance! I cut myself from from the webs and charged up my Power Strike.

I leap into the air and struck the spider, my blade entering it's flesh for the final time.


200 EXP obtained. Power Strike Proficiency reached, Rank increased to D. New skill derived from Power Strike. Finishing Leap obtained.


Level up! Skier level 3!

I exploded in another flash of light. This one was powerful enough to knock me away from the body and into a nearby wall.





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