The First Time I Leveled Up!


The previous lighting was gone. It was dark now. Really dark. I hadn't seen anything since entering.

I wandered through the cave, others were around me too, they didn't seem fazed at all from the low-light of it. Hmph. I'm fine too! Just watch me!

A window appeared in front of me.


Entering Party Area.


The people around me vanished like they weren't ever even there. I jumped. What the heck? Did they all logout?

Ha! See? I was the bravest after all! Onward! I marched deeper into the cave.

Since nothing else was going on I looked at my skills I had.

Skill list

Reversal F rank.

Power Strike F rank.

Defense F rank.


I didn't have much, since I just started and all, but that's okay! I'm still awesome! Apparently, according to that old guy skills come by as you do certain actions. If I hit a person with my sword a lot I'll get a cool skill! Or something like that. Honestly I didn't fully understand it but do more stuff equals learn more skills right? That means even more power!

Raising the skills I think also improves your stats? I thought that tidbit was worthless before since I thought I already maxed them out. But I didn't. Boooooo.

Maybe I should improve the skills I already have? Or should I just start trying it learn new ones as I progress? Hmmm… Future me's problem. This version of me has better things to worry about!

Like this bat in front of me! I pulled out my sword. Battle stance ready!

The bat flew haphazardly around me. Half-hazardly? I don't know! It flew like mad okay? I swung my sword at it but I just missed. Grr! How am I gonna hit it if its seemingly all around me at once?

A lightbulb went off in my head.


I spun in place and the bat couldn't move out of the way! The whirlwind collided dead on with it.

With that, it's hp bar went halfway down! Hahaha! Aren't I smart?

The bat fell on the ground, dazed from my attack. Here's my chance!

"Power Strike!" I shout, I rushed towards the bat and my sword glows. I slice down with a mighty blow, the bat is cut cleanly into two!


20 EXP obtained. Reversal proficiency reached, Rank has increased to E.


Cool! I use reversal again. My small whirlwind is slightly bigger. I'm getting stronger! How much can I improve it? Hmmm… questions for later. Onward!

Continuing in the cave, I heard another noise. There were now two bats. Two! Isn’t unfair to gang up on someone? I’ll have to teach them a lesson.

The bats flew towards me and began attacking. I suffered scratches all over and my HP lowered by a third. Ow! Isn’t there a way to reduce damage?

Oh, what about that Defense skill?

“Defense!” I shout. My body begins to glow blue all over. The bats attacks no long hurt as much. Hahaha! I try to attack but I can’t. Huh?

After a though, I remembered what the old man said, I think he said I can’t move or attack while this skill is active. What the heck? Isn’t it useless then? I’m never using this again!

I turn off Defense and instead just use Reversal. The two bats are knocked away. I don’t wanna do anything fancy so I just continue my Reversals until they perish.


40 EXP obtained! Reversal proficiency reached, Rank has increased to D.


Easy! But my troubles didn’t end there. Another bat appeared. Ugh. I charged up a Power Strike and slashed. I actually managed to hit it without the Reversal. It’s HP plummeted it to almost nothing.

"Reversal!" I spun and cut the bat down, it's hp bar emptying.


20 EXP obtained. Power Strike proficiency reached Rank has increased to E.


Level up! Skier Level 2! Skill Stone Toss obtained.


I then exploded in a flash of light.



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