The First Time I Defeated A Foe!


“And there you have it! Please go find my pendant!” The old man said, finally finishing.


The tortilla lasted for way longer than I thought it would. Teaching me things I don’t think I’d ever need to use, like why would I care about how to make songs in this game? I’m no musician! I’m a valiant warrior ready to take on the world! The guy even gave me a chair! ...Which was actually pretty cool. It was a small sky blue one I could sit anywhere I went and it even strunk into my inventory. Still though, Ultimately useless! Really, the only useful thing was to see my general status.


Name: Skier Level 1, Exp 1/100 Title: Beginner


Head: Empty

Chest: Chosen’s Cloth Shirt

Legs: Chosen’s Pants,

Shoes: Chosen’s Boots.

Weapon: Small Shortsword.

Off hand: Empty.


100/100 HP

50/50 MP

STR 10,

INT 10

DEX 10

LUK 10




Reversal, Rank F

Power Strike, Rank F

Defense: Rank F







Those are my stats. I’m the strongest! After all, I have 10 in all departments. That means I’m awesome right? Ten out of ten, the best adventurer around! I’m excited!

“Oh, but before I forget here.” The old man said. Ugh! No more! Another window appeared.


Obtained The Title, The Goddess’s Learner. For completing the Tutorial. Bonus 1+ to all stats.


Oh, that was actually pretty good! Did they misspell Tortilla though? Silly! Wait, do stats not stop at ten then? I look at my stats to see them all at a solid 11. Oh… Well whatever! I’m sure I’m still strong!

“Thanks, Goodbye weird old guy! See you in a bit!” I waved and went down the road. As I walked I took in the sights. It was such a pretty world. Green grass, blue skies, cute squirrels and junk. I never get to see stuff like this when I go outside in real life. There’s nothing but my Mom’s car and cranky old neighbors. Booooring!

As I was wandering, my first enemy appeared! It was a small, green slime. It’s eyes were shining gold and it had a mischievous smile. That’s a tough word, my Dad likes to say my smile is that. I don’t know what he’s talking about, my smile is fine! Grrr! I’m angry now!

I pull my sword from off my back. I’ll take out my frustrations on this thing!

We stand facing each other for a moment.

How do I attack again? I fiddle around for a moment and try to remember. After a few tries I figure it out.

“Okay, now it’s time for you to die! Guard en!” I shout! I heard a person say that in a movie. Guard En! Or was it something else? Whatever! Attack!

I rushed the slime, swing my blade straight at it. I cut right through its body! A number 20 comes out of its head and it’s HP bar lowers by a 3rd. Ha! Take that!

The number above its head blocked my view of it though. That's annoying, because of it I didn't see that it was readying its own counter attack.

The slime compresses its body and leaps at me! What did the old man say again? Right there’s a skill I can use for leaping enemies!

“Reversal!” I shout! My body rotates rapidly, holding my sword and a small whirlwind appears that contains me slices through the slime! The slime was then torn into shreds, it’s body being splattered all over the ground. Gross!


10 EXP Obtained.


Sweet! Looking down on the ground where the slime was I found some gold pieces as well. I pocketed it. Treasure! Hahaha! But while it's still on my mind, I went through my options menu… There it is. Damage numbers off. Now I can only see HP bars. Annoyance gone!

I continued down the path, happy that I survived my first encounter! This adventuring stuff was easy! Where’s a real challenge at?

Another slime appears. I said a real challenge. I pull out my sword again, time to try out this other skill I had.

“Power Strike!” My sword’s blade began to glow a vibrant blue. Whoa…. I went over to the slime and slashed. It was killed in a single blow.


10 EXP Obtained.


I am the strongest! No loot this time though.

Continuing on, I eventually made my way towards the cave, It was big, and it looked very dark. Kinda scary. That’s okay though. I’m the hero! I bravely entered the cave!

Upon entering, I discovered it was a lot brighter inside than it seemed. That’s weird. There’s not even any lights in here or anything. Furthermore when I entered there was a bunch of people around! But unlike the people in the town or that old man, they had names over there head, not only that but they all had the title ‘Goddess’s Learner’ too. What the heck! That was my title, I was supposed to be unique! Unique!

A person walks past me. I call out to them. “Hey!”

They turned to me with a neutral expression on their face. “Sup.”

“How did you get that title?” I asked him.

He gave me a confused look. “I finished the tutorial?”

“But I’m the Goddess’s chosen! Shouldn’t I only get that for finishing the Tortilla?”

“Huh? Listen I don’t why you’re talking about food but everyone is the Goddess’s chosen in this game. Didn’t you know that?”

“No… I didn’t.” I said, slumping my arms.

So much for being special. The guy I stopped walked away and entered the crowd of the other Goddess’s chosen. Grrr. Jerks. Well who cares! I’m sure I’m the most chosen right? Right!

With that decided, I marched my way deeper into the cave!



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