The First Time I Went Through The Tortilla! (Or was it Tutorial?)


Username taken.


Urgh! I've tried everything! I can't be Kirito, I can't be YoyoMaster, I can't be Lonewolf, I can't be Shiraorischosen (That was one hard to spell I had to search the name online!) I can't be xxAznWarlordxx and I even tried that with capitalizations of the Xs! I'm not even Asian! One did work, but it was a spam of letters. Rhfkskxnsjaka to be exact. I wasn't going to walk around like that so I actually remade the character.

Then I remember one my older brother used for me before. It was a weird name that I don't think meant anything.



Username accepted.


Yes! Finally, it worked!

The world unfrozen and the screen disappeared. The old man smiled at me.

“Skier was it? What a fine name for the hero! Quick come with me!” The old man said, grabbing my hand.

Leading me out of the area we were in, he lead me to the edge of the town and past the village gates. Boo. I wanted to explore the town more. I think I saw a shop on the way out.

Anyway, he lead me to the outskirts of town. It was a simple woodland area. Trees surrounded us, I could see the wildlife just outside of plain view. There were two small paths, three if you counted the one that led back into town. One seemed to head towards the castle he sent that bird towards. The other led deeper into the forest.

“Now, you have a choice here, if you already know how to fight in this world, I recommend going towards the castle immediately. If not, you can run an errand for me. There’s a group of monsters infesting the cave that’s located deep in the forest. One stole my pendant and I would appreciate if you could get it back for me.” The old man said to me. He then froze in place again.

Another screen appeared.


Enter tutorial?



I guess I can. This guy lost something after all, I have to help! I’m the chosen one!

“Yeah, of course I’ll grab it for you!”

The window vanished, The old man smiled again.

“Excellent! I knew I could count on the Goddess’s chosen! Just ahead along the path that leads into the forest and you’ll find the cave. It’s dangerous to go alone out there however, take this!”

The man gave me a small short sword. Nice a weapon! I grab it. Another window flashes telling me how to equip items. Ugh. It’s not that hard! I exit out of it and fly through my menus to equip the sword.

It’s nothing special, just a Level 1 Shortsword. It’s short so that means it’s probably super weak. Lame!

“Excellent you equipped it! You’ll also need to know how to use consumables.” The old man grabbed his walking cane and whacked me upside the head. I fell down and my hp bar went way low. I was almost dead! What the heck!

“When your HP is low and you find yourself in danger, drink one of these healing potions. It’ll make you feel fifty years younger! Wahahaha!” The man laughed as he handed me a potion. I took it and another screen appeared telling me how to equip the potion or use it straight from my inventory.

I’m a smart kid though, so I don’t need to bother with this. I shouldn’t have even gone through the tortilla! Why do they name it after food anyway?

“Do you know how to assign stat points? There’s three main systems of combat in this game, Melee, Ranged and Magic, you can point points by…” The old man rattled on.


This was going to take forever.


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