The First Time I Named my Character!


I appear in an endless grass field. Green surrounds me, only being complimented by the splendid blue sky.

…This is awesome! I run around aimlessly. What a cool game already! What can I do? Can I fight stuff? Where do I go?

A flash of light appears in front of me. A white haired girl with deep red eyes appears. She wore a simple dress that was equally as white as her hair. She held out her hand and spoke to me.

"One who was summoned into this world. Are you ready to go through trials to prove yourself worthy of the title of my chosen?" The lady said.

"Yes!" I nodded. This was just like the commercials and ads online!

"Good. Then enter the world of Airant. Make your legend!"

The girl summoned weapon. I think it was called a scythe? I don't know how to spell that, I hope nobody asks me.

She took the scythe and sliced an empty space. What was the point of that? The area she swept at though broke into two. Whoa! So cool! A portal appeared, showing a simple town on the other side. I was about to hop in without a second thought, when I turned to the lady.

“Thanks!” I said to her. She gave me a small smile.

With a wave of goodbye. I leaped into the portal.



Next thing I knew I was in the middle of a town center. There were tons of people around, selling goods and laughing.  When I showed up though everything stopped, they all turned and looked shocked at my appearance into the middle of the square.

"Is that?"

"Could it be?"

People began to all talk at once and crowd around me. It was a little bit scary. I don't like being the center of attention that much…

The voices grew silent and the crowd began to part. An old man with a walking stick approached. He had an owl perched on his shoulder. Perched. Peeeerrrched. That was a hard word too!

"It's true! The legends told of one to appear here on this very day! Tell me, did you meet with a white haired girl?"

"Y-yes. I did." I timidly say.

"There we have it!" The old man turned from me and faced the crowd. "The goddess Shiraori has chosen the hero to save our realm!"

Realm. That's how you spell that cool! I'm probably gonna forget later though.

The old man took the owl off of his shoulder and tied a note around it's foot. It then flew, far into the sky and past the treeline… towards a castle in the distance.

The old man turned me and smiled. "I have sent the king a letter saying if your arrival. But… I did forget to send him your name as well. Oh dear, looks like my age is getting to me. Tell me young man, what is your name?"

The world froze. The crowd gathered went completely still. The old man in front of me stopped blinking. A screen appeared infront of me, telling me to name my character. Awesome I already have one picked out!


A red flash appears along with a sound I can only call negative. 


Username taken.

Aww… I know! "Hero!"


Username taken.


"Erm, how about Gokuto?"


Username taken.


Ahhh! I screamed in frustration. Why did everyone take all the cool names!

I'll just sit here until one works!


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