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01/21/2020 - Chapter edited for grammar. 

Silver Cyclone lost sight of the car when the loading bay doors closed with a dull thud. He could still feel where Ronnie had gripped his hand in farewell. It had been so steady and warm. That warmth had also been in his smile, and he liked the way it made Ronnie’s green eyes sparkle. He wasn’t sure how he knew but was certain that Ronnie Nolan would make a great hero if he chose that path. While it’s true he had somewhat of a tragic and challenging past, he was still doing the best he could. A fair share of heroes came from that same kind of background. Despite everything, Ronnie hadn’t been broken, and that said a lot about his character. There was just something about Ronnie that seemed… resolute.

Silver Cyclone felt a sudden change in the airflow around him and caught a whiff of gardenias. “Good morning, Maya,” he said. He heard a sigh behind him, and the woman appeared on his left side.
“Seriously, Taran!” she complained, calling him by his first name now that all citizens were officially out of earshot. “You’ve gotta stop doing that!” Maya wrinkled her nose. “It’s creepy that you just always who’s behind you.”

Taran looked down at her, and his eyes fell on the long string of pale beads that she wore in several loops around her neck. “You’re wearing an entire necklace of trapped souls, and somehow I’m the creepy one. Okay, then.”

Maya laughed at his remark and played with one of the beads on her necklace. “So how long before he calls, do ya think?”

“Soon, I hope. Ronnie needs training if he ever wants to control his powers. There’s no telling the danger if he has another outburst, and now that he’s manifested, it would only be a matter of time.”

Maya shuddered at the thought. “Well, I’ll be monitoring calls tonight, so you’ll be the first to know if I hear anything. I hope he says yes. I really like him!”

Taran nodded but stayed silent. He really liked Ronnie too, actually, and it would be nice to see him again. And if he was being honest, he wanted to see what Ronnie could do with a little formal training.

He turned and headed for the door. “Come on, Maya, you’ve got training.”

A note from BKWildenberg

The last really short chapter, I promise. And hey, we know SC's name now! 

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