Rise of the Night Stalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

by KurtisEckstein

Original ONGOING Adventure Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Waking up to discover the apocalypse had begun, and to find that I was no longer human, was not how I thought my day would go.

The city was a mess, with many buildings destroyed by massive black towers that rose into the sky like enormous thorns. And yet, despite all this, I was about to discover that the monsters and bizarre landscape weren’t the strangest things about the apocalypse.

At least, not if the visual hallucination that displayed game-like stats counted.

Cover Art Copyright © 2020 Kurtis Eckstein

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Part 1: Awakening – Great, It’s the Apocalypse ago
Part 2: Awakening – Just One Small, Major Problem ago
Part 3: Complications – Frustrating Humans ago
Part 4: Complications – An Unfortunate Discovery ago
Part 5: Hallucination – Is This a Game? ago
Part 6: Hallucination – An Absurd Game ago
Part 7: Communication – I Guess I Need a Name? ago
Part 8: Communication – An Unexpected Enemy ago
Part 9: Communication – It’s Just Problem After Problem ago
Part 10: Party Member – A Tense Encounter ago
Part 11: Party Member – An Unexpected Discovery ago
Part 12: Party Member – Not My Problem ago
Part 13: Diet – How the Apocalypse Began ago
Part 14: Diet – The First of My Experiments ago
Part 15: Diet – Houston, We Have a Problem ago
Part 16: Hunting – Locating My Prey ago
Part 17: Hunting – Why Can’t Anything Just Be Easy? ago
Part 18: Hunting – Another Option ago
Part 19: Attack – Why Are Humans Such a Nuisance? ago
Part 20: Attack – Why Are Humans So Appalling? ago
Part 21: Attack – Why Do Humans Have to Be My Problem? ago
Part 22: Counterattack – Why Do I Have to Deal with This? ago
Part 23: Counterattack – Finally, a Happy Surprise ago
Part 24: Teamwork – Collecting My Catch ago
Part 25: Teamwork – End of the Line ago
Part 26: Teamwork – Proven Useful ago
Part 27: Stats – Delving into the Numbers ago
Part 28: Stats – An Unusual Stat with Unusual Effects ago
Part 29: Stats – The First Big Step in a Long Journey of Leveling ago
Part 30: Magic – Big Upgrades ago
Part 31: Magic – A Similar Character Build ago
Part 32: Magic – Making Even More Progress ago
Part 33: Reintroductions – Speaking for Myself ago
Part 34: Reintroductions – Reunion with Her Brother ago
Part 35: Reintroductions – Another Annoyance ago
Part 36: Reintroductions – Desired Company? ago
Part 37: Reintroductions – Unwanted Human Drama ago
Part 38: Target Practice – A System-Generated Problem ago
Part 39: Target Practice – My First Quest? ago
Part 40: Target Practice – More Game-Like By the Second ago
Part 41: Target Practice – I Hate Quests ago
Part 42: Recovery – Ugh, Feelings ago
Part 43: Recovery – Preparing for Rescue ago
Part 44: Recovery – What Makes a Home? ago
Part 45: Recruitment – Yet Another Hassle ago
Part 46: Recruitment – A Familiar Face ago
Part 47: Recruitment – Touching Base ago
Part 48: Rescue – Infiltrating the Horde’s Den ago
Part 49: Rescue – Locating the Humans ago
Part 50: Horrors – Escaping an Onslaught ago
Part 51: Horrors – Harsh Reality ago
Part 52: Pursuit – Complications ago
Part 53: Pursuit – I’ve Had Enough! ago

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Basically, its a story about Hollows from Bleach in the real world with a system as a spice. We have humans turning monsters with no past memory and multiple paths to upgrade.

The sad point is that MC, which starts as a proper monster with each passing chapter looks more and more like an errand boy, getting back human feelings and so on.. Maybe it will be better at some point but for now its just dissapointing.. so I'm dropping here.

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It's not an original story idea but the story is relatively original in its execution, relatively being the keyword.

The problem is that the plot necessitates that the main character and his close companion(s) are blank slates. This makes for very empty boring characters and, with the slow pace of the story in general, an empty boring story. With the plot only being relatively original, there's not much more to be said.

Forty-seven chapters, roughly 58,000 words as of this review, but there's nothing of real substance here. There's nothing bad here but there's nothing particularly interesting or good here either. I've been reading this story out of interest for the plot hook but nothing has come of it. I don't think it's bad, it's just boring.

I think I have to be done reading this after forty-seven chapters of nothing.

Also, I read another review questioning whether or not this is actually an anti-hero story. I do agree with that sentiment, this isn't an anti-hero story at all. This is an entirely normal hero story with a slightly grumpy main character, which leads back to this being only relatively original in it's execution.

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premise good, execution bad V2 electric boogaloo

Reviewed at: Part 50: Horrors – Escaping an Onslaught


first review got deleted, so im back with them fuckin spoiler tags
Spoiler: Spoiler


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I like it, its nothing new or groundbreaking, but its good.

This is a take on the "Apocalipse with a system" trope, just that this time the MC is a human turned monster that somehow regains his sapience. 

Its not terribly original, but the system itself handling things on a seemingly physiological/mutation based power is an interesting take, there is no "magic" (yet?), so its fresh enough to diferentiate it from other similar stories.

In matters of story... well there isn't much, even after 30 chaps the story has barely reached the end of what I'd consider an introduction to its world, but what was established so far is solid anyways.

Grammar is this novel strongest suit, haven't seen a single mistake so far (I'm fluent, but english is not my first language so take this with a grain of salt)

Characters is one of the weakest parts of this story, remenber how I said that the MC regained his sapience? Well only sapience and some common sense.

Yep, no memories, no personality traits, just "hey I was a human once, now I'm a manticore looking thing", needless to say his character is a bit dry, although now that we know about some the "System" workings there is a stat that was actually handicaping his personality.

Its a rather novel approach, but he seems to be growing, even if he has to go through a massive tsundere phase before he becomes an enjoyable character.

The supporting cast... we dont know much about the supporting cast, they're still 2d characters, the Female Lead finds herself in the same situation as the MC, so besides being a bit curious about who she was and being a "drone" to the MC she doesn't have a personality yet. 

The humans... well they're just your classic ratgag bunch of apocalipse dwellers, the MC through his Sociopathic Monster and now Tsundere Monster phase avoids having contact with them cus he couldn't care less.

Overall its a nice story, but the thing that unnerves me the most is how its delivered.

The chapters are short, reaaaally short, the author does post like 3 of them a day, but... gah I just dont like it.

It bogs down this story's already near glacial pacing, the interruptions feel unnatural too, its feels as if the author split every chapter in 3 or 4 parts just cause.

This story has almost 40 chappys at the time of this review, but it feels like 10, I've even debated if this should be an early review because so little of significance has happened in the story.

Overall I'd call it an OK story, definitively above average for RR standarts, the world is interesting, and the Monster Evolution seems well thought out and has some really cool depth, but its characters didn't have enough time to grow likeable yet, and the unnatural interruptions for chappy splits really screw up the pacing in my opinion.

  • Overall Score

41 chp and hardly any progression , i had my hope up in the begining chp thren it got boring with the uneccessary drama with mc bitching all the the time try to convince himself thay he didnt do that to help other like you fucking mention it everytime and the way you try to build his charecter aint working  .besides the way you force the plot for human interaction is boring  and the little girl is fucking cringe i could basically skip all the chp  because nothing note worthy is hapennig i aint gonna read 41 chp about him rescueing people and whinig about while babysiting a girl .so you better steo up your game

wouldnt recommend


Nullblaster The Voidmaker
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Alright, I'm a picky guy. 80% of what I find on Royal Road ends up being crap (no offense meant to the other authors out there)

Spoiler: Spoiler


 With the updates being pretty much daily, it's basically what I look forward to every day. So yeah, 10/10 would read again. Numerous times.

  • Overall Score

Okay, since my last review was deleted (For reasons i can understand) I'll make a nice 'n proper one this time. So let's get started


It's good.


Now, you may think "That's pretty much as short as your last one", but hear me out.

It's good, cause of a lot of things. Primarily, the fact that every character and interaction doesnt feel like it was either made by a newbie to writing, or has about as much depth as my mind (Yay to self-deprecation). The characters in this story feel alive, and human, which is much better than what many stories can claim. Second, the story has a LOT of hooks and mysteries that just keep you coming back for more, which is normally the sign of an experienced author. Third, i like it personally. Yes, i am petty enough to include that as a point, deal with it. I should probably also mention how great the LitRPG elements are, cause they're freaking GREAT! Now, i don't want this review to be super long, so i'll stop here.



Dire Pheonix
  • Overall Score

I like how in the start he has no idea what’s happing, and is slowly gaining information on how and why these events are occurring. It’s not to fast nor to slow. At least that’s my opinion. Keep up the great work. :3

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Review is based on copy that is further along than the Royal Road version, having read up to chapter 7. 


I realized as I was sitting down to write this review that I have a hard time categorizing Rise of the Night Stalkers. It doesn't quite slot into any one genre, being a fun blend of body horror, action, post apaocalyptic and gamelit. 

The narration is top notch. You understand what the character is doing, and there's the whole "jerk with a heart of gold" element that I love. 

The descriptions of the Night Stalkers are also on point. I can just imagine these beasts tensing, full of danger, like monstrous springs ready to release their energy. It makes the fights interesting to read about. It reminds me a little bit of some Venom stories, just in an end of the world scenario. 

So, y'know, awesome XD. 

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Pretty entertaining so far for sure. I enjoyed the darker aspect of the MC and I hope that sticks through the whole book. Should be fun to see the story progress in the future. Only complaint is that the MC is becoming more and more human, but it's understandable that the mentality of the MC is going in that direction.