The Gilded Hero

by wercwercwerc

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

To be summoned to another world, arriving in plane of existence filled with magic and potential! Already, you've been given the great privilege of becoming a [Hero] and the honored task of defeating the demon king! Some people might call that the opportunity of a lifetime!

With the chance to learn to become a master of the sword, to grow more powerful than anyone on Earth could ever dream, what's not to love about being a hero? It's just like the King said: this is destiny calling! This is what you were born to become!

Or... not.

It turns out, people summoned from another world are easily charmed with the title of "Hero."

And they really shouldn't be.

Book One - Completed on 7/15/2020

Book Two - Under Construction

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Summoned ago
2 - Amazing ago
3 - Identify ago
4 - Training ago
5 - Too late. ago
6 - Ritual ago
7 - Golden Wing ago
8 - Real Training ago
9 - Soldier ago
10 - Realization ago
11 - Desperate ago
12 - Last Ditch ago
13 - Calm Before ago
14 - Battle ago
15 - Winner ago
16 - Calm after ago
17 - No One Cares ago
18 - Noobs ago
19 - Questions ago
20 - Gods and Men ago
21 - Punishment ago
22 - Retreat ago
23 - Arrival ago
24 - Storm ago
25 - Temple ago
26 - Hunted ago
27 - Fishing ago
28 - Learning The trade ago
29 - Visitor ago
30 - Town ago
31 - Coward ago
32 - Death ago
33 - Messy ago
34 - Stay ago
35 - Alone ago
36 - Thriving ago
37 - Hello ago
38 - Fantasy Cops ago
39 - Captured ago
40 - The Road ago
41 - Hammer Time ago
42 - Golden Handcuffs ago
43 - Meet the new boss ago
44 - Playing With Fire ago
45 - New Guy ago
46 - Settle In ago
47 - Eidolon ago
48 - Stupid Games ago
49 - Stupid Prizes ago
50 - Scribe ago
51 - Practice Makes Perfect ago
52 - It reminds me of the... ago
53 - Hunt ago
54 - Ghost ago
55 - Well Read ago
56 - Guildmaster ago
57 - Cautious ago
58 - Trouble ago
59 - Combat ago
60 - Revenge ago
61 - New Beginnings - End of Book 1 ago
Book II - Chapter 1 ago

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Fresh and realistic take on being summoned "heroes"

Reviewed at: 31 - Coward

Enjoyed it a lot so far. An fresh take on the isekai genre, and probably a far more realistic take. If heroes can be summoned, you can bet that someone is going to want to exploit that.


Keep up the good work!


It turns out, people summoned from another world are easily charmed with the title of "Hero."  And they really shouldn't be.

I really can't think of any words to do justice to this story, in any way more than the description already lays it out. Just go read the first couple chapters and if you're not hooked by then, nothing I can say would do the trick either.

Serhii the Great

I don't have enough energy to continue reading it. With each chapter, you need to invest more time for less joy and actions. I hope the author will edit it and publish as a complete book - the idea and overall plot is really interesting. The style is also good, but the author needs to invest a little bit time into it. I understand that it might be impossible, but I would really like to see a perfect version of it. Thanks for the read!

P.S. I dropped it at chapter 57, as I needed to cut time wasted reading. I would rate it around 10th out of 25 novels that I was following until now (only the best of fantasy and GameLit, either English, Korean or Japanese), but unfortunately I only have enough time for just around 3-4 of them.


You should read it.  A rather unfortunate MC has been transported to another world.  Normally even unlucky protagonists feel somewhat enviable.  Werc does a good job of making you feel the unfairness of the MC's life.  He's powerless, screwed over and despised.  I recommend it.

John Marcus

As of chapter 38, I have found this serial to be everything I want. While the mc has a special advantage, he often earns his progress through pain. The author raises questions that you want answers to, which, when answered, lead to more interesting questions. The surround cast of chatacters are compelling and very human, each dealing with their own difficulties in life. There's more, but I think that's enough to get started. Enjoy!


This story is very frustrating for me to read in a way? Like, it's very good. And I can see the character development and plot and all that, and it's objectively well written. And yet I kept finding myself saying, "When is something going to happen?" followed by me skimming over 5 chapters before something finally happens. It feels like a lot of filler chapters that could easily be cut and improve the story, things that have no impact on the story. Like what plants he decides to eat. Or how long the walk is. Weirdly, and I don't normally say this, but weirdly I think that the pacing is off not because you're going too fast, or you have big exposition dumps, but it's off because you're too focused on writing a good book? If that makes sense? Like, this is what I imagine the first draft was for some amazing books before an editor came along and said "scrap chapters 36-40" and forced the writer to cut down on the unnecesary details. I don't know, that's just my feelings.


Fresh, Real, and well written!

Reviewed at: 34 - Stay


Non-one-dimensional characters.

Shows, doesn't tell.

Gripping. I read everything available at the time in 1 sitting.

Excellent grammer.

MC is relatable and not an idiot.

I can't wait for more. 


I just got to chapter 40.

This story has a lot of potential. The MC has a great set up, and the story has interesting twists and turns to keep you interested. I especially enjoyed the chapters until around the early chapter 30's or what is the beginning of what I call the "Sea" arc. The grammar is nearly flawless as well.


Starting around the early chp 30's however, the author started to put in excess filler monolouges about the MC. I wouldn't mind it if it didn't take about 10 chapters for the "Sea" arc to conclude because of it. I could skim/skip literal paragraphs, with missing very little actual plot to the story. A lot of what is mentioned in that "filler" just doesn't matter. Basically, the chapters turned into MC starting new action > MC talks about doing said action > MC has flashback about something relating to that action from Earth > MC talks about doing said action again > MC does said action > Chapter ends. Rinse and repeat. Honestly I have to say, the story has started to get rather tedious and boring to read and predictable in the structure of each chapter. Very little progress actually happens during the "Sea" arc which is 25% of the story thus far, and pretty much nothing noteworthy happens at all. If the arc was cut out completely and skipped straight to the next one, nothing would have been missed since he also literally doesn't learn anything new, or progress in ANY way (maybe 1 or 2 stat points, but that's it). And with only 1 chapter per week coming out so far, I doubt I will continue to follow or read it as it has been taking chapters for any progress to occur.


Well Written But A Bit Oddly Plotted

Reviewed at: 47 - Eidolon

The plot of this story is in some ways similar to that of The Shield Hero anime, in that a *&^! of a king summons heroes to exploit.  Specifically, he wants to use their fast stat gain in his war mongering, and he doesnt mind if his war grinds up "heroes" like meat paste.  If they die before becoming useful, summon more!  Its well done and well written, but the main character has the highest intelligence and wisdom of his summoned group, but still acts like a moron.  When he can't seem to get a class, he does essentially nothing about it.  Sure, he is told that the mercenary company the king sticks him in is not interested in making mages, but he doesn't ask a single follow up question about mages.  He doesn't stare into the fire trying to manipulate it for hours, or do any of the things anyone with such a high intelligence would naturally try.  After 47 chapters, he finally has a single magic skill, is experimenting a little, and is *finally* planning on asking someone.  I started out loving this story, but the MC being such a tool for so long really wore me down.  When, I kept asking, is he finally going to start using that intelligence and wisdom?  Hopefully, the answer is - the 48th chapter.  Better late than never.  


Not so fresh and original

Reviewed at: 42 - Golden Handcuffs

Don't get me wrong, I like the story. It's just that I was excepting more when reading all these 5 star reviews praising the story as unique and fresh take on the whole hero summoning thing. What I got was the same old tropes.

Selfish and corrupt royalty and nobles using magicks to brainwash "heroes" into fighting their wars for them and treating the lesser blessed(status, more "fresh" originality) like shit has been done already. I swear like 3/4 of hero summoning themed Japanese light novels and western web novels inspired by them do it.

Anyway, if you can't get enough of hero summoning portal fantasy or however you want to call it then you'll probably like it. For RR standards it's pretty good. Decent grammar and chapters aren't short or "too long". Author could spend more time describing how people look like however...