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Interlude: Birth of a Demon Queen (a Phoenix Rain flash-forward)


A note from ramses

So here is a bit of a flashforward. No spoilers other than settling Phoenix Rain's fate.

A big part of this situation was that I always wonder how the hell MC was supposed to complete the God mode difficulties for his class change, which was obviously the intended difficutly mode for Blade Saint.

The craziness below is an attempt to answer that question.

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Interlude: Birth of a Demon Queen (a Phoenix Rain flash-forward)

Black Flame calmly sat in the only bar available in this small newbie village along the coast of the Western Continent. This small village belonged to the Main City of the empire closest to the Island that Zero Wing had claimed as its home on this continent. The guild’s research team had outdone themselves with the thoroughness of the report and guidebook that he held in his hand, perusing it as he waited for Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix to complete their character creation.

The girls would have many excellent opportunities of growth and accomplishments here. The research team had mapped out quite the efficient route to acquiring Count and even Marquis status here. By the time that they hit Tier 4, they should have sufficient fame and notoriety that having the Adventure Alliance recruit them shouldn’t raise any questions, although jealousy from the local guilds would be another thing entirely.

Just as he completed scanning the document, the door the bar opened. Two stunning beauties sauntered into the bar, a wild and sexy aura rolling off them. Once glance at these young girls, who appeared to have barely turned 16, provided the patrons with all of the information that they needed to immediately classify them as pampered and spoiled princesses as only favored young misses of big corporations or ancient families would dare to such flaunt such an attitude walking into a bar filled with men. Further solidifying this conclusion were the two wolves in black cloaks that followed the girls into the bar. While all of the patrons were still new to the game, they recognized incredibly high level body guards when they saw them.

Black Flame thought to himself as he absorbed the spectacle. “Ah, that is what delayed them so long. They really managed to push the character creator to the limit. No one in the immensity of heaven and earth would ever associate such wildchild young misses with the cold and calculating Phoenix Rain and Blue Phoenix.” As the girls flounced by him on their way to the private room that he had reserved, he had to admit that the giggles and walking arm-in-arm without a care in the world further sold the image that they wanted to portray.

After a suitable interval had passed, Black Flame stagger from his table as if drunk and made his way to the private room. Once inside the room, he rapidly laid down array after array, both to guarantee their privacy and contain the commotion that was about to arise.

“Ladies, quite the entrance there. You have outdone yourselves. After being out of the public eye for these past weeks and with your new appearance, no one would ever suspect who you are.”

“Why thank you Guild Master Black Flame. We do hope that Big Brother will take good care of us as we are in your hands.” Phoenix Rain replied, her flirtatious and carefree response somewhat ruined by the glint of cold, deadly steel spearing from her eyes.

All pretense over, the true Demon Queen emerged. “We have trusted you thus far, and the training that you provided to use did lead to incredible strides in our combat abilities. However, despite all of the of evidence that you provided us regarding the collusion between Mythology and Nine Dragons Emperor, especially regarding the method that he used to trap us in the hellish spatial rift, you asked to wait for our revenge and even had us coming to the Western Continent. Don’t you think it is time for the secrecy to end? Why are we here?”

“To destroy Mythology of course! Why else?” Black Flame replied nonchalantly.

“Be serious Guild Leader. We have no guild, and Zero Wing’s efforts all allocated towards the sea and Star Splendor. Furthermore, I can’t even start guild to provide manpower, not that I would ever want to deal with that mess again. How do you expect us to destroy Mythology?”

“You only need yourselves! Well, that and some small help from me. There is far more to God’s Domain than even the Super Powers have realized yet. Personal power can trump everything in God’s Domain. That is especially true when it comes to legacies. The very best legacies have difficulty levels beyond hell. Moreover, they even offer the potential to exceed 100% completion. When you are ready for your class advancements we can discuss this more. Finally, a concept of which you should be well aware, being filthy rich can provide you with advantages. To provide some context for what you are about to receive, Rain, this starting package is probably worth close a billion gold coins if it were to be sold, and Blue yours is probably worth 100 million.”

“What! Are you insane? Nothing could be worth that much. And even if it was, how could you give that to us?” Phoenix Rain exclaimed.

“This is me returning the favor that you showed me in the beginning. Plus, being directly responsible for the utter destruction of Mythology while they are clueless to it was I that pulled the trigger. In fact, I look forward to the day when they come begging to me to do something about the “Demon Queen.” I have yet to decide which will be more enjoyable, refusing while leaving them ignorant or revealing my involvement in their demise.”

“That sentiment is all well and good, but it doesn’t explain how you intend to accomplish this miracle.”

“Well, that is much easier to show than explain. I suggest you remind yourself of your stats.”

Job: Elementalist

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 2, Agility 2, Endurance 3, Intelligence 5, Vitality 4.

Free Attribute Points: 4

“Now, let us begin.”

Holding each of their hands, Black Flame infused both of their souls with 100 drops of Soul Essence, enough to enhance their soul level by three ranks. Following which, we granted them the power of darkness, the berserk skill now increasing all attributes by 175% for 15 minutes every three hours, and infused them with the power of luck, granting them 20 points of luck to help them with the next part.

As shock transformed her face as she processed the incredible changes to her soul, Phoenix Rain thought she must have misunderstood as she heard Black Flame say, “Ok, now we can begin.” Still shell-shocked, the assault on her understanding God’s Domain continued unabated as Black Flame placed 3 seven-colored fruits in front of each of them, along with plate after plate of food created by a Famed Chef.

“Eat up.” Black Flame encouraged. “I expect that between the seven-color-fruits and the Famed Chef food, each of your attributes should have increased by over 250 points and your hidden attributes, except for luck, by over 180. You should have at least 100 resistances across the board. Finally, you should have 35% increased experience gain, which will be quite helpful offsetting the increased experience requirements of your classes.

“Before you try to inherent your legacies, please put on this armor set that I made for you. With your luck at 120 or so you should get some great skill rolls from the armor.”

Black Flame’s Special Newbie Armor (Armor Set, Epic rank)

Level 0 – 120

Each of the 6 pieces provides

  • Main attribute 2 x level and others 1.5 x level
  • Main attribute +15% and others +10%
  • All resists 5 * (1+Tier)
  • 1 passive skill suited for that armor slot, e.g. hands - cast or attack speed
  • 1 active skill suited for that armor slot, e.g. Feet – movement

2 piece wrap – skill completion percent +2%

4 piece wrap – skill completion percent +3%

6 piece wrap – physique, concentration, fortitude stamina + 10%

“The boost from the armor should get your intelligence above 500, which should enable you to equip your staffs. I am glad you listened to me and chose these Fragmented Legendary Staffs for your reward from the Trial of the Four Gods. I was able to place a suppression array on them to lower their attribute requirements to 500 Intelligence. Currently, they can only display about 25% of their power. However, you should be able to reduce the suppression somewhat by the time that you are ready for your Tier 1 class advancement. Finally, here are 2 rings and a necklace for each of you. These a low quality pseudo-epics that Cream Cocoa made under my guidance as she was practicing for her first attempts at make level 100 + epics. They should last you until you are ready to challenge your Tier 2 class change.”

“Rain, here is your legacy. It is antique Peak level which places it significantly above the great peak legacies of current empires.”

[Heart of Darkness] (Tool, legacy item, Mysterious Iron Rank [Can be evolved])

  • Equipment Requirement: Superior Soul Strength
  • All Attributes +10 + Level * (1+Tier)
  • All Hidden Attributes +10 * (1 + Tier)
  • Speed and casting speed + 10% * (1 + Tier)
  • Increase Skill completion by 2% + Tier %
  • Increase all Attributes by 10% * (1+ SUM(Tier))
  • Reduce all cooldowns by 5% * Tier
  • Additional Skill 1 - Black Heart: Initiate class change to Angel of Darkness. Warning only those most worthy should attempt this class change. Upon successful class change fuse with heart of the recipient. After fusion the Heart of Darkness appears as an inventory item which cannot be dropped but can display its stats and can trigger a class advancement quest.
  • Additional Skill 2 – Nephilim Bloodline infusion upon initial class change and each advancement infuse recipient with the blood of a fallen angel. Bloodline begins as a basic bloodline and improves with each advancement, reaching Advanced Bloodline at Tier 2 and Peak Bloodline at Tier 5. Bodies lacking sufficient constitution and/or Mana Body may suffer from the infusion.
  • Evolution Condition: The Heart of Darkness is a legacy item suitable for summoners, elementalists, or cursemancers. It evolves with its owner, reach tier 1 to evolve to Secret-Silver rank. Each subsequent Tier advances its rank by 1. The Heart of Darkness requires continuous life/soul energy from its host. Experience required to level increased to 1.9X, after reaching Tier 4 requires additional sacrifice of 1 level per month
  • The Heart of the Archangel Azazyel was turned to stone with his fall from heaven. He was later slain in the wars between Heaven and Hell. His Heart still retains a fragment of his power. So great was this power that it was sealed away. Information about the Heart can only be unveiled after the seal has been undone. This seal was undone by the Grandmaster Magician Black Flame.

“As for you, Blue, I found a special antique elementalist legacy called The Artillerist. It is an advanced antique legacy, which places somewhere around mid-peak level for current legacies.”

“Guild Master Black Flame, why are you giving us such precious legacies?”

“Simple, to get the most out of these legacies, they require Domain Realm and Ascension Realm at level zero, and none of our members that met the requirements wished to start over. When you attempt class change with these legacies will likely offer you Asura and God difficulty levels. Rain, you especially, should attempt the God difficulty level. Before you complete the quest, try everything possible to increase the completion percentage as I can confirm that is possible to exceed the 100% threshold.”

Phoenix Rain, no the DEMON QUEEN, shared a brief glance with her companion before she held the Heart of Darkness aloft and accepted the prompt to fuse it with her soul. Alternating divine emblems of gold and black danced across her body. Only the slightest of twitches from the corner of one eye revealed the soul-searing fusion process. One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Finally after over forty minutes of excruciating, soul-ripping and rending pain, the Demon Queen was born.

Blue Phoenix, hands shaking with intense trepidation, valiantly claimed her legacy as well. Fortunately for her, the battle that she faced was purely one of mana control. Had she not trained extensively in an environment rich in the three supreme elements she likely would have failed her conversion.

“I look forward hearing all about your crazy exploits! Here is the guidebook for the region as well as a complete set of Tier 0 through 2 Elementalist skills. With your standards and attributes, you should be able to hit cast the Tier 2s at 100% with the help of your armor and staff. Once you leave the newbie village make sure to spend some time in the colosseum grinding your skill experience. You will need your skills to be at max level.”

With that, Black Flame unceremoniously left room, leaving behind two shell-shocked young women.


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