Reincarnation of Strongest Sword God - Continued (a fan fiction)

by ramses

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Reincarnation of Strongest Sword God is a Chinese web novel with a huge following.  It follows the adventure of Shi Feng - a middle level guild leader who is betrayed and goes back in time to just before the open of God's Domain, which becomes a second life to most people. He obviously uses this restart to change his life creating a guild, Zero Wing that defies the odds and rises to the top. 

The web novel has great setting, lore, and incredibly complex mechanics.  However, the author often lost track of outstanding quests and opportunites. The novel is currently on Hiatus after several years and 2694 chapters.  The novel pauses right at a gigantic cliff hanger as the MC achieves Tier 4 in his class, first in the game.  Enemies are everywhere in both Virtual and Real world.

This fanfic picks up immediately in chapter 2695, which is the end of the machine translated chapters.  At the time this is written the english translations are about 430 chapters behind, but catching up quick.

Fair warning, in the FANFIC, MC goes full force and uses all of the tools that the original author provided but never fully exploited.  I have been able to reverse engineer most of the stats and everything is based on the mechanics and rules established by Lucky Cat. The numbers get big.  However, they are fully consistent with original web novel.  PvP will be a curb-stomp until other players get to Tier 4 so after stablizing the current crisis most of the content will be PvE.  This power discrepancy has been mentioned a multitude of times by the original author, so again it is entirely consistent with main work. 

With those caveats in place, I hope you enjoy my take on what happens.

This is my first Fic so please be kind!

Also - RSSG discord has a subsector for this.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 2695 - Bountiful Rewards ago
Chapter 2696 - Powering up ago
Chapter 2697 – Philosopher’s stone, Plans for the Jealous Witch and Lei Bao ago
Chapter 2698 – White River City to visit a Grand-master Smith ago
Chapter 2699 – Catching up with Sharlyn ago
Chapter 2700 – A wee bit of forging ago
Chapter 2701 – Catching up with Violet ago
Blade Saint Class Armor Idea Thread ago
Chapter 2702 – Breaking the shackles on Epic Body of Magic Power ago
Chapter 2703 Mayor Blackie ago
Chapter 2704 First Battle as Tier 4 ago
Chapter 2705 Sword of Solomon Fragment ago
Chapter 2706 Ultimatum to War Blood ago
Chapter 2707 Setting the Stage ago
Chapter 02708 Broken Steel at last (Part 1) ago
2709 Broken Steel at last (Part 2) ago
Chapter 2710 Dominating Broken Steel Armor ago
Chapter 2711 Anna and Kite Unleashed ago
Chapter 2712 Evaluating the Team Part 1 ago
Chapter 2713 Evaluating the Team Part 2 ago
2714 Final Monarch ago
2715 Mythology Guild Plots ago
2716 Evaluating Spoils and preparing for WAR! ago
Chapter 2717 God’s Domain Trembles Before Black Flame’s Wrath ago
Chapter 2718 The Cost of Power ago
Chapter 2719 Fear Spreads ago
Chapter 2720 Battle for the Seas ago
Chapter 2721 Planning with Cold Shadow ago
Chapter 2722 The Harvest ago
Chapter 2723 Recruiting a Mage God ago
Chapter 2724 Wealth of War Blood ago
Interlude: Birth of a Demon Queen (a Phoenix Rain flash-forward) ago
Chapter 2725 Titanic Tyrant Bear ago
Chapter 2726 Wrapping up and a Dungeon Surprise ago
Chapter 2727 Legendary Dungeon? ago
Chapter 2728 The Prestige of ………… Announcement Spam? ago

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RSSG is one of my favorite story and ramses continuation of it is fabulous!!!  I can't wait for new chapters every day!!  It is in perfect english with great characters and an absorbing story.  It has all the best parts of the original--exciting, fierce, cool quests, a super well built world with all kinds of action and plots and adversities and triumphs (oh, and cool as fuck items, weapons, magic skills and one of the best martial systems i've ever seen built) but it really improves on some things from the original too (there is a lot of tieing up of loose threads that were originally just left hanging and the characters have more depth which makes it even more interesting).  I LOVE THIS!!

  • Overall Score
  1. Please frequent updates, you are doing a great job. I won't even need to go back to the original, keep up the good work. 
Eloncity ok
  • Overall Score

Oh !! You are the best Writer

Reviewed at: Chapter 2696 - Powering up

Awesome !!!! 

i will always be on of your thai fan club's member , who will follow your work and support you all at time

  • Overall Score
please continue working hard on creating this. thanks a lot for the updates
Mark Anthony Calabano
  • Overall Score

English is better than the original novel I read. :) Keep it up Ramses. Hoping for faster releases.., 

  • Overall Score

Where is the update bro!! I like ur writting and also wish that u would still continue even if/

when the original author gets back. Don't leave it midway. But man get this updated regularly like 3-4 chapter a week atlest. Among ur busy life find time to write and post it. Good luck, always support u.

Bryan Rosser
  • Overall Score

Just so you know, I've read Lucky Old Cat's Novel up thru chapter 2705. 


Other Websites only go up to 2694, which is where I"m assuming you stopped.



Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the new chapters and it feels like a worthy continuation of the original. I particularly like that you have started resolving many of the long term hanging plot threads.

  • Overall Score

 Yes! This could not end like this! Thank you for your work!! Please continue like that!

  • Overall Score

Awesome, glad someone is taking this up, glad you are tying up old loose ends 

Mostafa Kamal
  • Overall Score

Update more if possible please it gets really exciting