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Finally another Sword of Solomon Fragment!

Thanks to a careful reader, I am editing Cleansing Fire a bit to keep it in line with "canon"

Only changes are in Tier and base attributes. Skills were already on the weak side for LL so I kept those as is.

Chapter 2705 Sword of Solomon Fragment

Shi Feng swiftly gathered the drops from the Undead Kraken. With every item he picked up, his heart ached a bit thinking about the Lesser Legendary weapon with which Prantus absconded. His mood began improving rapidly, however, as he started finding entry passes into the Tower of the Four Gods.

“Not bad, there were 15 passes, which will greatly help the main force increase their standards. There are also quite a lot of epic and even a few lesser legendary materials that should strengthen our fleet, especially these three bone plates that will enhance the durability and armor of large sailing ships. There are a couple of decent epics as well that I should auction off to the main force. However, Blackie’s luck is too good this time. With this Item he should be able to revisit those glory days when he controlled the battlefield.

Mavis’ Will (Ring, Epic Set Item)

  • Level 100-200, Required 2000 Intelligence
  • Attributes according to Level
  • Increases Intelligence by 30%, increases all other attributes by 20%
  • Increases magic skill completion by 3%
  • Increases cast speed, mana regeneration and magic damage by 30%
  • Reduces cooldowns of magic skills by 25%

Passive Skill: Mavis’ Will

  • Increases concentration of magic power around user by 40%
  • Increases damage against darkness aligned opponents by 50%
  • Provides immunity to controlling effects
  • Strengthens status effect spells cast by user by 30%

Active Skill: 1 (Locked)

Active Skill: 2 (Locked)

Mavis’ Will is one part of a three item set briefly worn by the God of Light, Mavis. The other items in the set are Mavis’ Spirit, a matching ring, and Mavis’ Heart, a necklace. Each item in the set is imbued with some of Mavis’ Light. Each item in the set has the power to detect other items that possess Mavis’ Light in a 1,000 yard radius. Each item can unlock the potential of other items blessed by Mavis. Can be evolved.

Set effects:

1/3 Remove limitations on other Items blessed by Mavis and empowering them to reach their full potential. Items scale to Level 100-200.

2/3 Unlock Active Skill 1 and creates a resonance that increases rarity of all Mavis blessed items by a half step.

3/3 Unlock Active Skill 2 and creates a resonance that increases rarity of all Mavis blessed items by a full tier to a maximum of Lesser Legendary.

‘By itself, this ring isn’t that much. For Blackie, though, this can revive Marvis’ Guard. We will have to look for additional pieces of the set and other items blessed by Mavis. Who knows what might happen if he collects the set and several other items from Mavis.

“While Blackie’s luck is high this time, this green tablet is what I need.”

Shi Feng placed all of the items into his inventory and landed on the small island below. The island was only a few hundred meters around and was dominated by the Green dome of water mana. Inside the dome was a large mausoleum. Standing in front of the tomb was a stature of a righteous looking man thrusting a sword to the heavens while facing the tomb entrance, as if daring something to exit.

Using his mana sense, Shi Feng could detect no flaws in the magic array. “As expected, without the controlling array, the current version of me would have no chance to breaking through that array. Fortunately, activating this key isn’t too much of challenge for a Magic Array Master.”

Shi Feng carefully inserted his magic power into the tablet. Carefully activating the arrays one by one, disarming subtle traps as he went, Shi Feng finally completed all of the circuits. With surprisingly little fanfare, the magic barrier lowered. Checking for traps using his magic power domain, Shi Feng approached the statue. The statue was incredibly life like, as if an actually person had been turned into the statue. Celestial heat radiated from the sword as streamers of fire mana contained in conduits of divine symbols stretched towards the tomb. As he closed within a few meters of the Stature, its eyes sprang open, revealing two human orbs staring back at him.

Shi Feng readied himself for combat while remaining calm.

“Young adventurer, at last someone has come. For far too long I have stood watch here. When the promised help never arrived, I was forced to take desperate measures to hold the line here. I had to seal myself to maintain the array on this tomb. After a few centuries I finally succeeded in sealing the breach. However, I could do nothing with vanguard within.

“I detect a divine aura about you. Perhaps you have been charged by an angel with some task. I beseech you, take this sword that you have obviously come here to acquire. However, you must enter the tomb soon and eliminate the undead that you will find there. Prepare carefully as they are somewhat stronger than you. The breach has been sealed from this side, so we are safe from incursion from the undead world. However, I can feel the undead awakening below. The existing energy should contain them here for at least another fortnight. However if the threat is not eliminated by then, they could break the arrays covering the breach and reopen from this side. If that happens, what will emerge will be far beyond your capabilities.”

As the statue began crumbling to dust, it sent the sword tumbling through air towards Shi Feng. He reached out his hand and grabbed the sword, which seemed to mesh naturally with his grip. As soon as the sword touched him, Shi Feng heard the system quest sound.

System: Detecting existing hidden quest Undead World, Player must accept Lesser Legendary Quest, Sealing the Breach

Eliminate undead in the forsaken tomb before they have time to reopen a breach to the Undead World

Time Limit: 14 days, Reward: Unknown, Failure: Unrestrained breach to the heart of the Undead World will open and player will fail hidden quest Undead World

“Damn system left me no option to refuse. I will need to resolve this before I need to leave to help Sword of Frost and the alliance against the Saint Models.

“I hope that this sword is worth the trouble. Appraise!”

Cleansing Fire (1-handed sword, Epic Weapon, Sacred Sword)

  • Equipment Level: Level 100 - Level 175
  • Requirements: 7200 Strength, 6000 Agility.
  • Attributes adjust according to user’s level (Level 130)
  • Attack Power 2 x Strength
  • Strength + 450, Agility + 400, Endurance + 375
  • Attack Speed + 25
  • Ignores 30% of the target's defense
  • Strength +35%, Agility 30%, other attributes +25%, and Attack Speed +25%
  • All sword techniques levels +6
  • Ignores level + 20
  • All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels
  • Increase damage by 150% against creatures of the dark

Additional Passive Skill – Searing Blast

Attacks have a 40% chance to trigger a blast of holy flame increasing damage by 300% and inflecting splash damage of 125% on enemies within 5 meters. Triggers automatically when fighting Undead

Additional Active Skill 1 – Fires of Heaven

Summons holy fire to deal 500% fire damage and 500% sacred damage to enemies within a range of 50 yards.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2 – Mandate of Heaven

Every action becomes infused with the will of the heavens, increases strength and damage by 200% for 60 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 hour

Additional Active Skill 3 – Fiery Barrier

Call forth a barrier of holy fire that blocks all damage for 20 seconds and inflicts 500% retaliation damage to all attackers. Wielder is unable to move for the duration.

Cooldown: 30 minutes.

A Sacred Sword created by the Forging Sage Harold using a piece of mysterious sword fragment. Cleansing Fire is one of the thirty-six Famed Swords of God's Domain, ranking 12th. Allows the wielder to have the purifying flames of heaven. When fighting against darkness-type creatures, damage increased by 150%. Can be evolved. Cannot be destroyed.

“Interesting, two of the Sword of Solomon fragments are holy swords and two are darkness powered. This blade was definitely made for hunting the undead.”

I need to hurry back now as I have much to do in the real world to prepare for my assault on War Blood.


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