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Ok well this chapter was a challenge to write and required several adjustments of the numbers.

Once players reach Tier 4, the exponetial scaling, especially with epics and lesser legedary items providing multiplicative bonues yields some crazy number.  My model of attributes is very predictive through the range of Level 1 through 125 so I feel good about its ability to generate the "crazy" numbers seen in this chapter. 

I think one of the challenges that weighed down Lucky Cat may have been how to deal with the stat inflation inherent in his system at higher tiers.  I have taken a stab at it here. Still, Shi Feng is currently OP AF.

Chapter 2704 First Battle as Tier 4

As Shi Feng completed the activation of the Bible of Darkness an immense black gate hovered in the air. The borders of the gate rapidly expanded until a black rectangle with a height of over 60 meters formed. A long talon stretched forth from the gate. Followed by a black scaly hand, then an arm. Finally, a horned and winged demon stepped forth from the gate.

As a precaution, Shi Feng activate the Ring of Earth’s absolute domain rendering him invulnerable for 15 seconds. Upon arrival the demon immediately sent a surge of magic power towards Shi Feng. Even after his training under the divine might in the Antiquity Secret Realm, Shi Feng struggled to hold his position. Sure enough, Tier 5 Demon Lords are an entirely different tier of existence. I must be very careful when summoning them and only summon more than one at a time as a last resort.

With a snort that blew like a small hurricane, the Tier 5 Demon Lord asked, “Why have you summoned me to this plane, mortal?”

“I need your help for a short period of time. Cooperate with me, an in a few hours you can return to your realm”

“You are so very lucky that you summoned me, Prantus, Lord of Battle Lust, little human.” Prantus cautioned. “That book yours is very incomplete. I can sense that my name is not in that book, nor are there any of my peers’ names there. Even limited to such low level by the book, do not be so sure that you could overcome my will with that thing. You were smart to use your invulnerability skill. You are also fortunate that I see a nice little plaything in the ocean below us. I so rarely get to have a bit fun as my toys break so easily and never last very long. At least limited like this, I will be able to enjoy myself for a bit.”

Before Shi Feng could react, Prantus disappeared from his position hovering in the sky. Simultaneously, Shi Feng felt a shock wave approaching from below. A swift glance revealed that Prantus had appeared above the Kraken’s head, executing what appeared to be a Chop with one hand, a single talon extended, moving leisurely in front of Kraken. A jagged rip in space extended from the talon. Shi Feng felt immense danger from that rip. As it struck the Kraken’s head, the seemingly casual blow blasted the Kraken downward, thrusting it beneath waves, dragging its entire body with it.

You must know that even when Shi Feng completed Chop at 105%, he barely generated a small crack in space. This jagged rip defied all explanation and violated everything Shi Feng thought he know about skills, and Chop especially.

Just what was that skill completion percentage?

As Shi Feng tried to process what he had just seen, he noticed the damage figure where the Kraken’s head had been previously. “What! 675 million damage from a Chop.” The Kraken was King-Class, Mythic Undead with over 25 billion hp. Once monsters reached level 125, they underwent a qualitative change as they had to provide a challenge for potential Tier 4 Players. While ordinary monsters below Lord Tier didn’t experience too much change, the power, base attributes, damage and HP, all experienced massive increases with each Tier above Lord. One of the reasons so many players, even experts, remained stuck at Tier 3 in previous lifetime was their inability to fight upper tier monsters and access loot and materials. Even a Lord was sufficient to wipe a 100 man team of refinement realm tier 3 players by level 130. Forced to grind, ordinary monsters and elites, players required weeks to gain a single level and fell further and further behind the power curve as they approached Level 200.

As a King-class Mythic, the Kraken had double the fight restore of normal monsters, restoring 500 Million HP every 5 seconds. Despite that frightful recovery, Prantus likely could kill the Kraken in a few minutes using only basic attacks, chop and other low level skills. If he went all out and used domain skills or Tier 5 Taboo skills, he would end the Kraken in under a minute.

Because he was stuck in Tier 3 in his previous lifetime, Shi Feng had never really experienced battle among the higher tiers, especially before Level 200. Getting close enough to the action to observe a battle between Tier 5 or Tier 6 combatants was simply asking for death as simple shock wave from a clash of blows could seriously injure or even kill a bystander, much less being directly impacted by a skill or spell.

Roaring in anger, the Kraken shot from the depths of the sea. All eight of its 300 meter long tentacles attacked Prantus simultaneously. They even targeted potential blind spots and weak points, showing multiple images disguising the true attack. Sure enough a King-class is no joke. The attack was an advanced combat technique and executed at a least the refinement realm. Shi Feng marveled at the combat standards shown by the Kraken. However, while he was surprised by the use of an advanced combat technique, Prantus’ response to the attack left him dumbfounded. As the eight tentacles approached him, each disguised in numerous mirages, rather than use a skill to block the attack, Prantus made minute adjustments in his position and appeared to softly swat at a couple of the tentacles.

However, in contrast with the seemingly slow and soft response, Prantus caused the tentacles to alter their trajectory. Indeed, although he lightly tapped four of the tentacles, they violently swerved, impacting the other four tentacles, causing them to wrap around each other stopping the attack cold.

“Realm of Truth! Shi Feng exclaimed. “I am not sure that I could have executed that maneuver, and I am deep into the Ascension Realm. Just what is his combat standard?”

Shi Feng stared intently at the battle playing out before him. Prantus continued to execute one basic technique and skill after another. He even went over minute just blocking the Kraken’s attacks. The Kraken’s HP rapidly drained. As it went passed 30%, the Kraken became berserk. Shi Feng could tell that its strength had at least doubled and its attack speed increased by over 70%. Still Prantus showed no pressure. He still had nearly 90% of his 500 million HP. Whenever the Kraken used a skill, Prantus countered with a technique, nullifying the skill.

Shi Feng had intended to fight the Kraken alongside the Demon. He thought that it might even be a bit a struggle for the two of them to take down the Kraken. He could not have been more mistaken. Prantus easily suppressed the King-Class Mythic monster. Between the suppression from Prantus’ Tier 5 status and 13 Level advantage, the Level 145 Demon simply toyed the Kraken like a cat with a catnip mouse.

Suddenly, Shi Feng realized that the Kraken was below 20% and its HP was rapidly approaching zero. “I need to strike the killing blow as I don’t want to waste the power of Icarus’ Soul. I can’t wait to see what impact it has.”

Shi Feng switched to the Ring of Fire for its damage boost and readied Flame Burst. Shi Feng previously used his skill upgrade token on his favorite sure-kill skill. Before the upgrade Flame Burst was limited to the maximum of Tier 2, where it gave him 20 attacks at +1500% damage. After breaking its limitations by upgrading to Tier 4 through the special skill upgrade token that he had received from the gold inheritance chest, Flame Burst underwent a heaven defying transformation. The new flame burst had 30 attacks at 2000% damage.

“Die” Shi Feng shouted as he activated Flame Burst above the Kraken’s head. Instantly the Kraken’s HP plummeted to zero as damages of 100 million flashed 1 after another. As the Kraken fell, an enormous pile of the loot exploded from its corpse. Not only was this the first kill of the Kraken, a guardian monster yielding double loot, but it was also a Jackpot! There was even the unmistakable glow of a Lesser Legendary Item!

“So powerful! Since my base damage is over 10 million, the Kraken’s resistances must have been incredible. I just delivered nearly 3 Billion damage, without a Berserk skill. Truly, a Saint Legacy is overpowered. While I knew that Tier 4 players that accomplished the Tier change early could walk God’s Domain at will, I never believed that they would be this powerful. My Saint legacy combined with the stacking multipliers from my Lesser Legendary equipment has created a situation I should be able to solo mythic enemies near my level. Still, even a typical peak Tier 4 expert with a decent legacy and several epic items should be able to have sure-kill attacks that deal a few hundred million damage to monsters. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those existences with much higher life levels, as clearly shown by Prantus. I likely wouldn’t last a minute if I were to fight him, even if his level was the same as mine. If those Darkness Dragons had not be young High Lords, but adult legendary they would have probably had 30 to 40 Billion HP while still level 122, along with much greater defenses. Still I need to maximize this time where only Zero Wing has Tier 4 players to reap as great of a harvest as possible.”

While Shi Feng was distracted thinking about his next steps, Prantus casually approached the shining beacon representing the Lesser Legendary item. To Shi Feng’s complete dismay, Prantus reached down and grabbed a long bone whip made from the bones of the Kraken. With a flick of his wrist, Prantus’s attack sent a Tsunami rushing away from him, the water reaching 50 meters high.

“You are lucky I enjoy a bit of a tussle now and then human. I will take this minor item as compensation for my help. I advise you to have similar payment ready if you summon me again. While Prantus is obviously not my True Name, if you concentrate on it while summoning, I will hear your call. If I am in the mood, I may answer.” Prantus declared as he cracked the whip once again, opening a massive rent in space. Without backwards glance, he stepped through the fissure and disappeared.

Shi Feng was so shocked that he couldn’t move or speak as he stared at the swiftly closing tear in reality. Not only had Prantus robbed him of a Lesser Legendary Item, he had also unsummoned himself and returned to his native realm. These actions completely broke Shi Feng’s understanding the game and especially the Bible of Darkness. While Tier 4 demons couldn’t even struggle once the Bible had bound them, Prantus more or less acted as he willed.

“I need to be very careful going forward. I should not try to summon anymore Tier 5 Demons unless it is a dire emergency. I must prioritize finding more pages of the Bible. Hopefully, as it becomes more complete it will exert more control over the Tier 5 Demon Lords.”

Shaking his head and shelving his worries about Demon Lords for the moment, Shi Feng turned his attention to the hundreds of items dropped by the Kraken.


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