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Chapter 2703 Mayor Blackie

As Shi collected the last bundle of trade goods for his return trip, he reflected on Violet’s staggering potential. It is a bit of shame that her class is only an Advanced Legacy. Given the power ascribed to Star Sage Raines in Gods Domain’s history, a Peak Legacy seems more appropriate. Never the less, now that she has upgraded to an Epic Body of Magic Power and broken the shackles again, she should have an excellent chance of exceeding 100% on her class change quest, at least if that is even possible for an Advanced Legacy.

I still can’t believe how much stronger the effect from the Casting Goldstone was for her. The increase to her basic attributes was 5% greater than mine. It makes me wish I had waited! Oh well, once I finish with Blackie, I can finally collect Cleansing Flame, the fourth piece of Solomon’s sword while I am in the Sea of Death and test out the Casting Goldstone on it.

As Shi Feng activated the Beacon from the Ring of Space, he muttered “This better work across continents.” After a brief period flying through the void, Shi Feng arrived at his Beacon in Stone Forest City. He swiftly dropped off materials at the Candlelight Trading Companies warehouse and loaded up on non-bag space items needed for ship building.

Before left Stone Forest City he met Darrin, Sharlyn’s guard, at the Freedom Inn. As agreed, he used the Ancient Literature Fragment to repair Darrin’s soul with soul essence. Even with the double strength essence, Shi Feng spent 15 drops to heal Darrin’s soul.

As the last drop entered Darrin’s forehead, a divine golden glow surrounded him and a vile mist poured forth from every pore in his skin.

“Thank you my Lord Legendary Adventurer! You have fulfilled your promise to restore my soul. I will serve you until Lady Sharlyn recalls me for a higher duty.” Darrin professed as he swore allegiance.

Shi Feng could now see his attributes.

Darrin, Level 123, Tier 4 Divine Protector, Potential 92

Finally! A true tank for a personal guard. Moreover, it was tank that had meaningful healing and buffing abilities. Essentially, while Darrin’s main role was as a tank, he had some of the lower tier healing abilities of a Cleric and buffing abilities of a Bard.

“By the time that I wrap up my tasks and get the Broken Steel armor, both Anna and Kite should have completed their class change. They would have already completed their class change if I hadn’t held them back until they both could eat a Fruit of Life. Since that happened while I was stuck in the time trap, I haven’t even had a chance to see the impact that made on their potential. Once they are finished, I should take the team out to complete my Duchy quest and see how everyone has improved and allow Darrin to begin integrating with the team. In fact, I should make it a bit of a world tour and hit as many mythic, realm masters, and world bosses that I can after I take care of War Blood.

Finished healing Darrin, Shi Feng then used multiple guild transfer scrolls to travel to the major collection sites for ship construction materials. His non-bag space finally full, he fast traveled to the Guild Residence on Dragonheart Isle, where Blackie was waiting for him.

“Guild Leader, It has been so long since we met in God’s Domain. I can feel the power of your domain has increased many times. What is Tier 4 like?” Blackie bombarded Shi Feng with questions.

“You will get there soon enough, so you can find out for yourself

“Now how are we doing on Dragonheart Isle?”

“Well we were able to acquire 19 more plots of land next to the World Tower before the other groups figured out what was going on and grinded enough reputation to purchase those lots. Because we acquired adjacent lots we were able to build a complex with advanced hotels and restaurants. With the income from these businesses, the Northern Fort, and the travelers store we have been able to stockpile over 2.5 million Ancient Gold Coins! Also, the travelers store upgraded again to Tier 4. Not only is it generating 25,000 ancient gold per day, we are also getting a great harvest of rare materials, designs, and items from the Black Market.

“You have come just in time. All of the medium and smaller shipyards have been taken by other powers. Only the large shipyard remains, and I predict that War Blood with finally have enough reputation to purchase that within the week” Blackie said excited as he updated Shi Feng.

“Well, it is fortunate then that I have arrived now. Let’s head to City Administrator Building.”

After they arrived at the Administration building, Blackie marveled that deferential treatment that Shi Feng received. Finally they met with the administrator.

“My Lord Legendary Adventurer, how may I help you?”

“I would like to purchase the Large Shipyard.” Shi Feng stated as he transferred the 1,150,000 ancient gold coins to the administrator.

“Very well, here is your deed. With this purchase you now have the authority to control the area around the Shipyard. Will you be serving that role?” The administrator asked.

“No, Blackie here will be the Mayor of the Shipyard zone for Zero Wing. He has full authority to direct and control the development.”

Blackie stared at Shi Feng in shock. He had no idea that such a thing was possible, much less expect it to happen. “Guild Leader, what have you done!”

“This? This is just a small reward for all your hard work.”

You must know that Dragonheart City had special governing rules. The city was divided into administrative zones, and whomever controlled the peak tier building in each zone had advanced administration rights. Moreover, the administrator of each zone had status similar to a Count.

“For now, please do not announce the change in ownership.” Shi Feng told the administrator and Blackie gaining their silent assent.

As Shi Feng and Blackie left the administration building, Shi Feng asked Blackie the question that he had been dying to ask since he arrived. “Did you find the tomb that I ask you to find?”

“Yes, we finally found it, it was in the area that you mentioned deep inside the core of the Sea of Death. There is a massive array of water magic sealing it off. However, that is not the big problem. The problem is that is guarded by a Level 132 King-Class, Mythic Undead Kraken! Even if Aqua and the others were here, there is no way that our main force could handle such a monster. Even the new fleet of 75 Bronze Speed Boats would be helpless before that thing.”

‘Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem. I will take care of it. No need to bother the fleet. Speaking of the Fleet, let’s head over to our new shipyard. I sent Burning Abyss a message and he should meet us there in few minutes.” She said confidently.

After a brief visit with Burning Abyss and Blackie to establish the management rights of the Large Shipyard, Shi Feng pulled a thick book radiating powerful feelings of the Sea from his inventory. “What do you think of this?” He said as he handed it to Burning Abyss while revealing the specs for the Sea’s Vengeance Dark Gold Large Sailing ship.

“Where did you find this? No power in Dragonsheart Isle has anything better than a Mysterious Iron Medium Sailing ship, and there are only 4 of those! What are the materials needed?” Burning Abyss inquired as he scanned the engineering design. “No way! Nucleus of Life! Legendary Materials! So much special wood and metal! Guild Leader, this will cost at least 700,000 gold to produce even if we could get the materials.”

“Don’t worry about it, I brought enough materials for 3 of the Dark Gold Flagships, 9 of Secret Silvers Mediums, and at least 30 of the Bronze Smalls. I want you to section off one wing of the shipyard for this construction. Only use the most trusted shipwrights and workers that have signed the most stringent confidentiality agreements. We need to keep this secret for a few more days. In that time I hope you can get one full fleet completed!”

“We will make it happen Guild Leader. You can count on us!”

“I know you will.”

“Blackie, I want you to begin moving some of our members to Dragonheart Isle. Try to be just stealthy enough that the Super Powers get only a hint of movement. Don’t go overboard. Also, start gathering our best naval legacies and talents to man the ships that we have coming. I want War blood and Starlink to know something is going on but not what. Also, keep close track of their fleets. Ideally, find a King-class that they could take and leak a rumor that we are going for it. Try to time it so that they start raiding around the time the deadline that I will announce in a couple of days for War Blood to hand over their medium fort.

“We will need at least 5,000 maritime players for the new fleet. Ask Sin for help if you need more people. Also, have the Dark Gods legion begin raiding every level 120 large and ultra-large team dungeon that we know about, starting in 2 days. Make sure that they keep on their black cloaks. I know that they can’t clear them yet, especially on higher difficulties. I want them to focus on clearing the dungeons up to the final boss on normal mode. I would like to have as many of those ready as possible once I take care of War Blood’s Fort. I want to focus on dungeons located in the territories where Starlink and Illusion Myth have a strong presence.”

His tasks complete, Shi Feng used the Ring of Space to teleport near the coordinates that Blackie had given him for the location of the Tomb that should contain the Cleansing Fire sword.

“Hmm, I should probably send all of my experience the Thunder Eagle. It needs to level up and that way I can keep my level at 130 so that I can get all of those juicy first clears on the dungeons that the Dark Gods Legion are raiding.” He couldn’t help grinning in pleasure at the thought of all of those first clear of hell mode announcements ringing one after another, right in the faces of Starlink and Illusion Myth.

As he floated in the air using his domain, Shi Feng called forth the Thunder Eagle and summoned his first demon since becoming Tier 4.


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