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Chapter 2700 – A wee bit of forging

Shi Feng entered his private forging room with a bounce in his step, excited that he could finally do a bit of forging and test out his new flame. However, his first order of business was to learn the Divine Runic Armor. The armor as a special type of epic armor set. Not only was it designed for mass product but it also fit both physical and magic class players. Since the bulk of the material that made up the design was magic crystals, the cloth, leather and plate class versions of the armor only required minor substitutions of materials. Let’s try this out and make a couple of plate and cloth versions to get a feel for things.

Swiftly an hour passed with Shi Feng finishing two of each version of the armor.


Divine Runic Armor (Armor Set, Epic rank)

Level 80 – 160

Each of the 6 pieces provides

  • Main attribute 1.5 x level and others 1.2 x level
  • Main attribute +10% and others +8%
  • 1 passive skill suited for that armor slot, e.g. hands - cast or attack speed
  • 1 active skill suited for that armor slot, e.g. Feet – movement

2 piece wrap – skill completion percent +2%

4 piece wrap – skill completion percent +3%

6 piece wrap – physique, concentration, fortitude stamina + 10%

While the attributes were not very exciting for Epic Items and the skills were definitely subpar compared to his standards, Shi Feng thought the set was a nice upgrade for most people in the guild. Especially the 4 wrap version that can be used to fill gaps in equipment. Lasting until 160 was a big help as well. The real benefit however was in the set effects. Skill completion and hidden attributes were major benefit.

Ok, now that I have the hang for let’s go all out for Violet. First, I should add a nucleus of life to support her healing functions. Then, this bottle of temporal sand should go nicely with her bloodline. Finally, I should alter the magic arrays so that someone with a Golden Body of magic power can empower the armor.

For the first time since upgrading to tier 4, Shi Feng brought all of his concentration to bear on the magic arrays that molded the materials as he forged the set. As he forged, he envisioned Violet using the armor, fighting, alternating between life energies and the vast power of space. While his trial attempts only took about 15 minutes each, it was over an hour later when he struck the last hammer blow and tied off the last magic array.

“Let’s hope, that those resources did not go to waste!” he exclaimed.


Temporal Divine Runic Armor

Level 100 – 175 and Golden Body of Magic Power

Each of the 6 pieces provides

  • Main attribute 2.5 x level and others 2 x level
  • Main attribute +20% and others +15%
  • Cast speed and magic effects +5%
  • All cooldowns reduced by 5%
  • Skill Completion +1%
  • 1 passive skill suited for that armor slot, i.e. hands - cast or attack speed
  • 1 active skill suited for that armor slot, i.e. Feet – movement

2 piece wrap – All healing spells improved by 1 Tier

4 piece wrap – physique, concentration, fortitude stamina + 20%

6 piece wrap

Active Skill – Temporal Domain

  • Cast speed and damage improved by 50%
  • All Cooldowns less than 1 day reset
  • Recover 5% HP and MP per second
  • Duration 60 seconds
  • Cooldown 3 hours

System: Congratulates player for creating a new epic set design, Temporal Divine Runic Armor. Forging experience 250,000, 0.5 Level of experience, 10 pieces demonic obsidian.

Shi Feng was dumbfounded by the award and item creation. “Unfortunately, with these cost no one in God’s Domain can afford to make the darn thing, even me. At Least this gets the Epic item creation requirement for Grandmaster out of the way.

This epic set should definitely help Violet with her class change as she doesn’t have any super powerful armor pieces. Although the +20% boost didn’t seem like much compared to Shi Feng’s items that gave plus 50% or even over 100% to attributes, the compounding effect of 6 items created an increase of nearly three-fold.

While the guild could use many more of the standard Divine Runic Armors, Shi Feng was simply too busy right now. He need to finish up in quickly with a couple of Casting Goldstones for himself and Violet. Between his upgrade to High Grade Magic Array Master and Icarus’ Soul, his control should be at the grandmaster level. Previously, just completing two of the three arrays and using an epic weapon gave 15% increase to all attributes, an additional 5% for the main attribute and 25% increase in physique. Just how much more powerful will the three layer version be when used on a lesser legendary weapon?

Shi Feng quickly forged 10 casting Goldstones, twice triggering the blacksteel insignia. It seems the increased Luck from Icarus’ Soul is very powerful.

“That should be enough for moment. Let’s see what this does when attached to the Abyssal Blade.” He thought at he attached one of the enhanced Goldstones. Golden Divine runes flowed across the Abyssal Blade as the Goldstone melting into it. Shi Feng could feel his connection with the blade improving by the second. Just like with Killing Ray he felt his mental state improve. However, this time the improvement was even greater than before.

The Abyssal Blade had gained the expected passive skill.

Blood Refining Power: Increases all of user’s Basic Attributes by 30% and main Basic Attribute by an additional 20%. Increases user’s physique by 35%, as well. All attacks claim some of the target’s Life Energy to restore the user’s Concentration and Stamina.

The three layer version really is quite the step up, especially when strengthened and attached to a lesser legendary weapon. Even the regular, unenhanced version should provide a 20-25% boost to all attributes depending on the weapon quality.

Shi Feng eager left his forging room. He quickly made his way to the Candlelight Trading company warehouse where he stuffed his newly upgraded inventory with items that the western continent valued. He used the Ring of Space to set a teleportation marker and then activated the Lord’s token for the Star Splendor Fort. In a short moment, Shi Feng appeared in the Star Splendor Fort Lord’s Mansion on the Western Continent.

He immediately went to the Dark Blue Chamber of Commerce to trade his inventory for the specialty products of the western hemisphere. He paid particular attention to insure that he had enough rare materials to build the three Sea’s Vengeance Dark Gold Large Sailing ships and their supporting fleets of 5 Secret-Silver Medium and 25 Bronze Small Sailing ships. Those materials alone consumed about 7 million of the expected 8 million gold profit. Still, despite that cost, he was able to turn a small profit and reload his inventory for the trip back. It was a shame that he couldn’t make a round trip every day. Unfortunately, even with Dark Blue Chamber of Commerce collecting trade goods for him, they could only gather enough materials for such a round trip every four or five days.

If I set up a proper, triangle trade route between the continents and Dragon Heart Isle, I should be able to make about 10 million gold coins and 500,000 ancient gold coins every 5 days.

As he was finishing up at the Chamber of Commercial, Violet contacted him to let him know that she had arrived at the Lord’s Mansion.


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