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Chapter 2699 – Catching up with Sharlyn

“Both Seliora and Melancholy need three days to finish their work.  I think giving War Blood a two day countdown at the end of those three days which should give me enough time to prepare fully.  I need Liang Jing to organize a media and forums campaign as well as prepare the rumors so that when I make the announcement War Blood will move his naval assets as I want.” Shi reminded himself as he entered the Adventurer’s Association. 

He immediately headed to the second floor VIP section.

“How may we help you my Lord Marquis,” the glamorous VIP hostess asked. 

“I am here to register my Tier 4 class,” Shi announced softly so as not to create a disturbance.

The hostess immediately left her station and led the way to the Office of the Administrator. “Our Administrator wishes to personally conduct the Tier 4 registration.” The hostess explained on the way. 

As they entered the administrator’s office, he smiled warmly at Shi Feng.  “Respected Marquis news of your ascension to Tier 4 is most welcome.  Star-Moon Kingdom has suffered greatly from the depredations of these strange Saint Models.  I hope our first heaven-blessed Tier 4 will ease some of the suffering.  Please place your hand on orb so that we can certify you as an official Tier 4.”

After Shi Feng placed his hand on the orb, mana and light swirled about him, shocking the Administrator as usually the confirmation process doesn’t cause such a commotion. Could it be the Administrator wondered, seeking confirmation of his suspicion that Shi Feng had become a Legendary Adventurer.  Indeed it was true.  Confirmation appeared before his eyes.  Shi Feng was a Legendary Adventurer.

“My lord, Legendary Adventurer, why didn’t you inform us of your status?” The administrator gasped.  ‘This is incredible news and changes a great many things.  There has not been a Legendary Adventurer since Antiquity times.  I need to consult the archives to determine the full scope of your privileges.  For now, however, let’s treat you as 6-star Adventurer.  As a 6-star Adventurer, you have 3 major perks:  You can accept multiple Kingdom Quests, Once per month you can revive a failed or expired quest, and you can accept multiple S+ ranked quests at a time.  Also a Lord of Stone Forest City and Cold Spring Canyon, you qualify for this.”

Shi Feng read the Quest prompt that appeared before him.

SSS-ranked Kingdom Quest: Creating a Duchy, Conduct punitive operations against the remaining six Monarchs of Big Cold Spring Forest and unify control of the entire neutral region.  Rewards: Promotion to Star-Moon Kingdom Duke and ownership of Big Cold Spring Forest Duchy.

“Honored Legendary Adventurer. I urge to accept this quest and complete it as soon as possible.” The Administrator pleaded. “Star-Moon Kingdom has been quite suppressed these past few weeks.  Adding a new Duchy would not only provide a massive morale boost but would inject much needed economic stimulus into the Kingdom.  However, I must warn you that these Saint Models have had a strange influence on many areas and monsters, causing them to strengthen and raise levels.  I fear that these Monarchs may have reached Level 120.”

Shi Feng immediately accepted the quest.  “Don’t worry Administrator, I will succeed and expand our Star-Moon Kingdom.” He declared.  “I would also like to reactive the Epic Guild quest, ‘Ancient Battlefield’ if you don’t mind”

“Yes my Lord Legendary Adventurer.  I wish you a fast and successful resolution to your quests.”

Registration accomplished and dazzling new quest for a Duchy in hand, Shi Feng left the Associated and headed directly to the Library to see Sharlyn.

As Shi entered the upper floor, he was stunned to see that Sharlyn had grown to be a Level 200 Tier 6 Oracle God.  “How does she keep advancing at this rate? Where can she go from here?

“Well look who has started to grow up.  I see you have managed your Tier 4 class change without me helping.  However did you do that?” Sharlyn inquired.

“Just a lucky encounter, I guess.” Shi Feng replied. 

“What do you know about this?” He asked as he displayed his Legendary Adventurer title.

“Well, well, how did you manage that little feat.  You are too low of a level for the usual methods. Tier 6 should be the minimum for those methods. Could it be that you heaven blessed individuals can access those ancient methods.  Tell me.  Did you somehow achieve greater than 100% completion on your class change quest?” Sharlyn wondered.

“Yes, I didn’t realize it was possible until it happened. So you are saying that this is something the ancients could accomplish as well”

“The ancient texts had some strange references to the paths taken by those that went on to achieve Tier 6 and beyond.  However, we all thought those were flights of fancy.

“If you don’t need help with your class change why have you come?  It can’t be because the recent disturbances as they have improved in the last several days. BTW, that little situation with Beast Emperor, A Demon God, and some unknown third party needs sorting out relatively soon” Sharlyn stated as she waved her hand casually towards Shi Feng.

Lesser Legendary Quest, Eliminate Saint Model base of operations from Star-Moon Kingdom, Time limit 60 days, reward unknown, penalty for failure likely destruction of Star-Moon Kingdom, loss of 10 levels and 25% of attributes.  Quest automatically accepted!

“What the hell was that?” Shi Feng exclaimed.  However, he could only shake his head in frustration at being forced to accept such a quest as Sharlyn was an existence far beyond him, one that seeming grew farther and farther from him despite his meteoric rise in power.

Pulling out the Black Spatial Flame, Shi Feng asked, “Could you help me absorb this?”

“Oh my, aren’t you the industrious one.  Yet another mysterious flame.  Wherever do you find these things?  Are they cabbages for the picking?  That is a pretty special Tier 4 Flame you have their.  It has one of the three supreme elements.  Well if you are ready, let us begin.” Sharlyn declared as she began drawing every more complex magical arrays.

Shi Feng had been this road before so he immediately began trying fuse with the Flame. The pain this time far exceeded any he had experienced before.  Every cell in his body felt as if it was twisting and fracturing in space.  Even his soul felt like it was constantly fracturing and reforming. Thanks to his improved soul, brain function and upgraded magic array mastery, however, he could actually understand the arrays.  In fact, not only did he believe that he could conduct the next fusion by himself, but he also gain many insights, including how he enhance the Casting Goldstone to provide extra power for those with stronger souls and magic body power.

After several agonizing minutes, the fusion process was complete. Shi Feng knew that he had gained a much firmer control over the mysterious flame and final some control over soul fire!

Black Spatial Soul Flame (Fused Tier 4 Mysterious Flame)

Upon fusing the Black Spatial Flame with Soul Fire:

  • Increases all Basic Attributes by 500
  • Increases physique by 15%
  • Increases reaction speed by 20%
  • Increases perception range by 20%
  • Increases Magic Resistance by 150

When activated:

  • Increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30%
  • Increases damage dealt by 50%
  • Increases production success rate for forging, alchemy, and cooking by 20%
  • Use soul vision to examine entities and “see them” regardless of light conditions
  • Optional - can increase destructive effects of attacks by 200%
  • Optional – deal minor damage to souls doubling death penalty and causing victims to be unable to log into God’s Domain for six hours

Grants Control of Black Soul Fire

  • Track soul chains without being detected

Active Skill: Soul Fracture

  • Horrific combination of spatial fracture and soul fire deals immense damages to souls, ripping them and burning them simultaneously
  • Death penalty increased by 10 levels
  • Victims are unable to log into God’s domain for 10 natural days
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Cooldown: 10 days

“Finally, at least I now have some control over that Legendary Quest, Lost Magic.  Even if I am still too weak to tackle it, at least I can avoid that Scary Bastard Youth’s attention.” Shi sighed with relief.

“Before you go young adventurer.  I hope that you can help me with a small matter.” Sharlyn asked as she motioned of one of the guards to come over.  The guard moved slowly, his limbs stiff as if his brain function was slowed so much that even impacted his movement.  “This is Daren.  He was one of my very most promising young trainees.  He just recently completed his class change to a Tier 4 Divine Protector.  However, when he was protecting one of my interests out in the Kingdom, he slew one of these new invaders and suffered some form of soul malady.  I have heard that you possess great quantities of Soul Essence and water of life. I believe that with sufficient quantity of those treasures he can return to his prior form. I estimate that 25 drops of Soul Essence should do the trick.  I would take care of it myself but even for me acquiring that much Soul Essence is problematic. The Water of Life would just take a bit time, but Soul Essence is challenging. If you were to help him, I would be thankful and I am sure Daren would be grateful enough to help you out for a while.  What do you say?”

Shi Feng stared at Sharlyn in shock. Did she just offer me a personal guard?  Not only that, a Tier 4 buffing tank?  Divine Protectors were a Guardian Knight Advanced Hidden Legacy that incorporated numerous buffing and healing auras.

“I will certainly do my best to help Darrin.  Please have him meet me in Stone Forest City as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued help. I will take my leave now as I have many affairs to arrange. I will return when I am prepared for your quest.” Shi Feng told Sharlyn as he left.

Shi Feng swiftly made his way to the Jealous Witch’s Dimension inside Witch’s Hill.

As he boldly stepped into the Witch’s abode, he felt the terrifying pressure of her glaze land upon him as the Jealous Witch focused her attention on him. 

“You dare return to me!  I should punish you by crushing that little City of yours that is nearby.  However, I detect of whiff of primordial power coming from you, and your bravery intrigues me.  Hurry! Explain why you dared show you face after you failed my last request!” The Jealous Witch raged.

“Honored Witch.  Please accept my most sincere apologies for my previous failure.  I lacked the strength to complete the task that you assigned me.  However, I knew your request must have grave importance and relate to primordial energy.  Thus, instead of 100,000 Primordial Crystals, perhaps you could accept this instead.” Shi Feng offered as he removed 1,000 Primordial Sources.”

“Little adventurer, if I had known that you would bring me such treasures.  I would have offered you are far greater reward.  Now, I can create a greater stabilization with the primordial secret land.  However, since you failed my earlier request I will only give you the promised reward to that quest, this Runic Armor Design.  I have preparations make.  Opening this portal should provide some stabilization to God’s Domain dimension, making it more difficult for Undead, Demons, and this new unknown power to exert influence in this dimension.  The stabilization effects should begin within a day, but the portal to the secret realm won’t open for 10 days or so.   You should prepare as this secret realm is focused on small group training and small team dungeons ranging from level 120 to 160.”

Shi Feng gratefully accepted his reward and fled before the Jealous Witch could change her mind.  This area is about to become a promised land for independent players and small Adventure Groups.  This is just the boost Zero Wing City needs to advance!  With that happy thought, Shi Feng crushed a guild return scroll and teleported back to Stone Forest City.  He had some forging to do!



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