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Chapter 2698 – White River City to visit a Grand-master Smith


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A simple phone call and visit to the neighborhood forge!  Nothing exciting to see here LOL

Chapter 2698 – White River City to visit a Grandmaster Smith

After leaving the Battle Arena, Shi Feng headed to the public teleportation array. Thanks to his victory at Silver Wing City, the Saints Models had stopped actively attacking the large cities in Star-Moon Kingdom, and, at least for major cities, teleportation service had been restored albeit at greatly inflated prices due to the extra magic power needed to overcome the background suppression of the Saints Models.

On his way to the teleportation hall, he let both Melancholic Smile and Violet know that he would be making a round trip to the western continent in about 12 hours and to prepare as many trade goods as possible. Of course, when he let them know of his expanded inventory, they both shook their heads in amazement and muttered, “How is this possible Guild leader!” To which, Shi Feng could only smile.

Upon his arrival in White River City, only a modest number of players were using the teleportation hall. Moreover, their levels were not particularly high. The highest levels that he saw were only Level 116. “Surely by now, people should have higher levels?” Moreover, the players went about their business listlessly, as if they were just going the motions. The excitement and vigor he was used to seeing in White River City simply no longer existed. Although the Saints Models had backed off somewhat in Star-Moon Kingdom, they still exerted a strong suppressive effect on the players’ mood and progress. “I wish I had time to do something about this terrible morale, but it will just have to wait a day or two until I finish getting Violet ready for her class change.

While heading to Seliora’s shop in an advanced carriage, Shi not only took the opportunity to observe the current state of affairs in White River City, but he also called Thirteen Thrones Guild Leader Melancholy.

“Guilder Black Flame! It has been a while since we last spoke. You certainly have caused quite the stir last week, although you have been strangely under the radar these last several days. To what do I own this unexpected call?” Melancholy asked curiously.

“Have you heard of the attack on our instructor Lei Bao?”

“Yes, that news has traveled fast in our circle. Surely you don’t think that Thirteen Thrones was involved, do you?”

“Of course not, we have always gotten along well, and you really have no motive for such a thing. However, our investigations have confirmed that the War Blood Adventure group was behind the attacks, likely with support from Starlink. This attack is an unforgivable act!” Shi Feng proclaimed, his passion and anger radiating so strongly that Melancholy felt the suppression even through the video.

“That is most distressing, although not unexpected. With their success on Dragonheart Isle, War Blood has grown increasing arrogant. May I know why you have contacted me at this time? As much as I would like to help you teach War Blood a lesson, Elder Wu and the other leaders wouldn’t allow me to interfere.” Melancholy sighed with regret.

“Rest assured, I would not impose on Guild Leader in such a manner. Nor do I need anyone’s help punishing those overreaching bastards! Instead, I have called to inquire about your business relationships in the Medium Fort that War Blood and Starlink captured.” Shi Fend stated.

“We were not involved in the capture of the Fort as our main forces were focused on exploring the depths of the Gravity Mountains and relationships between our guilds have cooled a bit as Starlink and Thirteen Thrones no longer require each other’s help to progress in the Gravity Mountains. However, we do have some investments in the fort. Why do you ask?” Melancholy inquired.

“How long would it take you to exit your investment there if you were in a hurry?” Shi Feng replied.

Puzzled by the exceeding odd question, Melancholy answered back. “Perhaps a few days if we were willing to eat a bit of a loss? Again, why do you ask?”

Rage radiating from his eyes, Shi Feng spoke with utter conviction “Soon that medium fort shall cease to exist! Moreover, I intend to publically demand reparations from War Blood a few days in advance, requesting that they hand over the fort in compensation. Of course in their arrogance War Blood and Starlink will not comply and likely mock this demand. I expect that they will fortify their holdings with every tool in their arsenal. IT WILL NOT SUFFICE! For too long, our Zero Wing has held back. For too long we have suffered in the insults of our so-called superiors. Super Guilds, Financial Organizations, Ancient Families. All of these powers believe that they can suppress us, take from us, even attack us in the real world. NO MORE! I shall remove that stain on God’s Domain known as War Blood. Starlink shall suffer as well, although much less than War Blood. If they learn their lesson, I will leave them be as I only suspect their involvement in the attack on Lei Bao but do not have proof.

‘Zero Wing would very much like to work with Thirteen Thrones on Dragonheart Isle going forward. So I took this opportunity to give you advance notice. Hopefully, you can use this notice to minimize your losses or even use it to your advantage. Of course, if you do experience some losses, I will provide some compensation of the form of equipment. What do you think of my offer?”

Melancholy couldn’t believe such outrageous claims. Eliminate a medium fort. Expunge a Guild. Preposterous. His brain immediately ruled out any possibility of such a series of events occurring. However, Melancholy had been a Guild Leader of a Super Guild for decades. His senses and intuition had developed beyond the realm of common understanding. That intuition now hammered at his consciousness with one simple message. Believe him.

Time stretched as Melancholy pondered Shi Feng’s declaration. Seconds became minutes. This decisive guild leader who could usually make decisions in micro-seconds, sat immobile, envisioning all possible permutations of Zero Wing’s stance. Finally, after nearly ten minutes of motionless silence, Melancholy gathered himself and resolutely answered Shi Feng. “Against all better judgement, I believe you. Certainly I know that you believe yourself. However, for some reason, despite all logic arguing otherwise, I also believe. I will keep this secret, even from the guild. Give me three days before you make your announcement so that I can minimize the impact. This will also enable Thirteen Thrones to avoid suspicion in our involvement. I appreciate your warning. If you succeed and follow through with your promise to provide compensation, then I expect that we can accomplish great things together on Dragonheart Isle.”

“Thank you Guild Leader Melancholy! I must be off now as I have much to accomplish.” Shi confidently ended the conversation.

Just as he ended the communication, the advanced carriage arrived at Seliora’s Blacksmith shop. Insuring that Nightwalker’s Cape concealed all information about him, Shi Feng exited the carriage and knocked on Seliora’s door.

“Come in. Come in.” Seliora exclaimed. “Since I got your call, I have been reviewing my notes for this Broke Steele set design. I have confidence that I have at least 35% chance of succeeding. However, there is still much that I don’t understand about this design. I would have a good chance at making a legendary item with these materials. Yet, no matter how I study it, the result will an Epic set. Something very, very strange is going on with this design. Moreover, even I can’t predict what powers and skills that it might have. I have never run into a design like this in my career. Do you actually have all of the materials ready?”

“Grandmaster, of course I have materials.” Shi Feng grinned mischievously. “I would not bother you without having the materials.

Turning serious as the grin slipped from his face, Shi Feng continued “I have the materials. Moreover, I have brought some things to help you in your efforts. However, if what I am about to reveal gets out, not only will our rivals attack us relentlessly, Kings and Emperors will come for us as well. Thus, may I ask if Grandmaster Seliora would sign this secrecy contract? As compensation for signing it, I offer these items.”

Shi Feng placed the contract, a Nucleus of Life and 25 grains of Temporal Sand in front of Seliora.

When Seliora heard the words, secrecy contract, she began to rage. How dare he question me? Question my integrity. Just as she prepared to tell him to go to hell and forget having her forge anything for him ever again, she felt an overwhelming surge of life force from the table in front of her. What is this? Seeing the Nucleus of Life and the Temporal Sand lying beside the contract, Seliora fell into deep contemplation. Just what secret is worth giving these heavenly forging materials as compensation for signing as simple secrecy agreement? Her raging subsided just as fast as it arose, replaced with a feverish desired to make something earth shaking with those ingredients.

“Ok, I forgive you and will sign your silly contract.”

Thank heavens that worked, Shi exhaled in relief. “I have prepared 3 sets of materials for you to attempt the forging.”

Shi Feng transferred three compete sets of the materials required by the Broke Steele design.

Puzzled, Seliora inquisitively looked Shi Feng. I already knew the material requirements. There should have been no contract required just to receive these materials, even if I have no idea where that boy managed to acquire 3 Nucleus of Life in addition to the one he already gave me.

After a slight pause, Shi Feng squared his shoulders resolutely and began placing item in front of Seliora.

Seliora could not believe her eyes as Shi Feng made three piles, obviously one for each attempt at forging the Set. First, he placed 5 more Nucleus of life in each pile. As if that wasn’t mind boggling enough, he proceeded to produce three bottles of Eternal Sand. You must know that a bottle of Eternal Sand contained 500 grains. 500 Hundred Grains! Shi Feng obviously intended that she augment the Forging process with these materials to enhance both likelihood of success and the power of the set.

“I will need some time to determine how best to incorporate this bounty of materials, but I expect that my success rate should exceed fifty percent. Certainly with three sets of materials, I am extremely confident that I can succeed.” Seliora exclaimed.

Shi Feng grinned at her enthusiasm. You can always trust a Forger to become excited about extraordinary materials and a new project, much less one of this magnitude.

“I have brought two treasures that I will lend to you to insure success.” Shi Feng explained.

“This one you have seen previously.” Shi Feng stated as he pulled the Book of Forging from his bag. The last time he lent it to Seliora she was able to break through to Grandmaster. Its help this time could only be more impact.

“This however is the reason for the need for the contract. This is treasure of incalculable value.” Shi Feng declared reverently.

Seliora stared a Shi Feng, wondering what item could induce such a tone in Shi Feng’s voice. Even when she had presented him with a pseudo-extraordinary item before he even earned his first class, he did not have such a tone. Despite her magic arrays that could contain the mana from a legendary item, the mana in her forge suddenly exploded, roiling around and condensing on the blood red bead in Shi Feng’s hand.

In disbelief she accepted the bead. It was none other than the Philosopher’s Hand!

Philosopher's Hand (Legendary Rank)

A special gemstone crafted by the Philosopher Urhart, containing incredible power that is capable of manipulating the soul.

Additional Passive Effect:

  • The wielder of the Philosopher's Hand will have all of their subclasses temporarily raised by one rank.

Additional Active Skill 1 - Philosopher's Soul

  • Offers players guidance for 10 hours when crafting items.
  • Cooldown: 12 hours

Additional Active Skill 2 - Soul Fantasy

  • Allows players to enter an imaginary world for 8 hours. During this time, players may use the materials that they know of to produce items without limit.
  • Cooldown: 15 hours

Seliora was overwhelmed as she felt her Forging level rise to Famed Smith from Grandmaster. Moreover the two skills defied all expectations. Greed even flashed through her mind before she calmed herself.

“With these tools I will forge you an Epic Armor Set like this world has never seen!” Seliora vowed.

“Grandmaster, take your time. Use these tools and materials. Make the finest armor possible. After you have succeeded, any leftover materials are yours to keep and you may borrow these treasures for 1 month.

Seliora couldn’t believe her ears. One month of pure research with these treasures. Oh the items she could create. After a month she had a chance to reach Famed Smith in reality.

Greed and desire gleaming in her eyes, she shoved Shi Feng out of the door. “Come back in 3 days’ time. Your armor will be waiting for you.” Seliora vowed as she slammed the door behind him.

That went well. Same Seliora, no time for goodbyes when there is forging to be done. Shi Feng laughed to himself. Off to the Adventurers association.


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