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Chapter 2697 – Philosopher’s stone, Plans for the Jealous Witch and Lei Bao


A note from ramses

Finally last set up chapter.  Next chapter begins forward momentum with a trip to White River City to see the wizards, err Blacksmith and a rapidly evolving holy lady.

Chapter 2697 – Philosopher’s stone, Plans for the Jealous Witch and Lei Bao

“I have searched for so long to find another piece of the Philosopher’s Stone. I wonder what changes this repair will create in it,” Shi uttered as he watched the fist-sized blood red stone begin to merge with the two pieces of the Philosopher Stone that he had already found. After experiencing all of the massive disruptions, crazy explosions of magic power, and even the presence of divine might from his massive upgrade spree, Shi Feng barely acknowledge the surge of power in his warehouse as he anxiously awaited the combination. He had tremendous hopes for the repaired stone as the new fragment was as large as the previous two fragments combined.

Finally the roiling power subsided and the repaired Philosopher’s Stone hovered in the air in front of him. Shi Feng grabbed the stone and growled “appraise!”

Philosopher’s Stone (Special Item, Reinforced Epic rank) - Currently 64% Restored

A sacred item for Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone can be used to turn stone into gold, revive the dead, and has many more unfathomable uses. However, the Philosopher’s Stone was damaged and broken into five pieces by the Sword Emperor, Schneider. Nevertheless, the Philosopher’s Stone possesses immense strength. As long as the five pieces are gathered, it will be able to recover all of its strength.

Active Effect: Due to being damaged, the Philosopher’s Stone possesses less than 45% of its original strength. It can only be used for Alchemical and Elemental processes currently.

Alchemical Powers: Analysis, Conversion, Duplication, Recharge, Strengthening, and Synthesis

Elemental Powers: Analysis, Conversion, Refinement, and Strengthening

Drops upon death.

“Hmm, several new powers have appeared. Analysis seems like a pretty straightforward power that focuses on determining formulas, components and properties of items and reagents, while Conversion should operate like the elementary version to transform items of similar tier. However, I must learn more about Duplication, Recharge, and Strengthening” Shi Feng exclaimed excitedly.

Duplication: Create a copy of any scroll or potion

  • Cannot make copies of copies
  • For same tier, can make 1 duplicate per charge
  • Can create lower tier replicas with a limit 10 for 1 tier lower and 100 for 2 tiers lower
  • Current maximum tier: Tier 4 / Epic rank / High Grade Master
  • Cost variable depending on quality

Recharge: For items with charges / uses refill to maximum charges

  • Small chance to increase the number of charges
  • Items can only be recharged once currently
  • Cost variable depending on quality

Strengthening: Raise the quality of a consumable item

  • Current maximum quality Dark Gold Items / High Level Master Potion / Advanced Array
  • Strengthen Items cannot be duplicated
  • Cost variable depending on quality

“I am going to need a mound of Mana Stones, so let’s see how much the synthesis has improved,” Shi wondered as he placed 50,000 magic crystals into the expanding working window of Philosopher’s Stone. After selecting synthesis, Shi Feng received 2000 Mana Stones instead of the expected 500. “Such improvement! It must have a 100% success rate now and only require 25 units instead of 50% and 50 units as before. The restoration rate did nearly double so perhaps this is to be expected.” Shi Feng swiftly converted another 950,000 magic crystals into a total of 40,000 Mana Stones.

“What else should I try,” Shi Feng pondered as he examined his inventory as well as Zero Wing’s. ‘Wait a minute, why do we have nearly 2,000,000 primordial fragments? We must have forget to cancel the guild quest for them when we failed to get enough to meet the Jealous Witch’s deadline. Hmm. Let’s see what we can do with these.”

Shi Feng bulk loaded the 1.9 million fragments into the Philosopher’s Stone and hit combine, generating 395,000 primordial stones, twice as many as an alchemist could synthesize. “Now, for the big test” Shi Feng again hit combine.

“That is a great sign, a loading bar!” After nearly a minute, the Philosopher’s Stone finally completed the combination, and Shi Feng collected 1,000 Primordial Sources. Intriguingly, the combine button was still there, albeit not lit up at the moment. “There must an even higher synthesis for which we either lack the ingredients or more restoration is needed, perhaps both. That will have to wait for another day however as with these Primordial Sources, I just might be able to bribe the Jealous Witch into allowing me to complete the quest late. I will attempt that while Seliora is working on my armor.”

Next, Shi Feng placed the Epic Inheritance Scroll into the Philosopher’s Stone and selected Recharge. The Stone prompted him to insert 1,000 Mana Stones. “Highway robbery! If I didn’t have the Philosopher’s Stone that would be the equivalent of 200,000 magic crystals. Still, I will gladly pay the cost” Shi Feng sighed as he fed the Mana Stones. The Mana Stones crumbled to dust, the vast magic power contained devoured by Philosopher’s Stone. The Inheritance scroll flashed with power. “I sure glad that worked and even triggered the charge increase. With 4 charges, this will serve a powerful base for duplication!”

Without hesitation, Shi Feng opted to duplicate the Epic Scroll.

System: This item has 4 charges and is eligible for 4 duplicates. Each duplicate costs 5,000 Mana Stones. This item can also create 10 Dark Gold replicas for 1,000 Mana Stones each and 100 Fine Gold replicas for 500 Mana Stones each. Please select the number of duplicates and/or replicas.

“So harsh! Just the duplicates cost 20,000 Mana Stones, which would cost anyone but me 4 million magic crystals. However, if Zero Wing can have four extra members complete Class change quickly with the possibility of greater than 100% completion we will be prepared for anything, including Sword of Frost Day’s mystery mission.”

Shi Feng swiftly converted another 950,000 magic crystals into a total of 40,000 Mana Stones. He selected the maximum 4 duplicates and 10 Dark Gold replicas. His face pallid, Shi Feng paid the 30,000 Mana Stone price. As the vortex of magic power finally subsided, Shi examined the results of his horrific spending spree. “If anyone ever learns that I just spent the equivalent of 6 million magic crystals just to get 14 scrolls, they would surely claim that I have gone insane. Now that Zero Wing has 5 Epic Inheritance Scrolls with 4 charges and 10 Dark Gold Inheritance Scrolls with 2 charges, the very same one’s that Super Powers fought over in the previous timeline, we will have a team of Tier 4’s before anyone else has even 1. We will recoup this investment 20-fold at least!”

“One final experiment before I head to the Battle Arena to upgrade the Evil God Tablet and speak with Lei Bao. If this works, War Blood Adventure will be erased from God’s Domain and Starlink will pay a ruinous price for provoking us. War Blood never should have attacked Lei Bao in the real world like that. All gloves are off and they must cease to exist!” Shi Feng exclaimed, anger surging in his voice.

From his warehouse, Shi Feng pulled 10 bottles of the Haunt potion that Underworld had used when it tried to take equipment for Zero Wing back in the early days in White River City. “Thankfully, I kept a few of these.” Shi Feng Analyzed the potion in the Philosopher’s Stone.

Haunt –Advanced Apprentice level potion, key function increase player drop rates. “Good, its potion level isn’t too high and the ingredient list isn’t too crazy. I will give this ingredient list to Melancholic Smile so that she can have someone work on reverse engineering it. However, that is for later. Strengthen!” Shi Feng cried.

System: To strengthen an Advanced Apprentice potion to High Grade Master Potion requires 250 Mana Stones.

Shi Feng continued his spendthrift ways and poured yet another 2500 Mana Stones in the Philosopher’s Stone for the 10 potions. The vicious, oily black fluid grew even darker and more evil smelling.


Reaver (High Grade Master potion)

  • Increase player drop rates 750% (up from 300%)
  • Increase player drop rates from bags to 5% per item with no maximum
  • Triple death penalty
  • 30 minute duration

“With Icarus’ Soul, anyone I kill while this is active will drop every equipped item and a third or more of their inventory.”

Grabbing 200,000 Evil Crystals and a little something for Lei Bao from Guild warehouse, Shi Feng headed to Stone Forest City’s Battle Arena. Immediately upon arrival he headed to the top floor and room where the Evil God Tablet resided. Taking the 200,000 Evil Crystals from his bag, he fed them to the Tablet, meeting its one of its upgrade conditions.


Third Frament of Evil God's Tablet (Special Tool, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Active Skill 1 - Illusory Space

  • Skill Effect 1: Players wielding an Evil Energy Crystal and standing within 10 yards of the Evil God's Tablet shall enter the tablet's image with their consciousness, experiencing battle directly. Each Evil Energy Crystal grants two complete experiences.
  • Skill effect 2: Forms an Illusory Space of 400-yard radius. The Illusory Space will create a copy of any player that enters. Players can then fight their own copies. The Illusory Creature has all Skills of the copied player and can achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate. Players can choose to challenge Illusory Creatures up to the Dark Gold rank.
  • Duration 50 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 1 hour
  • (Can be evolved. Requires 1 Evil God Crystal to evolve.)

Active Skill 2 - Evil God Domain

  • When activated, create a self-contained field around the tablet that is completely separated from the outside world. Time flows three times as fast inside the field than in the outside world. Mana density inside the field is triple that of the outside world. When Evil God Domain is active, Illusory Creatures will appear inside the space at fixed intervals. Every wave of Illusory Creatures killed will increase the Mana density of the self-contained field slightly. If players are killed by the Illusory Creatures, their souls will be damaged, and they will be prevented from logging into God's Domain for 6 hours.
  • (Can be evolved. Requires 3 Evil God Crystals to evolve.)

An item created by the Evil God. Evil Energy Crystals can be used to repair the divine runes inside the tablet. Requires 2,000,000 Evil Energy Crystals to upgrade.

‘As I hoped it upgrade the Realm of Truth tutorial, doubling the number of experiences. It also doubled the radius for the battle arena, which should nearly quadruple the number of rooms available. It also increase the time dilation for the Domain. This should help Lei Bao get where I need him to be.”

Just as Shi Feng completed the upgrade, Lei Bao entered the room.

“You wanted to see me guild leader,” Lei Bao asked?

“Yes. I know you have begun taking God’s Domain more seriously these past few months. However, after being injured twice in the real world, do you better understand how seriously everyone takes it, including those so-called ancient martial arts families,” Shi Feng asked.

“Yes guild leader. Now that I have made significant progress in the Realms of Truth, getting close to the Ascension Realm, I can even feel the changes carrying over to the real world. No wonder those families are desperate for our training secrets. We make more progress in a month than they do in 10 years. I am fully committed now,” Lei Bao exclaimed.

“Good. I have something for you,” Shi Feng said as he pull a gigantic pair of Cestus from his inventory. The Cestus radiated the unmistakable glow of magic weapon. Lifelike Images of titans battling gods, demons, dragons and angels covered the hand weapons. “This is for you. It is a perfect fit for a battle maniac like you, but in order maximize the benefit from this weapon you will need to delete your account and start over. I want you to train here for the next week, experiencing the Realm of Truth tutorial as often as possible and spending the rest of the time in Domain pushing your standards and techniques, especially magic power utilization. In domain the magic density is far greater and time flows three times as fast. In about a week, I am going to send you to the Tower of the Four Gods, the place that let me breakthrough to grandmaster. Take as much time there as you can. When you return, you can store anything that you want to keep and start over. I have a special Giant Race change token that will immediately race change you regardless of level, and then I give you a Titan bloodline and a few other things to power you up. Then you will qualify for this Cestus of Shura as it is a Titan only weapon. It is both a weapon and Titan-only Peak Legacy. The Guild will power level as much as you want to catch up. Then, once you are at Tier 4, we are going to cheat the system and send you back to the Tower of Four Gods for a visit on your new account. You will be the weapon that we unleash on your enemies both in God’s Domain and real world. What do you think?”

“Hell yes, Guild Leader,” Lei Bao shouted as his eyes feverishly darted from one glorious battle scene to the next on the Cestus. He was drawn to the weapons, unable to stop his hands from sliding across the two weapons caressing them.

“Good it is settled. Work hard on progressing both the Realm of Truth and establishing your domain. Do not forget your magic array practice. The Shura class and weapon not only has some components that utilize magic power but to make the most of it you will need a Top Level Golden Magic body with a high completion rate. I will leave you to your practice,” Shi Feng concluded as he bade Lei Bao farewell and headed towards White River City.

A note from ramses

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