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Chapter 2696

After activating Divine Need, mana particles from the 3 great elements (space, time, and illusion) flooded into the room, swirling into a vortex above his head. As the vortex condensed the mana, a brilliant golden liquid formed a pool at the base of the mana whirlwind. This golden mana flowed into countless streams covering Shi Feng’s body and forming divine symbols.

Shi Feng immediately activated the Lesser Legendary chest. As the loading bar appeared, he could only stare dumbfounded at its length. Previously, Lesser Legendary Chests had only required 20 seconds to open, but this chest required 45 seconds. Time crawled as the loading bar inched forward. Finally, with an enormous swirl of light and mana the chest opened, brilliant beams of light shooting forth like meteors streaking across the sky. Not waiting to inspect the contents of the chest, he immediately began opening the Purple Magic Crystal chest. Again, instead of the expect 20 second opening, a 45 second long loading strip appeared.

As he waited, Shi Feng glanced at the contents of the Lesser Legendary Chest. While he couldn’t take the items yet, his curiosity demanded that he at least take a look. Expecting to see 20, even 30 items, Shi Feng’s eyes widened, and he gasped in surprise as only 4 items sat in the chest. One of the items was clearly a design, and there were no pieces of equipment. “Just how powerful were these items to have a Lesser Legendary chest only produce 4 things,” he wondered?

At last, the Magic Crystal chest sprang open. Divine might roared from within the chest creating a pressure wave as strong as the Tier 4 Spiritual god will. Without the tempering that he experienced in the Antiquity city, he might not have been able to gaze directly into the chest. This time, only 3 items existed, well 2 items and small pile of stones. Divine might radiated from all three items.

“I have 90 seconds left on Divine need, what should I do?” Shi Feng pondered. Thanks to his enhanced brain liveliness, possibilities and plans ran rampant as each was evaluated and triaged. Even without appraising them, he identified the pile of 5 stones as containing divine might. They resembled the advanced Divine Crystal that he earned in the World Summit, only far denser teeming and coiling with divine might. Quickly he snatched one of the crystals and appraised it with omniscient eyes.

Divine Crystal Formation – Crystal formation deliberately created by a god as vessel for transferring their might for use by follower. Contains divine might equal to 10 divine crystals.

Five formations means that there are 50 divine crystals in the chest. With this, I can upgrade the Abyss Sword, Nightwalker Cape, Violet’s Death’s Sigh, Gentle Snow’s Seven Luminaries’ Battle Armor, and Zhao Yueru’s FrostFlame Wrath with a few left over. Wasting no more time, Shi Feng drew the Abyss Sword in one hand and held a Divine Crystal formation in the other.


Divine might flowed in golden streams towards the impenetrable darkness of the Abyss Blade. As the streams reached the blade, they began forming magic arrays that defied his understanding, even with his High Grade Master Magic Array skill. Some of the arrays sank into the metal of blade, minutely correcting and straightening some of the tiny imperfections left over from the recasting. Others reinforced existing magic circuits, increasing the speed of the circulation of magic power and widening the channels through which the power traveled. Still other arrays created ghostly images of entirely new arrays. As these new arrays greedily sucked the surround magic power, they began emanating golden filaments of power that delved into the heart of the blade. The filaments grabbed incomplete arrays from depths of the Abyss blade, filling the gaps in the arrays with divine power, activating them.

Once all of the arrays reached the surface of the blade, jets of pure darkness power burst forth, rapidly drawing complex new arrays above the sword. As darkness power permeated the area, the arrays began pulsing, beating as if they were part of heart. With each beat of the heart the power grew more intense and spatial cracks rippled between the arrays forming a hexagram. The space in the center of the hexagram began pulsing in time with the arrays. Each pulse created a deeper, denser darkness, almost an emptiness.

Suddenly, a massive dragon claw exploded out of the void. Shi Feng could barely perceive the claw as it reached for him so great was its speed. Immense oppression, greater than even the Tier 5 Demon God Phantom, dulled his reaction speed. He had no hope of blocking the claw. “Is this it? Am I finally going to succumb to the Abyss Blade’s backlash just as I was about to achieve true freedom and security for the first time in God’s Domain,” Shi Feng mentally cried.

As the 20 meter claw wrapped around Shi Feng, either to crush him or to drag him through the array and into the Abyssal darkness, Golden Chains blazing with Divine Might manifest from the Divine Runes encircling his body. The chains penetrated all four fingers of the claw blasting them away from Shi Feng. The chains forced the claw backwards, slowly at first but with rapidly increasing speed and momentum. Within a few short seconds, the claw was thrust back into the void, and the chains ripped the void apart.

“I thought I was prepared for the backlash, but I nearly made a fatal error. I hadn’t even upgraded Heavenly Dragon’s Breath with magic star I received. Fortunately, Divine Need saved me as I likely could not have resisted that claw,” Shi Fend exhaled, tension draining from his body. “Well let’s see what we have wrought with this upgrade.


Abyssal Blade (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon, Lesser Legendary Item)

Equipment Requirements Strength 6000 points, Agility 4000 points.

  • Attack Power (Strength attribute 250%)
  • Attack Speed (Agility attribute 2.1%)
  • All Attributes (10 times level)
  • Disregards monster Level + 35
  • Strength +80%, Agility + 80%, Intelligence + 50%, Endurance +60%
  • Attack Speed + 40%
  • All weapon Skill effects increased by 30%
  • Level Requirements reduced by 15 levels
  • All Skill Swordsman skill proficiency + 1 tier to a max of Tier 4
  • Each level obtain 20 free attribute points


  • Have 70% probability for 3 times of damage
  • Have 40% probability for 4 times of damage
  • Increase Attack Damage 3%, up to 45% maximum

Additional Active Skill 1 – Darkness Fetter (Tier 4)

  • Fetters all enemies within 100 yards range for 4 seconds, duration double if only 1 target
  • Magic Resistance and Defense decreased by 100% for 20 seconds
  • Cooldown 40 seconds

Additional Active Skill 2 - Darkness Domain (Tier 4),

  • Creates Darkness domain with radius of 250 yards
  • Enemy perceptions are strongly impaired
  • Basic Attributes drop 25%
  • Create up 36 stock Power of Darkness blades, each Power of Darkness has 130% of Users Strength, and creates 125% darkness damage
  • Duration one minute thirty seconds
  • Cool Down seven minutes

Additional Passive Profound Inheritance Skill 1 – Mana Abyss (Tier 4)

  • The higher the density of the Mana surrounding the Abyssal Blade, the more power the weapon will exhibit up to 150%
  • Increase efficiency and efficacy of Player’s Mana Body by 1 Level

Additional Profound Inheritance Skill 2 – Black Dragon King Soul (Tier 4)

  • Transform into Black Dragon King, higher the mana density the higher the life rating
  • Can use Dragon Breath
  • Duration 15 minutes
  • Cooldown 8 hours

Additional Skill may level up (needs to devour twenty five divine crystals to promote to Tier 5)

A sword recast from the fragments of an ancient, unknown weapon. The Black Dragon King’s power has been sealed within the sword, although the Black Dragon King has cursed the weapon. Beyond the immense strength the blade offers, the wielder must face a Backlash after a certain amount of time. If the wielder cannot suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the Black Dragon King’s curse, permanently reducing all Attributes by 70%.

“No wonder the backlash was so powerful.  The backlash reduction from Blacksmith Jack was lost in the recast.  If that was a typical backlash, I understand why so many people fell to the backlash in the previous lifetime.  The only major change this time was the addition of an increase to his mana body efficiency and efficacy. Since he had an Advanced Epic Mana body, the new passive upgraded his mana body to Peak Epic!  However, everything else did receive a nice power bump, especially the profound inheritances. Upgrading his dragon form and increasing his magic power utilization will enable him to display far more power.

Now that Divine Need has expired I should examine the rest of drops. Let’s start with the remaining items in this Magic Crystal Chest. There are 4 more Divine Crystal Formations for 40 units of divine might plus the 6 left in the Formation that I used for the Abyssal Blade, for a total of 46 units remaining. That is more than enough for me and the others if I hold off repairing destruction armor, which I plan to do until I see how the Broken Steele epic set turns out.

The two remaining items exuded tremendous pressure revealing their extraordinary power. “It is so hard to decide which to pick first. Well let’s go with need first” Shi Feng exclaimed as he grabbed a pitch black ball of flame.


Black Spatial Flame (Tier 4, Mysterious Flame)

“It looks like a trip to see Sharlyn is in order to bind this flame, especially since I need to head to White River City to see the adventurers’ association there and finally have Seliora complete the Broken Steele class set.

Next, he removed a double thick parchment gleaming with divine might.


Ancient God’s Literature Fragment – Page II (tool, Epic Rank)

Immediately upon appraisal, the fifth fragment extricated itself from Shi Feng’s inventory without his consent. Both fragments hovered in the air as they dissolved into particles and combined into thin booklet.

Ancient God’s Literature Fragment – Pages II and V (Tool, Reinforced Epic Rank)

An ancient parchment that has undergone the baptism of time. Its divine runes remain intact and contain unbelievable power.  The combination of two fragments has significantly strengthened the tool. 

Skill 1- Summon Heroic Spirit:

  • Sacrifice a portion of the user’s soul to summon 24 ancient Heroic Warriors to do battle. The summoned Heroic Warriors will be one tier higher than the user up to Tier 4.
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Cooldown: 2 natural days
  • A Weakened Soul cannot conduct the summoning

Skill 2- Soul Absorption:

  • For 5 minutes absorb the souls of creatures for a chance to generate a drop of Soul Essence.
  • Cooldown: 2 hours
  • Stronger targeted creatures increase the chances of generating Soul Essence

Skill 3- Soul Reaping:

  • For 10 minutes absorb the souls of players personally killed by user to generate Soul Essence.
  • 1 drop formed per 250 tiers of souls absorbed, i.e. 1 tier three player yields 3 soul tiers
  • Harvested souls suffer triple death penalties and be unable to login for 3 natural days
  • Cooldown: 1 Natural Day

Skill 4- Soul Strengthening:

  • Consume Soul Essence to strengthen a creature’s soul.
  • Cooldown: 3 hours
  • Stronger targeted creatures require more Soul Essence for Soul Strengthening
  • Strength of Soul Essence is multiplied by the number of fragments. Current multiplier 2X

Skill 5 - Divine Resonance

  • Automatically detects any Ancient God’s Literature Fragments within a 2,000-yard radius.

“Such a change. Soul Reaping means I should take a completely different tact in dealing with War Blood. So nice of them to volunteer to fuel Zero Wing’s Main Force and personal guards. Also, what is this designation, reinforced? It must represent a half-step between tiers?”

“Despite the heaven shaking value of the preceding items, if my guess is correct this next item will trump them all in terms of ultimate value.” Shi Feng breathed hopefully. While each of the other three items tremendously increased his current power, they all were items that enhanced individual strengths and would likely be found given enough time. This fist sized blood red stone, however, represented not only individual power but devastating economic power.

“Please be it! Appraise!”

[Philosopher’s Stone] (Damaged) (Special Item, Epic-rank) (Dropped after death)

A sacred item for Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone can be used to turn stone into gold, revive the dead, and has many more unfathomable uses. However, the Philosopher’s Stone was damaged and broken into five pieces by the Sword Emperor, Knight. Nevertheless, the Philosopher’s Stone possesses immense strength. As long as the five pieces are gathered, it will be able to recover all of its strength.

“Yes! When I finish here and collect the materials from the tree life, I need to head back to the warehouse to see what this does to the Philosopher’s stone. This is the largest piece that I have found yet.”

“Let’s see what is in the Lesser Legendary Chest. What to choose first, the design, the flame radianting the distinctive glow of a mysterious flame, the pouch full of divine might, or odd little token floating in the air? Equipment last! Let’s see about this token.”


Inventory Upgrade Token (Special tool, unranked) – increase an inventory-related item by 1 rank

“To virtually anyone else, this little treasure would at most be a nice upgrade to an ore bag or something. Luckily, I have the epic spatial bag from the mutated Frost Giant. Let’s apply it now.”

Spatial Bag (Item, Lesser Legendary-rank)

  • 30,000 inventory slots
  • 1,000 Built-in Warehouse slots for non-bag items

“Huge increase in slots! With the City Lord’s token and Seven Luminaries Space Ring I can make daily trips to the Western Continent. I need to have Melancholic Smile and Violet prepare for me to make a trip tomorrow.”

“It is so hard to decide which to pick first. Well let’s go with need first” Shi Feng exclaimed as he grabbed a pitch black ball of flame.


Black Spatial Flame (Tier 4, Mysterious Flame)

“It looks like a trip to see Sharlyn is in order to bind this flame, especially since I need to head to White River City to see the adventurers’ association there and final have Senora complete the Broken Steele class set.

“Next this divine bag. The engravings suggest something Moon-God related. Appraise!”

Moon-God’s Seed Pouch (Special Item, Epic – rank)

A small pouch used by the Moon-God to store and extract seeds

Active ability 1 – Seed extraction

  • Extract a seed from any botanical material placed in the pouch
  • Cooldown depends on rarity: Dark-Gold and below – 24 hours, Epic – 3 days, Lesser Legendary – 1 month, legendary – 3 months

Passive ability 1 – Seed storage and enhancement

  • Seeds will not only stay eternally fresh but will have their viability enhanced over time with the possibility of beneficial mutations

Current Inventory:

  • 1 Seven-Color Fruit seed, mutated – provides 1 Seven-color fruit and 5 miniature Seven-Color Fruits every 10 days. Miniature fruits have 1/3 the potency of their larger brethren but still count against the 3 Fruit per lifetime limit.
  • 5 Moon-God’s Surprise seeds - Plant to see what develops.

“I guess there is no time like the present upgrade my Space-Time Garden and plant that Seven Color Fruit.”

Shi Feng fed the Space-Time Garden 70,000 magic crystals to update it once to intermediate, and then he fed it an additional 700,000 to upgrade it a second time to advanced, which changed it into a Fragmented Legendary tool.

Space-time Herb Garden (Tool, Fragmented Legendary - Rank)

There is an independent space inside the Space-time Herb Garden which can be used to cultivate herbs.

  • Current rank: Advanced (Upgrading to Master rank requires 7,000,000 Magic Crystals.)
  • Cultivation space: 1,500*1,500 yards
  • Flow of time: Eight times of that of the outside world
  • Survival rate increased by 30%

After quickly planting the Seven Color fruit seed in the middle of a magic power gathering array, Shi

“Finally this design book. Appraise!”

Sea’s Vengeance, Large Sailing Ship design book, (Engineering Design, Dark Gold rank)

  • Maximum capacity: 750 people
  • Durability 10,000/10,000
  • Item storage: 50,000 bag space slots and 1500 non-bag space slots.

Additional Active Skill 1- Shield:

  • Absorbs up to 500,000,000 damage for 5 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Additional Active Skill 2- Vengeance Cannon:

  • 5,000-yard range. Deals Peak Tier 4 divine damage to a radius of 75 yards.
  • Cooldown: 1 minute
  • 20 cannons are currently equipped. Up to 30 cannons can be equipped

Additional Active Skill 3- Vengeance Aura

  • Reduce the Movement Speed and Attributes of Enemies by 30% within a radius of 1000 yards for 10 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 30 minutes
  • Each activation costs 1000 Magic Crystals.

Additional Active Skill 4-

  • Mana Conversion: Converts Mana into motion, increasing Movement Speed by 100%. Every 100 Magic Crystals consumed extends duration by 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Passive Skill- Braving the Winds and Waves:

  • When sailing with the wind, Movement Speed increased by 100%. When sailing against the wind, Movement Speed is unaffected

“What, this design actually requires 10 nucleus of Life and an elemental core to power this sailing ship! Currently no-one in God’s Domain besides Zero Wing could make such a monster. Even excluding those impossible to find items the materials costs alone exceed 750,000 gold. Hmmm – there are design notes for a Secret-Silver medium and Bronze small version of the ship with vastly lower product costs. This isn’t a ship design, it is a fleet design! The Dark Gold ship can serve as a flotilla flagship. I think we will start with 3, one for Aqua on Dragonheart Island, 1 for Sinned Heart, and 1 for the Western Continent.”

Now that I have appraised everything, it is time to upgrade Nightwalker’s Cape and Heavenly Dragon’s Breath.

Nightwalker’s Cape (Cape, Reinforced Lesser Legendary Rank)

Requirements: 4500 Strength, 3200 Agility

When equipped:

  • All Resistances increased by 150%
  • All damage received reduced by 40%
  • Strength increased by 70%
  • Agility increased by 90%
  • Endurance increased by 60%
  • Ignore Level +20
  • Movement Speed increased by 50%
  • Attack Speed increased by 40%
  • Reaction Speed increased by 40%

Additional Passive Skill 1 - Nightwalker

  • When the cape is equipped, no information about the player can be examined.
  • Physique improved by 20%.

Additional Passive Skill 2 - Divine Speed

  • Player's starting Movement Speed increased to 40% of player's maximum Movement Speed..

Additional Active Skill 1 - Divine Steps

  • Summons 12 doppelgangers before a maximum of 12 targets for 15 seconds. Doppelgangers do not possess any attack capabilities. Throughout this duration, player is invulnerable. Player can switch positions with any doppelganger freely.
  • Maximum cast range of 150 yards.
  • Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2 - Void Shield

  • Forms a shield that has an HP of 15 times the player's maximum HP for 3 minutes. As long as shield exists, player's HP recovery speed increased by 750% and Movement Speed increased by 150%.
  • Cooldown: 30 minutes

Additional Active Skill 3 - Void Barrier

  • Form an impenetrable barrier up to 25 yards radius that lasts for 10 seconds
  • Cooldown: 6 hours

The Blacksmith God Bayer crafted this cloak for the Tyrant of Destruction, but it was damaged in the battle against the God Slayer. However, as the divine runes remained intact, it was partially repaired with by Black Flame. It can be repaired with 25 God Crystals. Current number of absorbed God Crystals (0/25).

“Sure enough, getting an actual, complete Legendary Item isn’t that easy. It looks like I will try to find a source of divine crystals besides the World Summit, although I do need to pay it a return visit.”

Heavenly Dragon’s Breath] (Ring, Reinforced Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 1200, Agility 1200, Intelligence 600

  • Strength +75%
  • Agility +75%
  • Intelligence +50%
  • Endurance +75%
  • Movement Speed +50%
  • Attack Speed +50%
  • Ignore Levels +15
  • All item level requirements reduced by 15 Levels.

Additional Active Skill 1 - Dragon's Authority

  • Suppress all enemies in the surroundings with the might of the Heavenly Dragon, inflicting the Fear status onto enemies within a 75-yard distance, reducing their Attack Power by 50%, Attack Speed by 50%, and Movement Speed by 50% for 1 minute.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2 - Dragon Breath

  • Inflicts 20X damage in 120x10 yard line in front of you. There is a 40% chance to induce the Fainted state for 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Active Skill 3 - Heavenly Dragon's Power

  • Allows the user to temporarily possess the power of the Heavenly Dragon, increasing HP by 800%, Strength by 200%, Agility by 90%, fortitude by 20% and Defense by 500%, and grants immunity to all controlling effects for 3 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 2 hours 30 minutes

Additional Passive Skill - Dragon's Domination

  • Increases the Basic Attributes of all allied Dragons by 30% while suppressing the Basic Attributes of all enemy Dragons by 40%. Every Dragon within a radius of 1,000 yards will increase the user's Attributes by 1000 points

The Dragon Slayer Mekaseru once owned the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath. It was originally a Legendary Ranked Item possessing the suppressed strength of the dragon tribe. Due to damage resulting from a war between Gods, its might has greatly decreased. However, the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath possesses an incomparably strong magic power and possesses the potential to restore itself. Its past glory may be restored with two Magic Stars. Current restoration (2/4).

“I really need to find 2 more Magic Stars. With the way that the power is increasing, even that empowered backlash from the Abyssal blade will be manageable.> Shi Feng muttered to himself as he sped to the Tree of life and collected the 8 Fruits of life and 60ish Nucleuses of Life. Next, he returned to his warehouse to repair the Philosopher’s Stone.”



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