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Chapter 2695

As Shi Feng exited the spatial crack, he was greeted with a series of unexpected system announcements.

System Congratulates Black Flame for completing Tier 4 Blade Saint Class Change: Rating SSS. Please head to the Adventurer’s Association to complete the Tier 4 promotion procedures.

“What?” Shi Feng exclaimed.  “Why is there a rating on this class promotion?”  In the previous timeline, no one ever mentioned a rating beyond their inheritance completion percent.  Moreover, the rating was SSS.  The highest possible rating previously had been SS and that only applied to the lowest tiers.

System Congratulates Black Flame, you are the first person to complete Tier 4 Class change in Beastman Empire: You are rewarded with 1 level, 100 Humanity Reputation Points, 50 class mastery, 10 Legacy points and 1 Silver inheritance chest.

System Congratulates Black Flame, you are the first person to complete Tier 4 Class change in God’s Domain Southern Continent: You are rewarded with 1 level, 100 Humanity Reputation Points, 100 class mastery, 20 Legacy points,  1 seven color fruit and 1 Gold inheritance chest.

System Congratulates Black Flame, you are the first person to complete Tier 4 Class change in God’s Domain: You are rewarded with 1 level, 500 Humanity Reputation Points, 200 class mastery, 30 Legacy points, 1 Magic Star and 1 Epic inheritance chest.

Before he could recover from these stunning rewards, the Main God system released another unprecedented announcement.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the hidden Lesser Legendary Quest “Becoming a Legend!” by earning a SSS rating on a class promotion quest.  Awarding 3 levels, 30 Legacy points, 1 Epic treasure chest, 500 Humanity reputation, Antiquity Baron status, and passive title Legendary Adventurer. 

System: Congratulations! You have completed the hidden Lesser Legendary Quest “Becoming a Legend!” prior to Tier 5.  Upgrading rewards to 5 levels, 50 Legacy points, Lesser Legendary Treasure Chest, 1000 humanity reputation, Antiquity Count status, and Legendary Adventurer 1-Star. 

System: Congratulations! You are the first person to complete the hidden Lesser Legendary Quest “Becoming a Legend!” Awarding 3 levels, 1 Purple Magic Crystal treasure chest, and upgrading passive title Legendary Adventurer to 2-Star.   

Legendary Adventurer (passive title)

Legendary Adventurer status at Adventurers Guild, personal guards can now accept legendary quests

All hidden attributes (including luck) +10%

Legendary Adventurer 1-Star (passive title)

Legendary Adventurer status at Adventurers Guild, personal guards can now accept legendary quests

All hidden attributes (including luck) +15%

Legendary Adventurer 2-Star (passive title)

Legendary Adventurer status at Adventurers Guild, personal guards can now accept legendary quests

All hidden attributes (including luck) +20%

Legendary Aura – Allies within 50 yards have all hidden attributes +2% (stackable up to 10 times)

“These rewards are incredible.  Just the levels alone gave me 9 levels and boosted me to level 135. I never heard of such rewards in the previous lifetime.  It even granted a magic star so I can finally upgrade Heavenly Dragon’s Breath.  The Mastery points are enough to raise my swordsman status to Advanced Sword King, giving me 300% damage with sword.  Not to mention so many legacy points.

“Either no one triggered the Becoming a Legend quest in the past or those that did kept quiet about it.  Although this would certainly explain the explosive growth demonstrated by a few individuals upon achieving tier 5.  Is this one of the keys to Tier 6 God status?  Did the Saint level class or the epic legacy scroll enable this?  This changes everything!  If we can get even 1 more person to complete this Lesser Legendary Quest, the increase in guild power will be incredible.  Certainly, Aqua and Gentle Snow have the legacies and talent, while Violet has the potential.” 

“I need to get to Stone Forest City immediately.  Since Said could overcome the teleportation block, Tier 4 of the Seven Luminaries ring should be able to do the same.”

Shi Feng began adding experience the Ring of Space.  However, once it reached tier 3, an unexpected prompt appeared.”

Requirements to upgrade to Tier 4:  All 7 rings must be at tier 3 and 2 levels of Tier 4 or higher experience.

‘So that is how it is.  Well at this level it doesn’t cost too much to level them all up.”  Shi Feng muttered as he dumped experience into each of the seven rings, dropping his level from the early part of Level 135 to late Level 133.  When the last ring reached tier 3, Shi Feng noticed a subtle change in the ring.  Faint impressions of a multitude of magic arrays that even his Advanced Master level comprehension couldn’t understand echoed throughout the ring briefly before fading away.”

“I hope this is worth it” He grimaced as he decisively added 3 levels to the ring of space, dropping him down to Level 130.  Magic power began flowing in a torrent into the ring.  The flow kept building and building.  Soon, the magic power levels for the whole city began plunging.  Finally after 30 seconds, the ring stopped absorbing magic power.  “Next time, I definitely need to go somewhere more private to upgrade the ring again.  Let’s check out the changes!”

Ring of the Seven Luminaries (Fragmented Legendary Rank, Ring, Replica)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 3000 points, Agility 2000 points

Strength +45%

Agility +45%

Intelligence +45%

Endurance +35%

Vitality +35%,

Ignore Level + 15

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Strength + 350, Agility + 325, Intelligence + 300, Endurance + 300, Vitality + 300. Attributes will be adjusted according to user’s level. (Present Level 130)

Passive Skill: Seven Luminaries Protection

  • Reduces all negative environmental effects by half.

Seven Luminaries Ring: There are seven different Rings: earth, water, wind, fire, time, illusion, and space. Only one Ring can be used each time, and there will be a Cooldown of 20 seconds when changing between Rings.

Hidden Effect: Increase the mana density roughly 40% higher than normal in a two yard radius of wielder’s body.

[Aura of Earth]

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • Defense increased by 300%.
  • Damage taken reduced by 60%.

Activatable Skill: Absolute Domain

  • Become immune to all damage for 15 seconds. Covers a radius of 75 yards, friendly units become immune to all damage for 8 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 2 minutes.

[Aura of Water]

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • Received healing increased by 150%.
  • Cast Consumption reduced by 50%.

Activatable Skill: Life Domain

  • Creates an effect in a radius of 75 yards, where all friendly units recover 15% HP every second for 40 seconds
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Aura of Wind] Edit

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • Movement Speed increased by 125%.
  • Attack Speed increased by 80%.
  • Reaction speed increased by 30%

Activatable Skill: Wind Domain

  • Enables temporary flight and Movement Speed increase of 400%, reduces enemy movement Speed by 60% in a radius of 150 yards.
  • Duration 45 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Aura of Fire]

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • Damage increased by 60%.
  • Target’s Defense reduced by 84%.

Activatable Skill: Rage Fire Domain

  • Inflicts 3,000% damage within a range of 100*100 yards, damage increases progressively by 30% every second, lasts for 9 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 5 minutes.

[Aura of Time]

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • Cooldown of all Skills reduced by 60%.
  • Enemies within a 300-yard radius will have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced by 50%, and Cooldown of Skills increased by 60%.

Activatable Skill: Prohibition Domain

  • Prevents enemies within a radius of 800 yards from using any skills or tools for 40 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Aura of Illusion]

  • Tier 3 (Requires 3 levels to upgrade to Tier 4)
  • All Attributes increased by 50%.
  • Enemies within a 300-yard radius will have all their Attributes reduced by 50%.

Activatable Skill: Fantasy World Domain

  • Grants immunity to all Magic Damage and 30% of Magic Damage received will be converted to healing to recover player’s HP for 180 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 minutes.

[Aura of Space]

  • Tier 4 (Requires all rings at Tier 4 and 7 levels to upgrade to Tier 5)
  • Immunity to all control and restricting effects.

Activatable Skill: Beacon

  • Set up to 2 teleportation beacons allowing user to return to location from anywhere in God’s Domain.
  • Cool Down: 12 Hours

Activatable Skill: Space Movement

  • Enables user to instantly move to any location within a radius of 1,500,000 yards.
  • Cooldown: 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Activatable Skill: Gate of Space

  • Opens a gateway, enabling players to move to the target location, range 750,000 yards to any place, duration 2 minutes.
  • Cooldown: 15 minutes.

“Incredible!  The improvements from improving each of the rings is fantastic.  Moreover, the bonus to basic abilities improved by 5%.  That must be the impact of raising all rings to Tier 3.  However, the change to the Ring of Space was heaven defying.  Not only did the range get a massive upgrade and the cool down lowered, but it also gained a new skill.  Too bad upgrading all of the rings would take me below level 120.  Still, the most shocking thing is that upgrade cost of 5 levels for Tier 5. Not only will it take 21 levels to fully upgrade to Tier 4, it will take 49 levels to upgrade to Tier 5 fully.  Truly, this power comes at an immense cost.  Just the 5 levels that I have spent so far would take leveling maniacs nearly month to earn.  After Level 120, most experts will take at least a week to gain a level.  Moreover, that time will continue to increase as peoples levels grew. The 5 levels from Level 135 that I just spent would take ordinary experts two months or more.“

“Now to head to Stone Forest City and finally upgrade the Icarus’ Heart.”  Previously, the 1,000,000 HP cost to upgrade the Heart of Icarus was far too much for his Tier 3 self.  However, after promotion to Tier 4, his HP exceeded 20,000,000 million and 1,000,000 was an affordable price. Given such an extreme cost, the upgraded version must be absolutely heaven defying.

Thirty minutes later, Shi Feng arrived at his personal vault in Stone Forest City.  Just before he touched the Holy Grail he activated the epic level Divine Providence for hopefully the last time.  As he clicked yes to the prompt to provide 1,000,000 HP to upgrade to Lesser Legendary level, Shi Feng hoped for success.  Time seemed to stretch forever as the progress bar slowly inched forward.  Finally, after taking far longer than any upgrade had before, the heart of Icarus glowed with the might of several suns as magic power roared into it.

“It must have been a success” he exclaimed as he activated omniscient eyes to appraise the reborn necklace.  Again, the progress bar inched forward taking a full 30 seconds.

Icarus’ Soul (Necklace, Lesser Legendary Rank)

  • Equipment Requirement: All Attributes 2500
  • All basic Attributes + 2x Level
  • All attributes (basic and hidden, including luck) + 20%
  • Luck + Level

Additional Active Skill 1 - Divine Blessing

  • Player may use Icarus’ Soul’s Divine blessing to bestow luck to other players.  Total luck pool equals the player’s level. Each recipient can receive a maximum of 20 luck.

Additional Active Skill 2 - God’s Blessing

  • Forcefully upgrades all Lifestyle classes learned by the user by one Tier for 4 hours
  • Cooldown: 6 hours

Additional Active Skill 3 – Divine Need

  • For 3 minutes the blessings of the gods surrounds you providing you what you most need.
  • Cooldown: 6 months

The improvements to the necklace shattered the already massive expectations that Shi Feng had.  Rather than a temporary boost to luck, the necklace granted him a static 130 points of luck at his level.  Moreover, it grants an incredible 20% to all hidden attributes.  That combined with his Legendary Adventurer title, meant that he + 40% to all hidden attributes.  For luck that meant he always had a 182 point luck buff, which was twice what he had with divine providence active previously. Divine blessing would enable him to empower 5 guild members with enough luck to quadruple chest and boss drops.  Certainly Fire Dance, Aqua, Gentle Snow, and Violet should get the full 20.  The rest could be split among the various branch leaders.  Finally, Divine Need was simply unprecedented.  With a 6 month cooldown, the effects must be powerful beyond belief.

Shi Feng hurried to the Free Inn and headed to the lowest sub-basement.  There he reinforced the magic arrays to contain the great disruption that he knew was coming when he opened these chests.  “Hmm, best first or save it for last.  Let’s start with inheritance chests first and work up from there.

Silver Inheritance Chest: 1 Legacy skill token (select one legacy skill to receive for free)

Gold Inheritance Chest: 1 Legacy skill token and 1 Skill upgrade token (Forcefully upgrade 1 skill of choice to current player tier, can exceed normal skill limits)

“Now for the Epic Inheritance Chest.  I didn’t think these even existed.”

Epic Inheritance Chest: 1 Legacy skill token and 1 Blade Saint Ribbon

Blade Saint Ribbon (Ornament, Epic Rank)

  • Concentration, Fortitude, Stamina and Physique + 10%
  • Blade Saint skill completion +3%
  • Duration of Blade Saint Skills increased by 25%
  • Cooldown of Blade Saint Skills reduced by 25%

“Is this the effect of nearly 200 luck?  The odds of getting a skill token were less than 2%. Yet not only did he receive one from each chest, he also got a limit breaking skill upgrade.  With these tokens I can learn the 3 peak Tier 4 skills from the legacy trial for free.  That will give me a Tier 4 Skill in all major categories, Damage, Movement, Defense, and Domain. Counting all of my rewards and class change award, I now 214 Legacy points and over 350 Mastery points. 

Finally, an epic ribbon.  None of my ornaments that I have found so far have been better than Dark Gold. The increase to the hidden attributes is incredible.  Never mind the change to cooldown and duration.  Duration increase in particular is an ultra-rare modifier.  That would add over an extra minute to his Sword Blade domain.  Not to mention the impact on his berserk and lifesaving skills.”

With rewards like these, his anticipation for the Lesser Legendary and Purple Magic Crystal treasure chests reached nearly unbearable heights.  “Should I use Divine Need now? Six month cooldown is incredibly harsh.  What if I desperately need it in the future?  No!  Now is when Zero Wing faces its greatest threats, but also has its greatest opportunity.  Not only am I the sole tier 4 player, but I have wealth of tools and 2 Lesser Legendary level chests waiting for me.  Now is the time to press that advantage.”


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