Insect type monsters are one of the more difficult species to combat. While they will run away to preserve their lives, they generally are a ruthless and emotionless monster species and will often out-compete mammal and avian monsters. This is because when it comes down to it, they’re developed specifically for killing. Even normal insects share this common trait and wield a diverse set of biological weapons for their use.
With monster insects, this is more pronounce and as such, they are more prone to diversity from tier-1 and up. This makes it difficult for beginner adventurers to form effective strategies to combat them and resulted in many rookie teams being wiped out. This is why senior adventurers dubbed them rookie slaughterers. An apt name considering that’s exactly what they do.
However, the senior adventurers can fall victim to the insects all the same. This is why the insects are feared just as much as plant type monsters with only a few other monster types being more notorious than them.
-Excerpt from the monster encyclopedia by Xander freerider
I’m no fool. At least that’s what I like to think. I have done plenty of foolish things in life. Everyone has no matter how wise they are. It's one of the things that anyone does at some point in their lives. I could have tried talking down the people who killed me. Maybe I’d still be alive then. Perhaps I should have tried to help the people at the village escape.
Maybe more people would have survived. If I just dragged along one of my fellow flowers at the very start of this whole messy excuse of a second life I wouldn’t have had to go through this alone. But I can’t change any of that. I just had to make sure I became wiser as I went on. Because while intelligence is great there’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom.
Why am I self-monologuing about all of this though? Because I refuse to be cocky about killing a human and press the attack! He was only worth 3 XP! That means he’s most likely on the same level as a tier-0 monster. Albeit most likely rated higher since he’s worth an entire point of XP more. Which is even worse! That means if any of these bastard humans are the human equivalent of a tier-1 they’d also be rated higher!
Which means they’d tough as hell for a flower to kill! This Alfred is what it means to pick your fucking battles! I’ll start doing goddamn hit and runs on them once they fight the others at the grove! I mean there’s not too many of them, right? And it looks like there are no mages which make it all the easier!
The humans I was talking about were moving forward to the grove. I must say I am impressed by the fact that they didn’t panic when their comrade got killed by me! If I were them, I’d have pissed my pants.
Maybe they are just more used to death than I am? Either way, they’ve bunched up and were far more wary of their surroundings.
And when I say wary, I mean it. Their heads have been looking this way and that way and the adventurers without uniform jumped at every small sound they heard. I’d find it hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that they wanted to destroy the place I’ve made my home for the past few days. Maybe attacking and killing them was out of the question for now but that didn’t mean I’d call off my guerilla warfare operation. I still had plenty I could do to weaken them.
I quietly snuck my way through the branches above them and grabbed a few loose nuts while I was at it. Using my vines, I threw them into some bushes not too far from the left side of the group. The nuts must have hit a rock or something because when they landed a series of taps resounded in the forest. The noise they made was amplified in the silence of the forest catching the attention of the group. Even green eyes (The human with the heater shield and longsword) hesitated and looked over to the source of the sound.
It seems she’s not as infallible as she’d like the others to think. Perfect.
She whispered a series of inaudible commands to her followers and she and the rest of the adventurers began to surround the bush with their weapons held out at the ready. Once their encirclement of the bush was completed forward green eyes struck out with her sword cleaving the bush in half while the others all attack at the same time smashing, slashing, and in general wrecking the poor plant.
Just as they did though I who cleverly snuck above them blasted off five of my drowsy pollens hitting the entire group because of their close proximity to each other. The pollen took effect right away as the adventurers descended into a coughing fit as their lungs futilely labored to expel the pollen.
I hurriedly scurried away from my position to watch the effects. Already several of the adventurers without uniform armor were beginning to stagger as the drowsy pollen started to affect their mind and body. However, the ones without uniform surprised me with the fact that other than the coughing they showed no outward signs of them being affected by the pollen.
I mean what the hell!? By now drowsy pollen should be level 3 and therefore should be more than capable of knocking out an armored rat, but these guys aren’t even affected!? Maybe it's just because of common media typically depicting humans as physically inferior to everything else but I didn’t expect them to handle my drowsy pollen skill so well.
I definitely underestimated them.
But at the very least a good chunk of them was off their game now. Every bit helps. Green eyes didn’t like that she was tricked though. After barking out some angry commands she led the others towards the grove. This time however it seemed that those who weren’t of her team were reluctant to continue after my surprise attack. Suddenly one of the reluctant adventurers stopped and shouted at the rest.
“Už toho mám dost! Byli jsme napadeni dvakrát! A přesto jsme nebyli schopni s tím nic udělat! Upsal jsem se, že budu zabíjet dryády. Nenechat se zabít, aniž bych měl šanci se bránit. Vrátím se s vámi nebo bez vás.”
(A/N: I’ve had enough of this! We’ve already been attacked twice now! And yet we’ve been unable to do anything about it! I signed up to kill dryads. Not to be killed without having a chance to defend myself. I'm going back with or without you guys.)
The man bellowed angrily.
From what little I could understand he was going to try turning back. Which was good news for me since it meant easy pickings if he went alone and fewer people to attack the grove. When the man looked towards his teammates, he found them avoiding meeting his gaze.
The hunter scoffed and turned around and started walking away. The others all just looked back in silence as he left them before the leader cleared her throat and started to lead them again. Divide and conquer really does work!
Instead of following after the group I decided to go after the man who parted from the group. Once the others weren’t in sight of him anymore, I leaped out of my cover in the trees towards the back of his neck aiming to get a quick kill on him like the last person. Just as I was bout to land, he whipped his body around with a dagger in his right hand and a snarl on his face.
However, it was too late by then and I landed on his face and began wrapping my vines around his face and tearing at it with my thorns. With a furious roar, the monster hunter grabbed me by my stem ignoring the thorns that buried themselves in his face and started pulling me off with a level of strength that I never had to deal with before. The man brought his knife up intending to cut me off by my stem and I started to panic.
I diverted most of my vines to wrap around his wrist and fought with him trying to keep the knife away from my body. But with that, the hunter was beginning to pull me off further from his face. I realized that this was my one chance to take him out otherwise he’d be able to escape to the others and they’d know what to expect when it comes to defending against me. Something I couldn’t allow since that would mean my main and only advantage would be gone and I’d most likely die on my next attack.
If I didn’t die now that is. This was do or die.
I reached out with my roots and forced them into the man’s mouth. Grabbing and tearing at anything I could get a grip on. My roots tore up his tongue, pulled out teeth, and ripped holes in his cheeks. I targeted his nose as will burying my roots deep into his nasal cavities. The adventurer now had tears pouring out of his eyes and was emitting high pitched screams while his strength grew and struggled with me to tear me away from his face.
But then just as a loud crack emitted from his nose and my roots met a soft squishy flesh deep in the recesses of his head the adventurer's body went limp. He then fell to his knees before falling flat on his face with me under him.
Oww…. I once again overestimated myself… This guy was one of the ones hit hard by my drowsy pollen and yet he was still able to nearly overpower me…. But-
[Human warrior slain. 7.5 XP gained. Additional 1.5 XP earned from the smarty-pants effect. Warrior role entry unlocked. 3 skill points earned. 3 mutation points earned.]
Ah, that makes it worth it. Now to catch up with the rest of the hunters.
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