Thief Lord

by SinWirk

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Secret Identity Strategy Villainous Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

“What is wrong with you!?”

That would be what anyone who knows me would say if they knew what I’ve done. They wouldn’t be wrong, as no sane person would ever quit his job the first chance he got when he saw an opening to follow his dream. To become rich and famous by playing video games. What? Did you think my dream wasn’t childish? The best dreams most often are. No? Well, maybe you just don’t dream big enough. Ever think about that?

Dreams are never easy to follow, and neither is mine. There are millions of players who want the same as I do, but very few would actually risk their future trying. Following the path of a Villain isn’t easy, and I have a city filled with thousands of players who would love to see me fail.

I will show them though. Just you wait and see...


Disclaimer: The MC in this story is intentionally flawed, trying to depict both the good and bad qualities of a regular person and how he grows and develops as a result of his actions. I would advise checking out the story's tags. The story contains a low to medium amount of profanity. Read at your own discretion.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Laying the Dead to Rest ago
Chapter 2 – Restart ago
Chapter 3 – Character ReCreation ago
Chapter 4 – The Plotting Begins ago
Chapter 5 – No Escape ago
Chapter 6 – Ale, Lies, and Secrets ago
Chapter 7 – The Silver Saints ago
Chapter 8 – Pug ago
Chapter 9 – Knucklejabbers ago
Chapter 10 – A Widow’s Grief ago
Chapter 11 – Thieves Come Prepared ago
Chapter 12 – The Heist ago
Chapter 13 – Guild Master ago
Chapter 14 – Hail Mary ago
Chapter 15 – Escape! ago
Chapter 16 – Dream ago
Chapter 17 – Shanty Town ago
Chapter 18 – Investing in Lethality ago
Chapter 19 – Grind ago
Chapter 20 – Paragon of Efficiency ago
Chapter 21 – Stench ago
Chapter 22 – Motherload ago
Chapter 23 – Improvisation ago
Chapter 24 – Oath-Binding ago
Chapter 25 – The Merry Dwarf ago
Chapter 26 – Tough Choices ago
Chapter 27 – Rince and Repeat ago
Chapter 28 – Out of Time ago
Chapter 29 – When Hell Breaks Loose ago
Chapter 30 – Sisters ago
Chapter 31 – Army of Thieves ago
Chapter 32 – Cobra ago
Chapter 33 – Gold Drain ago
Chapter 34 – Dogpile ago
Chapter 35 – Trade Secret ago
Chapter 36 – Leverage ago
Chapter 37 – Troublemagnet ago
Chapter 38 – O-Rah! ago
Chapter 39 – The End ago
Chapter 40 – Greed is Good ago
Chapter 41 – A Taste of Endgame ago
Chapter 42 – Flipping a Coin ago
Chapter 43 – Go Big or Go Home ago
Chapter 44 – Gizmo of Doom ago
Chapter 45 – Wasted Initiative ago
Chapter 46 – Honor Among Thieves ago
Chapter 47 – Home is Where the Gold’s at ago
Chapter 48 – Curiosity Killed the Thief ago
Chapter 49 – A New Path ago
Chapter 50 – Stuck! ago
Chapter 51 – Raincheck ago
Chapter 52 – Phantom Threat ago
Chapter 53 – Reunion ago
Chapter 54 – Stirring the Anthill ago
Chapter 55 – Damage Control ago

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Very good beginning, going downhill in the middle

Reviewed at: Chapter 37 – Troublemagnet

It was fun until sisters subplot exploded in ch 37. It was total suspension of disbeilif for me. Protagonist found out he was stalked in real life by psychotic player and desided to ignore it because of compassion or empathy or whatever. The way protagonist's bank account was found by said psychotic player alos looks strange. In game money transfers should go between game company and player, not directly between players. Why would game company show account of one player to another? 

Also if real life has significant imact on the plot it should be written  in more details. As is reader know zero about real world. Is it grimdark cybepunk future with evil corporation ruling the world? Or is it copy of our time with similar laws and goverments? Is privacy protection a thing or is it ignored? etc

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As of chapter 9, I am really enjoying the story so far. The MC is likable with his chosen character path interesting.

Grammer is very well done without any mistakes that I've seen.

I find how the game system is set up unique and enjoyable. 

The character has some depth and a personality.

The story has not had enough time to really develope yet but I'm looking forward to the future of this story.

  • Overall Score

Extra crunchy LitRPG, love it so far! Wonder if he'll make a crininal empire because he is a "Lord" ya know :D My favorite thing so far is the summon system and how the NPCs dont seem too much like real people. Overall I cant wait for moar! awooooo

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Plot of the story is great and advancing nicely.Im enjoying the story so far.

Mc is pretty cunning.

No obvious typo in paragraph.Nice spacing make it easier to read not confusing reader

Great story

  • Overall Score

A good novel, the author is improving himself every chapter. 

  • Overall Score

Imagine age of gods vrmmo and then make it better and have a relatable character. I love. 5 stars to keep this story getting attention.

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... so far. No blue box or weird font color, which is big plus for me.

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This sotry is written with the pacing, story, and grammer of a first page 'Top Rated' novel. The story is incredibly wirtten, and it is a disservise to the god of geek books to not give this a try.


The pacing is well timed, and you are always excited about what is happening next. There are indeed times of calm, but they are appropriately timed and placed between times of fun and action.


The story, at least at the moment, follows the MC as he chases his dream of being a Professional Gamer. However, he is not trying out for eSports, but instead to make a character capable of generation gold, which can be changanced for IRL currency. Villans in this game are more powerful than other players, but are hated by the playerbase, requiring a level of stealth and slyness. Summed up, we follow our MC on his merry adventures as he struggles to oneday find himself the top Villain player, while hiding his identity from friends he meets along the way.


Grammer is impeccable. If I spotted a single grammer mistake, down to a missing comma, I don't remember it. The author has obviously put a lot of effort into spell checking, and with the help of comments, he has make errors extinct.


The character works for any progress he makes, and he often makes understandable mistakes which can set him back; there are no Mary Sues here. The character himself can be defined with a few keyworks, those mainly being 'greedy', 'cautious', and 'Anti-social' (dispite his best efforts). This character type is something often seen for an MC, but it could be argued that it is for good reasons.


Of course, everything here is subject to my opinon, but the story is wirtten as well as one of the top rated books here, 'Delve". It really is worth the read.

  • Overall Score

Really good story, one of the best stories on this site. I really like the concept! 

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I really want to like this, it has a lot of the aspects that I want in a story. It has interesting gimmicks, well thoughtout world and a villain character. My problems all stem from the fact that the writing doesn't flow. I felt like I was constantly "bumping" into sentences right when I was about to get into the story. Its a vague piece of criticism but it comes down to the fact that most of the sentences are grammatically correct but not smooth or flowing.

I Really tried but I found reading this story quite a chore and I will stop now. Don't let this discourage you mr SinWirk the only way to fix these types of issues is just practice and I think writing a story is very good to that end.