The Age of Dungeons

by SilentScreamWN

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon GameLit LitRPG Male Lead Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Follow the journey of a very damaged individual, after waking up from a coma that lasted several years, only to see that the world had drastically changed. The story is centered on the main character, Noguchi Takeo, and his psychological progression.



- LitRPG: Although the tag is there, the novel won't be filled with stats and numbers, it'll be toned down. The System is more flavor and a writing tool, than the main point of the story. The first chapter also function as its introduction, so it plays a larger role there than it will during the following chapters.

- Sexual Content: In the future, there will only be a couple of sex scenes described in detail throughout the novel, but they'll also be related to the MC's development. You have been warned.

- Thank you for reading it.

PS: The earlier chapters are a bit rough, specially chapter 1, but I intend to improve them as soon as my brain allows me to.

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Hello Mary Sue, and goodbye

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

So he's a detective who has a rich benefactor, and a warrior who can wake from a coma and in hours be ready to slaughter his way through hordes of monsters, and is famous... Too much. It's too much. 


The writing is decent, though not flawless. No spelling issues, but the dialogue felt very stiff.

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Misses the mark

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

After reading the first 9 chapters, I'm writing this as primarily to highlight things that the author can improve, rather than to just rain on their parade. There are more than a few issues that get in the way of enjoying the world that they put together. One of the clearest is grammar and paragraph structure. Long stretches of text will be single sentences with breaks between each one, lending a stilted feel to the wordflow along with frequent issues where words are missing, substituted with incorrect ones, or incorrectly conjugated. Taking the time to edit or having someone assist with editing would do a lot to smooth that out.

The second issue I have is with the main character. Openly inspired by Sherlock, and presumably, the Robert Downey Jr. version given the italicized pre-fight plans, it doesn't mesh well with the MC's background. Scarred and heavily abused as a child with severe anxiety issues and a deeply antisocial personality, he somehow became a premiere investigative consultant, expert marksman, and close enough to the police force that he was part of the monthly lotto card gifting (which he won of course). His only two friends are an extremely wealthy and good-hearted businessman whose daughter he saved, and the daughter who is now 22 and an instant love interest after he woke up from his 7-year coma. She's also one of the most powerful individuals in the world. So, he has wealth, powerful friends, and an extremely powerful class that he seemingly only received for clearing a level 0 dungeon alone. This instant imbalance is only off-set by the anxiety he feels from the knowledge that any of these powered people could kill him in a moment but is somehow completely fine diving into a dungeon with monsters alone. Not to mention that if he was that terrified of random people killing him, how did he manage to investigate dangerous people as a detective? Gun or superhuman, they both kill him just as dead. As it is, his issues don't seem to affect how he interacts with the world, outside of a custom steel door and the occasional statement. Paranoia and overpreparing would be one thing, but severe anxiety and calmly planned reactions to life or death situations don't gel.

The action scenes are decent enough, though, the italicized fight planning scenes lack the step-to-step impact that the original source has. Overall, the MC reads as a deeply broken individual that isn't overcoming their issues, but already overcame them off-screen and now just occasionally reminds us that they exist despite already being good at everything he does. There isn't a sense that he's earned anything, and the idea that no one's figured out that soloing a dungeon gives better rewards and classes is a bit beyond the suspension of disbelief given that the world has had 7 years of dungeon delving with the internet still fully functional. Being given a class that grants power over Life, Death, Creation, and Destruction because you're too antisocial to party up is just being the Chosen One with extra steps.

So, as it is, I wouldn't recommend this story. That isn't to say others won't enjoy it, there are reviews to that effect, but it definitely has a lot of room to grow.

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Solo leveling lol

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

Hmm. It was pretty fast paced but in a good way and doesn't have blue box which is you can find in every litRPG story lol and we have Sherlock.

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One of the better ones

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

One of the better litRPG here on RR, I recommend this one if you're a fan of RPG, fantasy and action. The side characters are not just cardboard cutouts and have their own sense of individualism. 

Frederic Axt
  • Overall Score

A more detailed review will come at a later date, but so far its a nice twist on the normal "system apocalypse" and it has not yet fallen into the traps that make me putting reading it on the backburner..

  • Overall Score

Awesome New story with interesting classes and an mc that actually had to study to get his skills. My new favourite on rr