The New Pantheon

by Arthur Hallow

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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

God has become tired of watching over our world. He has become tired of our meaningless conflicts and our penchant for self-destruction. We are a cursed race, destined for annihilation by our own hands. However, he cannot leave us without a designated successor and no other celestial being wishes to take his place. So, he is left with little option but to create his own successor.

Enter Anna Miller. Stay at home geek, occasional cosplayer, and comic enthusiast. She, out of everyone else in the world, is selected by God to take his place as the new shepherd of humanity.

She is given two rules.

1. Don't let the humans die.

2. Don't take over the world.

That's it. That's all. God then fucks off to have a vacation and she's left with the world to do with as she pleases. So, what does a stay at home geek, occasional cosplayer, and comic enthusiast do with her newly bestowed godlike powers?

"Well Superpowers, of course!"

God, please come back and help us all.

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I have been searching for books like this for a long time now. Gods doing their world building/guiding is always a nice daydream.

The characters are well done. I love how God (Prometheus) is portrayed! So well done. The Mc as well, is very life like.

The way the Mc is approaching the problem presented to her is unique. Instead of building a pantheon of undeserving gods or sending out angles, she uses superheroes to do her bidding. I love this new approach. Though I am confused by the title so far.

One thing I don’t quite agree with is the outlook on humanity as this suicidal race. It makes for a very interesting premise, but I don’t see this as a reasonable portrayal of us. It gets interesting when the Mc detects a hint of someone messing with god. Hindering humanity’s ascension. Which god is messing with him? Hades? Zeus? Or maybe Epimetheus?? What reasons could they have?

At the moment the Book needs a theme and a possible conflict. It certainly has a goal, but that is not the same.

Another thing I don’t like is the way the Chapters are simply numbered. Give them some headlines to pop out!

A thing that popped up in the other reviews is the time travel problem. I think it is a well thought out way to approach it. Certainly, worth a read. The problem I hope gets avoided by the Autor is making too much irrelevant through a rewind. I think it has to be used, at least once or twice, as the catastrophes ahead couldn’t be addressed any other way. That would make for interesting conflict and character development.

But this is just the beginning of a promising story. And I certainly hope for more.

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Just great, soo great. There will be no reversing time, well without great consequence. Read it. I need more chapter. Please....

  • Overall Score

I'm absolutely loving this novel so far. Honestly, I seriously didn't expect to like it as much as I did. The idea seemed interesting but the reviews didn't seem too promising. The only reason I read it really, was that I had nothing else to read. And I'm glad I did. It's comedic but it does have its serious moments. Personally, it's struck a balance so far I really enjoy. By chapter 14 I was hooked. 

Of course, it's not perfect. The exposition was a bit heavy at first but nothing terrible. And... I can't really comment on anything else. I got too invested to really notice if the grammar was good or not. 

Litrpg lover
  • Overall Score

Great so far took a bit to get to the part you would want to read based of the synopsis but its not torturess. Fills pretty small niche for superhero stories that arent fanfiction. Please do not drop author.

  • Overall Score

Now, this is not yet a five star story. I'd usually at this point give it four, or four and a half typically.

The setup takes a bit of time. The time rewind, if it had become a major point of the story could have become a groundhog day thing.

However, it is elegantly made into a superb plot point:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 It's too early to tell if it will be fully realised five star original story but it has the potential to be one. Thus five stars as encouragement.

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I love the story so far can't wait for superpowers to be introduced. Keep up the good work

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Not Worth Reading Due to Time Rewinding/Chapter Invalidation

Reviewed at: B1:Extraordinary Ascension - C10

Not worth spending time reading as the author has the mc rewind time and undo chapters with no warning. Even with establishing in lore rules for not doing it often still means it can happen, and this most likely will as its now a proven plot point/plot hook and "forcing" the need for it will most likely become a thing later to try to force the plot forward.

So, given that, that is why there is not point to read the story, as there is no point becomeing invested or getting attached to anything that is being said/written as any of it could, and already has, simply cease(d) to exist the chapter after it was written.

Endless Paving
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Now this story has time travel, and I have pretty much swarn off basically all forms of time travel in stories so me reading here is a bit of an irregularity. The traveling time in question so far as been rewinding, which has a few potential issues that I tend to not be a fan of. However, the hsage of rewinding so far have largely been used for expositional and comedic effect, and have thus far not been used to invalidate or retcon any avtual proper plot or character development. Granted while I have nothing to critique, there is some to complain if you are the type of person who would prefer the post-apocalypse version of the story to be the focus or have the world devolve into a power transformation nightmare chaos. That kind of chaos, while over the top imo, can be played for entertainment so I'd understand anyone who complained.

The story has done quite well with it's writing. I'm surprised to say that I find the god giving the MC all the powers actually having a decent amount of character depth dor their role, and their motives for random power bestowal to be rather amazingly believable. I could frankly see myself doing the same if I was that character. That a major feat with how contrived such a premise usually ends up being.

There is some weakness in the writing when it comes to exposition. When ol' Prometheus is narrating his motives and criteria out to lil' Anna and then she's asking questions and it gets a little philosophical about, for example, why choosing a saint for the job would be dumb, it gets a little unecessarily expositional. Nothing too burdensome but it is a flaw.

Now it's characters have been designed for comedy, and so there's a little flatness to their personality expected to make said comedy more prominent, and I have found that it has succeeded. The story is actually funny to read at times, even during more serious plot develoments, which is praiseworthy when the comedy tag is so often added but not really executed effectively. Anna herself is a large source of comedic moments in the story, as well as how various other characters interact with her. Even characters only there for one scene bring appropriate entertainment into the story.

The plot of the story is so ething if a silly/serious superhero action story, with real potential consequences if our protagonists fail, and a lot of events largely self-inflicted that drive conflict. Humour and tension are balanced quite well so far, but the story hasn't delved into many tense fights against villains yet so hipefully well see how it goes soon.

The story is very much a superhero novel in it's themes and tropes, though a lot of worldbuilding is more fantasy/supernatural, all the other genre types bleeding into the worldbuilding are more complementary to the superhero/supervillain setting that ends up developing. Sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural all tend to be added and mixed into superhero fiction when convenient as the genre goes, so it all works together. There's a world to save, a "Evil Overlord" to defeat, a society to restructure and small time villains expected to be popping up. It's been an exciting read so far.

  • Overall Score

I only recently found this book and immediately feel in love lol. It's a good premise, feels realistic in the actions that are going on from the MC's perspective, and while it does Feel like a newbie writer? I don't hate it ^~^. Please reread my first sentence if you want my input >~>. Yes, I will be harassed by sporadic result, random updates/posts, and Yes the occasional rewrite --_-). But that's what comes with reading a new book As It's Made lol. Please keep up the good work and don't give up on yourself Or this story. I don't need perfection to enjoy a good book lol. I just need a desire to improve and a love for the craft ^~^. But I won't deny, that if you went COMPLETELY LAZY I would casually scroll to the next book on my "must stalk list" lol. 

~ Signed? 

I new fan.


P.s. I'm a highly random reader (*cough*lurker*cough*) so... Yeah.....


Stalk yah later!!! ^~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~^

Spoiler: Spoiler