Wisdom And Wolf

by Stonesoul

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance Satire Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Male Lead Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

When I was twenty one, I bought my first motorcycle. My only motorcycle. A Sportster. Her name is Rohdindae, it comes from the Silmarillion and loosely translates to Horse of the Silent Shadows. She's anything but. This two wheeled mare of iron and steel, was my sole means of transportation for almost 5 years, rain, sleet, snow, or hundred degree heat. We went all over this side of the Mississippi, to places forgotten by progress or filled to capacity with humanity.

Interesting word humanity, it means all off human kind in one definition, generosity and compassion in another. How often these two definitions are at bitter odds with the other, is something to be seen. These words are a mash up. Tales of the road. The people I met, stories I listened to, and the loves I saw grow, all find themselves here. Mixed within these pages. From Maine to Mobile and all the places in between, where people still, somehow, cling on to the good fight. The only fight worth having.

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The writingstyle is very nice but the first chapter is very confusing, I read it three times to make sure I had not miss a detail but it stayed confusing