Jack’s POV

Sam wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me closer to him, he arched his back and moaned loudly as my cock penetrated his asshole all the way to the hilt. I groaned at the sensation of his insides rubbing intently at my cock then leaned over him and swallowed his lips with mine to muffle his moans while thrusting deep inside him.

I put my hand on his nipple and twisted it which made him flinch and moan louder, I released his tasty lips and licked and nibbled them a few times before flipping us and making him sit over my cock. He started to bounce over my rock hard cock with closed eyes and a few drops of tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

I looked at him lovingly then raised my hands and grabbed his cheeks and wiped his tears with my thumbs, after that I hugged him and pulled him over me, I trailed kisses and licks from his neck until his ear then whispered “I love you Sam.”

A strange and rattling voice entered my ears and my hands felt wet, I frowned a little and raised his body from over mine to look at him, and saw that his tears and a trail of his saliva were red, I blinked a few times and focused my vision only to see that it was blood, and it was dripping from all over his body.

My body started to shake violently and tears filled my eyes, I laid him carefully over the bed and jumped out of the bed to search for something to stop the bleeding. I heard a loud BAM which made me open my eyes only to find my head smashed on the floor while my legs were still over the bed.

I looked around me confused for a second only to discover that I was inside my room in the base, I rubbed my head and dragged my legs down onto the floor, I sat on the floor and the tears which were stuck on my eyes fell down.

It has been a long time since I dreamed of my Sam from my original world, maybe being near this Sam opened my old wounds and made me dream of him.

You may think that I’m stupid and can’t differentiate between the two Sam. Even though they are very similar in so many ways, not just the look, I’m fully aware that this Sam and the original Sam are two different people, but honestly speaking, I can’t imagine living my life without Sam, so, if I can’t be with the original Sam I will gladly be with this one.

I know that it might be unfair for this Sam, but don’t get me wrong, I’m truly and totally in love with this one too, it’s just that if I ever have a choice, I will definitely choose the original Sam, that’s all.

I sighed and moved my hand through my hair, I glanced at my hard cock and my lips twisted, I don’t blame it though, because the last time I had sex was with the original Sam on the night of his death.

I sighed again and climbed onto my feet and went to the bathroom to take care of my cock and take a shower.

It has already been two days since the second meteor shower, if you can call it that way, the dust cloud almost subsided and except for a few people who turned into zombies no other changes happened, or at least, nothing we are aware of.

When the news reached my father, he canceled all scavengers missions and ordered everybody to stay at their houses and in separate rooms if possible, and made sure that each house has at least one person capable of killing zombies and ready to take action, which in a way, helped to reduce the number of people who were attacked by the new zombies.

The orders also prohibited exposure to the dust as much as possible which forced all the patrol and guard teams to arrange strict watch shifts around the perimeter through the windows.

According to Sam, who by the way was in a very bad and edgy mood during these two days, there is something in the air, but he doesn’t know what, he also pointed out that the rock which had fallen about a hundred kilometers away from us was the only one that didn’t shatter and has some kind of energy inside it which is pulling him into it.

I have no idea about the rock, but I definitely agree with him that there is something, I think that whatever changes these new meteorites brought, we didn’t see it yet. But what made me sure that there is something changing is the fact that, the few who turned into zombies were somewhat different from other new zombies, they were faster and more savage.

I shook all the thoughts and finished my shower and left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, I dried myself and dressed then looked through the window. The freaking blue sun was shining brightly and there was no dust anymore concealing the sun.

I left my room and went downstairs to the living room and found Sam still sitting on a chair near the window and staring through the window into empty space, I cleared my throat to draw his attention, so he turned his head and glanced at me before nodding his head and continue his staring.

I twisted my lips and made my way toward him and put my hand at his shoulder before soothing “How long are you planning to stay like this? You hardly moved from this chair during the past two days, whatever will happen we can face it together, so please, stop worrying your self.”

He looked at me with a sad look and said “As much as I hated the apocalypse in the original timeline, I will choose it over this one any time, a big change is coming, and I’m not sure if humanity will be able to survive.”


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