Sam’s POV

After Jack left the room, I went to the window and looked at the street, after a few minutes I saw Jack crossing the street, he looked to my direction with a smile, I doubt that he could see me; nonetheless, I appreciated the smile.

Just as he was about to continue to his car, two soldiers dragged him to a military car ‘I guess now I know why he left me lying on the floor in the original timeline’ I thought and made my way to the front door, and sure enough, it was lying on the floor, I lift it back up and laid it at the door frame to close my apartment’s entrance as much as possible.

I sat in the living room and turned the TV on and chose a news channel, all they were talking about was the blue sun and the shards that hit the earth, I listened for a while until my thoughts wandered to Jack “What a strange man” I mumbled.

For some reason that I don’t know yet, it seems that he cares about me so much; otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense that he would come to my house even though he knew about the apocalypse, after all, who would lose such a precious time if there was no good reason.

About me helping him and the win-win shit, yes, it made sense, but no, I wasn’t convinced. He was clearly surprised when he opened the door and saw me as a zombie, so, he clearly didn’t know beforehand. Therefore, the real reason for his coming to my house today should be the same original reason that made him come in the original timeline, which is still a mystery to me.

If you are wondering why did I accept such a suspicious deal, the reason would be because it felt nice to have someone cares about you, I can’t deny that I was petrified when he hugged me while crying and kissing me all over my head, but I also felt warm, which is something I didn’t feel for so many years.

More importantly, what do I have to lose? What is the worst thing that could happen? Kill me? I don’t care, I was already thinking about killing myself again. Put me in a lab? I can easily kill myself if I wanted to. After a little thinking, I decided to try, it will be better than me leaving the city alone, at least, now I know someone who may help me, so, why the hell not?

I decided to take the chance while the internet and electricity were still working to make a hard and soft copies for some important information such as detailed maps for the country, and detailed information about each city and town (roads, highways, streets, all kind of stores, petrol stations, resources, military bases, rivers, mountains, forests) everything that could make moving and finding places easier, I also collected information about how to make, fix and operate all sort of things.

While I was working on my computer, I heard a lot of screams, shouts, cries, gunshots, car horns, police and ambulances, all kind of noises to announce the start of the hell on earth, it has been years since I last heard these noises.

I started to feel annoyed and angry again, so I decided it would be better if I couldn’t hear any of it, and that was what I did, I put my headphone on my ears and put some loud music on to cover all the other voices, and since I didn’t need to rest, I kept searching, saving and printing out anything and everything that could be useful, until the internet was gone.

I looked at the time and it was almost midnight, so I decided to go out, being an advanced zombie made all my senses sharp and heighten, so I could see very clearly and far at day and night, and with the electricity gone, the night would give me the perfect cover to go out and collect materials and supplies while the people were still in a mess and most of the stores were still intact especially the food stores.

Although I don’t really need to eat, I still can eat, however, I can't enjoy the taste, so in the original timeline I never collected food, but since the plan was to play human, I might as well help and collect some, especially meat, fruit, and vegetables because they will be damaged in a few days with the electricity gone.

I jumped from the window because my door was damaged and I didn’t want to make any noise and headed to the nearest convenience store, it was about a block away.

Zombies were roaming the streets while grunting and growling, I could hear screams from time to time, some stuff breaking and banging, some cars moving in the distance, I could see faint lights in some of the houses, and some shadows moving, anyhow, I walked slowly while trying to avoid attracting any attention to myself.

I kept walking until I reached the convenience store, I walked to the corner and entered an alley searching for a window to enter from, that’s when I heard a pitched-scream at the end of the alley, and a man was calling for help. When he saw me, he started to shout at me and requesting me to help him; I reluctantly looked at his direction and took a few steps closer while still searching for a window.

The man was stabbing and trying to push away a zombie that was biting him on his hand, his shouts attracted another two zombies which were making their way to him, ‘He is already infected’ I thought and decided to ignore him.

I hardly took two steps to the other direction when he lost his mind and started to swear at me “You fucker, come here at this instant, come the fuck here now, I’m going to fuck your ass, come and take this disgusting thing away from me, move your ass.”

The more he talked and screamed the angrier I became, I have been already at the edge since I woke up in the morning, so I easily lost all my control again.

I turned my head and looked at the man and had the urge to rip his limbs one by one, so I walked toward him and pierced my hand into the head of the zombie and took a mouthful of his brain and shoved it into that fucker’s mouth.

He looked at me terrified; I whispered in a scary voice “Weren’t you the one who asked me to come?”

I smirked at him and grabbed his throat with my other hand and tightened my grip on it, chocking him lightly.

I removed my hand from his mouth before grabbing his arm and pulling it off of his body, he screamed from the pain and his tears covered his cheeks. I threw his first arm into the ground then grabbed his other arm and pulled it hard and ripped it off.

I tilted my head and sneered “Didn’t you say that you are going to fuck me? Let’s see how you are going to do that without your legs.”

As I finished the last word, I pushed him to the ground, sent two wind blades and cut his two legs off. When I looked at him, he was drowning in a pool of his blood and already unconscious, so I left him there for the other two zombies and left.

After all this ruckus there was no need to search for a window, so I made my way back to the store’s door and sent a few wind blades to open it. I looked at my hand and it was full of blood so I cursed at him and activated my water ability to clean it up, after that, I entered the store.

I spent about twenty minutes inside the store, and I can say with proud that I picked it clean, not only the food and drinks, I even took the shelves, they were of good quality and still new, they could be useful in any warehouse or storage room, and my space-storage is really, really big, I guess I can put half of the city inside it, so I may as well take anything that may become useful one day, and since time is frozen in this kind of storage I don’t have to worry about the things inside.

For the seven days, I kept the same routine, I went out at nearly ten at night, moved from one store to the other, went back home at nearly five in the morning.

On the eighth night, I took everything in my house before leaving and started my journey toward the woods while clearing the stores on the way. By then, there were nearly no humans in the city, for two days, I didn’t see any of them which made it easier for me.

While I was walking I saw some light in the next street which caught my attention, I went to see what it was, and a big smile decorated my face, it was a fire ability user zombie, finally, the ability users start to appear, which meant I could collect crystals.

A crystal is what makes the ability user an ability user, whether he/she is a human or a zombie, it is located in the head, and the more spiritual energy it has, the higher the level of the ability user will be. You can also absorb the energy from the crystals to increase your level and become stronger. The higher your level is the harder it’s to increase it.

For some reason unknown to me, zombies can only absorb the energy from humans’ crystals, and humans can only absorb it from zombies’ crystals.

As for me, I can absorb the spiritual energy from both, humans’ and zombies’ crystals, and advance faster than other zombies, which is why my level is very high. I guess if I didn’t stop killing the zombies during the original timeline in an attempt to control my emotions and anger I would have been already more than level twelve, but I didn’t care that much at that time.     

There was one more thing or a theory that I thought about, but I still needed to confirm it, so I needed to collect crystals to advance to level ten. I was almost level ten, so all I needed was a little more spiritual energy, and crystals are the fastest way to collect it.

I made my way to the poor zombie, took the crystal out of his head, and kept moving, no time to waste.

I kept collecting supplies and crystals for two days until I reached the woods.

On the tenth day at noon, I was sitting a few kilometers away from the woods and absorbing crystals until my level finally reached ten. I took a mirror from my space-storage and examined my face, and my theory has been confirmed, the more advanced the zombie is, the more human it will look-like, and I think it can also affect the thinking, like growing up in age or something.

Anyway, after I reached level ten, I looked like a human with poor melanin, my hair didn’t change back to black so it was still silver (Though I don’t know why it became silver in the first place, other zombies have their original hair colors), my skin was still pale but not as noticeable as before, the red in my eyes became darker, they became dark red (maybe two more levels and they will become black), my lips were dim red, so all I needed to do was to put some black lenses.

I changed my dirty clothes and wore black jeans, with a black long sleeve shirt and a black jacket, black boots, and a black cap, I always wear all black, and I guess I got it from my name.

When I finished everything, I prepared a backpack with some clothes, food, and water in it, then walked slowly towards the woods until I heard a desperate voice saying “Sam, are you there? Please, answer me.”     


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