Sam’s POV

I turned around in my bed annoyed, my body was numb, and I had a nasty headache, I shut my eyes tighter and covered my head with my blanket, I wanted to sleep again until it hit me, I shouted “Fuck” and shot my eyes open, I looked around me only to see my room, I kept mumbling to myself “It was a dream, a fucking dream, just a dream.”

Before I could convince myself that it was only a dream, my sight fell on my hand and I saw my pale skin, my eyes widen in shock, and I knew it wasn’t a dream. I ran to the mirror and stared at my reflection, pale skin, silver hair, a bloody red lips, and fucking crimson red eyes.

I stood there staring for what felt like hours thinking and trying to understand what was happening ‘Clearly, I’m a zombie, but why the hell am I in my room? And the room looks exactly the same as I remember it from before the apocalypse, and why am I not dead? I mean really dead, not undead, I can clearly remember the bullet hitting my head’.

I looked around me again, trying to figure out anything until I saw my phone, I looked at the screen and started to shake and tremble “Fuck, how is it the start of the fucking apocalypse again?”

I sat on the ground and stared into space while trying to arrange my thoughts.

After a while of thinking and testing I figured out a few things, first, I’m still a Zombie; I guess it’s very clear at this point.

Second, I have all my abilities and level, as if my zombie body traveled back in time and replaced my human body, which I had at this point in time in the original timeline (As I decided to call it) so I have good control over my emotions, though it’s hard to keep them under control with all of this shit happening.

Third, the sun will turn blue and the shards will fall from the sky in about half an hour - following the sequence of events from the original timeline - which will announce the start of the apocalypse. So, today will be the first day of the apocalypse and what made me sure that the apocalypse will happen today is that, I’m a fucking zombie for god’s sake.

Fourth, it’s still unclear if there are any other differences - except for me - between this timeline and the original timeline, and if there are, how many things will remain the same and how many will be different.

But the most important thing is, what should I do? I can’t live the same way as I did before. Should I kill myself again from the start and get it over with? Or should I leave the city? If so, where can I go?

While I was thinking and contemplating on what I should do, the doorbell rang continuously and there were knocks on the door too, I frowned ‘It is different and earlier than last time.’ I thought while checking the time.

I decided to ignore the ringing and knocking on my door and the handsome man standing next to it. Since the whole world was going to become hell in a few more minutes, it was safer for him to leave earlier and I was not concerned about the neighbors complaining about the noise, so, I sat on my bed and tried to focus again on planning what to do next.

The doorbell kept ringing, the knocks turned to bangs, and my patience was disappearing. I really wanted to beat some sense to that shithead who kept knocking when suddenly, everything became quiet. Just as I thought that he finally gave up and left, I heard a really loud bang and footsteps running toward my room.

“Shit, he broke in.” I murmured, the way I look is clearly different from normal humans, what should I do?

Panic took over me and all I could think of was to wear black sunglasses to cover my eyes, after all, they are the most inhuman looking part of me. So, I looked like some stupid teenager with lots of makeup covering his face and blood-red lipstick on his lips.

I walked toward the bathroom to hide in it hoping that he would leave if he thought that I was not there, but I didn’t have the chance to do so, because my bedroom door opened while I was still in the middle of the room.



Jack’s POV

When I opened my eyes, I took a quick look around me just to confirm where I was, and a quick look to confirm the time and date, it was exactly like the angel-devil said, two hours before the blue sun.

‘I need to take him with me this time and prevent this fucking rock from killing him and turning him into a zombie’ As that thought came to my mind, I didn’t waste any time and made my way to Sam’s apartment.

While I was driving, I frowned when I noticed that I have my abilities which I shouldn’t have them yet. During the apocalypse, they concluded that these abilities came from some mutation to the humans’ DNA caused by the zombie virus.

The zombie virus came to Earth with the shards that fell from the sky, each shard contained numerous amounts of the virus, and when they hit the earth’s surface they shattered to powder and flew with the wind which spread the virus everywhere in less than minutes.

When the sun changed and turned to blue, some of the light rays that could be harmful or hinder the growth of the virus were eliminated, which provided the best environment to nurture the virus.

Most people (almost 85%) turned into zombies, the remaining 15% remained humans, 10% of them are normal humans, while the remaining 5% have abilities. The people who have these abilities are already infected with the virus, which caused some mutation but not enough to turn them into zombies.

Most people with abilities have one ability, the lucky ones have two, I didn’t hear about anyone who has more than two except for myself, I have four abilities, and that is why the people used to always look at me as if I’m some kind of an alien or a monster.

What made me feel anxious about having my abilities after I returned in time was the cause which made me have four abilities in the first place. They discovered that the people with two abilities were near the places where the shards first hit the earth; the concentration of the pure virus that entered their bodies affected the number of abilities.  

Following that discovery, I got four abilities because I touched and kept with me a piece of one of the shards for a while after I tried to remove it from Sam’s chest.

Now that I think about it, I can’t remember what happened to it, I think it fell somewhere in the base while I was trying to find a car to go back to Sam and shattered with the wind.

Anyhow, back to the topic, what does it mean to have my abilities now? Is it some kind of help from the angel-devil Leo? Nah, I doubt that, I’m pretty sure that he messed up something while returning me in time.

I reached to Sam’s apartment, jumped out of the car and ran toward his front door, I rang the bell and knocked at the door to wake him up as fast as possible; I glanced at the time and mumbled “I only have about half an hour before the start of this hell.”

I knocked a little harder and rang the bell again, if I remember correctly, by that time my father had already received an emergency call about some meteorites approaching and about to hit the Earth, so he gave the orders for all the soldiers to assemble in the military base and bring me with them.

“For the love of God, open the fucking door, Sam” I shouted while banging on the door, I glanced again at the time, and decided that I didn't have more time to waste, so I stopped knocking and activated my wind ability, I waved my hand and sent some wind blades towards the door to knock it down, sure enough, the door fell to the ground with a loud bang, I jumped over the door and ran toward his room and opened the door.

I saw my lovely Sam standing in the middle of the room while wearing black sunglasses, I froze in my place when I noticed his silver hair and pale skin, I felt my heart about to stop beating and it became hard to breathe.

‘Fuck, he is a zombie, how come he is already a zombie, what should I do? That fucker Leo sure had messed up again, I swear to god I will find a way to kill him.’ Just as I was thinking of a way to kill Leo, Sam looked at me feeling a little awkward, and then he opened his mouth and said “What the hell dude, you broke into my house, and now you are standing there like a fucking statue.”

The moment I heard his voice my tears fell like rain and my body moved on its own, in a second, I was in front of him and took him in my arms, I hugged him tightly afraid that he would disappear if I loosened my grip on him and planted sloppy kisses on his head while mumbling again and again with fast and irregular breaths “Thank god I found you, please don’t leave me again.”

I could feel his stiffness and confuse, but he didn’t move, I think he was still in shock from my strange behavior, after a minute or so, I reluctantly let go of him and said in a hoarse voice I tried as much as I could to make it as clear as possible “Can we talk?”



Leo’s POV

Why do I feel like I messed up again? It was a good thing that Jack was shouting and calling me which made me remember to turn the time back. Shit, I opened a portal and sent his soul instead of returning the time itself.

Whatever, he should be thankful because he will have his abilities from the beginning of the apocalypse but with the strength of thirteen years post-apocalypse, it’s like cheating. I’ll consider it as a reward for him for surviving thirteen years in the test period; it will make his mission easier this time.

All this speaking about missions and cheating reminded me of my new game, maybe I should prepare some snacks and play the game, yup, what a good idea.

Wait, what? I opened a portal which meant the souls in the area of the portal were sucked in, which also meant that Sam’s soul went back in time too, fuck. What? Don’t look at me, I’m telling you, it’s not my fault, yes, not my fault, who told Jack to cling into Sam while the portal was open? See, not my fault, anyhow, where did I put the new game’s core?  


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