Legend of the Lost Star

by Xel Vi Coronata

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Psychological Grimdark High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

As a war of epic proportions enters a ceasefire, a soul from another world enters a dead boy's body. Without any memories of who he was, with only a little companion by his side, the lost soul begins his long, arduous journey to recover his memories, while unraveling the mysteries of a war-torn world.

Why was he sent here? And where will he go now? Even he himself does not know.

But one thing is for certain: the world will never be the same again.

 This is a story that may, depending on how impatient you are, take some time to spin up. I have enough in my mind for a long run, so it's essential that I lay out a great deal of groundwork at the start. Three books have been released so far, two of which have concluded. Be aware of late arrival spoilers!

My Patreon link is here, which allows for up to twenty-four advanced chapters ahead of the free releases, or if you'd just like to support me.

Release schedule: My original promise was 2 a week, minimally, but it's been a daily release for a long time. So yeah...

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Xel Vi Coronata

Xel Vi Coronata

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Prologue ago
Chapter 2: Ceasefire ago
Chapter 3: Light returns to the eyes, and the lost soul sees again ago
Chapter 4: The curtains of the stage swing open, and the actors begin their play. ago
Chapter 5: The plagarising legend's words ring aloud in the classroom. ago
Chapter 6: Myth? No, just an objective assessment of history. ago
Chapter 7: A slow jog to illuminate the path ahead. ago
Chapter 8: The doppelgänger stalks the camp, seeking out the alien prey ago
Chapter 9: A boy stops at the roadside for some meat, only to see his wanted poster there. ago
Chapter 10: The hero curses his job, sweeping up resentment into a pile. ago
Chapter 11: The boy looks within himself, but nothing but a void remains ago
Chapter 12: The clueless boy exposes a dozen machinations, creating a restless night for all ago
Chapter 13: The hero wants to go home, but his plot just got extended. ago
Chapter 14: The boy's obsession lights the dark path ahead. ago
C. 15:The assassin of another life takes the stage, shining under the spotlights to shock the judges ago
Chapter 16: Memories of the past force out an act for the present ago
Chapter 17: Only when the second plot-line surfaces does the hero's first seem to resolve. ago
Chapter 18: Drunken merchants and bored guards are key sources of low-level information. ago
Chapter 19: His hands shudder as they hold on to snow. ago
C20:Speaking in riddles are essential life skills for commissioned officers and little soldier boys. ago
C21: Flanked by men of ice and snow, the boy reaffirms his decision a second time. Also, gemstones. ago
Chapter 22: Does killing a million men really make you a hero? ago
Chapter 23: Leaving behind the smell of rice, the boy reaffirms his words one last time. ago
Chapter 24: The secretary opens a box of wonders, and the boy struggles with papers. ago
Chapter 25: Fantastic Racists and Where To Find Them ago
Chapter 26: The little girl begins to draw interest ago
Chapter 27: A book on baby names? ago
Chapter 28: The sibling duo ponders over the language used in a sign. ago
Chapter 29: The new nails that stick out get laughed down. ago
Chapter 30: Once bitten, twice shy? ago
Chapter 31: The boy remembers a second role. ago
Chapter 32: Once again, the hero-in-disguise confronts the realities of war. ago
Chapter 33: A bargain to unseal the little girl. ago
Chapter 34: The little boy faces off a bedraggled trio ago
Chapter 35: Politics is a good topic to spend time thinking on when you're bored. ago
Chapter 36: The boy forms a personal understanding of the Campmaster's son. ago
Chapter 37: What's worse than being unjustly accused? Being unjustly accused by your father... ago
Chapter 38: The lost and the sealed ago
Chapter 39: Children, even those who remember a past life, always zone out in class ago
Chapter 40: Making luggage for an overseas trip. ago
Chapter 41: As the world slips into war, the young boy begins his hunt for gems. ago
Chapter 42: Jewel-hunting and monster-killing. ago
Chapter 43: A rabble and then a legion. ago
Chapter 44: Covert flexing is the best way to go. ago
Chapter 45: Overpowered Engines of destruction ago
Chapter 46: The boy sits and mediates...but something has strayed off the beaten path. ago
Chapter 47: The hero enters the Intersection, but not in a way anyone had expected it. ago
Chapter 48: Logical fallacies and premium resources ago
Chapter 49: The boy whispers, and notices a particularly odd sentry. ago
Chapter 50: The little lecturer attends his first class ago
Chapter 51: Beating up people is a good way to let off steam ago
Chapter 52: Honour, and those who should wield it. ago
Chapter 53: Memories and a cafeteria ago
Chapter 54: Artificing and Auctions ago
Chapter 55: Into the Northern fray ago
Chapter 56: Engines, according to a lecturer ago
Chapter 57: The effects of competition on individual units ago
Chapter 58: The perils of the sky, and the warmth of the flames ago
Chapter 59: The little boy is average and overly cautious ago
Chapyer 60: To Break a horde of Marionettes ago
Chapter 61: He who ends, and he who begins ago
B2, C1: Memories never fade. Not for the boy, and not for the monster ago
B2 C2: Cowardice, self-preservation and shame ago
B2 C3: Shame is for those who fail to live up to expectations ago
B2 C4: The old man takes an interest in humans ago
B2 C5: Insanity and Obsession ago
B2 C6: The hero and his insanity ago
B2 C7: The politics that accompany a sleepless teenager ago
B2 C8: The mound of meat has been set up. Feast well. ago
B2 C9: The pre-auction lecture and the pre-auction ago
B2 C10: Can't screw the rules, even if you have money ago
B2 C11: An auction of revelations ago
B2 C12: Paragons arrive! ago
B2 C13: Negotiations with the otherworldly Paragon ago
B2 C14: The lost Constellation and the Last Star ago
B2 C15: Disturbance in the camp...again ago
B2 C16: Shifting the blame ago
B2 C17: Official gatherings and a little boy ago
B2 C18: Sponsorships and special treatment ago
B2 C19: Like brother, like sister ago
B2 C20: The Campmaster's worries ago
B2 C21: All decked out and ready to go ago
B2 C22: Modern militaries in another world ago
B2 C23: The boy taunts a stalker ago
B2 C24: Ambushing ambushers of another land ago
B2 C25: The little boy peers at the final battle from afar ago
B2 C26: The supreme art of war is to... ago
B2 C27: Plans within plans ago
B2 C28: The boy fiddles with the screen, barely aware of the coming end ago
B2 C29: Titans clash! ago
B2 C30: The predator-in-waiting ago
B2 C31: Talking smack in a fight ago
B2 C32: The killing blow and the crown ago
B2 C33: Questions... ago
B2 C34: ...and answers ago
B2 C35: As long as █ █ █ remains... ago
B2 C36: A wooden figurine joins the party! ago
B2 C37: More enemies? ago
B2 C38: Extortion, round two ago
B2 C39: The might of the gods ago
B2 C40: Sorrow of a final parting ago
B2 C41: The little girl and the little doll ago
B2 C42: Touching the veil ago
B2 C43: Unveiling ago
B2 C44: Prohibition? Restraint? Or Error Code 8*1? ago
B2 C45: Snowmen over sentries ago
B2 C46: Assault ago
B2 C47: Everyone and their own battles ago
B2 C48: An impromptu lesson ago
B2 C49: Scouting? ago
B2 C50: Flowery words and squirming scouts ago
B2 C51: Fireworks ago
B2 C52: Treaties and common decency ago
B2 C53: The Talk ago
B2 C54: The hours before the battle ago
B2 C55: Exchanging fire ago
B2 C56: A political end to a political fight. ago
B2 C57: Culture, a treaty and a polite prisoner. ago
B2 C58: The true battle ago
B2 C59: His Arrival ago
B2 C60: The hero's choice ago
B2 C61: Foredoomed to a rendezvous ago
B3 C1: The legend's first victim ago
B3 C2: The two peer at the South's upheaval ago
B3 C3: The observers as they seek out a home ago
B3 C4: Discussing divinity ago
B3 C5: The rabble-rousing boy ago
B3 C6: A weird guide book ago
B3 C7: The boy descends onto the city ago
B3 C8: Impact and intelligence ago
B3 C9: Trouble, bubble, toil and double. ago
B3 C10: Fishing for the fishermen ago
B3 C11: I'm a crime lord of another world ago
B3 C12: The crime lord's intentions ago

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Really excited to see where this one goes. It's HUGE and has lots of moving pieces, but the author does a good job of making even the small details of battle really exciting.

The military aspects and wars are very fun to read and I look forward to learning more about the world as I continue with the story.

Recommended to those who like military fantasy and huge epic worlds with lots of lore!

Tana Nari
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This is a story that suffers hard from Kitchen Sink Syndrome.

As I said in the title, it lacks focus. It tries to be everything from every isekai simultaneously. Think of D&D, and all its generic Tolkien-clone tropes, but instead of Tolkien, it's a bunch of isekai and xianxia stuff. That's what you find here.

The worldbuilding is massive in scope, with all sorts of stuff including fantasy-racism-genocide, enough people being isekai'd into the setting that the event is taught in classes to their children, ancient demons, bunches of high gods with all sorts of lesser servants, and what seems a ceaseless series cold and hot wars between said gods.

The story even lampshades this melting pot of tropes, with our MC noting that "his" name is Latin, while the requisite hyper-cute-Imouto's name is Japanese. However, the fact that the story acknowledges how generic everything is doesn't make it any less generic.

Because, as expansive as it is, it's ultimately shallow. Precious little effort has been put into considering the outcome of this crazy mess, so ultimately the interactions seem like little more than a generic fantasy setting with nothing unusual to call its name. No thought is given to look into what the long-term sociological impact of such a universe might be.

Of course, the MC is an extra special isekai... and for some reason doesn't even seem surprised about what's going on (which I suppose is better than reading 5 chapters of him freaking out). He signs up for the military the first chance he gets, and we see another couple dozen chapters of him being a military recruit not doing much.

Remember what I said about generic?

At which point, I admit I zoned out thanks to boredom and decided to call my review finished there. The story crawls like a fish, the characters and setting alike are empty of depth, character interactions read like everyone knows what's going to happen next and they're only pretending to interact to make it look like there was a reason behind their actions.

Even the moment when two titanic superhumans clashed with enough power to decimate both their armies as collateral damage felt less energetic than the average game of tic-tac-toe.

It's not completely truly awful, however. The writing's solid, if bland, with only a small handful of minor errors. Chapters are short and get to the point, lacking in any purple prose. And the MC may not be interesting, but neither he nor any of the other characters are annoying.

In fact, with some effort on the author's part to add depth, focus on growing what is already there rather than new ideas cribbed from whatever's popular this season, he has a decent, if still generic, basis for a story.

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I have to admit, at first I was slightly lost coming into this story simply because of how large the world is that it drops you into.  As with many stories, however, it drops us back into a smaller frame while holding that epic start in the background to provide us with a sense of eventual scale - and then delivers on that promise with a gradual climb from orphaned nobody to...  well, you'll have to read the first book of the story, at least.  

I enjoyed the clever blend of mythological references and fantasy tropes that have been melded into something unique, which is no mean feat when the author has invoked the sheer number of them that come into play here.  Despite the clash we're kept grounded through the eyes of Gaius, who is seeing most of this for the first time (that he can remember, anyway) and lets us keep the pace approachable.

For those that enjoy a story which rewards continued reading with steady advancement and growth, this one should be right up your alley.  Grammar is generally excellent with a half star off for some homophone swaps.  For fans of LN story construction the style will be perfect even if I had a few quibbles at times.  

Author, keep it up!