Legend of the Lost Star

by Xel Vi Coronata

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Mystery Psychological Grimdark High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation School Life Strategy Strong Lead War and Military Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

[Completed the April Royal Road Writathon challenge]

In the world of Orb, steeped in history millennia old, how far can a nameless soul from another world go? Choices have consequences, no matter what, and in a world where butterflies can stir howling gales across the world, the boy's every step might just change the world forever.

Book 1: First Light

Synopsis: As a war of epic proportions enters a ceasefire, a soul from another world enters a dead boy's body. Without any memories of who he was, with only a little companion by his side, the lost soul begins his long, arduous journey to recover his memories, while unraveling the mysteries of a war-torn world. Why was he sent here? And where will he go now? Even he himself does not know. But one thing is for certain: the world will never be the same again.

Book 2: Foredoomed to a Rendezvous

Synopsis: As war continues to break out between the Five Lands, Gaius finds himself inheriting a legacy of ancient times. With the flames of battle spreading through the South once again, the lost soul throws himself into battle over and over, in an attempt to protect his home and those he holds dear. How will the boy, nearly unrivalled in martial might, fare in a web of conspiracies beyond his ken?

Book 3: The Last and the Lost

Synopsis: The boy has set himself an unbelievable target in a bid to save someone precious to him. With his former home now out of reach, he stalks the Southern Continent, inciting rebellion and revolution where possible to lure his prey out. Meanwhile, in the heart of the South, embers of war begin to rekindle. Will it be the death knell of yet another nation millennia old?

Book 4: The Unravelling World

Synopsis: Time is not on Gaius' side. Everyday life, already disturbed by the flames of mortal war, falls apart entirely as beings of legend once again appear on Orb. Forced to a foreign land to treat his injuries, the boy must confront the outcomes of his actions, directly and indirectly. But the tide is rising. Countless enemies are throwing themselves against the nations of Orb, cleaving a path of blood wherever they go. Gaius has to hurry...or drown with the rest.

Book 5: World's End, Divines' Rondo

Synopsis: The great gods of Orb have staked their claim on the world itself, killing all in their way. Each of the Cardinal Continents are fighting their own battles and making their own peace, but none are aware of the growing threat from the Wildlands, where a self-exiled legend continues to gather strength. Meanwhile, a new threat stalks the whole of Orb, killing whatever remains of the Constellation Heroes. Against such a chaotic backdrop, a boy continues to protect a semblance of daily life for his loved ones, but will he be successful when the curtains finally open?

Book 6: The Frenzied Tide 

Synopsis: A sword hangs above the Eastern Territories. The Human God, progenitor of all life, the direct cause of the beastfolk genocide, has made his will known to the rulers of the East — make peace with the God of Water, or be destroyed in three months. Gaius, who has left the battlefield to return home, is once again called to fight, to support a do-or-die offensive upon their foe's territory. 

But in the background, the threads of destiny are beginning to come together. Plots set in motion long ago are coming to fruition...

Book 7: Limina of Ruin

Synopsis: The chalice has broken. The East is beset with turmoil, as factions turn on each other. The Great Divide, however, brims with a setting radiance, ensuring a final, transient peace. And in the midst of it all, one young boy follows the fettered winds and the unshackled waters, heading to a new land to uphold a promise. For him, the days of fighting will be a distant memory before long...and a daily event in the years to come.

Uncovering ancient memories, putting to rest regrets, enjoying the last of a peaceful life...the people of the Five Lands will live to their fullest. Yet, this is but the calm before the storm. 

Book 8: Power Talks


Fate. A curious word to most...and a frightening word to Gaius. Alongside the rulers of the North, Gaius witnesses frightening truths, proof of an inevitable future. Spurred by a myriad chilling revelations and urged by a god's killer, the Mortal Light Dynasty gathers both mortal rulers and divine sovereigns, covering past conflicts with a offer of cooperation of an unprecedented scale.

However, can this unity, first of its kind, stand up to time, fate and mortal nature? Or will it burn, along with the Five Lands?

Book 9: Homeland Song

Synopsis: ???

This is a story that may, depending on how impatient you are, take some time to spin up. I have enough in my mind for a long run, so it's essential that I lay out a great deal of groundwork at the start. Seven books have been released so far, five of which have concluded. Be aware of late arrival spoilers!

My Patreon link is here, which allows for up to sixty-five advanced chapters ahead of the free releases, or if you'd just like to support me.

Release schedule: My original promise was 2 a week, minimally, but it's been a daily release for a long time. So yeah...

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Xel Vi Coronata

Xel Vi Coronata

Top List #1500
Fledgling Reviewer (III)
10 Review Upvotes
Word Count (14)
Royal Writathon April 2020 winner
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Extermination's End [Edited] ago
Chapter 2: Light returns to the eyes, and the lost soul sees again ago
Chapter 3: The curtains of the stage swing open, and the actors begin their play. ago
Chapter 4: The plagarising legend's words ring aloud in the classroom. ago
Chapter 5: Myth? No, just an objective assessment of history. ago
Chapter 6: A slow jog to illuminate the path ahead. ago
Chapter 7: The doppelgänger stalks the camp, seeking out the alien prey ago
Chapter 8: A boy stops at the roadside for some meat, only to see his wanted poster there. ago
Chapter 9: The hero curses his job, sweeping up resentment into a pile. ago
Chapter 10: The boy looks within himself, but nothing but a void remains ago
Chapter 11: The clueless boy exposes a dozen machinations, creating a restless night for all ago
Chapter 12: The hero wants to go home, but his plot just got extended. ago
Chapter 13: The boy's obsession lights the dark path ahead. ago
C 14:The assassin of another life takes the stage, shining under the spotlights to shock the judges ago
Chapter 15: Memories of the past force out an act for the present ago
Chapter 16: Only when the second plot-line surfaces does the hero's first seem to resolve. ago
Chapter 17: Drunken merchants and bored guards are key sources of low-level information. ago
Chapter 18: His hands shudder as they hold on to snow. ago
C19:Speaking in riddles are essential life skills for commissioned officers and little soldier boys. ago
C20: Flanked by men of ice and snow, the boy reaffirms his decision a second time. Also, gemstones. ago
Chapter 21: Does killing a million men really make you a hero? ago
Chapter 22: Leaving behind the smell of rice, the boy reaffirms his words one last time. ago
Chapter 23: The secretary opens a box of wonders, and the boy struggles with papers. ago
Chapter 24: Fantastic Racists and Where To Find Them ago
Chapter 25: The little girl begins to draw interest ago
Chapter 26: A book on baby names? ago
Chapter 27: The sibling duo ponders over the language used in a sign. ago
Chapter 28: The new nails that stick out get laughed down. ago
Chapter 29: Once bitten, twice shy? ago
Chapter 30: The boy remembers a second role. ago
Chapter 31: Once again, the hero-in-disguise confronts the realities of war. ago
Chapter 32: A bargain to unseal the little girl. ago
Chapter 33: The little boy faces off a bedraggled trio ago
Chapter 34: Politics is a good topic to spend time thinking on when you're bored. ago
Chapter 35: The boy forms a personal understanding of the Campmaster's son. ago
Chapter 36: What's worse than being unjustly accused? Being unjustly accused by your father... ago
Chapter 37: The lost and the sealed ago
Chapter 38: Children, even those who remember a past life, always zone out in class ago
Chapter 39: Making luggage for an overseas trip. ago
Chapter 40: As the world slips into war, the young boy begins his hunt for gems. ago
Chapter 41: Jewel-hunting and monster-killing. ago
Chapter 42: A rabble and then a legion. ago
Chapter 43: Covert flexing is the best way to go. ago
Chapter 44: Overpowered Engines of destruction ago
Chapter 45: The boy sits and mediates...but something has strayed off the beaten path. ago
Chapter 46: The hero enters the Intersection, but not in a way anyone had expected it. ago
Chapter 47: Logical fallacies and premium resources ago
Chapter 48: The boy whispers, and notices a particularly odd sentry. ago
Chapter 49: The little lecturer attends his first class ago
Chapter 50: Beating up people is a good way to let off steam ago
Chapter 51: Honour, and those who should wield it. ago
Chapter 52: Memories and a cafeteria ago
Chapter 53: Artificing and Auctions ago
Chapter 54: Into the Northern fray ago
Chapter 55: Engines, according to a lecturer ago
Chapter 56: The effects of competition on individual units ago
Chapter 57: The perils of the sky, and the warmth of the flames ago
Chapter 58: The little boy is average and overly cautious ago
Chapter 59: To Break a horde of Marionettes ago
Chapter 60: He who ends, and he who begins ago
B2, C1: Memories never fade. Not for the boy, and not for the monster ago
B2 C2: Cowardice, self-preservation and shame ago
B2 C3: Shame is for those who fail to live up to expectations ago
B2 C4: The old man takes an interest in humans ago
B2 C5: Insanity and Obsession ago
B2 C6: The hero and his insanity ago
B2 C7: The politics that accompany a sleepless teenager ago
B2 C8: The mound of meat has been set up. Feast well. ago
B2 C9: The pre-auction lecture and the pre-auction ago
B2 C10: Can't screw the rules, even if you have money ago
B2 C11: An auction of revelations ago
B2 C12: Paragons arrive! ago
B2 C13: Negotiations with the otherworldly Paragon ago
B2 C14: The lost Constellation and the Last Star ago
B2 C15: Disturbance in the camp...again ago
B2 C16: Shifting the blame ago
B2 C17: Official gatherings and a little boy ago
B2 C18: Sponsorships and special treatment ago
B2 C19: Like brother, like sister ago
B2 C20: The Campmaster's worries ago
B2 C21: All decked out and ready to go ago
B2 C22: Modern militaries in another world ago
B2 C23: The boy taunts a stalker ago
B2 C24: Ambushing ambushers of another land ago
B2 C25: The little boy peers at the final battle from afar ago
B2 C26: The supreme art of war is to... ago
B2 C27: Plans within plans ago
B2 C28: The boy fiddles with the screen, barely aware of the coming end ago
B2 C29: Titans clash! ago
B2 C30: The predator-in-waiting ago
B2 C31: Talking smack in a fight ago
B2 C32: The killing blow and the crown ago
B2 C33: Questions... ago
B2 C34: ...and answers ago
B2 C35: As long as █ █ █ remains... ago
B2 C36: A wooden figurine joins the party! ago
B2 C37: More enemies? ago
B2 C38: Extortion, round two ago
B2 C39: The might of the gods ago
B2 C40: Sorrow of a final parting ago
B2 C41: The little girl and the little doll ago
B2 C42: Touching the veil ago
B2 C43: Unveiling ago
B2 C44: Prohibition? Restraint? Or Error Code 8*1? ago
B2 C45: Snowmen over sentries ago
B2 C46: Assault ago
B2 C47: Everyone and their own battles ago
B2 C48: An impromptu lesson ago
B2 C49: Scouting? ago
B2 C50: Flowery words and squirming scouts ago
B2 C51: Fireworks ago
B2 C52: Treaties and common decency ago
B2 C53: The Talk ago
B2 C54: The hours before the battle ago
B2 C55: Exchanging fire ago
B2 C56: A political end to a political fight. ago
B2 C57: Culture, a treaty and a polite prisoner. ago
B2 C58: The true battle ago
B2 C59: His Arrival ago
B2 C60: The hero's choice ago
B2 C61: Foredoomed to a rendezvous ago
B3 C1: The legend's first victim ago
B3 C2: The two peer at the South's upheaval ago
B3 C3: The observers as they seek out a home ago
B3 C4: Discussing divinity ago
B3 C5: The rabble-rousing boy ago
B3 C6: A weird guide book ago
B3 C7: The boy descends onto the city ago
B3 C8: Impact and intelligence ago
B3 C9: Trouble, bubble, toil and double. ago
B3 C10: Fishing for the fishermen ago
B3 C11: I'm a crime lord of another world ago
B3 C12: The crime lord's intentions ago
B3 C13: Lower and Upper ago
B3 C14: Two stones for a service ago
B3 C15: The seeds of conflict ago
B3 C16: A second one ago
B3 C17: Comparing prices ago
B3 C18: Fated purchase? ago
B3 C19: The customer everyone hates ago
B3 C20: Ablution and employment ago
B3 C21: Intentions ago
B3 C22: A second visit ago
B3 C23: The army in the heart of the continent ago
B3 C24: Framing ago
B3 C25: Change ago
B3 C26: Test. ago
B3 C27: Politics is about surviving until next Friday. ago
B2 C28: The cost of learning secrets ago
B3 C29: Bitterness and developments ago
B3 C30: Purchase, round two. ago
B3 C31: Returning ago
B3 C32: Returning home ago
B3 C33: Day and Knight ago
B3 C34: Thunderbolts ago
B3 C35: Preparations ago
B3 C36: The seed begins to sprout ago
B3 C37: The skirmish's aftermath ago
B3 C38: Upgrade complete! ago
B3 C39: Little changes, big repercussions ago
B3 C40: Abnormality ago
B3 C41: The act of killing ago
B3 C42: Memories in the snow ago
B3 C43: Escalation ago
B3 C44: The warfront from afar ago
B3 C45: Robbery in the land of the free ago
B3 C46: Grandest of strategies ago
B3 47: Conjectures and preparations ago
B3 C48: The weapon churning in the Library and a newborn republic ago
B3 C49: Coal in winter... ago
B3 C50: Plotting prison breaks ago
B3 C51: Story of the year ago
B3 C52: The family heading towards the South, and a mercenary ago
B3 C53: The boy extorts and eavedrops ago
B3 C54: The boy tests his weapon, and the curtain raises for the last time ago
B3 C55: The stagehands dust the floor ago
B3 C56: The final act of the Southern stage ago
B3 C57: The prey has been drawn out ago
B3 C58: Preparing the arrow ago
B3 C59: The sharpened dagger ago
B3 C60: The night before the storm ago
B3 C61: Surveying the battleground ago
B3 C62: The forced hand ago
B3 C63: The Last and the Lost ago
B4 C1: Flickering radiance ago
B4 C2: Assassination's aftermath ago
B4 C3: Descent ago
B4 C4: The hero's true awakening ago
B4 C5: Welcome to the wilderness ago
B4 C6: Pinnacles meet ago
B4 C7: Discussing democracy ago
B4 C8: Who's the true demon here? ago
B4 C9: Do not pry into the mysteries of gods! ago
B4 C10: The little siblings ago
B4 C11: Holiday in the East ago
B4 C12: Dreams and reality ago
B4 C13: The Eastern Territories! ago
B4 C14: A bear-y odd welcome ago
B4 C15: Famine ago
B4 C16: A Territory's capital ago
B4 C17: The young man's conspiracy ago
B4 C18: Lodgings in the capital ago
B4 C19: Exploring Sundown ago
B4 C20: A reservoir of water ago
B4 C21: The Adventurers' Guild ago
B4 C22: Expectations are made to be broken ago
B4 C23: The latest battle in the South ago
B4 C24: The absent Demigod ago
B4 C25: Targeted advertising ago
B4 C26: Promoters and information ago
B4 C27: Transaction at the broker's. ago
B4 C28: Those who think little of death ago
B4 C29: Demon, meet food ago
B4 C30: Sudden Assault ago
B4 C31: Demon duality, and an alliance ago
B4 C32: The Lifespring descends! ago
B4 C33: Experiential learning ago
B4 C34: Record-breaking completion time...probably ago
B4 C35: Paragon Sasori and the school ago
B4 C36: The significance of realms ago
B4 C37: Information collecting, and the culture up high ago
B4 C38: Peak Education and Paragons ago
B4 C39: Rondo of the divine ago
B4 C40: Another reason... ago
B4 C41: To the new battlefield ago
B4 C42: A stopover at Feng-Lang ago
B4 C43: Joining the Eastern battlefront ago
B4 C44: The first battle at the Eastern Battlefront ago
B4 C45: The first battle's end ago
B4 C46: The enemy's reveille ago
B4 C47: A new emotion ago
B4 C48: A proposal ago
B4 C49: Sniper X Service ago
B4 C50: The demon tutor ago
B4 C51: The World's Blight awakens ago
B4 C52: The bells that toll for myriad beginnings ago
B4 C53: The chimes that accompany a memory ago
B4 C54: Hero of an bygone era ago
B4 C55: Breakfast and the Paragon ago
B4 C56: The outcome of the gods' squabbling ago
B4 C57: The beginning of a desperate struggle ago
B4 C58: The Battle of Eo-Seu ago
B4 C59: The parting shots ago
B4 C60: Aftermath of the battle ago
B4 C61: Promises must be kept ago
B4 C62: The hero's realisation ago
B4 C63: The Unravelling World ago
B5 C1: Escape! ago
B5 C2: The foremost bait ago
B5 C3: Assassination! ago
B5 C4: The Stabiliser ago
B5 C5: The Legend of the Nine-nine-nine Knight ago
B5 C6: Ceremony of appreciation and gratitude ago
B5 C7: An investment opportunity ago
B5 C8: An impossible ambush ago
B5 C9: The seemingly-random encounter ago
B5 C10: A triumphant return ago
B5 C11: Talk about the gods ago
B5 C12: Assistants of pioneers ago
B5 C13: Guards that gossip about gods ago
B5 C14: Those who stand vigil also babysit ago
B5 C15: The hero's system ago
B5 C16: Skirmish in the Wildlands ago
B5 C17: Revelations come with a bout of lightning ago
B5 C18: Does the path of redemption ever end? ago
B5 C19: Settling down for the moment ago
B5 C20: Undercurrents and assimilation ago
B5 C21: The moonless night's unusual visitor ago
B5 C22: The Phantom Blade ago
B5 C23: Diplomacy and the Worldshaper's territory ago
B5 C24: A sight for red eyes ago
B5 C25: Within His Divine Kingdom ago
B5 C26: The familiar spirit ago
B5 C27: The men and women who rise in action ago
B5 C28: The scorpion strikes! ago
B5 C29: The blade that severs the stinger ago
B5 C30: The little sister's request ago
B5 C31: The puddles after a rain of blood ago
B5 C32: A battle of words, wits and weapons ago
B5 C33: The mourning city ago
B5 C34: The sentient, pet-like weapon ago
B5 C35: The hot potato sitting in a dark room ago
B5 C36: The highest expectations ago
B5 C37: The return trip from the world of flames ago
B5 C38: The refugees in the land of fire ago
B5 C39: First contact with another civilisation ago
B5 C40: Studying is the fundamentals of success ago
B5 C41: Reconnaissance ago
B5 C42: The two assassins' ice-cream date ago
B5 C43: Return ago
B5 C44: The scorpion's memory ago
B5 C45: Stellar Memory ago
B5 C46: Archetype: The Gamer ago
B5 C47: The rumblings of a new era ago
B5 C48: The Chanter of Innocents ago
B5 C49: Eve of change ago
B5 C50: The Scorpion and the Plenum ago
B5 C51: The Blade aimed at the hero's heart ago
B5 C52: The Scorpion's determination ago
B5 C53: Lightning tribulations and retribution ago
B5 C54: The visitor. ago
B5 C55: Violet Regret ago
B5 C56: Conversation and the Constellation ago
B5 C57: A skewer date with a demon ago
B5 C58: The date that ends with a grim question ago
B5 C59: The run-up to a public confession ago
B5 C60: The Constellation's confrontation ago
B5 C61: World's End, Divines' Rondo ago
B6 C1: Divine Intervention ago
B6 C2: A surprise visit ago
B6 C3: The Call ago
B6 C4: The revelation's aftermath, in the South ago
B6C5: The State Council's call ago
B6C6: A government and a great god ago
B6 C7: The water-bound Thunderbolt ago
B6 C8: The restless East and a parent-teacher conference ago
B6 C9: The school festival ago
B6 C10: Parents who come to school ago
B6 C11: The sister's performance report ago
B6 C12: The Blade at the exhibition ago
B6 C13: The boundary between stillness and life ago
B6 C14: Takamagahara ago
B6 C15: Exploring the Highest Plains ago
B6 C16: The prophecy from a hundred thousand years ago ago
B6 C17: The shuddering land ago
B6 C18: The Champion's love story ago
B6 C19: The end of the play and the Eternal Cadence ago
B6 C20: Thunderbolts to the East ago
B6 C21: The strategic weapon ago
B6 C22: The East's red carpet ago
B6 C23: The little reunion ago
B6 C24: The customary greeting ago
B6 C25: Growth ago
B6 C26: Marvelling at riches ago
B6 C27: The old man's request ago
B6 C28: Rules are written in blood ago
B6 C29: The impracticality of the strategic weapon ago
B6 C30: Victory? Defeat? Or something else? ago
B6 C31: Guilt and Gemini ago
B6 C32: The strongest Exemplar ago
B6 C33: Ark City's mastermind ago
B6 C34: The culinary inventions of Ark City ago
B6 C35: Ground preparations for an invasion ago
B6 C36: Moonlit night massacre ago
B6 C37: Debriefing and icebreaking ago
B6 C38: The conspiracy theorist ago
B6 C39: Angered blows ago
B6 C40: Post-battle banter ago
B6 C41: The weird voices on-air ago
B6 C42: The boy and the Eastern Paragons ago
B6 C43: The battle of brains and bonds ago
B6 C44: Barbed lips and forked tongues ago
B6 C45: The rising storm ago
B6 C46: The child who comments on parents ago
B6 C47: Thunderbolt in theatre ago
B6 C48: The spring wind picks up ago
B6 C49: Final touches ago
B6 C50: Spring Fury begins! ago
B6 C51: Dire Straits, Brightest Dawn ago
B6 C52: The welcome mat for the strategic weapon ago
B6 C53: Meeting a match ago
B6 C54: Assaulting the coastline ago
B6 C55: The emergency at the rear ago
B6 C56: Shifting tides ago
B6 C57: Flight ago
B6 C58: Kusanagi. ago
B6 C59: Worldwide worry ago
B6 C60: Beating up senators is good relaxation ago
B6 C61: Where divinity ends ago
B6 C62: Revenge and retreat ago
B6 C63: The Frenzied Tide ago
B7C1: The long, long voyage ago
B7 C2: Life at sea ago
B7 C3: Paper fans ago
B7 C4: Landfall and news ago
B7 C5: News about the boy ago
B7 C6: Bloodline of a Champion ago
B7 C7: Raiders of the Lost Tomb ago
B7 C8: Discovery and the deceased ago
B7 C9: Treasure and treasure-hunting ago
B7 C10: Sentience and absence ago
B7 C11: Big Brother's a liar ago
B7 C12: Title - Lost Star ago
B7 C13: In memoriam ago
B7 C14: Thunderbolt-in-waiting ago
B7 C15: Thunderbolt on vacation ago
B7 C16: The Solaris Museum ago
B7 C17: The Champions' war ago
B7 C18: Transcendent insanity ago
B7 C19: The final fate of the Cardinal Champions ago
B7 C20: Otherworlders and foreign gods ago
B7 C21: Lower, Upper, Twilight ago
B7 C22: Settling down in the capital ago
B7 C23: Ideal and the real ago
B7 C24: 7833 searches ago
B7 C25: The monocled young man ago
B7 C26: The self-declared pacifist ago
B7 C27: The rule-bound ruler ago

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Tana Nari

This is a story that suffers hard from Kitchen Sink Syndrome.

As I said in the title, it lacks focus. It tries to be everything from every isekai simultaneously. Think of D&D, and all its generic Tolkien-clone tropes, but instead of Tolkien, it's a bunch of isekai and xianxia stuff. That's what you find here.

The worldbuilding is massive in scope, with all sorts of stuff including fantasy-racism-genocide, enough people being isekai'd into the setting that the event is taught in classes to their children, ancient demons, bunches of high gods with all sorts of lesser servants, and what seems a ceaseless series cold and hot wars between said gods.

The story even lampshades this melting pot of tropes, with our MC noting that "his" name is Latin, while the requisite hyper-cute-Imouto's name is Japanese. However, the fact that the story acknowledges how generic everything is doesn't make it any less generic.

Because, as expansive as it is, it's ultimately shallow. Precious little effort has been put into considering the outcome of this crazy mess, so ultimately the interactions seem like little more than a generic fantasy setting with nothing unusual to call its name. No thought is given to look into what the long-term sociological impact of such a universe might be.

Of course, the MC is an extra special isekai... and for some reason doesn't even seem surprised about what's going on (which I suppose is better than reading 5 chapters of him freaking out). He signs up for the military the first chance he gets, and we see another couple dozen chapters of him being a military recruit not doing much.

Remember what I said about generic?

At which point, I admit I zoned out thanks to boredom and decided to call my review finished there. The story crawls like a fish, the characters and setting alike are empty of depth, character interactions read like everyone knows what's going to happen next and they're only pretending to interact to make it look like there was a reason behind their actions.

Even the moment when two titanic superhumans clashed with enough power to decimate both their armies as collateral damage felt less energetic than the average game of tic-tac-toe.

It's not completely truly awful, however. The writing's solid, if bland, with only a small handful of minor errors. Chapters are short and get to the point, lacking in any purple prose. And the MC may not be interesting, but neither he nor any of the other characters are annoying.

In fact, with some effort on the author's part to add depth, focus on growing what is already there rather than new ideas cribbed from whatever's popular this season, he has a decent, if still generic, basis for a story.



This novel starts small and gradually grows bigger as the story progresses.

In the first arc our boy main character, Gaius, strives for a better life for himself and his "sister" Nakama.

In the second arc Gaius works as an instructor in a hidden realm and discovers a secret area within the hidden realm.

The third arc deals with the ramifications of the secrets Gaius finds/ dealing with the greater world.

My thoughts:

This was the novel that finally made me open an account on Royal Road because I wanted to encourage the author to keep writing.

HOWEVER, I personally am not fascinated by the wider world of this story, which is why I am giving this story four stars instead of five.

I've read the first arc three times, the second arc two times, and the first few chapters of the third arc only once because the story doesn't grip me personally the same way when more is revealed about this fantasy world.

If you are looking for a fantasy world that slowly expands from one perspective to multiple perspectives, then this story might be for you.


The story unfolds after a few chapters in, but the general sense is that someone is translating this from an asian novel. It might be half decent in its origial package but loses alot of coherency. It skips over alot of "comon sense" and just keep plowing and you are left to fill in the blanks or try and rewrite it in your head to something more plausable. Still so-so. Its readable


More than any prose story I’ve read in a long time, Legend of the Lost Star feels like a Japanese RPG brought back to life.

The thing that makes JRPG games so compelling is their ability to smash together every possible thing and see what sticks, and this story here does exactly the same. It’s a sci-fi military story with alien battling; it’s an isekai reincarnation story about a mysterious amnesiac; it’s got a school with quirky characters and plucky children. There’s Xianxia cultivation, mysterious conspiracies, continental wars, and so much more. It’s really reminiscent of some old game like Star Ocean or Tales of Phantasia or Secret of Evermore, and that’ll either make or break the story for you depending on what you’re looking for in a story.

For me, the high-density mish-mash was a plus through my reading of the book. It also helps that chapters are short and breezy. The pace is certainly slow, so much so that it could dissuade readers looking for something with an eventful opening (though the less connected first two chapters deliver more of that). In just a few months the story has ballooned to over 800 pages in length, and I imagine the story keeps it slow but short as well, which is good in my eyes.

The writing isn’t anything to read home about, though; the grammar is fine, but the prose is flat and the story has a trouble evoking any of the senses, especially visual. It’s about what you’d expect out of a sci-fi/fantasy web serial, though, so if you’re not bothered by that you’ll be OK.

I’m glad the story is largely about a duo of twelve year old kids, because that’s the perfect set of protagonists for the beginning of a big JRPG adventure. I’d have liked the story to have moved faster and not gotten stuck in training camp for so long, but I’m confident the author has good places to go with this quite long saga.

Also, the chapter titles are great early on. I don’t know why but I really like that every chapter title in Book 1 is like a complete sentence lol



It's not bad. The main problem I have is cultivation levels. How can someone of lower-level beat higher so easily? Does higher cultivation help so little? Usually, it increases speed, strength, endurance, reaction speed so how can someone beat those of higher-level so easily? Sloth will never beat a lion no matter how good its fighting skills are. Yet MC is the lowest level and fights one of the best fighters (knights) of the army. I thought the author would explain a bit more but I'm already at the 3rd book and nothing is explained about that. I just wish the author explained the cultivation system and made distinctions between levels clearer.



Really excited to see where this one goes. It's HUGE and has lots of moving pieces, but the author does a good job of making even the small details of battle really exciting.

The military aspects and wars are very fun to read and I look forward to learning more about the world as I continue with the story.

Recommended to those who like military fantasy and huge epic worlds with lots of lore!


To know a good man from a wicked one, give him power

Reviewed at: B2 C2: Cowardice, self-preservation and shame

This story lacks a moral center.

It's gross. It's exploitative. It celebrates nothing but power.

Just at the start of this thing, I'm thinking: why would I be interested in reading about a grown man beating up children? That's not appealing to me in any way. I see it again and again, the author making choices that are ugly. The grammar and structure are fine, it's entirely the subject matter I have concerns about. There's no crime in presenting characters to your audience who are reprehensible, fiction is filled with evil characters. What's sick is when evil behavior is presented as if it's virtuous. For an egregious example, how about the MC's teary little reunion with the ghost of a child soldier he trained in a previous life.

What the literal fu**?

I wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt and skipped ahead, just in case this thing would come together. But I don't believe it does.

It shocks me that so many people have read and enjoyed this fiction.


    This one is really a pleasure to read. The concept is not new but this is one of the more thought out worlds I have read on RoyalRoad. We follow our MC as he finds himself in a new world, memories from earth are hazy at best. His journey through this world and the people he meets are a joy to read. For a fiction with such a huge cast I have not found any of the typical cardboard cut-out characters. The story itself could be considered a slow burn, mysteries unfurling and exploration of this new world. All this happens against a rather complex political backdrop and many moving parts. 

    If there was anything I could say I would like to see, it would probably be a more concrete goal for our MC. One outside of just proctecting those he is with and surviving. I would probably like to see a bit more explanation on the MC's power progression too, but I understand we are finding out things with the characters.

    All in all this is a great story. The release rate is amazing and with that the quality is good too. A few errors here and there but I am no grammer expert as this review probably shows.

        I honestly think the release rate is why there is not as many comments on this fiction. I typically read this once a week to get caught up and I don't comment while binging chapters. Just a note for the author.


Note: Currently 14 chapters in so take that as you will!


A world from Earth, characters transported
By mysterious gods, they are supported
Our man in boy, fighter, orphan
Faster, stronger, learning, morphin

History, richness alluded to
Shows hard work you did imbue
The orb you made, full of wonder
Will our Gaius pull it asunder?

Some grammar parts, though not a frequence
Did detract from several sequence
Clearing these up, would fully smoothen
Action most this would improve-n

Second I found narration discord
Switching perspective, reading qutie hard
This worked against the clarity
And made inconsistent POV

Slow your story, I did not find
Learning with our character, I didn't mind
So far I've not lost any interest
In Gauis' improvement sub-quest

To wrap up, I hope you know
I've enjoyed your story, you've put on show
Good luck in future endeavours, sir
'Til we meet again, keep up your writing spur



I have to admit, at first I was slightly lost coming into this story simply because of how large the world is that it drops you into.  As with many stories, however, it drops us back into a smaller frame while holding that epic start in the background to provide us with a sense of eventual scale - and then delivers on that promise with a gradual climb from orphaned nobody to...  well, you'll have to read the first book of the story, at least.  

I enjoyed the clever blend of mythological references and fantasy tropes that have been melded into something unique, which is no mean feat when the author has invoked the sheer number of them that come into play here.  Despite the clash we're kept grounded through the eyes of Gaius, who is seeing most of this for the first time (that he can remember, anyway) and lets us keep the pace approachable.

For those that enjoy a story which rewards continued reading with steady advancement and growth, this one should be right up your alley.  Grammar is generally excellent with a half star off for some homophone swaps.  For fans of LN story construction the style will be perfect even if I had a few quibbles at times.  

Author, keep it up!