Apocalypse Override: Zombieman

by Vambient

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Horror Mystery GameLit Grimdark Harem LitRPG Low Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Chapters updated whenever I'm not working on Ball of Light: Book 2. 

Please help me catch errors when you see them. Also, rate and enjoy. 

Ray Delano lives an ordinary life as a twenty-year-old guy living in the Bay Area.

At least, he used to. Ever since the apocalypse, things have been different.

Monsters have invaded Earth. New powers and abilities have sprung up from the strange leveling system to help humanity combat the new threat. 

Join Ray as he navigates through this changing world, starting from the beginning.

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Generic LitRPG apocalypse with a harem sprinkled on top

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Home Sweet Home

LitRPG apocalypse yadda yadda blah blah

Harem of beauties blah blah googoo gah gah

Power fantasy ooga booga

If you've read a story with those same details, you probably won't get a new experience here.

The MC makes some really stupid decisions (i.e. driving away from running over a monster and then using your phone to look for music while not looking at the road. How dumb does one have to be to do this? Yikes.)

Harem love interest characters are introduced way too close together. Both within 14 chapters, to be exact.

MC 'saves' his 2nd love interest/his ex and they immediately ditch him. If he goes back and immediately trusts her, i'm out. MC is showing signs of a Grade A simp.

There seems to have already been powers and stuff before the apocalyse, which is unnecessary.

Terry had a POV that was literally pointless, other than saying that she doesn't like video games.

Also, not totally sure what the title means. The MC doesn't have zombie powers, as I was theorizing.

Not even sure why the MC is the MC, because there are clearly people that are much more interesting than some random gamer dude.

Will continue reading, so review is subject to change.

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Reading this actually made me intrigued. I felt like I was being pulled into the deepest depths of my imagination. 

It felt like a real adult zombie movie but without zombies 😂😂😂 No clichés and no annoying thropes seen everywhere. 


Worth the read, the diamond in the dust

Giulio Cimmino
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the story is named zombieman but you didn’t introduce the zombie or anithing similar only goblin slime and other classic monsters,if you don’t put zombie in the story why you call it like that ? In the end the fiction is good enough grammar and character good but there still the problem of the zombie but ok.