by Igi

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What would you do if you found an ancient spaceship?

Michael Freeman is a disabled veteran who had just been fired from his mind-numbing cubicle job, which allowed his opportunistic girlfriend to dump him. Now, he only wants to spend some time in his grandfather's mountain cabin to unwind away from the drudgery of daily life with a cold beer in his hands.

Standing in his way is an ancient spaceship with an emotional AI, nanites that have invaded his body, an international crime syndicate, a suicidal FBI agent on a vigilante mission, terrorists... and this is just the beginning.

What can one man do when faced with insurmountable odds? Call it quits? Or… call some of his old army buddies and blow those obstacles to smithereens.

Can he become more than he had ever dreamed, reaching further than any man before? Staying under the radar of the powers that be while righting a few wrongs of the modern world.

He is sure of three things:

1. He really doesn’t want to follow the rules anymore... aside from his own.

2. Space is the ultimate frontier, and he had been given a turnkey technology to reach it—if they let him.

3. Those that want to hurt him and the people he cares about will rue the day they were born.

You do not always get what you wish for… sometimes, you get one hell of a lot more.


“Really entertaining, and a promising future.” - RR Reviewer

“Good old sci-fi novel” - RR Reviewer

“Sci-fi with a realistic MC” - RR Reviewer

“Wow, seriously... just wow” - RR Reviewer

“I'm hooked!” - RR Reviewer

A well crafted story.” - RR Reviewer

“A Sci-fi Novel I can appreciate” - RR Reviewer

“This is good.” - RR Reviewer


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Book 1 - Epilogue ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #1: To Whom It May Concern ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #2: Hello World, It’s Me, Max… The AI ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #3: Cogito, Ergo Sum ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #4: Fixing Michael ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #5: A Man with a Plan ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #6: The Digital World ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #7: A Gold Deal Gone Wrong ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #8: The Healer ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #9: Is Stealing from Bad Guys Really A Crime? ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #10: The Team ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #11: Nano-Factory, Satellites, and Flying Saucers ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #12: The Six Million Dollar Man ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #13: Assignments, Intelligence, and Beer ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #14: Identities and Money ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #15: Digital Evolution ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #16: Hi Dad, It Is Your Digital Son ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #17: Training Day ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #18: People Are Strange ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #19: The Missile Silo ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #20: Pirates and Terrorists ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #21: Political Correctness ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #22: The Spaceship in the Stone ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #23: Assassination Attempt and a Homophobe ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #24: Renting an island ago
Book 1.5 - Log Entry #25: Hi-Tech ago
Book 1.5 - Epilogue ago
Book 2 - Prologue ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4 ago
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Book 2 - Chapter 23 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 24 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 25 Pt.1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 25 Pt.2 ago
Book 2 - Epilogue ago
Book 2.5 - Prologue ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #26: Max Versus The Pagan Island Volcano ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #27: If You Build It, They Will Come ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #28: Plastic-Fantastic ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #29: Planning For The Future ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #30: A Just Response ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #31: The Heist ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #32: Get The Ball Rolling ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #33: The Cures ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #34: Stop! Hammer Time! ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #35: Much Ado About Nothing ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #36: A True AI Is Born ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #37: The Jig Is Up ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #38: Rough Ascension ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #39: One Ring To Rule Them All ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #40: Ground Control To Major Tom ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #41: My Father ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #42: Kick You When You Are Down ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #43: Independence Day ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #44: Life Goes On ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #45: The Culprit ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #46: The Head Of A Snake ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #47: Decisions & Consequences ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #48: The Garden ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #49: Backyard Cleaning ago
Book 2.5 - Log Entry #50: Challenger Deep ago
Book 2.5 - Epilogue ago
Book 3 - Prologue ago
Book 3 - Chapter 1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 2 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 3 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 4 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 5 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 6 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 7 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 8 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 9 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 10 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 11 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 12 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 13 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 14 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 15 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 16 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 17 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 18 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 19 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 20 ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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The story is great with a proper plot line from the beggining. But after the end of book 1 its book 1.5 which i think should be in a seperate story all together because its from the ai perspective whhich just replays the story again for the second time with nothing new but fillers.



Reviewed at: Book 1 - Chapter 20

There are no problems with grammar and style.

The concept, although not original, is very interesting. The actions are very thrilling.

The problems that I have is with the characterizations and some aspects of the story.

  • 20 something in the FBI is basically an intern, not a top analyst. The author is failing in mixing between a capable veteran special agent with a beautiful young love interest. A top analyst would be a late 40s bald guy that has refused promotions because he loves doing his job.
  • MC being in his 40s is actually a good believable trait. But he doesn't act like his age. He acts like what a teen would think how 40 years old guy act. Not to mention an ex special forces. Too many questionable decision has been made, or not made.
  • Questionable decisions made for the organization structuring. MC was a muscle, not a brain. Appointing him as the de facto leader of the organization probably explains some of the decisions...
  • What happened to no fraternizing? This one is a given. There is a reason why companies and the military always have no fraternizing policy. A top FBI analyst and an ex delta force would've known that.
  • Elizabeth and Alice leading the intel department is a bit... One is a 20 something girl, and the other is a muscle brain who knows how to torture...
  • Anna, who is basically a teenager, as the PR department's leader of a --what I think would be-- global corporation...
  • Why would you give a strike team a new weapon right before they go into action? Especially a special force. Any veteran soldier would prefer a weapon they're used to against a new tech weapon they have never fired and know nothing about.
  • Besides mining, why no drone tech? wouldn't scout drones would do better if not complementing satellite surveillance?

That' enough ranting from me. At the end of the day, I still enjoy the story.



I REALLY liked the way this story started. Enough to overlook some of the issues with the writing.

Unfortunately when the story started to move away from what I originally considered to be a realistic scenario for someone finding highly advanced tech, the issues with the writing became more noticeable to me.

Story issues: A few too many coincidences, a few too many experts, too sudden a switch from being (rightfully) paranoid to trusting a whole host of people etc.

Writing issues: occasional grammar or weird turn of phrase - nothing that couldn't be fixed up with a solid editor. But jarring to me as a reader.

Will continue to follow for now, but I'm not up to date with the latest chapter and am losing momentum.


Original review:

Great first chapter setting the scene and building the character.

Got to admit, I'm a sucker for a good first sentence, and "Inside the buried spaceship, an ancient machine intelligence continued its relentless vigil" passed that bar for me.

I'm currently 5 chapters in and definitely adding this to my list. Well written, relatable and interesting.

I wouldn't describe this as popcorn reading like some stories here, but that's no bad thing - I like a bit of variety in my reading diet.

Interested to see how things develop!


When the MC has means FAR SUPERIOR to his enemies.

Reviewed at: Book 1 - Chapter 24

It is a very real dilemma in these kinds of stories. Should the author make the main characters or the 'good guys' just simply OP enough to Deux ex Machina through everything?

Or should there be a balance of struggle and smooth sailing?

Honestly, even if you make it, either way, both could be entertaining. I could enjoy reading about a good struggle; I could also enjoy our mc boi beating everyone to the ground without breaking a sweat.

The core matter here is if it makes sense. Does the OPness of the MC feel natural with respect to the rest of the story? Or if the mc actually struggles with his far superior technology against people using earth guns and earth cyber warfare techniques, is that struggle logical?

After the author already sets up his own rules for his story, he should strictly abide by them. After he has introduced an AI with surveillance skills and computational skills far superior to earth's, the author should not make the AI make HUMAN mistakes even if the AI is trying to emulate humanity.

The solution many authors find to this dilemma of struggle or OPness is to make the main cast infinitely more stupid than they have to be. Make them repeat the same old mistakes over and over without learning. Make them NEVER use their full potential. Make forced events happen and drop the main casts' luck into the negatives.

Unfortunately, this story seems to be taking a similar route. Of course, it has not yet happened as of now too frequently. I usually use a three-strikes system. And the author has only gotten a strike one.

This section contains small spoilers, 

1. First case with the Albanian gang of kidnappers. I get it; the system was not yet up to potential. They were still starting. Still not careful enough. So not a strike; logically, it could happen.

2. The assassin at Dave's yard. No, just no. It could NOT happen with MAX around. And his flimsy excuse of not having a dedicated satellite? Yeah, very weak. With the technology on their hands, an oversight like that would not happen. Who forced it. He could have given a warning that an unknown car was nearby. That, someone, was loitering around one of his key facilities, and he didn't notice? Nope.

And that is about it. I will still read the novel and enjoy reading it until I see the author making the same decision over and over again. I really hope it will not come to that because this is atm one of my fav stories here. 

Even if the characterization and interaction are very bland, so are the side characters other than Max and Michael.

Robert Obiekwe

I'm hooked (Reviewed at Ch.9 pt.1)

Reviewed at: Book 1 - Chapter 9 Pt.1

Modern Earth is dying.

The sky is burning, the poles are melting, the sea and land are full of garbage. Humans are fighting among themselves while they kill the very land they stand on. The wise ones look to the stars and see a path, but the masses are too foolish to look up with them.

Among the masses, a soldier, wounded and thrown away finds a ancient alien spaceship and finally looks up too...and he is disgusted in what he sees. He thinks to himself, "If the people of Earth refuse to see what's happening then I can't change that. But I will try to save as many as I can."

Normally, Syfy isn't my cup of tea, but this story is starting to change that. It takes a realistic approach to the syfy genre and add in a relatable, real feeling Mc, antagonists that make you grind your teeth in anger, and flushed out supporting characters and you got yourself a story that keeps dragging you back for more. So far the story has got me hooked and I can't wait to read more.


Update as of 9/3/20

I don't know how I can say the necessary words. I tried to not lower my score while reading, however, after 23 chapters I must say that I am somewhat disappointed. The story started out spectacular, as you can see the title of my review. However, the author decided that rather than dealing with governments and the rest of humanity Michael and the gang should deal with terrorists who have "friends in high places" per se. This has been the recurring theme since Chapter 11-12 or so. And I must say that I do not like it at all. It's pretty repetitive, boring and just shows how Mary Sue our characters are. "Always help the good, save citizens, terrorists are bad." Right now the story is something like a Special Black Ops Team with Advanced Tech vs A Terrorist Group which is boring. I hoped to see some real political discussions, scientific developments, humans' reactions to the ship etc. Nothing, random terrorists attack our characters, our characters fight them back with advanced technology, random characters attack somewhere located in the United States, our characters immediately help them and save the day. Rinse and repeat. I will keep following this novel, however, if it continues like this... I might end up dropping it.



Has to be one of the best Sci-Fi novels out there as of now, got me hooked to the story in an instant.


Spoiler: Spoiler



The story is good and I enjoy it. Honestly my only complaint is the 1.5 book from the AI POV, but i think a lot of people feel the same as me. Reading what the author posted about it and his thoughts I feel a little better. But since I know he wants to turn this into a book series, maybe he should make the AI view of the story a completely separate thing like Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. It’s kind of what he is doing, but not really. It would need polish and some changes to make it work better.

Honestly though, his first book is good and I look forward to the second real book.


The side stories are not. Yes, they are interesting, but they shouldn't be taking the place of the main story. Instead, we are waiting months to get back to the main story all the while, losing followers. These should be separate from regular releases. Have them as a secondary story or release them in between the regular chapters. I am close to dropping this because of those stupid side stories.


This story is great! It is still early in yet a lot has already happened while not feeling rushed, so pacing is already great. The characters actions are believable and their logic makes sence and is understandable. I can't wait to see where this story goes, if it's anything like how it's been so far it will be great!

Joe the majestic reader

We need super advanced technology help the word

Reviewed at: Book 1 - Chapter 9 Pt.2

The Space Legacy

A story that uses a very realistic view on what the world and society is. How the corporations affect the world, how they affect the future and how the people have to adapt to the changes around them to keep living.

 In the case of the protagonist he can make a change, and he chooses to do so for the better, all by using an ancient  shop with technology that far surpasses anything humanity ever dreamed of.