Ezekiel opened his eyes and saw himself in a place different from anything he had ever seen. A simple wooden house facing a quiet shiny lake with an apparently 30-year-old man sitting on the edge of the lake holding a fishing rod.

Not being able to remember very well what had just happened, Ezekiel was a little worried about how to get home, since he could not even remember where his home was.

"Hey, kid." The man sitting with his back to him said, without at least turning around.

Ezekiel was a little confused, but seeing that there were only the two near that strange lake, he answered. "Hello, sir. Where am I?"

The man, still not turning around, gave two light pats on the ground beside him indicating Ezekiel to sit down before beginning to answer. "You're in paradise, Ezekiel."

Ezekiel was surprised as he sat down, curious he looked at the lake and saw that it shone because it was made of countless stars. If he paid enough attention to a single star, he would see some movement on that star, as if some little planets were orbiting around it. "Why are there only the two of us here?" He asked.

The young man still paying attention to the fishing rod answered. "Very few people can come to paradise, and all who come have the right to be reborn."

Ezekiel, who was trying to understand what this man was fishing in these stars, was surprised to hear what this man said. "I really like to do good, but I've also sinned many times, I don't think I should be here." He said.

"That's exactly the thought that brought you here, kid. I never wanted anyone to be 100% perfect since not even I am. What I expect from people is that they should be good people within their own limitations, always wishing good to others, but without ceasing to wish good to themselves". The man said in a quiet tone of voice.

"Then everything was fine when I broke the seventh commandment that says, 'Thou shalt not steal'?" Ezekiel asked worriedly.

"I have followed you all your life, Ezekiel. I know better than anyone how much you hesitated before you stole a lousy piece of bread while you were living on the streets. You may not have had the best of deeds, but your heart was always good." The man answered.

Hearing this, Ezekiel finally felt good. Now in paradise he wouldn't have to worry about food or where to live, he could only rest... but after a few hours just enjoying the view from the lake of stars, he felt a little restless. "How does the reincarnation you spoke of work?"

"A world with more good people is always a better world, so I see some worlds that need good people, and I send those who volunteer with a small benefit, depending on the world you go to." The man spoke.

Ezekiel heard this and thought it really sounded interesting. He lived a good life during the first half of his life, but during the second half, countless misfortunes happened so that his life would fall apart and he would lose everything, having to live in the street. Having a chance to start over, Ezekiel was really tempted.

Before accepting this opportunity, Ezekiel continued enjoying the calm of that place for several months, finally resting and achieving the peace of mind he had always dreamed of.

When a year had passed in which he had arrived at that place, Ezekiel finally decided to accept man's proposal, which he had already guessed would be God.

"Have you finally recovered, Ezekiel?" The man asked.

Ezekiel thought about the past he had and saw that none of it mattered anymore. So with determination, he accepted. "Yes, I accept your proposal."

"All right, I'll send you to a chaotic world you've heard of. The memories you will keep will be just the main ones, keeping mainly your good character, all right?" The man for the first time all year long finally took his eyes off the side and faced Ezekiel's eyes.

Ezekiel saw the eyes of man as an infinite and golden cosmos. Out of amazement, he considered the proposal. Knowing that he would still keep his main memories, Ezekiel accepted quietly.

With a satisfied smile, the man said something before beginning the reincarnation of Ezekiel. "Your power will grow the more good things you do, Ezekiel. I expect great things from you, maybe one day you'll keep me company."

====End of the Prologue====


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