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In a world of epic struggles between superheroes and villains, not everyone is enthused with the spectacle. Walter Watson is an unassuming young man and a part of the Powerless majority. His only want in life is to escape the noise of celebrity Heroism which is, he believes, no more than a thinly veiled excuse for neverending martial law. He wants freedom, not Power, and he has no hope in saving a world that was doomed to conflict from the start.

Unfortunately for Walter, fate has different plans. His entire life will come crashing down as the Truth reveals itself. He is harboring not only the greatest... but most terrible ability in existence. The very key to Power itself.

DISCORD --LINKS-- PATREON !! This story includes gore and characters that some may find disturbing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Hero Wakes Up ago
2. F*ck Heroes, He's Outta Here ago
3. A Hero is Sanctioned to Live ago
4. The Hero is Tempted by Villainy ago
5. Some Hot Perks of a Hero ago
6. The New Hero's First Kerfuffle ago
7. Everybody Wants to Die a Hero ago
8. A Hero is Thrown to the Wolves ago
9. Live Free or Die a Hero ago
10. A Hero Visits the Underworld ago
11. No Heroes, Only Hungry Animals ago
12. Rectifying the Consequence of Heroics ago
13. The Villain Always Believes He's a Hero ago
14. A Hero Sets Out On His Adventure ago
15. The Villains Have Lives Too (Interlude) ago
16. A Hero Finds New Hunting Grounds ago
17. Our Hero Tries Recreational Drugs ago
18. The Hard Climb Down From a Hero's High ago
19. The Hero Makes His Play ago
20. Time Always Runs Out for a Hero ago
21. Heroes Often Enter Labyrinths, Remember? ago
22. A Hero Arises Into The King's Domain ago
23. A Hero's Dark Night of the Soul ago
24. Our Hero Descends to the Final Union ago
25. The Hero and the King Square Up ago
26. The Hero and the Villain's Big Showdown ago
27. A New Dawn for the Hero ago
28. The Gathering of the Great Villain (Interlude) ago
29. Life Finds a Way, Always for Heroes ago
30. A Villainous Traitor to the Cause of Evil ago
31. A Real Hero Never Dies ago
32. Villains Survive by the Skin of Their Teeth ago
33. The Hero Gains New Friends ago
34. The Villains Take Up Piracy ago
35. The Hero Takes to the Void ago
36. Two Villains Remember Old Times ago
37. In Which a Hero Goes to Outer Space ago
38. Even Villains Fear the Undead ago
39. The Hero Besieges the Moon Base ago
40. A Hero Hunting In Haunted Chambers ago
41. The Hero Encounters The Truth ago
42. Every Hero Gets His Power From Somewhere ago
43. The Next Chapter Opens For Our Hero ago
44. Villains Traverse the Belly of the Beast ago
45. Villains Fight Through For Daylight ago
46. A New World For Our Heroes ago
47. On The Green Fields of Mars, Our Hero Creates Life ago
48. The Hero Meets His Dawn ago
49. The Hero Prepares His Fleet to Launch ago
50. Villains At the King's Gate ago
51. In The Heart of Hell, Villains Fight ago
52. Our Villain Faces the Great Dragon ago
53. The Hero Returns To The World ago
54. The Declaration of War ago
55. The Heroes and the Villains Debate ago
56. The Heroes and Villains Resort to Violence ago
57. Heroes, Villains, and Some Other Third Thing ago
58. On the Fields of the North, Heroes Charge In ago
59. Three Heroes Must Kill or Be Killed ago
60. Remembering an Old Villain ago
61. Heroes In the Midst of Battle ago
62. Heroes Against the Master of Many ago
63. When Alone, Heroes Shine ago
64. The Villains Attempt to Gang Up On Our Hero ago
65. Seraph Is Revealed to Our Hero ago
67. The Deadliest Game is Heroism ago
68. The Fight is Looking Grim for Our Heroes ago
69. No Hero Walks Against History ago
70. Nothing Can Keep A Hero Dead ago
71. A Hero’s Work is Never Done ago
72. A Hero and a Tyrant Meet ago
73. The One and Only Hero, Creep ago
74. The Hero Victorious ago
Ending Remarks ago

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It's been about a week since creep's debut, and we've already gotten a surplus of creativeness and originality, in my opinion, an oversaturated genre. The way it diverts the superhero genre and puts it on its head is very interesting, and Walter is probably one of the most interesting superhero protagonists I've seen thus far. He isn't the type that thrives or even enjoys the super-powered life, and his power is far from glamorous.

I'll most likely be editing this review once the story has progressed more, but I wanted to congratulate Shaeor and sing his praises, as well as give critique for what is to come. Hopefully this goes in more places than the usual 'joins superhero team, finds bad guy, fights bad guy, lives happily ever after as superhero' scenario.

All in all, very promising. Keep it up.


I gave this story a real shot by almost catching up completely but in the end I had to think about the chances of the story improving if it hadn't by that point and I couldn't read any further. What you'll find if you open this book is a bunch of almost moments and accomplishments that are quickly reset or given "twists'' to set the MC right back to the beginning or near enough. It's an obnoxiously consistent part of the story and it happens literally (Yes, I know that word is often used the wrong way. I’m not.) every 2-3 chapters like clockwork. It quickly gets to the point the story teaches you not to get excited or interested in anything happening because the story will punish you for it. I'm not kidding, it really does happen that consistently! So far the experience has been like if you watched One Piece but at the end of every island arc the hero DOESN'T defeat the bad guy. Hell, they don’t even defeat the big bads minions. It’s loss after loss, again and again, all throughout East blue and into the grandline and beyond. Or it's like the legend of icarus and his wax wings but the mc doesn't even need to fly high for them to melt. Take a step and his wings melt. Go for a walk and the bloody sun falls from the sky to scorch them. It was relentless! I feel confident you will never get a moment in the story that feels like a worthy payoff for any amount of attention or thought you give it. It just won’t happen.


I probably would've stopped halfway through but the author seemed to have extended a somewhat acceptable olive branch so I didn't. But what that means is when things inevitably went t*ts up it wasn't a complete and total disaster. There was a slight caveat to the latest "twist" which hadn't happened before. But the spirit of that was completely gone by the next arc and I was back to just going with the flow and reading with a blank face because I knew nothing happening was going to lead anywhere anyway. I'm now settled on the idea that however interesting a premise or how demanding it's been for the author to write there’s one thing he's overlooked and it’s the thing that utterly ruined the story. That was the narrative. I guess if he was going for “The world is always going to take a crp on you no matter what” he hit the nail on the head because that's what the story ended up being to its readers. The story itself was very consistent with that idea at the cost of the reader's experience with it. But that wasn't the problem. Not really anyway. You can't forget what the purpose of a story is and why you're telling it. It can affect the character but it shouldn't be hurting the readers too. It should fulfill what you want to write while also being palatable or enjoyable for the audience. That’s the balance any story being told to others should achieve. A story ought to develop expectations in readers that are eventually satisfied even if they aren't the same expectations the characters themselves have. You can't treat the characters' expectations as the readers and expect them to like the story when you end up crushing them. Inevitably the character's failure will feel like a let down for the reader too. What if I want the character to take a step? Or go on a walk? When the sun instantly punishes the notion I'm left feeling unsatisfied because the only expectation the story was giving me was either ignored or outright broken. I might be explaining all this the wrong way, but I hope you guys get the gist of what I mean. There's never a solid win the readers can get behind. It's always the loser and his constant failures and never any satisfaction for having read it.


My next problem would be the ill advised confusion the story gives about which version of Creep is the most real, or in other words the one that most deserved the audiences attention. I think in general giving readers a character or characters who are clearly the MC's is a good choice but this story took confusion and ran with it. The narrative (Can you guess what's coming?) set up the guy who I still think of as the real Creep and put him in a situation where it seemed like he'd had success for the first time. A genuine win with very few caveats. It took forever, but finally he'd done something that hadn’t disappeared immediately. But in the very next arc the author slaps you right upside the head with the "twist" that the Creep who achieved all that wasn't even the real Creep! Now I have to go back to following the loser who never wins because this new and poorly established "Creep" is the guy I should follow. So in a way the story still never ended up giving us readers a win we could get behind or feel hyped over! It poisoned and twisted the first expectation of the story ever truly fulfilled or met. It was the last straw for me and 70 chapters in (Only a few more till I would've caught up) I finally realised it wasn't worth waiting around for even the cheap satisfaction of  "Well, at least I finished it". I was finally given what I’d been sticking around for and the next moment it was gone just like all the others before it.

Tl;DR is the definition of how I should've treated this story. It was too long and not worth the read. The only thing you’ll get on the other side is the feeling of having been betrayed over and over again by the narrative. There won't be a single moment you can think back on later as a good or cool scene.

Jack Blank

So... I can see myself in this character. And I suppose that's something some authors want to go for and some want to stay away from, but I can only tell you about my experience.


He absolutely wants NOTHING to do with his present situation, and I can't imagine there are too many people who have no idea what that's like. And I love it.


He hasn't yet faced too much considering there are only four chapters as of yet but I'm expecting great things from this story. Our protagonist is someone who stands at the edge of being a great hero or being labeled a terrible villain and regardless of his choice, I look forward to the result.


An interesting and fluent story. (Yeah the world seems like Boku no Hero Academia's but much more realistic.) Mc has a real personality and surprisingly not an idiot (okay maybe he is an idiot of some sort). Overall a fluent and interesting story so far. I am pretty sure it will hit top fictions sooner or later. Give it a chance.

Update: The story has a good start but pretty much falls of later. The mc goes 0 to 100 in one and two chapters ans his personality completely changes. With perspective changes I don't enjoy story as much as before. I can say that mc is "literally" changed.

Spoiler: Spoiler




 The story feels fresh and original in a over saturated genre and I cant wait for the next release. The writing and world building is solid with my only issue being that the author uses the word 'drug' instead of dragged

David Lopez

One of the best things on this site.

Reviewed at: Ending Remarks

It's like I said one of the best things I've seen on this site. Something that stands out from all of the other stories and is easily one of the best things I've ever read.

Read this and you will understand.


A story with a humble beginning and a glorious end

Reviewed at: Ending Remarks

One of the most enjoyable part of this story for is that the main character Walter starts as a miserable piece of shit. But as the story continues Walter reflects on himself and his past action, realises his mistakes and faults and tries to improve oneself. Many times he becomes better, but he is only human so many times he also fails to improve himself.

The story itself is an interesting take on the superhero story, a dark and cruel reality of Power is presented in Walter world. Walter is a simple man on a path to discover himself, his power and the truth of his world.

Overall, i got to congratulate the author, he came into this story with a beginning and an ending, and pulled throught it all to his best ability and talent. The story could have been better, yes, but every story could have been better and i got to say, Good job Shaeor. 

Shaeor i wish you luck and improvement in your life as an author and continues pulling out interesting and creatives stories out of your mind. 





 It's like you go in a rollercoaster and you like go bumbum shakalaka and you're fixed your iphone 3G that your mother bought when you were 2 years old. Like for what reason would you fix it? You asked yourself as you began eating your frozen banana slowly starting from the tip of the frozen banana which was actually very disgusting so you threw the disgusting frozen and eaten tipped-banana that was disgusting.


Props for Morals... and the potential lack there of

Reviewed at: 27. A New Dawn for the Hero

I like it. The MC is belivible and other charecters as well (though none have really been around for long). It's early days I guess so I don't want to make solid judgments but I will say I that I like the discussion of morality and the philosophical discussions/quandaries in general so I thought the story deserves props for what it's achieved so far. It's a story about good and evil--the nature of villainy and heroics--there's potential there and even if the execution may eventually fall flat I think props should be given for trying and for doing a pretty bang up job so far. Even if some parts are oddly phrased and confusing, the ambiguity of these sections are also a kind of strength.

That's all I can think to say right now. Good luck author, and readers, give the story a try.

(actually reviewed at 14: I just corrected some typos. Story's still good btw)


Creep is one of those stories where the main character is pushed on a knife's edge against conflict after conflict after, there's character introspection and growth but if you don't like tense heavy combat and stressful interactions every few paragraphs then this isnt the story for you. If you do, then I'll gladly recommend this book .

There's nothing wrong with the grammar you can easily read it, character interactions is good if a bit simplistic at this stage, action scenes are fast and engaging. IT's a good book, worth reading.