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Q&A Session (As of Chapter 246 “The Martial World”)


There was a Q&A session between the author and readers, just around the chapter before Sila logged out to meet his teacher to ask about Kimon. I'm sorry for the late translation. Some questionable replies are already revealed as the current translated chapters.

Here we go~

Q&A Session


Q1: Back in a previous chapter, you stated that The Fairy Queen has the ultimate skill of her race. Does that mean there are always two beings possessing the ultimate skills of the race, a player and a monster?

A1: You got that right. It’s two separate rankings. One for the strongest monster of the race and another one for the strongest player of the race. It’s the same skill though.


Q2: My question is about the past too, then. Who is the strongest undead-race player? Cross or Lomyok? Or is it someone else?

A2: Rather than in the past, this question is more in the future. It’ll be a spoiler though since it will be revealed when Lomyok exited the hall. Well, it’s just a minor spoiler, so I guess I can answer. You have been warned though. Please skip the answer below if you don’t want to be spoiled.

The current strongest player is someone else. This person has already shown up in the story, but the story didn’t state yet that they belong to the undead race. Actually, killing the previous owner of the ultimate skill (like Zazae did with Montra) is just one of the means for snatching the skill. In this case, when Lomyok leaves the hall, the skill will instantly transfer to him. This is because the system regards players who have entered the hall as superior to others.


Q3: My question is about a very old chapter. I want to know about the skill, Psychic Body, that Divine used around Chapter 67. Is it another application of Moon Reflecting Mirror, or an unrelated skill? Why did Divine take a liking to using Psychic Body? How useful is the skill? What makes it different from his actual human form?

A3: All Lord Rank monsters possess the Transformation skill that allows them to transform into humans. In their human form, the system will not notify players about them. In addition, they will have an easier time controlling their skills. For some who have bulky bodies (like Rex), they will also benefit from the agility of human bodies.

As for Psychic Body, it’s a skill that generates fake bodies on top of their actual bodies, which could be either in monster form or in human form. It’s like a disguise skill, appearance-wise. As it is a body made of psychic ability, it can be stacked or combined with other psychic skills, resulting in potential synergistic effects. In conclusion, Psychic Body is a separate skill with various applications depending on the skills used together.


Q4: Is there a difference between Qi’s earth element and Magic’s earth element?

A4: Certainly. It’s two completely different concepts. Actually, in-game qi could only be divided into two: hot and cold. It’s just that Pumin relied on his knowledge of the five elements in real life to break it down as another concept. On the other hand, magic has eight basic elements.

Thus, even though their names are the same (earth element), they are unrelated and their performance/properties are different.


Q5: In the case that a race has many sub-races/species/types, how will the system determine the strongest of the race?

A5: Regardless of how many species in the one race, there can only be one Emperor/Empress per race, and that one is the strongest of the race. Remaining members of the race will be stuck at Lord Rank. The ultimate skill is reserved for the strongest (unless it is snatched away by infighting). Please note that this rule only applies in the New World. It’s the world that grants humans many benefits so that the game is easier for them, while there are many restrictions in the monster side.


Q6: I wonder whether every psychic user will develop their own psychic ability when they reach a certain mastery? Like Lost Ghost and Sila.

A6: Not only psychic type, but even for qi and magic types, once the user reaches a certain point, their primary skills—Basic Qi, Basic Magic, and Basic Psychic—will develop into their own, exclusive version. However, whether the skill will be at Transcendent Rank or not will depend on the system’s appraisal. It may be too ordinary or too similar to what other players have.


Q7: Sebastian has already successfully protected Grea City. How come he still didn’t get his genuine form?

A7: (Spoiler Alert) Because the quest is still ongoing. Grea City is still considered to be in danger.


Q8: I wonder if Lomyok will become stronger than Independent NPCs after he exits the hall?

Q8: He will be stronger than some. Exiting the hall won’t make him invincible. He will be stronger than non-combatant Independent NPCs such as Zeref, that’s for sure.


Q9: If you don’t resist Lucifer’s Omniscient Evil God Qi, it won’t harm you. Is it possible that no one, especially other powerful qi-type monsters, ever discovered this secret? Or could it be that Lucifer has more than one type of qi? Well, I guess at Lucifer’s level, his mere punch clad with tremendous qi reinforcement is enough to put fear into anyone.

A9: Sort of. Like you guessed, Omniscient Evil God Qi isn’t the only skill Lucifer has. He even possesses Hidden Weapon Firing. For the record, most of his skills have reached Transcendent Rank. It’s just that the ability that brought fear to the Monster Realm is Omniscient Evil God Qi, so not many monsters are interested in what else Lucifer can do. Just this qi alone was already unstoppable before he was sealed.


Q10: The story takes place in Thailand and many people seem to be Thais, but why does not one of them use Muay Thai, our country’s traditional martial art?

A10: In the MSO universe, there are many martial arts (both traditional and profound ones) available, so it’s not strange for our Earth’s martial arts to be rarely mentioned. In any case, there is a certain important character who has learned Muay Thai. It will even be revealed soon.


Q11: The number of times that Sila and Sangdao have met so far can be counted using one hand. How could their relationship advance to the point where they kissed? It would be another story if it was Varee since she showed up early and has had more screen time. (And yes, I'm on Varee's ship. I like the tsundere girl.)

A11: Well, this kind of thing isn’t related to the number of times they have met with each other. It’s more about emotions.


Q12: About this whole selection… it’s weird that the Elders didn’t inform Sila firsthand. On the other hand, Montra knew that Sila was his rival even before Sila became aware of the selection himself.

A12: In fact, the Elders didn’t inform Montra either. He learned about it on his own. That was why no one came to interrupt Montra from beating up Sila. They didn’t know that Montra had discovered there was another candidate. Afterward, the Elders came to realize that Montra knew and had already targeted Sila, so they had no choice but to reveal the fact that Montra was another candidate to Sila. (This means the Elders might have had a different plan for Sila’s mission before this. However, noticing that there was already animosity between Sila and Montra, they changed their approach.)


Q13: I’m afraid that the future chapters will reveal that Sangdao was, in fact, a spy Montra sent to manipulate Sila. Please tell me that it’s a no.

A13: If it’s about the main storyline or plot points, I’m afraid I have to decline to answer.


Q14: Bluebird should have realized that the problem he caused in Belacia City the past is affecting his friends. Why didn’t he do anything about it?

A14: He already decided to part ways with them. Sila had the option to act innocent and claim they didn’t know each other, but he chose not to. Hence, this is a problem that Sila decided to shoulder despite it being unnecessary.


Q15: How is Bow right now? Is she fine? Will she come back to play Monster Soul?

A15: She is fine and well. Now she is studying to catch up with other children her age. She will return to Monster Soul once she is legally old enough as determined by the law, though this will not be related to the main storyline.


Q16: Will there be another monster like Rex who practiced a real-life, genuine qi art?

A16: There will be none, but… (regrettably, it’s a spoiler.)


Q17: The time seems very pressing. Will Sila be able to train himself in the Monster Realm before the war event starts?

A17: The war event will start in less than two weeks. I don’t think he will have enough time. (Oi! How come you, the author, don’t know for sure?)

T/N: It’s the author’s joke, replying to his own statement.


Q18: Regarding the Hall of Omniscience, in the case where other conditions aside from the player’s rank have already been met, will the player obtain the right to visit this place if their pet reaches Emperor Rank in their stead?

A18: No, they won’t. Unlike Orichalcum, a pet isn’t a part of a player, but their subordinate.


Q19: It was stated before that Sila excelled at offense. However, I saw him mostly using evasion/defending moves lately. Why is that?

A19: That was because Sila was forced to defend. He couldn’t find a chance to attack, so he couldn’t show his full strength. That’s normal though. It means Belacia City’s townspeople were at least decent enough to suppress Sila and prevent him from attacking.


Q20: Who is the main heroine?

A20: My lips are sealed.


Q21: How old is Sila? He always plays the game. Doesn’t he have to work?

A21: Sila is around 22-23 years old. He got a degree in physical education from a certain university. He was working as a teacher assistant in a martial arts dojo when it shut down, so he plays the game with his newly-obtained free time.


Q22: Lomyok belongs to the undead race. How did his rank and level decrease?

A22: They didn’t decrease because he died, but because he was a sacrifice.


Q23: When Sila invited Clute to travel together, why didn’t they just make a Monster Follower pact? Clute would be able to teleport to him from time to time that way.

A23: Because Sila doesn’t want Clute to just teleport to him from time to time. He wants the boy to travel with him, in order for the boy to broaden his horizons.


Q24: So many characters. I’m getting confused about who is stronger than who. So, I want you, the author, to rank the strength of people who have showed up in the story—mainly the Slime King, Poluk, Crow, Kiryuu, Kai, Pumin, Lucifer, Montra, Sila, Kawin, Zero, Lone Wolf, Shueria, Zazae, Beluga, Mora, Vichien, Sanon, and lastly Joshua.

A24: That’s heading into spoiler territory. Well, most readers would have guessed it anyway, so I will rank some—only the ones in the question though. Please keep in mind that the ranking is about overall strength. It doesn’t mean the one ranked below can’t beat the one ranked higher. The result of a battle can vary based on the situation, conditions, mental states, physical states, timing, advantages/disadvantages, etc.


The Slime King - Lucifer

Pumin - Mora

Poluk - Crow - Kiryu



Vichien - Sanon



Kawin - Zero - Zazae - Shueria

Sila - Lone Wolf


**The ranking is precisely at the moment of Chapter 246 “The Martial World”.**


Q25: Outside of the game, if Montra mastered Grand Deity’s Breathing, will he become stronger than Mora?

A25: The art doesn’t help Montra much outside of the game. Montra doesn’t have Joshua’s special brain scanner, so there is a large gap of strength between his in-game avatar and his real self. In fact, if Montra and Sila were to have a rematch again in real life right now, the victor would undoubtedly be Sila.


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