Monster Soul Online

by Sinlezz

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Supernatural Virtual Reality Wuxia

Monster Soul Online.

A virtual reality MMORPG known primarily for one thing: there are no rules. It is a lawless world where humans can shed the masks they wear and unleash the cruel beasts inside. It is in this very world that our story takes place.

After our protagonist, Sila, is defeated in a match that was in no way fair, he is forced to venture into this world after his master goes missing. The only clue? His opponent from the duel, Montra, says that he kidnapped Sila's master. Outside of the game, they are but two young men in a vast world filled with many kinds of people. Inside Monster Soul, however, Montra reigns supreme as the Magic Emperor, one of the top four players. Sila, on the other hand, is just starting out, and he has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to get answers from Montra.

But not everything is as it seems in this world, and what starts off as a simple journey to find his missing teacher turns into a quest of previously unpredictable proportions. Sila uncovers a world beneath the reality he thought he knew, filled with martial artists capable of incredible feats. From the legendary Tiger God to the peerless Sword Prodigy, Sila will learn about and even meet some of these figures that other martial artists both revere and fear. His quest will push him to his limits and bring out both the best and worst parts of his inner self. His light and his darkness. Whether he makes it out while retaining some part of his original personality or not, only time will tell.

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Word Count (17)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Special Chapter: A High Wall ago
Prelude: A Broken Spirit ago
Chapter 1: Right Arm of the Sealed One ago
Chapter 2: The Hidden Quest That Everyone Knows ago
Chapter 3: A Wise and Lovely NPC ago
Chapter 4: Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins – First Part ago
Chapter 5: Mansion of Seven Deadly Sins – Last Part ago
Chapter 6: The Return of Lone Wolf ago
Chapter 7: Who Must I Kill to Meet That Guy ago
Chapter 8: A Bet in a Restaurant ago
Chapter 9: The Secret of the Right Arm ago
Chapter 10: Skills Lost ago
Chapter 11: Meeting in Real Life ago
Chapter 12: What Did I Do Wrong? ago
Chapter 13: Nameless Elder's Main Disciple ago
Chapter 14: Heading to the Stone Forest ago
Chapter 15: Great Millennium Ape ago
Chapter 16: The Source of Your Luck ago
Chapter 17: The Change of Skills ago
Chapter 18: Am I forgetting something? ago
Chapter 19: The Stone and the Moon — First Part ago
Chapter 20: The Stone and the Moon — Last Part ago
Chapter 21: Goddess of Moonlight ago
Chapter 22: Secret of the Tree Dragon ago
Chapter 23: Event - Seeking for Beginning Town’s Best Couple ago
Chapter 24: The Stone and the River — First Part ago
Chapter 25: The Stone and the River — Last Part ago
Chapter 26: Tortured Soul ago
Chapter 27: Beginning Town’s Sightseeing at Night ago
Chapter 28: Shouldn’t be a Problem ago
Chapter 29: Sila’s Chamber of Secret ago
Chapter 30: Star Swallow Skill ago
Chapter 31: Farewell Beginning Island — First Part ago
Chapter 32: Farewell Beginning Island — Last Part ago
Chapter 33: A Warm Welcome ago
Chapter 34: Cause of War ago
Chapter 35: Trump Card ago
Chapter 36: Emperors’ Power ago
Chapter 37: A Help from Varee ago
Chapter 38: Seed of Revenge ago
Chapter 39: Welcome to Slime Kingdom ago
Chapter 40: Bow’s Decision ago
Chapter 41: Poluk’s Trial ago
Chapter 42: We Are Magic ago
Chapter 43: Viola’s Trial ago
Chapter 44: A Calm Mind is the Strongest Psychic ago
Chapter 45: Divine’s Trial ago
Chapter 46: Way of Slime ago
Chapter 47: A Bird Leaving the Nest ago
Chapter 48: The Problem His Majesty Mentioned ago
Chapter 49: The Training’s Result ago
Chapter 50: Bluebird of Happiness ago
Chapter 51: Bluebird’s Hidden Race ago
Chapter 52: Welcome to Slime Kingdom — Special Arc ago
Chapter 53: Invading the Underwater Palace — First Part ago
Chapter 54: Invading the Underwater Palace — Middle Part ago
Chapter 55: Invading the Underwater Palace — Last Part ago
Chapter 56: Shapeless Qi ago
Chapter 57: Shortcut to Quest Accomplishment ago
Chapter 58: The Secret of Monster Soul ago
Chapter 59: Clearing the Old Debt ago
Chapter 60: The Plan to Overcome the Financial Crisis ago
Chapter 61: Ten Supreme Qi ago
Chapter 62: No One is Perfect ago
Chapter 63: Sila’s Answer ago
Chapter 64: Twelve Celestial-Traveling-Steps ago
Chapter 65: Teacher’s Warning ago
Chapter 66: A Revisit ago
Chapter 67: Sebastian ago
Chapter 68: Other People’s Problem ago
Chapter 69: A Gift from Poluk ago
Chapter 70: Duel Against the Snow Dragon — First Part ago
Chapter 71: Duel Against the Snow Dragon — Last Part ago
Chapter 72: A Very Weak Foe ago
Chapter 73: Last Night Before the Tournament ago
Chapter 74: The Preliminary Battle ago
Chapter 75: Not Really Strong ago
Chapter 76: A Dark Horse ago
Chapter 77: The Last Four ago
Chapter 78: New Rules ago
Chapter 79: Slime ago
Chapter 80: Berserk Warrior ago
Chapter 81: Poison Master ago
Chapter 82: Monster Queen ago
Chapter 83: The Dark Brown Sparrowhawk ago
Chapter 84: The Grim Reaper and the Hourglass ago
Chapter 85: Solaria ago
Chapter 86: Weapon Subduing Fist ago
Chapter 87: Bluebird’s Problem ago
Chapter 88: Sila’s Treasure Room ago
Chapter 89: Colossia’s Banquet — First Part ago
Chapter 90: Colossia’s Banquet — Last Part ago
Chapter 91: Cinderella ago
Chapter 92: The Fall of the Royals ago
Chapter 93: By Oneself ago
Chapter 94: Clues ago
Chapter 95: Impersonation ago
Chapter 96: The Time is Yet to Come ago
Chapter 97: False Claim ago
Chapter 98: Center ago
Chapter 99: The Stone and the Starlight — First Part ago
Chapter 100: The Stone and the Starlight — Last Part ago
Chapter 101: The First Step ago
Chapter 102: The Man Wearing the Metal Arm Guards ago
Chapter 103: A Skill That Has Never Been Used Before ago
Chapter 104: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom — Pine Tree Garden ago
Chapter 105: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom — Thank You for the Love Rejection ago
Chapter 106: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom — Lose and Win ago
Chapter 107: Burapha and the Qi Kingdom — To the East ago
Chapter 108: Steel Sword of the Gentleman ago
Chapter 109: No One is Allowed to Kill ago
Chapter 110: A Knight’s Code ago
Chapter 111: Shueria’s Tales ago
Chapter 112: Single-Horned Dragon Forest — First Part ago
Chapter 113: Single-Horned Dragon Forest — Last Part ago
Chapter 114: A Bad Habit ago
Chapter 115: Bad Timing ago
Chapter 116: Tiger Dragon Qi ago
Chapter 117: Sanon ago
Chapter 118: Six Moon-Grabbing-Claws ago
Chapter 119: A Monster in a Full Moon Night — First Part ago
Chapter 120: A Monster in a Full Moon Night — Last Part ago
Chapter 121: The Wulin Masters Association ago
Chapter 122: Nine Sun-Melting-Fists ago
Chapter 123: Magic ago
Chapter 124: Montra’s Pain ago
Chapter 125: An Enemy on a Narrow Path ago
Chapter 126: A Terrifying Existence in Grea City ago
Chapter 127: Too Late ago
Chapter 128: Predator and Prey ago
Chapter 129: Lost Grea — The Easiest ago
Chapter 130: Lost Grea — Intruders ago
Chapter 131: Lost Grea — Killing Machines ago
Chapter 132: Lost Grea — One False Move and the Game is Over ago
Chapter 133: Lost Grea — Julia ago
Chapter 134: The Eastern Sea Evil God ago
Chapter 135: Inner Force ago
Chapter 136: Return to the Town of Beginnings ago
Chapter 137: Slime Rock ago
Chapter 138: The Actual Trial — Mark 2 ago
Chapter 139: The Stone and the Wind — First Part ago
Chapter 140: The Stone and the Wind — Last Part ago
Chapter 141: Executing the Dragon in One Fist ago
Chapter 142: Eternal Onyx ago
Chapter 143: Tiger Team — First Part ago
Chapter 144: Tiger Team — Last Part ago
Chapter 145: The Third Stage ago
Chapter 146: Yardpirun ago
Chapter 147: The Second Encounter ago
Chapter 148: The Important Thing ago
Chapter 149: Heavenly Destiny Fist ago
Chapter 150: Endless ago
Chapter 151: The Evil Plan ago
Chapter 152: Mechanical God’s Protection ago
Chapter 153: Teacher Mora ago
Chapter 154: Martial Skill ago
Chapter 155: The New Emperor ago
Chapter 156: Death Bridge ago
Chapter 157: A Favor from the Slime King ago
Chapter 158: Triple Sky and Yin Yang ago
Chapter 159: Crisis in the Main Continent ago
Chapter 160: Nine-Styles Weapon Subduing Art ago
Chapter 161: The Sleeping Beauty ago
Chapter 162: Adding a Rumor ago
Chapter 163: Zhongsuyuan’s Celebrity ago
Chapter 164: Two Dear Friends ago
Chapter 165: Seven-Form Serum ago
Chapter 166: Joining Forces Against the Wrongdoers ago
Chapter 167: First Time Exhibiting the New Art ago
Chapter 168: A Mysterious Man in Late Night ago
Chapter 169: I Come Alone ago
Chapter 170: Upheaval in the Pine Tree Garden ago
Chapter 171: The Calm Before the Storm ago
Chapter 172: The Heavenly Dragon Resistance Gathering Party ago
Chapter 173: The Clash of Opinions ago
Chapter 174: Lurkers ago
Chapter 175: The Five Dragon Warlords ago
Chapter 176: The Seven Deadly Sins ago
Chapter 177: The Executioner ago
Chapter 178: Not Normal, Not the Right Way, Not the Right Time ago
Sila's Character Information (Right After Chapter 178) ago
Chapter 179: Blue-Colored Catastrophe ago
Chapter 180: In A Crisis, A Hero is Born ago
Chapter 181: An Unforeseen Development ago
Chapter 182: Within Separated Dimensions ago
Chapter 183: An Exposed Weapon ago
Chapter 184: The Invitation Card from the Enemies ago
Chapter 185: Omniscient Evil God Qi ago
Chapter 186: Evolve ago
Chapter 187: Hidden Gifts ago
Chapter 188: The Wicked Union ago
Chapter 189: Unison ago
Chapter 190: Entomomageia and Illuminus ago
Chapter 191: A Path Chosen By A Crazy Man ago
Chapter 192: Union’s Direction ago
Chapter 193: Heading to the Desert ago
Chapter 194: The Desert of Death ago
Chapter 195: Unconventional Martial Art and Eccentric Qi ago
Chapter 196: An Encounter with the God of Death ago
Chapter 197: The Stone Sword on the Sand ago
Chapter 198: The Two Stars ago
Chapter 199: A Gift from Mora ago
Chapter 200: The Bizarre Go ago
Chapter 201: People Change Over Three Nights ago
Chapter 202: Lucky or Unlucky ago
Chapter 203: Grea City Invasion ago
Chapter 204: Riding on the Rumor ago
Chapter 205: Counterattack with the Same Move ago
Chapter 206: A Fearsome Man ago
Chapter 207: The Sky-Breaking Spear and the Earth-Shattering Fist ago
Chapter 208: The War Between Two Men ago
Chapter 209: Psychic Nest-Returning Bird ago
Chapter 210: The Monster Emperor ago
Chapter 211: Monster Soul ago
Chapter 212: Mist in the Aftermath of War ago
Chapter 213: The Secret of the Star ago
Chapter 214: Give Me Time ago
Sila’s Character Information [Right After Chapter 214] ago
Chapter 215: The Demonic Cyborg ago
Chapter 216: Monster Follower ago
Chapter 217: Yin and Yang ago
Chapter 218: A Fast Learner ago
Chapter 219: The Immortal Dragon ago
Chapter 220: The Sky Emperor ago
Chapter 221: Mamon’s Products ago
Chapter 222: Lordship ago
Chapter 223: To the North ago
Chapter 224: An Uninvited Companion ago
Chapter 225: The Fairy Kingdom ago
Chapter 226: The Queen’s Curse ago
Chapter 227: The Most Beautiful One ago
Chapter 228: Lomyok’s Past ago
Chapter 229: A Looming Danger ago
Chapter 230: The Winter Forest ago
Chapter 231: Mamon’s Great Plan ago
Chapter 232: Monster Realm’s Junctions ago
Chapter 233: Belacia City ago
Chapter 234: For Which Purpose Does The Bell Ring? ago
Chapter 235: The Weight of the Mission ago
Chapter 236: A Battle on a Roadside ago
Chapter 237: An Unlucky Day ago
Chapter 238: Animosity That Lasts Through Time ago
Chapter 239: Alone But Not Lonely ago
Chapter 240: A Borrowed Sword ago
Chapter 241: Crisis and Opportunity ago
Chapter 242: The Shadow Emperor ago
Chapter 243: The Three Horsemen ago
(Special Article) Regarding Five-Attributed Cloud Qi — First Part ago
Chapter 244: The Hall of Omniscience ago
Chapter 245: Zero ago
(Special Article) Regarding Five-Attributed Cloud Qi — Last Part ago
Chapter 246: The Martial World ago
Q&A Session (As of Chapter 246 “The Martial World”) ago
Chapter 247: Accidental Encounter ago
Chapter 248: The Ice Flame Warlord ago
Chapter 249: Hell’s Gate ago
Chapter 250: Flaming Cloud Qi ago
Chapter 251: Manifesting Soul Lantern ago
Chapter 252: The Proper Way to Negotiate ago
Chapter 253: Bloodbath Festival ago
Chapter 254: A New Episode ago
Chapter 255: Eight Rulers of the Northern Region ago
Chapter 256: Some Bad News and An Event ago
Chapter 257: The Borderless City ago
Chapter 258: The City Sleeps in Flames ago
Chapter 259: A Shocking News ago
Chapter 260: A Black Plan ago
Chapter 261: To the Dragon Kingdom ago
Chapter 262: The Value of Life ago
Chapter 263: Light and Darkness ago
Chapter 264: Flames ago
Chapter 265: Twins ago
Chapter 266: The Master of Swords ago
Chapter 267: Knowledge is Power ago
Chapter 268: Grand Deity’s Breathing ago
Chapter 269: The Dead Man’s Profound Art ago
Chapter 270: Achieve the Impossible ago
Chapter 271: The Loser ago
Chapter 272: Joshua’s Ultimate Wish ago
Chapter 273: Way of Humans ago
Chapter 274: The Day of Changes ago
Chapter 275: A Reunion ago
Chapter 276: Join Forces ago
Chapter 277: Slimes’ Heritage ago
Chapter 278: Art of Magic ago
Chapter 279: The Mysterious Tailorbird Mask Man ago
Chapter 280: Switching Duties ago
Chapter 281: Merciless Repossession ago
Chapter 282: Borrowing the Realm-Crossing Gate ago
Chapter 283: The Prince Comes Back Home ago
Chapter 284: The Future Maker ago
Chapter 285: The Last Order ago
Chapter 286: A Trapped Tiger ago
Chapter 287: Story of A Hundred Swords ago
Chapter 288: Abandons for the sake of Victory ago
Chapter 289: The Mysterious Blood ago
Chapter 290: The True King of the Single-Horned Dragon Forest ago
Chapter 291: A Proxy War ago
Chapter 292: Eternal Learners ago
Chapter 293: Tiger Dragon Unleashes Its Might — First Part ago
Chapter 294: Tiger Dragon Unleashes Its Might — Last Part ago
Chapter 295: Demonic Armament, Blade-Sharpening Dragon ago
Chapter 296: The Story Sanon Has Never Told ago
Chapter 297: A Plan to Overtake the Android Kingdom ago
Chapter 298: The Two Sister Goddesses ago
Chapter 299: The Cursed Dragon ago
Chapter 300: What is Virtue? ago
Chapter 301: The Laughter in Skull Mountain Pass ago
Chapter 302: The Second War Event — First Part ago
Chapter 303: The Second War Event — Middle Part ago
Chapter 304: The Second War Event — Last Part ago
Chapter 305: A Victorious Smile ago
Chapter 306: Start at Zhongsuyuan City ago
Chapter 307: Assassins ago
Chapter 308: Anointing the Victorious Wolves With Blood ago
Chapter 309: Lone Wolf’s Death ago
Chapter 310: Zhongsuyuan City Infiltration Plan ago
Chapter 311: The Seven Parts ago
Chapter 312: The Broken Law ago
Chapter 313: The Golden Forest ago
Chapter 314: A Meeting in A Hidden Room ago
Chapter 315: Children of the Sea ago
Chapter 316: Searching For A Hidden Gate ago
Chapter 317: Dominoes ago
Chapter 318: The Arrival of the Shadow of Death ago
Chapter 319: Well-Founded Confidence ago
Chapter 320: The Shadow Under Heaven — First Part ago
Chapter 321: The Shadow Under Heaven — Last Part ago
Chapter 322: The Night of Flames ago
Chapter 323: Unavoidable Battles ago
Chapter 324: Sand, Wind, and Blades ago
Chapter 325: Rhythm of the Single-Drop Ocean ago
Chapter 326: Artifact Manifestation ago
Chapter 327: Fire in the Dark ago
Chapter 328: The Last Strike ago
Chapter 329: Battle of Martial Gods — First Part ago
Chapter 330: Battle of Martial Gods — Middle Part ago
Chapter 331: Battle of Martial Gods — Last Part ago
Chapter 332: Art of Qi ago
Chapter 333: The Reward for Sila ago
Chapter 334: Win Without Fighting ago
Chapter 335: The Gamer ago
Chapter 336: The Path Not Recommend by Zarnak ago
Chapter 337: Enter the Shadow Army ago
Chapter 338: The 99th Squad ago
Chapter 339: The Desired Item ago
Chapter 340: Defense ago
Chapter 341: The Squad’s Everyday Life ago
Chapter 342: The Firefly Hill ago
Chapter 343: The Skills Training Ground ago
Chapter 344: An Alternative Method ago
Chapter 345: Magic Arrows ago
Chapter 346: The Third ago

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Needs Editing (pre-ch.40) and Poorly Written

Reviewed at: Chapter 101: The First Step

Edit: I have edited the review to reflect that it is not poor translation but rather the editing that needs work. Post Ch.40 reads well, though chapters prior to it have problems such as mixture of tenses, missing conjunctives or pronouns that hopefully will get edited out in time.

Following the usual standard of translated asian novels, Monster Soul Online has little in the way of improvements compared to its contemporaries. The MC is your typical mish-mash of terrible tropes. He is overpowered from the start, and continues to be overpowered, he is trained by numerous masters, yet is dense as a brick, meaning, if a teacher says something, he will parrot the same thing in confusion, and this happens in almost all interactions between the mc and someone else, without fail.

The story itself is poorly written, poorly in the way that some random, nameless vice leader of a guild in opposition of the MC suddenly comes across a boon (after MC beats him up) that will make him way more powerful than the top 4 'emperor' players who are supposedly the strongest in the game and are able to deal with the mc easily.  Yet i think its suffice to say we all know how that will turn out, regardless of how powerful anyone gets, the MC will trounce them in the end, as thats how it always works out in these kinds of novels.

There is very little hardship, and very little 'at stake'. The MC acts with brashness and urgency when I, as the reader, do not feel any urgency. Everything that takes place feels incredibly forced, with little rhyme or reason for taking place the way they did other than the move the story's plot along.


  • Overall Score

It's the bog standard translated wuxia you have probably seen a thousand times before, with all of the cons it entails.

The biggest flaw of this one (for me) is the protagonist, who gives the ten year old standard shonen wannabes a run for their money in the category of moronic denseness and undeserved pride.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Wuxia Training System - Naive Young Lord

Reviewed at: Chapter 336: The Path Not Recommend by Zarnak

Releases new chapters ever 3-4 days.  Will approximately finish in Aug-Sept 2021 at this pace... rough estimate.

This is a wuxia story taking place in a digital VR world. The characters are playing for real-world stakes and the digital skills do, to some degree, translate into real-world skills for the players (or so it has been promised in the story).  This is not your standard wuxia story, or steriotypical VR gamer story, but lies somewhere in-between; levels and wuxia cultivation progression follow a set process, but the rate of progress is a bit arbitrary within the story.

Generally, I've found it to be a decent story will well developed characters.  While I have criticisms, I found it binge-worthy.  I recommend the story for individuals who enjoy both the wuxia and VR/RPG genres.

This story is, to the best of my knowledge, a work being translated.  The authors comments indicate that the full length of the story will be around 450 chapters; this review is done after reading 335.

The main character of this story Sila is a young twenty-something helper in a martial arts studio.  He lives with his foster-parent, who raised him in the dojo; he was not, however, allowed to learn any of the martial arts techniques.  The story begins when he is assaulted by a steriotypical "Young Noble".

The universe is modern, with well developed wuxia martial arts systems hidden (an underworld of sorts).  The world is also at the cusp of immersive VR entertainment; one of the lesser known virtual game worlds, from the creator of the VR technology, is Monster Soul Online.  99.5% of the story takes place online, in the game, where the game world has taken the martial arts, psionic, and other skills that were demonstrated by the underworld practitioners invited to participate in the beta-test of the game, and translated them into more grandiose versions of themselves in the virtual world.


  • Overall Score

It's insulting toward game developer and gamer. Bad game design, generic cookie cutter story, the universe revolving around MC. blergh...

And please, don't call this dumpster fire a Wuxia, not only it's not a wuxia, it's insulting toward the genre to call this wuxia.

  • Overall Score

It isnt a deep read, it just something to pass the time with, and its ok at that.  If you want to read an awesome story read something else. Review given at chapter 131.

  • Overall Score
  1. Don't know why all the reviews are so weird and/or shit. 


You follow the main character, who is very, anime, dense, as he tries to find his teacher and get revenge from his martial arts rival who kidnapped him, in VR.

Learning a bunch of video game skills and moves, slowly making friends and finding out painful truths, he journeys through the world. 


Just good old fun really. Not extremely deep, not extremely dramatic, just a slice of life action wuxia with some moments of seriousness. 


There's lasers, turning into birds, demons, fucking Sebastian, demons, angels and slimes. You'll love the slimes. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I'm gonna start this off by saying that I'm kinda supprised that I made it through the first 50-75 chapters. It's not that they wern't good, they were just kinda generic and the MC (Sila) kept on making dumb choices.

I am so glad that I stuck around though! the story has developed into one of my favorite VRMMOs. It obviously has a strong eastern emphasis, but I think that it only improves the story and sets it apart from the VRRPGs that I've read on kndle in the past.

Basically, the chapters up to 177 (where I am at the moment) more than make up for the start, plus the release rate is really fast atm (8 a day) and even once it slows down it's gonna still be 3-4 a week.

  • Overall Score

Nvm my bad it is the translator nice to see you. Decent novel easier to read in this format

  • Overall Score

Ok this is one of the best stories i have read so far cant wait for the rest keep it up.

gaius maximus
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I don't mind reading this story with all its cons, but the author test our sanity with the MC. Sila is the one I can't tolerate. Foolishness after foolishness without growing a little bit. Even ten year old are better than MC, taking everything for granted and never learning anything from past mistakes. It's very painful to read the journey of such Characters.

I still don't understand the romantical relationship between varee and sila at the beginning of story. The world author built is very good but the MC is a real test on readers how much dumbness they tolerate.