Spiteful Healer

by Hakurai

In the year 2090, technology has advanced to the point where Simulation Boxes, (Sim Box for short) are common place, allowing for the user to link up their brain's neural network to a full dive Simulation. While initially used for educational purposes, recently a large gaming company, Averon, released a fully fledged immersive MMORPG simulation where users can become anyone they desire, level up, choose their class, and become a hero or a villain. The name of this simulation is The Shattered World Online. 

Eli Winters had no interest in playing it. His father, a jobless bum who spent his entire life playing games in the hope of becoming a famous player or streamer, was able to use the release of The Shattered World Online to gain wealth and fame, quickly becoming the number one player and a household name as the game took the world by storm. He immediately abandoned Eli and his mother in favor of being with someone from his guild, despite his mother having worked two jobs to support them and raise Eli by herself. Eli had nothing but spite for his father and the game. 

When Eli's best friend convinces him to try out the game, his father's fame begins to interfere, culminating in him being singled out and shunned by his peers, and his father offering to pay for his university tuition in return for Eli hiding their relationship and quitting the game. Instead of complying with his father's wishes, Eli decides to prove to everyone how useless a guy his father is by challenging him that if Eli is able to surpass him in the game world he must delete his account and quit his streaming career. His father accepts the challenge believing his son to be useless at games - but Eli will soon show him just how ambitious a spiteful person can be. 


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Chapter 21: Rockin' Rockjaws ago
Chapter 22: Eirene's Request ago
Chapter 23: Agent Winter, Priest Detective ago
Chapter 24: Questionable Ethics ago
Chapter 25: Preparations ago
Chapter 26: Ultimatum ago
Chapter 27: The Filter ago
Chapter 28: The Ladder ago
Chapter 29: First to Fall ago
Chapter 30: Opportunist ago
Chapter 31: Proposal ago
Chapter 32: Difficult Decisions ago
Chapter 33: Darxon Hideout Part 1 ago
Chapter 34: Darxon Hideout Part 2 ago
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Chapter 36: Darxon Hideout Part 4 ago
Chapter 37: Darxon Hideout Part 5 ago
Chapter 38: Darxon Hideout Part 6 ago
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Chapter 40: Darxon Hideout Part 8 ago
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The premise of the story and the motivations of the MC are different than a lot of others on RR. Normally a lurker but I felt the need to review because the other reviews look like they just read the summary before reviewing. 

There's no truck-san taking the MC to a new world, and there are no huge exposition dumps explaining the world. Instead you follow the MC and he serves as an audience character to learn the about the real world and the VR world, you discover things as he discovers them and it makes it fun to follow along his journey.

The characters and their motivations are believable, even the side characters react and act in a believable manner and so far none have felt like they are just there to serve the plot. The little bit of romance in the story so far is done well, there aren't any cringy harem vibes and the female characters have real personalities. 

The author does a good job of slowly showing you the relationship between the MC and his father rather than telling you about it. In general there's a lot of showing and not telling which helps the story keep flowing forward.

As for the VR game world and its game rules, they're simple and easy to follow, its light on the numbers so you don't need a spreadsheet to keep track of whats going on. Despite the 'spiteful' motivations behind the sometimes angsty MC, he thinks logically within his means and it's predominantly done in a lighthearted manner with plenty of jokes thrown in, but not enough to detract from the more serious encounters.

The Author has been updating daily since they've started back up, and the chapters are consistantly good in quality and much lengthier than other daily updated stories, so you can tell they are putting in a lot of effort into the story.

I highly recommend reading this if you like to read LitRPGs with believable characters that are not over-the-top.


So far really GOOD! LOVE IT!

Binged through the end. Hope it keeps updating fast. Will update when the story progresses further, but so far its moving along great! Please keep updating daily!

MC better kick his dads ASS, the guy is completely full of himself. Also I <3 Selena.

I noticed the author also listens to the comments and changes parts of the story based on good feedback which is a huge plus for me! 

If you make it to chapter 5, you probably won't stop till you get up to date.


So far it seems like a fairly good story with a good background and plot along with a decent plan going forward the only bad thing is pretty slow release times and it looks like the author went AWOL 12 months ago and randomly came back so not sure if that's going to happen again.

Bailey Lowe

This story so far has me intrigued, I'm fully invested in the world and abilities the author has set up and the characters feel well realized and beleivable enough to make a great cast further down the line.

I feel like I've been waiting for a story like this one. The MC is smart enough to take advantage of the world they're in and make their own opportunities for exploiting the power sytem instead of stumbling across opportunities haphazardly.

It's easy to root for the MC and their goals, I think if you can enjoy a well planned path to revenge with some really fun rpg themes and hopefully plenty of crafting then this story is for you.


Well Shit, I Wanted to Sleep Tonight

Reviewed at: End

So, as the title implies, I found this novel today and thought it might be a fun time-burner for me for the next few days. I'm done with it. As in, I made it to the end. As in, it's 5:02 am and I have to be up at ten T.T 

BUT that and the fact I'm writing a review instead of sleeping just goes to show how much fun this story was. It wasn't without its pitfalls as all stories have, but it was engaging and, at the end of the day, that's all that matters in quality writing.

Now I like to be thorough so here we go:


I'll try not to give spoilers, as always, but apologies if I do. The story is a VR fantasy world story. I tend to avoid these types of stories since the gloried days of yore when Moonlight Sculptor first became popular have since led to a figurative goldrush of VR mimic stories that have more content than nutritional value, like popcorn. I saw that tag on this a few times as I scrolled past it on trending and can say with confidence, this one isn't popcorn. It's hard to put my finger on what exactly the author did to make this such a page turner without being a power creep fantasy yet still keeping all the tenets of classic VR fantasy, yet, if I had to guess, I'd say it was the characters. *note* took off half a star because VR fantasy has been done a lot.


Now the novel to this point is rather short, so well developed characters aren't really to be expected. That said, what the author did very well very early on was established a strong motivating goal, an impetus, a drive, a call to adventure that explains for us why the MC is bothering to become strong in this game. What was beautiful is that that very same spark was a defining point of character development for the MC. Wonderful stuff there. Now I took off a star simply because I thought there could have been more meat to some of the character development. I detail a few examples of this in a comment on chapter 36 but, to give an example, the MC is interested in medicine, and while the author shows that here and there, I thought the MC could be much more visceral about it and really dig into things like medical jargon just to really immerse us into the idea of him being an incipient medical professional. 


My rule of thumb is: 'if it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the story, it's good'. No complaints.


I put a lot of the same emphasis on story as I do on style, what you write and how you write it tend to be rather related. That said, I've already mentioned that this is engaging. I went through the entire story in one soon-to-be-regretted sitting. The story progresses cleanly from 'call to adventure' to 'learning the ropes' and 'finding a teacher' straight into 'encountering conflict'. At this point in the story, we've yet to get more than a taste, just some light foreshadowing, of the main plotline but the easy progression thus far have me confident it will be worth following. I took off half a star for the same reason as style, it has been done before.


The story brings with it a lot of the cliches and tropes of the VR fantasy genre and you likely wont find too much in it that is surprising or completely new. The author took that template and adding fresh ideas on worldbuilding and plenty of the characteristics of quality writing to make an engaging read. I would highly recommend giving this a go with a quick word of caution: negative comments ahve driven the author to drop the series. It will (at the moment 3/5/2021 5:26am) not make it past the first arc it finished on. If that deters you, go have fun in RR, if not, give it a read and tell the author what you thought.


Litrpg with character depth

Reviewed at: End

The story is light and less on drama, but has enough good character interactions to make the reading enjoyable. I found the writing style to be the best as it flows smoothly. The premise is pretty cool, with the healer also working as tank which I haven't seen before.

I love the characters. Granted, the back stories can be better, but how the author develops those is pretty good. The main and side characters are a refreshing read.

 I also loved the streamer interactios where even though the MC fleeces them, the author managed to show their drive and interactions. Even managed to garner sympathy from the reader!

The characters the MC meets online has their own ideologies and stories. I love that not all of them are goody two shoes. I like that the author doesn't shy away from PK and how they affect players. There is a whole japanese feel to the story when it comes to the tactics the MC employs to win against his group of classmates.

The grammar is pretty good. I hope to read the streamer's pov more.


I'm impressed with the story so far. The MC is talented, smart, and seems to have a plan on how to game the system to become a top player. He does have some dad issues. I am looking forward to how he will interact with his dad. The author did appear to go awol, but if the author countinuea to write at a semi frequent pace I think this story has the potential to be top tiered


Good story minus the characters backstories

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: Shield, Bow, Maul, Spear

Light on descriptions, but the ones that are there give you enough to get tone and scenery. Character growth and emotional development is solid, dialogue flows except a couple of hiccups and it moves quickly making even the leveling montages of crafting pretty entertaining and well worth a read. There is only one issue I have which is listed below.

The characters are kids dealing with things from a kids emotional state. However it feels like the characters backstories are written as a reference on a sheet somewhere and not real. Main character hates dad for ignoring him and mom to pursue streaming and never attempts to see his dad's pov, female lead drops months of work cause social outcast and did one day of hanging out with lead almost a year ago cause hes "her only friend" despite character not even remembering her on first appearance in story. If teenagers being emotionally stupid bugs you skip it, otherwise suspend your disbelief and enjoy it for everything except this one issue. Who knows maybe the author will flesh out the emotional stupidity so it seems real instead of just a character description.

Words words words words a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a


The only word to describe this fiction is fantastic. The story was clearly thought out well from the author, and as VR novels go, it's quite enjoyable. In all honesty, I didn't expect myself to enjoy this novel as much as I did. When I first binged it and found myself at the latest chapter, it was like I some druggie waiting for his next fix. I didn't even know what to do with myself while awaiting the next chapter. The characters, setting, and even game mechanics aware just that good.

Is this story some deep, thought provoking material that must be read with the utmost care? No. It's just a nice read that gets you invested in what's happening and makes you feel like you're there with the main protagonist, Winter. You can empathize with him and his hate for his father, and I admittedly cheered like a little girl whenever he achieved success in earning a new skill, or showing those around him how overpowered he is. His character build and way of combat (if you can call it that) is also interesting. 

However, things aren't just limited to him, and while some side characters are rather surface level, they hold enough relalism to at least make them believable. 

Overall, a wonderful read that you will not be disappointed by! 

P.S. Author, after having read a certain comment from the story, I now feel like it would be criminal if the protagonist or narrator not once say "Winter is coming!" 


the story is solid and does well to make a distinction between the game world and real life (you know, when the characters aren't doing the opposite). Kinda disappointed that Eli basically fell to the guile of that female student despite it being stated he was familiar with her type, would've thought that translated to "she won't get a rise out of me so easily," but its not a huge deal.