After looking at the circulation map on my Blood Core, I took the few strands of Blood Energy for circulation.


I let out the sound of shock when I tried to move the strands of blood energy, I felt immense load that I never felt before, it is near a hundred times more than what I felt before.

They are so heavy that I am barely able to lift the few strands of it.

I wanted to give up after feeling such load but I quickly crushed that thought. if I give up now then it will near impossible for me to build the courage to circulate using this method unless I find a suitable High-Grade method for me and that may take even months, years or never.

So, the only option I have is to circulate with the celestial method or wait for months and years while being stuck at the Early stage of Level 1.

Gritting my teeth, I again picked up a few strands of blood energy and started to move them but they only lifted a little.

Seeing that I did not give up and started to give my all that even blood veins my forehead started to bulge, I even heard one or two popping up but I did not care there is only one thing in my mind and that is to refine the blood energy no matter the cost.

Finally! those few strands of blood energy budge and I exerted even more willpower to move them out of blood core, their speed is extremly slow but I kept trying and finally able to take few strands out of blood core.

Sizzle! “Ahhhhh!”

As the few strands of energy entered my veins, I felt like lava had entered which made me screamed out loudly.

I had expected to feel some hotness, the maximum temperature I expected was that of boiling water but I had never expected these few strands of Blood energy would be so hot that they will make me feel the lava is flowing under my magic veins.

It is through the sheer willpower that I hold on to strands of blood energy despite suffering from the immense temperature and extreme pressure.

I could see that magic vein is getting injured by the seconds, to stop it from them getting further injured either I have to move forward or let go of energy so, it could return to the Blood core if it stayed on the same spot for few more seconds then it will deal irreversible damage to my magic veins.

There is no way in hell I will let the energy return back to blood core!

I can still feel the disgusting tongue of that dirty pirate on my skin and clearly remember how helpless I felt when he was violating my body, I would rather walk in the lava than experience that helpless and weak feeling again.

Sizzle Sizzle….

Through the gritted teeth, I started to move my energy again with much faster speed than before, I could hear the sizzling sound as the blood energy kept burning the magic veins they passed by.

This is the Neutralization stage, In this step, all other elements will be removed that present in the energy except the moon and water element that means as long as I complete the neutralization stage, I will get rid of all the fiery energy present in my blood energy.

But passing this Neutralization stage will not be easy, the further I move the more pressure I will feel and there is another problem, which is side perk of this Celestial method but this perk is now making me feel hell and injuring my body every second.

The Celestial Grade Energy Refinement Method’s are the most unique method, normal methods will throw away the neutralized energies but the Celestial Method does not do that.

It takes the removed energy from the Neutralization Stage and passed it through every cell of the body to make every cell stronger that is why Celestial methods are known as duel refining methods, as they not only refine energy but the body also.

Though the body refinement could only compare to the Basic grade body refinement method which is the lowest grade body refinement method, it is still good seeing this is the result’s given by Energy Refinement Method not Body Refinement Method.

It would have been fine if the regular energy refinement my body but my body is being refinement by the extremly hot Level 3 energy which is from the Vampire Elite.

Now every second I am refining the energy, not only I been injuring my magic veins but my body also.

I have no choice but experience this hell, till I cleared the neutralization stage as only then this Fire energy will be cleared from the blood energy I am circulating.

After Richard return, I have to Richard for a Beautiful Body Method, Beautiful Body Method’s are the type of Body Refining Method but they are more focused on making the body beautiful than making it stronger.

He will not give me if I asked for the real Body Refining Method due to his vigilance but I don’t he will deny me a Beautiful Body Method which will make me even more beautiful.

Though the Beautiful Body Method is not good as a regular body refinement method, it is still a type of body refinement method that will help my body get stronger, so I will not be in the wretched condition I am currently in.


As I was circulating the energy with all my efforts, I sensed something only to see the runic diagrams of the Celestial method had appeared on my heart core and it started glowing.

It kept glowing and suddenly a red mist started to came out it and whenever this red mist traveled, my injuries will heal, withing a second the red mist spread all over my body and all the injuries I had got healed.

Physical Energy!

I am very familiar with this red mistlike energy, this is Physical energy that I took from Richard but how is my energy refinement method able to use it.

Since I have no Body Refinement Method, I thought I would let it be but who thought that my energy refinement method would able to operate the Physical energy, the Celestial method is really something.

Seeing now I do not have to worry about the injuries anymore, I became ecstatic started to circulate the blood energy with wild abandon with no care of consequences as I know, whatever injuries I will get will be healed by the physical energy.

As I increased the speed of circulation, I started to get injured more but second after injuries appeared they will be healed by the physical energy instantly.

As I circulate further in the Neutralization stage, the power of fiery energy kept decreasing and by the time I had circulated to the end of the Neutralization stage, all the fire type energy was removed from the strands of my blood energy.

The energy left after removal of fire energy is very pure, more than ten times purer than the energy which I got after 2nd Refinement, I am not surprised seeing this as about 1% of Richards energy got merged with my mana lake.

The purity of Richards energy is hundreds of times purer than mine, so when 1% of Richard’s Level 3 blood energy merged with my energy, it had automatically increased the purity of my energy.

So, that means I am not circulating my energy under the 3rd Refinement as I should have been but completely different Refinement due to the purity of my energy being increased.

I don’t know under which Refinement I am circulating energy but I am pretty sure its it above 10th refinement seeing how difficult the circulation of energy is, I will only know which refinement I am circulating under when I will purify the whole energy lake.

After I finished circulating in the Neutralization stage, I started to circulate in the Concentration stage, In the concentration stage as its name suggests energy became even more concentrated.

I circulate through the concentration stage, in this stage, I just have to deal with increasing pressure but there are still injuries happening and healing every second.

The injuries happening due to the sheer willpower I am moving my energy forward which is very straining to me.

The blood veins on my head kept popping every second, the blood could be seen coming out my nose, ears, and eyes every now and then. It was a good thing that I have an unending supply of the physical energy which is healing all my injuries just as they appear otherwise I would lying seriously injured seeing the speed I am refining energy with.

Time passed by and I finally completed the 2nd stage Concentrating and started to circulate in the 3rd which is the Transmutation stage. In this stage, my blood energy will transmute to the Moon energy.

There was no change in my heart space, even the physical energy which I had thought I would have consumed much with all these healing but found out I used barely any.

It looks like I forgot that this energy is the Physical energy of the Peak stage of Level 3 Vampire, it will not spend much healing the injuries of the Early stage of Level 1 Vampire.

I kept my gaze on my heart space as I kept circulating in the Transmuting stage. First, there was nothing but as time passed I saw smoke rising from the lake which is assimilating in the silvery moon that is hunged high.

The faint smoke kept going inside the moon for some before faint silvery drops of water started to fall from the moon.

The drops of water looked really beautiful, not only they are very clear, one could see the faint moonlight coming from them.

Soon all the drops of energy fell on the corner of the lake and as I expected, they stood separate from the rest of the boiling lake shining faintly.

I was right earlier the refinement I am doing is above 10th refinement, only then the refined energy will exclude such faint moonshine compared to the few specks of faint moonlight in the energy drops of my 2nd Sequence of Refining.

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