When I looked at the clock I found I had finished two hours earlier than I had expected, looks like this bundling trick is more useful than I thought, next time when I have will have to refine this huge amount of energy.

Now I had refined 100% soul energy, my mind became exceptionally clear and some things that used to confuse now started to produce an answer on their own.

I can now remember all my memories from when I am nine years old with exceptional clarity, I am confident by the time I filled the tower whole with soul energy

Remembering past hosts all memories are going to be a little difficult on the 1st floor of the tower and would require for me solidify the complete 2nd level of the tower or more.

The reason for that because the memories of the old hosts are bounded by the laws of this word which make it a little difficult.

I wanted to take out my Grade 2 telekinesis weapon from my storage artifact so badly as mom had said that after I was able to solidify the 1st column, I will be able to fully able to one knife of the artifact including activating all the runes on it.

I wanted to take out so badly but I didnt as I know there is a runic formation is laid around the cabin, someone might be monitoring this very second.

So, I don’t want to take a risk of showing my Storage Artifact in front of others, in case someone is monitoring me.

I cant practice with my telekinesis Artifact that doesn’t mean, I can do with other things, I thought as a book from the bookshelf came floating toward me.

Moving this book felt effortless, It feels like I am not floating a book with my telekinesis but a feather, not only that my soul power had increased my control over soul energy also increased as well, so much I could easily flip the pages of the book without tearing them from it.

Seeing I have very good control over one object, I decided to try a second object, I have tried it before but I had to give up as It had put a lot of strain on me but now I am controlling the two books, I did not much feel anything.

The difference between that time and now is immense as that time I barely have any soul energy to float one light object but now I can float object that is hundreds of times heavier.

I did not feel anything on the third book also, the only problem I am having is controlling them, its like learning driving for the first time, I will only control it better when I have enough practice.

I took out another two books from the shelf and still did not feel much strain but I am having a little problem controlling five books at once as they float around me.

I have more than enough energy to float many objects but I don’t the ability to control it, the control could only learn through the practice, the more I practice, the better my control over objects would be.

Mother had said that Soul Refining Cosmic Tower provides immense soul energy, what we have to is to learn control that energy. I have seen how my mother could control hundreds of objects with effortless ease.

That sort of control needs tens of years of hard practice, my mother one of the best telekinesis master and she had killed mid-stage Level 4 Vampire just with her telekinesis, that scene is still very clear in my eyes.

If one wants to become the best telekinesis master then one needs to have two things one is a large amount of soul power and second is control over it which can only gain through the constant practice.

There is one shortcut, which is practicing the telekinesis method but it easier said than done as telekinesis methods are very rare and expensive.

For decades, my parents tried to get one but they never able to get it due to various reasons.

I comfortably laid on the bed as I move the five books on my intention, at first my movements of books were very simple but as the time passed, I got better control over them and I started to perform, little complicated moves with the books.


One book fell on the ground as I lost control over it, this is the seventh time it happened since I started practicing. Shaking my head, I lifted the book off the ground with my soul energy and it again started to float with the other five books.

Time passed by as I kept practicing my telekinesis with the books and with passing time, I got better control over my telekinesis that lowered the mistakes I made.


Suddenly the door opened and Karen came in with my dinner but when she saw books floating the air, she became shocked and screamed loudly.

Hearing her loud scream, I had momentarily lost control over three books and they started to fall but I reacted quickly controlled them back before they completely fell on the ground.

“Why did you shout?” I shouted Karen annoyance, my loud voice seems to bring her back from her shock.

“ do you know telekinesis?” asked Karen with a little stuttering voice, “Its my bloodline ability,” I replied flatly.

I did not want to hide my bloodline ability and for two reasons, first that I don’t want that Master of Richard to think that I am just beautiful girl that could only be used for Fuck and second and most important reason is that I want to hide my true bloodline abilities.

There are many ways to check bloodline purity and I am sure that master will somehow know that my bloodline Purity had reached 60% thus will know I have a bloodline ability

It will not only able help me hide my real bloodline abilities and it will also help gain recognization of that Master as telekinesis is a very rare and powerful ability.

“Bloodline Ability!” muttered Karen in shock, I could see the hate and jealousy she has for me increased multifold again.

I moved my eyes from her and continued practicing as if she is not present in the suit.


After some time, I heard the loud bang of the door closing, this time I am not disturbed as I had already expected this. I practiced my telekinesis for some more time before I placed all the books back inside the bookshelf.

It is 9 PM now and I am feeling a little hungry, seeing Karen had placed dinner on the table, I quickly went to freshen up and started to eat.

After finishing the dinner, I again sat cross-legged on the bed and sent a strand of my conscious in my heart space. I had already refined the soul energy, the physical energy and Blood energy are remained to be refined.

I don’t have a method to refine Physical energy. So I will have to leave it as it is hoped it will automatically merge with my body or dissipate on its own and will not damage my body in any way.

It is now time to refine my Blood energy and it is going to be very very difficult but if I am able to completly refine it then benefits I will get from won’t be less than the ones I got from refining Blood energy.

The Blood energy which my bloodline ability sucked from the Richard is diluted in my energy, it may have increased the purity of my energy but it also polluted with fire type energy.

Now I have to remove this fire type of energy from my blood energy and transmute it with Moon type energy which is going very difficult as it is Blood energy of Level 3 Elite.

Looking at my energy lake which had gone from Clear silvery lake to faint crimson lake which is boiling heavily, I hope this energy won’t damage my magic veins too much.

If this energy had been like soul energy which hadn’t wasn’t able to enter the Tower and could use soul energy without a problem, I would have let it be and not refined it but this energy clearly merged with my Blood energy, I will have to purify it otherwise I will never be able to use my blood energy and level up again.

I hope that this fire energy will not harm my magic veins to an unhealable level.

Well, I don’t have any choice but refine, I thought as I look at the circulation map on my blood core, it would have been nice if I am able to tell at which Sequence I am circulating.

If it had been normal times, I would have been circulating under the 3rd Sequence of Refining but now Richard energy had merged with mine through it had polluted it with fire energy, it also increased the purity of it.

That is why the Sequence I will be circulating won’t be 3rd Sequence but much higher Sequence due to purity of the mana and that is also why the no. of Sequence isn’t visible on my Blood Core just the map of circulation

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