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Its body started to cover in threatening Voilet lines, and the more lines covered its body, the more its aura would rise.

‘How can every elite have the Bloodline Ability!’ I thought in Indignation, in my native continent, in my whole eighteen years of life, I have barely come across anyone who’s bloodline purity had reached at Grade 6 and got Bloodline Ability, but here everywhere I look, I see bloodline abilities.

Every elite had their bloodline Purity had reached Grade 6, and they have gained the bloodline abilities. Having a bloodline ability has become some sort of official condition to become elite.

I have to think of the ways to survive against this whatever Bloodline ability it is; otherwise, I would surely be a goner for sure. Still, no matter how much I think, I couldnt able think of the way to survive.

“Hehehe, let’s see how you survive against my attack!” It said, and the violet lines on its grew brighter, and I thought I would come at me with furious charge, but it did not come at me, it did not even lift its weapon, it just smiled at fiendishly at me.

“Violet Roar!” I shouted, and the next moment it opened mouth and Roared.


This is the one of most horrendous Roar I‘ve ever heard, when I heard it, I felt like my soul is tearing apart and I became incapable of thinking. It had utterly collapsed my soul energy and started tearing toward my soul.


Just as the strange energy from the roar about to reach my soul when the Cosmic Tower that usually stayed silent buzzed and next moment, all the effect of the Horrendous roar vanished from my soul, and I got my clear mind back.

What a terrifying Bloodline ability, it is clearly as anti soul type bloodline ability but the Grad 4 soul artifact not able to anything against, it had just a simple bracelet.

Bloodline abilities are terrifying, just pick this one, for example, it passed through the defense of the artifact and attacked my soul if not for having the defense of Cosmic tower, it would take me a minuit to came of muddled state, and my soul would also be injured heavily.

No wonder the telekinetic he talked about died by its hand, the soul power simply collapsed, the energy from the roar seemed to be a nemesis of the soul energy. This attack is the worst type of attack for Telekinetics as it makes them simply take all their fighting power off from them.

“Its good, isn’t it, my Violet Batsarous Bloodline is the nemesis of you telekinetics.” It said with a hearty laugh, I stood silent on my spot with eyes wide open as I am still very muddled.

I have come out the effect of roar next net moment it affected me, but I did not show it, I acted as if I am still muddled.

“Well, I will give you another taste of my Roar, the last telekinetic when it heard the 2nd roar, it simply collapsed on the floor.” It said and Violet lines on its body.



It let out another horrendous Roar, it is as horrific as previous. Like the last time this time, also it effected simply vaporized by the Cosmic Tower.

“Hum, not dropping down. It looks like your soul is way stronger than one I had killed before, well o worries, my ax will do a fine job cutting your head off,” it said and take a look around before it started to walk toward me.

The Volet lines on his body had dispersed, and it looked slightly pale, that bloodline ability of it is very powerful, but it does have a limit; it should be used two times in a single time, I think.

Well, that is more than enough; with such fearsome Bloodline ability, there’s barely anyone could match up to him, and even peak Baron would fall under such attack.

It kept close to me in light step, no worry could be seen on it face as if it had already known the outcome of the battle, soon stood directly in front of and took a look around.

“I am really curious about why you wear the mask, it is because you are ugly,” I said.

“Well, I might as well satisfy my curiosity before I send it to the underworld.” It said and touched my mask to remove it off my face.

Gasp! Clang Clang Clang Puchi Puchi Puchi...

Next moment several things happened at the same time, as it removed the mask off my face, and it took a gasp of shock as it saw my face, that exact moment, I blasted my charm at it to make it even more muddled. At the same moment, I attacked it with all my nine knives and Saber.

It was really elite, sensing danger it instantly came out of its muddled state and used its ax to defend against my knives, but unfortunately for it, the distance between us was too small, and it was little later defending against my attack.

But still, it was able to ward off three of my knives before my forth knives found a gap and pierced through its mouth and fifth and sixth pierced though its eyes, killing it immediately.


Its body fell on the ground with a thud with the expression of indignation on its bloodied face.

‘This idiot was powerful but too confident on its bloodline ability.’ I thought as I looked at its bloodied face, if it had been a calm person in its place, it would not meet its end this way, and we might still be fighting.

Well, I can’t fault it much about being overconfident, its bloodline ability was too amazing that barely anyone could last against it.

After looking at it for a second, I crouched down and took its dem bag. This is the first dem bag I’ve gotten from the Orc, even Peak baron dont have the dem bag. I wanted to take off its battlesuit also, but the battle is still raging, and I do want to get shot at when I am taking off its Battlesuit.

I put its dem bag inside my dem bag without chacking and about to get up when I felt a threatening feeling like never before, I felt like I was drenched in the deep abyss. There is no other way I would get out of it.

It is a feeling of absolute death that no matter what I do or moves what I used, I couldnt be able to get away from it from.

Under such feeling, I was barely able to crane my neck saw the reason I am getting such feeling.

A bullet is coming toward me, and seeing the bullet, I know I will not be able to survive it no matter what I do, hell not mention I, but even Baron and normal Viscounts would not be able to survive under this bullet.

Seeing the bullets, I roared in indignation. It has been barely two months since I came to this world, I have not even had a chance to properly explore it.


It didnt take a moment for the bullet to enter my range, and I thought it would kill me for sure when suddenly a familiar black shield appeared in front of me and bullet crashed into the shield.

“Are you okay!” I heard a very familiar voice behind me, and I felt her hand on my shoulder. Feeling her touch on me, I just wanted to meld in it.

A note from Josephine Xavier

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