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Puchi! Puch! Puch!

A small group of three Barons attacked me, but before they could lift their weapons, they had their skull pierced and fall on the ground.

The Battle is at the peak; both sides know that victory and defeat would be decided in this hour, and that is why they are giving theirs in the fight.

I want to give my all, but I couldnt as unless it is High Baron Orc or above, 40% of soul power is more is than enough to solve anything. Till now, I have only come across 1 Peak Orc Baron, which I killed help from Peak Baron on our side while Two High Orc Barons, which I had killed on my own.

Though Killing High Orc Baron is very hard but also I can kill it, long as I give time and planned well, then I could kill them.

Puchi! Puchi!

I killed another two Orcs Baron and looked at the most fantastic Battle I have ever seen; it is Ramon fighting four Orcs. Though the Battle is quite far, I could still it with little focus.

Ramon is impressive, more than a hundred spindle-like things are floating around him, and all of this spindle focused on attacking a team of Six Big Orcs. I dont their level, but those Six orcs are also elite, so they would at Count.

The team six Orcs are barely hanging by a thread, if they did not have the leader who is using a strange ability that is somehow repelling any Spindle that came in range, these teams would slay by him, even if they are an elite.

I wanted to watch fight further to see the way Ramon uses his telekinesis weapon, but I did not, after watching a few seconds I looked away and concentrated on the Battle.

This is the most crucial stage of Battle and bloodlust is flowing everywhere, if I lose focus a little, and some Peak Baron shoots at me, then I would have time t dodge before my head blasts apart like a watermelon.

"Finally found an Elite." I heard from the distance, only to see a Knight Orc coming me, seeing that Knight orc, all my muscles became taut and my face became serious.

The Orc is no common Orc, but an elite one and this one is stronger than before, I have to give my fighting it.

"Since the battle started, I wanted to find an Elite of my level to fight regretfully no matter what I searched I did not found one, but when I had just given up hope, I found you," he said.

'Why is he talking so much?' I asked myself but its fine too, I will get more time to observe it.

"Till now, I have killed three elites; you will be forth one." The Orcs said as he touched the necklace on his neck. I did not take a good look at the necklace before, but now I looked at it, I found the necklace is made of teets, and just one look is enough to know that it is made of teeths of Humans and Vampires.

"You are from BoneBlood Tribe!" I said as the killing intent started to rise in my heart. The bone blood tribe is the core tribe of the Ajholk Consortium that had waged war on us.

This Blood Bone tribe is very bloodthirsty and cruel among all tribed, they like to make all sorts of assortments from the bone of the enemy, but this is a common thing among the Orc tribes what uncommon about this Bloodborne tribe is that removed the bones of the enemy while they are alive.

Only those bones taken when the enemy was alive can be made as assortments, and that is what makes this tribe cruel as they will keep alive with all sorts of things as they remove bone after bone from your body.

This is one of their cruel ways; they do other unspeakable thing things; also, they are too evil to speak.

"I want to kill you too, killing will get me an extra 25% merit points," I said, due to their cruelty, the alliance offers 25% merit points than usual.

"Let us see who kills who!" it said and swung its ax at me, I also used my saber at it with the aid of my soul energy; currently I do not want to use my soul energy to impede its ax moment as I want to test ist power.

Clang! Puh!

As our weapons clashed, I felt immense force fighting onto me and puke the blood directly.

Really and elite! I thought to sense the extent of the injury. This bastard is as powerful as in High Orc Baron in the physical capabilities; I had expected this after detected its battle power but was still surprised when I experienced it first hand.

Seeing me being fine after the first attack, it attacked me again, and this time, its attack seemed even more powerful.

Seeing its ax coming, swung my ax as well, but this time, I used my soul power against its ax. In an earlier attack, I got the look at its strength, and I know that I will have to use all my strength against this Orc.

It became surprised when I enveloped my soul energy aginst its ax and exerted even more strength on the ax as it came toward my neck.


I defended against its ax and only felt little shaking and tiny injury comparable to last time where my whole body shook uncontrollably and puked mouthful of blood due to receiving injury internally.

Clang Clang Clang…

I thought it would say something seeing how it had talked earlier, but no, it did not; instead, it started launched a flurry of attacked at a very fast speed, and if I dare to miss a single one, then I would surely be cut in two halves.

It was a good thing that I had fought against the three powerful opponents before and learned quite a bit from them; otherwise, I would have been lying in the ground.

This Orc may seem to be a little weaker than the Peak Baron, but it not, the deficiency it has in the strenth it made up with the skill. If ordinary Knight elite had been in my place by this, he would have been seriously injured.

The reason is this Orcs fighting skills; they are way better than any Orc I've ever fought, if not having the five meters area covered by soul energy which helped me noticed even smallest change, I would have fallen under its ax by now.

Every move of its efficient without any unnecessary movements, which made it very hard to use the trick which I had used to kill the High Orc Barons, asit will able to defend against my knives, I have to think about something else if I want to kill it.

"You Telekinetics are very irritating, the last one I had killed was also same you, no matter what I tried, it would always survive." It said in evident anger; we have been fighting for more than half an hour, with no one getting the upper hand.

He is not the only one who is frustrated; I am also frustrated as I am also not able to think of any ways to deal with it.

"I had killed that telekinetic with my bloodline ability and I will kill you with my bloodline ability too," It said anger before its expressions became calm. I felt a mysterious aura rise from its body.

'Oh shit, it is using its Bloodline Ability!' I thought as I started to create as much as the distance between then as I saw it using its bloodline ability.

A note from Josephine Xavier

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