I shuddered a little when I saw three bullets are coming toward me at the blurring speed.

I had already used my shield to defend, but that would only able to stop the one bullet; the other two would still pierce my stomach and leg if I did not do anything.

Thankfully my soul power had advanced; otherwise, it would have been near impossible to dodge such attack.

The bullets entered my range, and just as they did, I enveloped two rounds with my soul energy and started to divert them with my soul energy.

It is very hard.

If my control over my soul power had been comparable to my mother or Isabell, I would have needed to use a maximum of 20% of my energy, but I am using every bit of my soul energy and barely able to change the course of the bullet.

I focused all my soul energy on the bullet, trying to nudge them a little so that they would divert its route a little.


The first bullet crashed through on my shield, and I received a big shock in my soul, but I did not have time to care about that, I am now entirely focused on the two bullets that are right behind the first.

As the bullets come closer, my control over them had increased. I just wanted to change the course of the bullet by a few mm, and if I can do that, then I can survive.

Pisss Pss!

Sigh! I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw two bullets passed by me with half an inch of distance between then and my body. If there had been a slight mistake, then these buttles would have been inside my body, and I would have been screaming in pain.

It may look like a minute had passed, but barely two seconds had passed since I sensed the attack and defended against it, but these two seconds felt like an hour where every moment I was fighting for my life.

The Peak Barons are really scary, I had nearly lost my life in that attack. I have to be very careful; death could come any time in this frightening chaotic battle.

Pew pew pew pew pew

I had just taken a sigh of relief when I saw it firing bullets at me again, and it kept pulling the trigger like it wants to drown me in the shots.

I saw one bullet after another coming at me at a breakneck speed, which scared the hell out me, but I drank down my fear and readied myself to face them, as I know it is very to dodge them with my current physical capabilities.

I kept my shield hovering in front me, it way not able to protect my whole body but it will able to protect my head and chest while rest of the body, I have to defend myself with my capabilities.

BanG Psss Pss Bang...

The bullets came one after another; the first two crashed against my shield while third, forth, and fifth came toward me.

I was already nudging them since they have entered my range, and these bullets also like last time passed by me, but this time the distance was half an inch greater, which was progress compared to the previous time.

Bang Bang Pss Pss...

But it had not ended yet as the more bullets are coming at me and like last time, this time also I diverted them all and defended with my shield.

I have survived this onslaught of bullets, but some poor souls behind me had hit by bullets and are still roaring in pain.

Finally, the rain of bullets ended, and that Peak baron looked at me intently before it came toward me with the large steps, and before I know it, it entered the 12-meter range of mine.

"You have survived my bullets; let's see how you survive my ax." It said and swung its ax at me.

I had already covered its ax with my soul energy, so when it attacked me with it, I instantly gripped it with my soul energy and tried to slow it down while I swung my saber at it.

"This little bit of force won't be able to stop me." the Orc Baron said as it added more power to its attack, seeing that I concentrated all my soul power onto its ax and even to the level of overexertion.

The blood started to come out of my nose, but I did not care as I most focused on lessening and diverting its ax power so that my saber could have a chance to attack and kill this bastard.


Its stopped my saber with its ax; despite me using all my soul power, I had not able to stop its for ax for even second; if I had stopped it for one second, then I would have been able to kill it or at least heavily injured it.

But who I am kidding, this is a peak Baron; it is very powerful, and I am surviving its attack speak length about my abilities that advance since last battle.

"Bitch, I will show you the power of this Orc lord!" It said and attacked me with its ax again.

Clank! Puh Puh...

Our weapons clashed, and I had started to vomit blood to the force its ax sent to my body, it is a good thing I had battlesuit on if not for it, such attack would have crushed my internals apart.

Clang Clang Clang...

I kept defending against its attack with my all; every second is a challenge for survival. I have to survive without making any mistakes; If I made a single mistake, then its ax would tear it apart into two.


While seeing me fighting Peak Baron, most orcs didnt take a chance, but some daring enough did, and the two knives that I kept around me had responsibly to finish them off.

It had been a few minuits since the battles started and five Orcs had already taken a chance against me, if not for me being vigilant and sparing a little bit of my soul energy for the two knives, I would have killed by these rats.

Though I have not always able to defend against them properly, take a bullet that had hit me a few seconds ago. The battlesuit was able to stop the round, but it still hurt like hell.

"Bitch, I will kill you!" It shouted in anger and attacked me with the more forceful moves; if I had been in its place, I would be angry too. There is a clear difference in the level between us, but despite all of its trying, it was not able to kill me at all.

As we were fighting, a sudden such change occurred, I saw a bullet coming, and it is not shooting toward but at the Orc and seeing the power its radiating, the Peak Baron must have fired it.

Sensing the bullet coming at it, its instantly abandoned its attack on me and swung its ax to defend against the bullet.

Seeing the golden opportunity had appeared in front of me, I mobilized two knives with all my soul power and attacked the Orc, who is entirely focused on the bullet that is coming for it.

CLANG! Puchi!

Its ax clashed against the bullet and successfully defending against it, but next moment, it sensed an immense threat, and it was about to respond to that danger when it sharp pain its neck.

It knows what happened and wanted to shout in indignation, but it did not get a chance to do that as it lost in the eternal oblivion.

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