An hour later, after finishing an early lunch, I found myself in front of a huge motorcade.

There are around one thousand and five hundred people around the Motorcade and little more than fifty Elites. Currently, my focus is on the average looking man in a group of seven.

He is Newt Charles and he is going to be the leader of our group till we reach the Hilnet city. On the distance, Charles looked like any other average human but if one looks closely enough they will feel the power radiating from every inch of his body.

Like Ramon, Charles is also Scion but he is a very powerful scion. He is a Peak Count but he could easily fight any Marquess and that is likely why he does not have the Marquess body like the other three scions.

Currently, he seemed to be in deep discussion between other scions and their bodyguards, likely discussing the way. The way to do the Hilnet city is going to be very dangerous, we would very likely receive an attack from the Orcs and that is why it is important that they make a plan.

“Let’s Go.”

Said Newt loudly as he finished his discussion with other Scions, hearing his voice people started to take place in cars and truck that are assigned to them, I too sat in the Car with Isabell, Sheila and other retainer of Ramon named Clea who usually stayed quiet and only cracked when she Sheila teases her too much.

“It will be very dangerous,” Isabell said with sigh as the Motorcade started to pass through the city.

“Yes, It will be dangerous but I hope it won’t be as dangerous as what we faced on the way to the Cone town half a year ago,” said Sheila, when she said the name Cone town, I could feel shudder running through her and others girls body.

“What happened in the way Cone town?” I asked seeing them still feeling scared about that even.

Everybody stayed silent to silent to my question, I thought they would not answer it until Sheila started to talk slowly.

“That time forces of Dalhousie City attacked us, their powerhouses were little weaker than us but they have huge numbers of low level warriors, no matter how we killed them, they kept coming.”

“Its like their forces don't have fear of death, well they didn't as their commander had treated them with Courage gas, inhaling that they all had become fighting beasts who only know following order and Kill,” Sheila said with the heavy sigh, there is clear sorrow could be seen her eyes.

I was quite shocked when I heard this, especially hearing the people of Dalhousie city using the Courage gas on their forces. The Courage gas as its name suggests is a gas which boosts peoples courage and fighting intent to level they forgot instinct of self preservation.

This may look like a good thing but there is the severe side of that gas and that is it made one extremely tired after some time that they even stand, they became chickens on the block ready to be chopped.

Still the gains of that biological gas outweighs its effects, especially when one in is the dire circumstances as this gas made one twice stronger when inhaled and that is the reason why it is one of the favorite weapons of war.

If not for its severe side effects and expensive price, it is only used in emergencies, it would have been used regularly in the wars.

Soon the Motorcade passed through the Giant gate of the Fort and we went out of the Northern Command. We entered the plains and the speed of motorized increased that I had to use the band to control my hair.

I binded my hair with the band, I felt lustful gaze on me, I did not have to look to know who that is, it is Isabell.

Like DNA everyone’s emotions also have a different flavor and meaning under they used, currently, I dont have the ability to differentiate between flavor and meaning behind everyone’s lust but it is different with Isabell.

I dont whether it is I spent the most time with her or whether I grow closer to her, I can identify the lust as she has toward me and knows it is not purely for sex, there is some sort lodging hidden in her lust which I can’t seem to identify.

Seeing everyone is alert and I took out the book from my bag. In yesterday's shopping spree, I had brought several things and books are one of them.

This book is written by the one who had the Carnal Bloodline, it is not focused on the sex but the charm one had. The charm I had is omnidirectional and uncontrollable.

I want to learn to control that charm, so not only I could confine it within my body without the help of any Artifact but also use it precisely to the single point so that it would become a real weapon and not a thing that affects everyone.

I would become quite powerful if I able to do that, my charm is already very powerful that it made those similar level as me lost in the lust but if I able to control it to the precious degree and use all its power on the single person then it wouldn’t be problem for me to affect those who are level above me.

This book had some pointers about that, I want to see if these pointers are any use to me.

“Lilith you are quite unworried to read the book, some sniper might take a shot at you and before you know it your head will turn into the pieces of flesh and blood,” said Sheila, she is trying to scare but what is she said is also true.

“You are right, I am reading a book unworried because I know that if any attack came you guys would save me,” I said with a smile.

“Aw, you are so cute,” Sheila said as she came closer to me and kissed Lilith’s cheek but next moment she felt an intense gaze of her when she looked she found Isabell is looking at her lightly but she knew her friend enough to see how jealous her friend is.

“It's too bad I only liked girls, if I were into girls Lilith I would date a catch like you,” Sheila said and felt feeling on her back became even more intense, she turned and smiled at Isabell before sticking tongue at her.

After Sheila's teasing, I went back to my book and continued reading. The writer of this book is quite great as the methods she had mentioned in controlling the charm is quite great and I feel like if I did according to some tricks in the book, I might have the chance to control the charm perfectly.

These methods might seem easy but they are extremely hard, I will need to work hard for months even years to gain the perfect control over my charm.

Pew Pew Pew...

Time passed by while I was long in the reading books when I suddenly heard the sound of bullets, and it is not one or two but thousands of them.

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